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08.30.03 (August 30th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Sixteen hours of sleep. A double sleep. Too much sleep, but so good of sleep. I apologize for it, but it happens to me quite, as you know. At any rate, I'll do some other work-ups for today with other parts of this site and either note them today or tomorrow. Enjoy the episode. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

08.29.03 (August 29th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I need to nap before class (I fell asleep yesterday afternoon and woke up far too late), but I wanted to finish the episode first. Of the three houses, just a little information about them seems appropriate. The first house, the one with the polka dots, is a guest house for visitors to Beakwix. The second, the one with the stripes, is the private realm of Sir Gramalan. The third house, which we are just seeing, is quite a large house, and serves as an inn. Yes, there is a guest house and an inn. Some Xebnaxians prefer to use inns, although the guest house is just as welcome to all. It's a personal thing. At any rate, enjoy the episode and be well. Enjoy your day, too. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, bai!

And, in mention of something I forgot to mention, I wish to wish Lisa a happy birthday. While I have not heard from you in ages, I wish you well. Happy Birthday.

08.28.03 (August 28th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I had a big sleep after yesterday. Yesterday introduced two new classes, Assembly Language and Fundamentals of UNIX, both of which I feel will be good courses. I hope so, at least. At any rate, today is my easy day with only one class - World Religion - and that begins in thirty minutes, meaning I have about fifteen minutes to get ready. So, I do. Be well, everyone. Enjoy the episode. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, bai!

08.27.03 (August 27th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Wow. I slept a long time. @.@ It was like... six or seven in the afternoon when I went to sleep... and then I woke up around seven in the morning after about two hours of my dream-inducing mini-naps from me constantly resetting my alarm. That was a REALLY odd dream about seeing Chicago in a movie theater, with almost everyone in the theater yelling out particular lines. It, of course, wasn't the exact version shown in theaters... but it was obviously supposed to be Chicago... although there seemed to be a bit of Moulin Rouge in there as well. Rather odd. At any rate, I need to get ready for class. You all enjoy your day and be well. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, bai!

08.26.03 (August 26th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. And thus begin the classes. Calculus from 9:00 AM to 9:50, World Religions from 1:00 PM to 2:15, and English Usage I from 2:30 PM until 3:20 PM. I'm just finishing getting ready here... I'm a bit tired because I read too much before I slept. *laughs* But I'm doing well. I think today shall be a good day. It will be a day of walking, but it will be a good day. I look forward to it. Be well, everyone. My best wishes to you today. Until tomorrow, enjoy your day and be well. Until then, bai!

08.25.03 (August 25th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Timing is an amusing thing. I mis-set my alarm and end up sleeping much longer than wanted... and right as I am about ready to upload, I am disconnected. *laughs* Such is life, and thus I am now connected again a few minutes later. I had such dreams while I slept, though. Dreams that are flitting away now, and not quite able to be recalled, but I remember writing blurbs, many of them. Writing them with the eloquence that so often is at the top of my mind, that can be spoken in private but not with others, not at a table nor in a room. Only with myself, it seems. Sometimes I can bring that out, but it is a rarity. I wish it were easier to type it out or keep it recalled, but it is not. Such is life, I guess, and so it is. Tomorrow begins classes again, with Calculus and a UNIX course as well as one on Assembly... with an English course as well as a World Religions course thrown into the mix... it should be a decent semester. I am hoping that it will be. This seems like a good place for Episode 750. May you enjoy this episode and may you be well. Enjoy your day. Enjoy your life. Be well. Until tomorrow, I wish you well, until then, bai!

08.24.03 (August 24th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Wow. @.@ Big update. Late update, but big update to compensate. We've got, first of all, Episode 749 of N-Fans: The Series, entitled "Of Moocows And Home". We've got, of course, manga as well with pages 30 and 31 of Zesty and page 147 of Captain N: Tales of Videoland. As you remember from last week, we had two pieces of artwork by Dan Marsico. This week, we have three. Be sure to catch a look at them. Finally, here's what makes this update big: I've upgraded the Zelda comics to the issue guide setup used for Captain N sector as well as fixed all the comics that had been downed by time. Hopefully that will be enjoyable to all of you as well. It's around 25 MB of comic scans, though, so those of you with slower connections be forewarned on that matter. They're not perfect scans, but they're decent. Hopefully I can rummage up the few scans that I'm missing there as well... perhaps see if I can get someone to scan the 1990 stories, too. At any rate, enjoy the episode, the manga, and all the offerings for this, the Ninety-Seventh Sunday Special. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, bai!

08.23.03 (August 23rd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well, let's see... what all did I do yesterday? Well, for one, I registered for classes. A nice little UNIX class, an Assembly language course... grammar course, Calculus... and (for a nice little bit of difference) a class of various religions of the world. Although it doesn't focus much on polytheistic religions... nor ancient ones (both of which would be, to my mind, of great benefit to the understanding of religions), but I think that it may be good. If it isn't, or if it seems unreasonably biased to a Christianity or requiring of a previous understanding of Christianity (something I will quickly admit I don't have. I know fun details, but generalities of all but the most common of stories elude me.), I will likely drop the course. It is not perfect, but I think that it will, ultimately, be of good knowledge to me. I really do hope so. Also, I picked up an old computer that was going to be tossed by one of my dad's employees. It's a very old computer, under 100 Mhz (66 Mhz, apparently), but it will be a good first computer for him and him alone... and it may encourage him to buy a motherboard and such so that he can use my 700 Mhz Celeron chip... or perhaps even go completely on his own. He has an allowance and I'm sure could pick up a few extra dollars towards it each week... and it would be good for him to do. Beyond that, I dislike stairs. I was walking down the stairs this morning... and slipped two stairs before the bottom, hitting my back in two places and thrusting a flow of Diet Coke from the open bottle up onto my face and glasses, as well as into one of my ears. Not what one would describe as enjoyable. Hopefully my back won't ache after I wake from it. At any rate, be well, everyone. I hope that you enjoy this episode and your day. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, bai!

08.22.03 (August 22nd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. After all the connectivity crap since Sunday, I think we might be stable and good again. Assuming so, I'm going to make this short just in case I'm wrong. The episodes will be moving closer and closer to a normal time again, not noonish, as the connection is stabilized. I hope that you've enjoyed these episodes and that the time delay has not bothered you too much. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, bai!

08.21.03 (August 21st, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well, the connection still plagues me. What really bothers me is that Midco said that it is SoBig.F that is causing this. That is a downright lie. This has been happening since 11:45 PM Sunday night. SoBig.F really didn't explode until yesterday. So that's the beginning of the lie. Then there's that SoBig.F would cause maybe a 1-3% increase in network traffic. I recieved 98 viral spams when I was able to finally get online again around noon, and that took around 40 seconds to get... on a BAD connection to Midco... and that's around 10 MB of viral spam. 10 MB of bandwidth is NOTHING. I can do that easily just by downloading a website. It is NOT the cause of a systemwide outage, Midco, and you know it. I do not appreciate being lied to, and I appreciate being lied to in a paper even less. Midco is lying, and it is not acceptable. That said, be well. Don't use Midco if you have ANY choice whatsoever. I'm disconnected again as of thirty second ago as I write this, but I hope that I can give it to you again soon. Be well, my friends, my readers. Until tomorrow, bai!

08.20.03 (August 20th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Yes, I'm very late. Unfortunately, the 'net crapped out again this morning, just like yesterday, and I ended up sleeping because it didn't seem to have any sort of nearing end. So, here we are, 3:45 PM, and I'm updating now. @.@ Bleh. The connection has been getting more stable over the past eight hours... but it is still sucking. I'll hopefully get this up before the next crap-out. Be well, everyone. I hope that this is up now, not later. Until tomorrow, be well. Until then, bai!

08.19.03 (August 19th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well, pending my ability to connect to the Internet, today's episode is done. It's been basically considerably more than it has been online... and I have no idea when I'll be able to get on again... so until MidcoNet gets their butts in gear and fixes their problem - something which they sure as hell better not think that they're going to get away with - episodes may be a little oddly timed in update. I will make sure that there is always a new episode every day, but it's going to be hard to get them up without being able to get online consistantly. Just when I thought that, with the computer-hub-router setup everything would be fine, Midco craps up. Bleh to them. Bleh, I say, bleh. Regarding this episode, however, Pchan liked the idea. I haven't shown it to him yet because I've been offline... but I think he'll like how it looks. I hope that you do, too. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, or later today, whichever it is, be well. Enjoy the update. This episode was finished (because I had to verify things with Pchan before I started the episode) around 10:15 AM... and it's nearly 11:00 AM as I finish this blurb. May it be up before noon. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, bai!

Sidenote: 2:35 PM... finally... able to reconnect. For now, at least. -_-
Sidenote: 3:00 PM... Bleh... the text was forgotten to be added when I did the episode because I thought I had since I did the letter... double bleh. -_-

08.18.03 (August 18th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well, yesterday was lots of fun. o.o We spontaneously took out three walls in the room next to the one I'm in in this house. Yeah. o_o Hammers and prying and stuff. It was fun. o_o In about twenty minutes the room went from kinda crappy to completely destroyed. o.o Eventually, time to rebuild it. Yay. o_o Also, I apologize for being so late today. The cable modem crapped out around 11:45 PM (around ninety minutes after I fell asleep) and didn't work properly until well after 9:00 AM (about five hours after I woke up). I really dislike it when the cable company messes up... and when the cable modem won't connect... it's their fault almost undeniably. Bleh. -_- At any rate, after the Internet connection got to work, Pchan woke up about ten minutes after that... and we got to work on script and episode. A bit slow, I know, but I'm sorry. Enjoy the episode and be well. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, bai!

08.17.03 (August 17th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. And here we are, the ninety-sixth Sunday Special. For it, we have, first of all, some absolutely incredible artwork by Dan Marsico. You'll notice a lightened version of one of them for today's Sunday Special's border. Go and look and them. You will not be let down, although you might be a bit awe-struck at how wonderfully hideous and evil they are. Beyond the artwork, we also have manga. For Zesty, two pages with 28 and 29. For Captain N: Tales of Videoland, one with page 146. Of course, we also have today's N-Fans, which is entitled "The Council's Decision", as well. Be well, everyone. May you enjoy our offerings. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, bai!

08.16.03 (August 16th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, here we go. Odd little episode, isn't it? Boredom causes oddity to alleviate itself sometimes, though. Yesterday was fun... ended up seeing a friend I hadn't seen in a few years that was in town. She and I ended up going on a walk, talking about our times in our various places, ex-boyfriends, etc. It was good to catch up. There's a chance I'll see her again before she ends up leaving town again, but that all depends on how things go. It'd be fun, so we'll see what happens. Well, I think I'll let it go there. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, bai!

08.15.03 (August 15th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Pchan blurbs today. o_o You all be well. Enjoy your day. Until tomorrow, bai! ^^

Pchan KOKO!! I am happy to say hello to you all and do this blurb! I wanted to say that I hope you are all enjoying N-Fans and Webbychan's hard work, and of course mine too with the manga and Pchan Mahou Densetsu! Please let me know how you like them, and let Webbychan know how you like N-Fans! We just don't get enough email! ^^ Please look might notice something new. Namely it is the new page at! It's not entirely finished yet, but bear with us...

I hope you like the adventures of Adam today, as we return to the Mansion for a momentary rest from the tension in the alternate dimension. Tune back in tomorrow for another exciting chapter! Come visit us in our IRC chat or the forums, we'd love to meet you!! BE GOOD!

08.14.03 (August 14th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Yesterday I was finally able to test a hypothesis: If the router is the problem (and therefore the problem is the miscommunication of messages when two or more computers are plugged into it) with the internet connection, can the problem with the router's problem be circumvented by use of another device? I found the power cable to my hub finally today after finding that the room next to me is having a bit of a water problem in it (Bleh... of minor note it is, trust me. @.@) and so I was able to plug the hub into the router into the cable modem... sounds pointlessly complicated, I know, but the way that the cable company is set up a hub won't work directly connected. So... I plug in my computer into the hub connected to the router connected to the cable modem. A hundredth of a second more average lag... which is bleh... but acceptable... and it seems to be working. Then... I do it. I plug in my mom's computer to the hub... ... ... ... and it works. And it's still working now. I think I finally have a continually working internet connection again. I am so happy. Be well, everyone. More adventures in N-Fans and Networking tomorrow. Be well. Until then, bai!

Oh, and Waxy... you must know. o_o Happy birthday to you, Waxy. o_o Yes. o_o From Pchan and I both. o_o Stares and wishes of happy birthday. o_o Be well, Waxy. ^^

08.13.03 (August 13th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. And now an overview of the rest of the speech as it went, along with a very small few of the inquiries and the voices supporting Pchan and I. I'm curious as to how many of you can actually identify a large number of the fifteen council members. If you'd like to make a guess, there's a topic here for just that matter and I'd love to see your guesses. ^^ You can't see quite a few of them well... but if you work on the image through even freeware stuff... you'll start to get a much better picture. Be well, my friends, my readers. I hope your day is well. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

08.12.03 (August 12th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. And we're late again. Pchan and I argued for a long while the exact wordings of this part of his speech and who to all have in the council. It looks a bit odd as it is, I know, but I did my best to get a perspective of them being on a bench above those in the comic while keeping the view I wanted. A little shadow (or a lot, I guess) on them looked better, too. I hope you enjoy this episode. Be well. Enjoy the PMD. Until tomorrow, bai!

08.11.03 (August 11th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Oh my. Big Pchan Thingie today. @.@ But it's a worthwhile little 55 KB. ^^ Pchan Dance! ^o^ At any rate, we're moving towards the council meeting. Hopefully all will go well there. I think that it will. That said, I'll move on to the subject of my computer. Nasty little problem this morning led me to having to try to use the automated repair of Windows XP. Unfortunately, it's not been fully successful. Sound is, for now, quite down. It is not quite unfortunate. At any rate, I'll be reinstalling XP today... and hopefully everything will be back up before I sleep. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, enjoy your day. Until then, bai!

08.10.03 (August 10th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Here we are, Sunday Special #95. It's a bit late - Pchan and I were long discussing how to do this episode and that took over an hour of debate and downright argument - but I think that it has turned out well through this process. Then again, it also took almost an hour before I was happy with the original script for it before Pchan and I argued it... so that's a part of why this is late, too. At any rate, for this Sunday Special we have N-Fans, of course, with Episode 735, "The Facts of The Situation", and also four pages of manga. For the two Zesty pages, we have pages 26 and 27. For the two Captain N: Tales of Videoland pages we have pages 144 and 145. I really like the CN this week... it reminds me of one of my math teachers in high school. *laughs* Be well, everyone. Enjoy your day. Sleep soon comes to me. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

Oh! I forgot! Well, four days ago (Wednesday the 6th) was N-Fans: The Series' second birthday. I knew it was coming... and then I forgot. *laughs* Pchan and I were talking about that earlier for a bit, too. So, thought I should mention it. Two years without missing a day... it makes me feel good. I've been later than I wished to be quite a few times, but I've always managed to get the episode done in time. I happy about that. Be well, my friends, my readers. Once again, bai!

08.09.03 (August 9th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Here we are, Saturday. I was out getting soda earlier. oddity on it. Two cats outside I encountered that watched me... which isn't all that odd, but that's not the odd thing. I also found two nice heads-up pennies, which also isn't too odd. The odd thing was the toothbrush. The toothbrush that was by the sidewalk... for no apparent reason. It was just there... and it was a toothbrush. Things are sometimes quite odd if you look at them. Yeah, whatever. @.@ Enjoy your day and be well, everyone. Until tomorrow and the Sunday Special, I wish you well. Until then, bai!

08.08.03 (August 8th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well, time for a bath for me, but episode first. I wish all of you well this day. I'm going to try to get some various work on things done today... but before that... I believe sleep is likely in order. Be well, my friends, my readers. Until tomorrow and another episode, bai!

08.07.03 (August 7th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I am so sorry, guys. @.@ We had visitors last night - friends from out of town - and we ended up going out, going on a little hike, etc. I ended up needing sleep basically when I got back, but ended up unable to sleep for several hours. @.@ I apologize again for not doing the episode before then, as I likely should have, in retrospect, done so. I was supposed to wake up around 7:00 AM this morning. Unfortunately, I have no memory of my alarm going off... and it obviously did not fully wake me as I continued to sleep after it went off. So, 2:30 PM... I'm finally up... and here's the episode. I apologize for being so late... @.@ Odd dreams in it, too. The last one involved spinning clouds in the sky in a higher-elevation area so that the clouds were closer to the ground... and a tornado. Very well tornado, yes... but tornado. It was odd. I ended up falling under it because of how close to us it formed, how suddenly. It was a weak tornado - it could not throw me - and it was very small tipped - only a foot or two across - but it was there and odd and I felt it suck with a bit of pain against my back. There was also the psychologically controlled dance thing... but that was odd. @.@ Be well, everyone. I wish you well. Until tomorrow, bai!

08.06.03 (August 6th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. And here we are another day with another episode. I really like how this little segment of episodes is going about. The exact situation was suggested, actually, by the ridiculous Lord Watanga, so many thanks to him for this wonderful idea. May your day be well, everyone. Enjoy the episode. Enjoy the day. Until tomorrow, be well. Until then, bai!

08.05.03 (August 5th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well, today isn't, personally, as grand of day as yesterday. My allergies are going nuts. Also happening today is dealing with the sink pipe for the bathroom that broke on Sunday night. Forgot to mention that, but bleh. @.@ So today is crap overall right now. Pchan told me to tell that he's taking this week off for PMD, so I'm sorry to report that along with my misery. Greh. @.@ I'll get this up now. I apologize for being so complaintive... I'm just not in a great state of happiness right now. Be well. Enjoy your day. Until tomorrow, bai!

08.04.03 (August 4th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I am happy with this episode. It turned out well. I hope that you enjoy it to. Be well, my friends, my readers. May your days be bright, full of life and happiness. And may they have a tasty apple, too. Until tomorrow, be well. Until then, bai!

08.03.03 (August 3rd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. *yawns* 8:00 AM almost exactly. This would have been up earlier, but I ended up laying down for about a half-hour because my bloodsugar had suddenly become uncomfortably low. It was easily raised - some nummy chocolate milk to get it up quick - but the uncomfortable feeling takes a bit of time to get rid of sometimes, even if the bloodsugar is raised beforehand. So... I apologize for that, but one of those odd sneakers that seems to just magically happen to annoy. @.@ At any rate, enjoy the update. It's the Ninety-Fourth Sunday Special, which is just fine and fun, but I best do the breakdown. For Captain N: Tales of Videoland we have pages 142 and 143. For Zesty, we have one page, the twenty-fourth. Finally, we have Episode 728 (And don't you just love the sevens in these Sunday Specials? I do. ^^) of N-Fans, entitled "Moocow, Underground". With that said, I believe I'll end this blurb. Depsite it being two days ago, Pchan again wishes to have now belated birthday wishes wished to Lucy again, so from Pchan those wishes go. To the rest of you, again, be well. Enjoy the offerings of Pchan and myself and be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

08.02.03 (August 2nd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. And here we are back to updating before I sleep again. *laughs* This is good, yes, and I am happy that I am well enough to finally manage it, although I'm quite tired as I write this. I'm also happy to get back to the more lighthearted journey of Watanga, Puutaakha, and Shiroi Moocow. Wow. That's odd. I just looked up applesauce because a parting thought wondered if it was two words. It's not. At any rate, apparently applesauce is slang for nonsense of foolishness. Hrm... interesting. *yawns* Well, I need sleep, everyone. I hope that you enjoy this episode. Tomorrow we will be at another Sunday Special, number ninety-four, I believe... and that will be good. Until tomorrow, be well. Until then, bai!

08.01.03 (August 1st, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Finally up. @.@ Slept a long time. I'm no longer really sick, but I'm just recovering right now... and that meant that I slept about six hours longer than I wanted to. With that, though, I'm going to end this blurb and update quickly. Be well, everyone. A very special birthday wish to Lucychan of IRC, who helps us with our problems as we help him with his. You are a friend we are all glad to have. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

07.31.03 (July 31st, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I'm definitely sick. I slept through my normal range of update times, so here's the episode at 11:30 AM. Sorry about being as late as this is. But, sore throat and all, hopefully I'll get better soon. I was feeling good last night, too. Went on a nice walk with my mom and little bro... got home... sore throat started acting up again. :/ Not enjoyable. Bleh. Well, be well, everyone. Enjoy the episode, enjoy the PMD, and enjoy your day. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, bai!

07.30.03 (July 30th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I feel pretty cruddy today, guys. I've been feeling kinda sick the past few days and today I've woken up to a bad headache and general cruddiness. I wish you guys well, and hope that I recover soon. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, bai!

07.29.03 (July 29th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Sorry. @.@ I woke up at 8:15 AM and it was like "Bleh... I woke up late. @.@" And it was not good. Well... today is a PMD and an episode, of course, and yeah. o_o I've been reading "The Neverending Story" by Michael Ende finally, after a long period of remembering and forgetting that I needed to bother to read the book. It's a lot different from the movie... some order stuff, lots of stuff eliminated in the movie, and the reason for ending up with the two Gnomics (the scientist and the witch) is completely different. o_o I can see why Michael Ende was angered by the changes to his story... but both are definitely quite enjoyable. I'm a little over a fourth done with the book right now... and hopefully when I finish with it I'll be able to pick up "To Your Scattered Bodies Go" by P.J. Farmer and "K-PAX III: The Worlds of prot" by Gene Brewer. Hopefully. At any rate, be well, my friends, my readers. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, bai!

07.28.03 (July 28th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Yay, Monday! Babylon 5 is back on the air! *laughs* My reason for Monday to be a happy day and Saturday and Sunday sad ones, comparatively. *laughs* Well, that's Monday and that's my little blurb. Be well, everyone. Enjoy your day and be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

07.27.03 (July 27th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, here we are with Sunday Special #93. For it, we have three pages of manga, plus our normal daily episode of N-Fans. For N-Fans, we've got Episode 721, entitled "Moocow Goes Down The Hole". For Captain N: Tales of Videoland we have page 141. And then, for Zesty, we have pages 23 and 24. May you enjoy them all. Now, on a different matter entirely, I apologize for being late. I was checking one of my other e-mail accounts and read a Nintendo of Europe newsletter. No biggie. Saw they had created a little icon pack of NES sprites. Cute. So I checked it out. *laughs* Nintendo of Europe... you are funny. ^^ But I guess this must mean NoE's seal of approval must, at least very unofficially, go to The Shyguy Kingdom. Spiffy, huh? *laughs* Well, that's my little bit of enjoyment for the day, and realize that in that Forum post I am being a bit humorous: They actually attended to every request I made for usage with TSGK's collection of sprites... and they're their sprites, anyway. ;) Be well, everyone. Have a good day. Until tomorrow, bai!

07.26.03 (July 26th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I feel sorry for Moocow sometimes. He finds a hint of what he needs... and finds it requires doing something he really doesn't enjoy. Small legs for such a creature... painful impact. At any rate, I need to bathe so I'll keep this short. I hope you enjoy this episode and I hope that your day finds you well. Be well, my friends, my readers. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, bai!

07.25.03 (July 25th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I've been watching some rather interesting videos in the past 24 hours. Superplays, most notably of Super Mario Bros. 1 and Super Mario Bros. 3. The Super Mario Bros. 1 Superplay, which exploits an incredible number of glitches and just makes one gape in awe. Go to under their movie section and download CrazyGodTechnique.avi. It is quite large, but it is more than worth it if you can take the time to download it. I've also been watching some Tetris Grandfinal videos, which is quite impressive as well. @.@ Quite. @.@ At any rate, I wish you all well and hope that you enjoy my offerings. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

07.24.03 (July 24th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. And today another PMD. ^^ We've been having some network related problems here lately. I believe the problem lies in our ISP, at least to a large extent, so I'm a bit unhappy about that... but hopefully it can be solved somehow and soon. Bleh. At any rate, I'm going to do some dishes before Babylon 5, so I'm going to cut this blurb fairly short. Enjoy your day. Enjoy the PMD. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

07.23.03 (July 23rd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. An odd feeling episode to me, but it works and I like it. Okay, I'm going to talk program stuff today. First off, my magical mysterious program that I occassionally ramble about is about to go beta. There's a few major things I still need to do for it, but it functions for most things and that's good. Secondly... YaBB SP2 went beta on Monday! ^o^ This is quite good, although I'm not daring to touch the CN Forums with it yet... mostly because the board will have to either be reset (no way I'm doing that) or converted (not yet available) so it's not something to do yet. Pretty fun/good, though... I like the changes I've seen so far. That said, be well, everyone. Until tomorrow and the next update, I wish you well. Enjoy your day. Bai!

07.22.03 (July 22nd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I'm at a loss of what to say for today, so, you know what? Yeah, I'll not blurb. Be well, everyone. Pchan, you blurb now. o_o

Pchan KOKO! Today is a very special day because a very special friend appears in Pchan Mahou Densetsu! I hope you will all enjoy her appearance, and those of you that come to our IRC channel will undoubtedly recognize her! She's one of my closest friends and I'm very glad indeed to have her in Pchan Mahou Densetsu!

As for me, I am tired lately...I've been so busy lately, but hopefully today I will be able to rest a little bit and work on some other things. I hope you are all well and continue in good health...I have been well lately so I am grateful for good health. Although we have been having a new roof put on the house, so it is very noisy! I hope they are going to be done today like they said, so it will be quiet around here again...

Anyway, I hope you've all been enjoying Pchan Mahou Densetsu and the manga I do each week. If you'd like to meet me or Webbychan or anyone else from PMD, we're usually in channel! Please feel free to come by and say hi...we'd love to have you!


07.21.03 (July 21st, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. What is there to say today? My mom's back. She was on a trip since... umm.. Thursday last week, I believe... perhaps Wednesday... and is back now. This is good. Also, we got a new vacuum cleaner yesterday. The twenty year old one that's covered in tape on its hose... on a place where a wheel used to be... that barely sucks up anymore... it was getting kinda bad. My dad was out getting a new lamp for upstairs and found one on sale for $50 that is actually quite nice... definitely better than the old one. So yeah, that is done and that is good. I can vacuum down here in the basement again. *laughs* That's pretty much all that's happening around here right now. Be well, everyone. Enjoy your day, enjoy your life. Until tomorrow, bai!

07.20.03 (July 20th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. And today is Chris Blair's birthday. Having noted such on the Forums, he is wishes well from Pchan and I here today. For today's Sunday Special there is nothing specifically for him, but hopefully he will find it enjoyable. So, what is this Sunday's Sunday Special? Well, it's the 92nd, with three pages of manga. Page 22 of Zesty is the single paged manga this week, with Captain N: Tales of Videoland taking pages 139 and 140. Also, as you may note, there is a background, available above, which I believe many of you will enjoy. Finally, of course, we have N-Fans: The Series with Episode 714, entitled "Gered and Pronouns", something I've been wanting to get Gered to speak about since the beginning of that incident between he and myself. I hope that you enjoy today's episode. I believe you well. Be well, my friends, my readers. Until tomorrow, bai!

07.19.03 (July 19th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Saturday. A good day, eh? Well, I think I'm going to end up sleeping a large part of it. *laughs* I'm also thinking I'm going to work on that program that I had been talking about a month or so back more again this weekend. Two steps from being beta-releaseable. Yeah... that program again. ^^ Hmm... and that's about all that I have to say today. Tomorrow we'll see where we go, but we'll go there with the mangas... and who knows if there'll be an extra or not. We'll find out. I have no idea yet... we'll see when Pchan sends me tomorrow's additions. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Be well, my friends, my readers. Until later, bai.

07.18.03 (July 18th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. And what to blurb about today? Well, I'm up for today, which is good. I had the most odd sleeping schedule yesterday (and dreams again, too) and ended up (despite my efforts) missing Babylon 5. Today Babylon 5 will not be allowed to be missed. It must be watched. o_o Yes. o_o Hmm... Well, I'm fairly happy with the episode as of late. I do feel a need to return to the resistance base is needed Sunday if not tomorrow, and tomorrow feels more likely. We'll see what happens. At any rate, that's what's up with my thoughts, basically... and I'm just kinda rambling here today, so I'll leave the blurb here at this. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until tomorrow, bai!

07.17.03 (July 17th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. You know how some things are best left unsaid? Overall, I've felt that to be the right thing to do with those in the Mansion right now. Doc and Nadeshiko need to be shown: they are critical to the story that is now being told... but most others are currently not. This leaves what the others are doing up to you, the reader, and that I think is good. Perhaps they are worrying... or mourning... or working on their own ideas of how to get Pchan, Moocow, and myself back from wherever we are. Red and Chris were watching Ran together, we know that... but of the others, what they were doing is up to you because that which is left untold is often as important. Just because we don't see everything that is done does not mean that nothing is done and this is important to remember. This episode is one of those that could have been left unsaid, but Chris seems to be one that wishes to do, not wait and help his friend. We know by this episode that he has expressed this wish to do, as Mike and he seem to have talked upon this matter before...

...but that which others are doing is left up to you.

It is just as important for you to fill in that which is not said, not shown, as it is for me to show what is said, show what is shown. Remember that.

I wish you well, my friends, my readers. Until tomorrow, be well. Until then, bai!

07.16.03 (July 16th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, strange dreams.

I was watching slides last night before I slept. Slides of my uncle's trip to Hong Kong and China visiting his daughter. That may have affected my dreams somewhat, but I am not sure.

At any rate, the dreams were odd. One involved me trying to escape some sort of duo. I ended up going into a grocery store-like construction... just lots of people in there. Trying to avoid this duo following me. I see one of my friends of the past. He's oddly doing some drug similar to cocaine. In fact, the only difference seemed to be spelling... it was spelled in my head differently when I heard it. cokain, cocane... something like that. An oddity, at any rate. So... I end up going through this place, trying to avoid these people. Then, we see them. Towel in hand, my friend, myself, and a third person (perhaps my little brother) dive down into a pool that has been in the building (it was right next to where I met my friend for the first time) and keep the towel above us to hold in air. Slowly the air level recesses, but we're able to stay underwater for a good thirty to forty seconds with breath. After that, the memory begins to fade...

...however another dream, which I only remember parts of, is seemingly connected. This dream involved meeting up with large numbers of friends of past and such for a get-together involving parts of my former Latin class. It was at night... odd... and at one point, for some reason, it involved us outside in an area much like an extended version of my backyard. There was a platform with stairs leading up... stairs, platform, stairs platform with black metal grating around it with a gate... and we get in there... and there's something important about there. At first there are only like six... then more... then I see my friend of the previous dream and remember the odd incidents... and then there are quite a few more, nearly twenty, I'd say. It's a small area and we really can't fit them all... but there seems a need to... like outside this area is dangerous for now.

Very odd dreams. Hmm... there was a third... at least a third... but my waking has made it fade. At least I have these two dreams to part of my memory. That is enjoyable and good. Be well, everyone. I apologize for being so incredibly late, but falling asleep after slides (I was absolutely exhausted) didn't want to wake up when I set my alarm at all... didn't... and then these dreams... well over a dozen hours of sleep. Be well, my readers, my friends. Until tomorrow, bai!

07.15.03 (July 15th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well, my connection seems to be doing better today. This is good. I ended up sleeping until around midnight last night... falling asleep around 4:00 PM and getting up then, that is. The relatives I had been expected arrived in my sleep... and after seeing them briefly, I ended up sleeping again at about 4:00 AM until about an hour ago at 8:00 AM. @.@ Had a headache and felt like crap. Not good. But I feel better now and hopefully will remain feeling well. I wish you well this day. Enjoy this episode, enjoy the PMD. Until tomorrow, be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

07.14.03 (July 14th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. You know... I really dislike it when my upload completely disappears. I haven't really been able to upload or send until now (or far after now, most likely) because of it. It's 8:30 AM... it's not uploading. Bleh. I'll get this up as soon as I can. I'm sorry, everyone... when my connection does this there is little I can do. Be well. Enjoy the episode when you are finally able to. Until then, I wish you well. Until then, bai.

07.13.03 (July 13th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Here we are, everyone! Sunday Special #91! This week we have just two pages of manga, page 138 of Captain N: Tales of Videoland and page 21 of Zesty, but we also have a Kevin Pin-Up. ^^ I hope that you like all of Pchan's offerings. I find them quite good. ^^ Also, of course, we have an episode of N-Fans: The Series. Today we are Episode 707, entitled "Preparation For Minor Testing." I hope that you enjoy everything, my friends, my readers. I wish you all well and I hope that you are well. Until tomorrow and the next update, be well. Until then, bai!

PCHAN KOKO!! Hi there everyone! First of all I just want to say, I am so happy to receive all the kind words about Pchan Mahou Densetsu! Thank you so much! I really didn't think it would be so popular when I first thought about doing it, but I'm so glad that you've all enjoyed it. It will be appearing Tuesdays and Thursdays as often as I can, and hopefully soon Webbychan will be able to create an archive for it. Until then, it is located in the updates archive, so please remember if you want to see back issues.

That being said, I'd also like to add that if you haven't said anything yet and want to say hi or express your support for N-Fans, any of the manga titles, or Pchan Mahou Densetsu, please feel free to write us! We'd always be glad to hear from you all. You can write Pchan or Webbychan and we'd love to hear what you have to say. Extra-special thanks to those who have already written!

And last but certainly not least, I want to apologize for only one page of each manga this week as it's been a literally INSANE week in terms of being busy. I did include an extra-special pinup just for you! And it's Kevin, to try and balance the scales since it was pointed out to me that I'd just done female N-Team up to now. So I hope you'll enjoy his sexy pose, and I hope you'll enjoy the manga too.

If any of you out there have any projects for which you'd like art, or just want to commission something from me and ask! I'm almost always available to be commissioned, and my prices are very reasonable, so I'm happy to help you. And if you don't have money to commission...well, we can always work out some kind of arrangement. :) I'm always eager to get my work more exposure!

Thanks for reading, everyone. Now and always, thanks for reading. Fantella will return when this chapter of Captain N ends, in a new adventure that I hope you'll all enjoy. I really appreciate all your support of the manga at, and I hope you'll continue to support us in all our endeavors. Have a good one!

07.12.03 (July 12th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well I got bored today. I was looking at some games for possible ripping for TSGK and found oddness at the end of Mario Kart Super Circuit... a thing that looked like Kirby. After asking, it turned out to be the bomb from multiplayer mode. So... I got bored. I said "Hmm... I wonder if it could be hacked in as a player..." One of the people in the channel was like "No, you'd have to change the menu and do stuff." And I was like "No... you'd just have to find the player value and change it to one higher, probably." So I did. 0202a8ec:09 if you want to play as the bomb. It only works for one track... but that's no biggie. If you hit another racer, you and that racer explode. The other racer does not return, but you do. What happens is that you return to right before the starting line... right before the final lap. Great way to jump ahead in the game, if you ask me. So... yeah... fun from boredom, I guess. You can't cue in any other players... values 10 or above just crash the game or cause you to be Bowser. Fun stuff, anyway. Well, that's my little thing for today. Be well, everyone. Enjoy your day. Enjoy the episode. Until tomorrow, bai!

07.11.03 (July 11th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well, yesterday Super Mario Advance 4 was released in Japan. Another port, of course, of a classic Super Mario Brothers game. This time it was Super Mario Bros. 3, one of the greatest games ever made. So how does it stand up? Well... to be honest... it's not bad for a port. It isn't, however, any better than it was for NES or even the All Stars port for SNES. There are e-Card extras such as the cape... vegetable chucking... even a few new levels and enemies. There's little changes here and there... most of which make the game easier... and there's small graphical errors that I've noticed that could very well have been corrected - should have been corrected, even - before the game was put out. So... what's the verdict? A good game. If you can't get the NES or SNES versions... get it. For those of you who already have SMB3 for any other system... don't spend your energy on it. It's just a port. There's bonuses... but they don't make the game any harder or any more fun. We never needed a third way to fly. Enjoy the episode, everyone. More will be told of Puutaakha and her Moocow companion soon. I wish you well, everyone. Until tomorrow, be well. Until then, bai!

07.10.03 (July 10th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Hmm... today is a slow day. My sleeping is still a bit bad because of the concert affecting patterns. However, it's been a good day so far. I woke up about an hour and a half ago... watching Babylon 5 and working on this episode. *stretches* So... I'm a bit unsure of what to say for today... but I am sure you will enjoy today's episode... as well as PMD #10. Be well, everyone. I wish you well. Until tomorrow, bai!

07.09.03 (July 9th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well, that was fun. Tom Petty concert here in Bismarck last night. My family ended up getting tickets from a family friend... decent tickets, too. He's a very entertaining performer to watch. Lots of good. ^^ Well, I hope that you enjoy Moocow's little episode today. I'm needing to nap/sleep a bit longer, but be well for this day. Until later, I wish you well. Until then, be well! Bai!

07.08.03 (July 8th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Another day, another episode. Another Tuesday, another PMD. I hope that you like hearing a bit about what happened when Pchan, Moocow and I first arrived in this alternate Videoverse, something which was not shown or really explained. At any rate, I thought now would be a good time to explain how exactly Pchan and Moocow were separated... so here we are. Poor Pchan... thoughts he doesn't even wish to think. Be well, everyone. Enjoy your day. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, bai!

07.07.03 (July 7th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Just a short little blurb today. I've been slowly waking, slowly working today... so I apologize as always for being late. But I think you'll enjoy the episode. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, bai!

07.06.03 (July 6th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. HELLO! Happy 700th Episode, everyone! I hope that you enjoy today's episode. I really think that it turned out perfectly and, in all honesty, much faster than expected. I'm amazed that I had this out before noon... I've been working on it nearly non-stop since I woke up at 4:30 AMish and I am really happy with it. I wish you all to enjoy everything that has been given for today. Pages 19 and 20 of Zesty. Pages 136 and 137 of Captain N: Tales of Videoland. A (slightly unclothed, just a slight warning for those that read the blurb and wish it not) version of Carrie (no, she covers herself, just unclothed). And, of course, we also have Episode 700 of N-Fans: The Series. "Reminiscence" Enjoy them all. Have the most wonderful of days. I now hand over the blurb over to Pchan. Be well and enjoy your day. Until tomorrow, bai!

PCHAN KOKO! I just wanted to say that today is a very special day, because it's not only the 700th episode of N-Fans (quite an accomplishment in and of itself!) but also the 90th Sunday Special. We've seen NINETY Sundays together, and we've made it a really special thing. Ninety weeks...I remember the first one as if it were yesterday. It still makes me so happy to provide the manga for you all each week, and I hope you're still enjoying it as much as you were when it was new. This week we also have another very special pin-up, this time of Carrie. Hopefully I'll be inspired by different songs and get around to doing the whole N-Team! Anyway, as always, enjoy the Sunday Special, and thanks for supporting us for so long so that we can do this for you every week! Hopefully soon we'll have the Store up, I'm really eager about that! And there's so much more than can be done, so many more fun adventures and surprises that lie ahead of us, including more Pchan Mahou Densetsu, if you've been following that on Tuesdays and Thursdays when we can. Soon that will have an archive...Webbychan promises! Until next time, I wuv you all and wish you well! Eat some cupcakes!!!

07.05.03 (July 5th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. *yawns* Big rest yesterday. 2:00 PM until 4:00 AM. Absolutely wonderful and absolutely needed. Because of it's length, though, I had to do all of the design for this part of the base in the past two and a half hours... plus the episode. *laughs* It turned out quite well. Simple, but right. I hope that you had a great day yesterday. I ended up not seeing any fireworks. *laughs* Haven't in two years now. ^^ Be well, everyone. Enjoy your day. Enjoy the episode. Until tomorrow, bai!

07.04.03 (July 4th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. So, yeah, Fourth of July and all. I'm late today... time to tell the reason why. Last night I went over to a friend's house. He was back in town for the weekend so he was having a get-together at his parents' house since they're out at a cabin right now. At any rate, it was a pretty spiffy get-together. Met lots of new people, a few people of the past as well. Met one very unusual meeting, which was that of an Overclocked Remixer dude. One of the Metroid remixes on that site is his. Very spiffy, very cool. It was very cool. Generally lots of silliness, lots of good stuff. Very relaxing. Exactly what I needed. So... around 9:00 PM or so... suddenly we notice something outside. Wowamadoogles, it's a bloody monsoon outside! Results of high wind, rain, and about twenty minutes: one flickering of the lights, lots of branches down, and the alarm four houses to the north of this house going off and a phone call from the owner ending up being fielded by me giving the damage report of the storms. It wasn't bad at all, but very cool. The front-side view and back-side view were completely different. The front side of the house looked like a heavy storm, some hail existing. The back side of the house was what I described previously. Very different in looks, much more than appearance. It was odd and spiffy and cool and yeah. At any rate, later in the night there ended up being a massive mass of cuddling after four people decided to use the two person couch as the place to watch two others play DDR on the PS2 someone had brought over. *laughs* It was very nice having been the first person there. *laughs and blushes* But just a lot of cuddling and snuggling on a couch with two people I didn't know and one I did (that was laying across all three of us. *laughs*) It's hard for me to find people that are relaxed about cuddling and snuggling sometimes, and that was just a perfect thing last night. I feel so refreshed today, so relaxed. I ended up spending the night at my friend's, just relaxing, sleeping, and watching a few play video games. I needed last night so much. I feel wonderful today. Be well, my friends, my readers. I apologize for being late, but I know you'll understand. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

07.03.03 (July 3rd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I am completely stuck on what to blurb. o_o No idea whatsoever on what to blurb. o_o So I will just leave the blurb this short. PMD, episode, all is well. ^^ Enjoy it all and be well. Until tomorrow and the next update, be well. Until then, bai!

07.02.03 (July 2nd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Wow. o_o Little decisions took a bit of time in doing and execution with today's background. At any rate, it took a bit of time so I'm near 8:00 AM here. Also, I'm sorry for there not being a PMD yesterday. Pchan sent me yesterday's while I was sleeping... but since he didn't change the file name it auto-resumed and I didn't get the new part. Then when he tried to resend... it apparently sent to someone else. @.@ So I never got it until today. We'll have PMD today and tomorrow because of this. Enjoy the episode and PMD. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

07.01.03 (July 1st, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Erk. @.@ You may notice that the server is occassionally slowing down to a crawl. The server is (because of another website) under an incredible amount of stress right now. I have permission to reboot it if necessary (which is likely to happen, unfortunately), but I'm not here all the time to do it. If the server happens to be inaccessible when you try to access, please keep trying. I'll do what I can to make sure problems don't last long. Please enjoy the episode and be well. Until tomorrow and another episode, bai!

06.30.03 (June 30th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. 8:00 AM. It's been a very busy day. Tracking down an old friend that had been long lost... talking with him again and seeing how he is doing. I apologize for the lateness here, but hope that you understand. Be well, my friends, my readers. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, be well. Until then, bai!

06.29.03 (June 29th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. And welcome to the temple and this week's Sunday Special. I should probably explain (from what I know of Xebnax) the reason for the temples being often unused. In times of peace and happiness, as Xebnax has almost always been, there is no day-to-day need for the temples. While some are used quite often, they are on the whole unused and many are not even known as to where they are anymore. The spiritual practices of those on Xebnax can overall be seen in their day-to-day living and actions and need no special actions to be done. I think that's about it. @.@ Hopefully I got that right, but Pchan's sleeping now and I can't verify that. At any rate, for today's Sunday Special we have N-Fans with Episode 693, entitled "Watanga's Xebnaxian Journey: Inside The Temple's Walls". We also have the awaited return of Zesty, with the first two pages of her second story and the seventeenth and eighteenth overall. We also have page 135 of Captain N: Tales of Videoland. All of this is hopefully enjoyable to you. Forgive the dust of the temple and consider it fortunate that peace is known by some. Be well, my friends, my family, my readers. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, bai!

06.28.03 (June 28th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. *yawns* Yes, time very soon to sleep. Sleep schedule went even more wonky yesterday as needs to sleep formed for no apparent reason, lasting several hours. In good news, cypress, a long gone oper of Gammaforce, came back last night. He's doing spiffy and hadn't booted his box in about four months. Wow. o_o Yeah. o_o I can imagine four days... and if not by choice that's not fun... but four months by choice or otherwise... wow. o_O Not something I'd like to have to do. o_o At any rate, I wish all of you well and hope that your day is enjoyable. Be well. Until tomorrow, I'm off. Until then, bai!

06.27.03 (June 27th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Greh. I really dislike when my cable goes out for somewhere between four and twelve hours, completely disrupting my sleep schedule. I woke up at 8:00 AM after not meaning to really fall asleep at all... after being up for three hours before that eight hours sleep. Bleh. @.@ At any rate, Lalala sent me scripts yesterday and today regarding the next part of Team Yellow, so here is the first part of it. I wish you well. Until tomorrow, be well. Until then, bai!

06.26.03 (June 26th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. And yes, back to the desert we are. Hrm... not sure what to say to it. We'll get to the resistance base very soon, of course... which should be an interestingly odd set of episodes to see... but beyond that... nothing really offhand to say. I hope that you all are well and have a good day. Enjoy the episode. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

06.25.03 (June 25th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Much better updatings. I have a bad feeling I'm getting sick, so bleh. @.@ It's a little later than I should have updated (at 6:30 AM), but this is not a bad update time compared to the past two days. I hope that you enjoy this episode and part of Moocow's arc. While the method of presentation is not entirely like most of what I do in N-Fans: The Series, I believe this change from the standard is perfect for this part. I hope that you do as well. Be well, my friends, my readers. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, bai!

06.24.03 (June 24th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Annoying things. Your cable service going down for maintainence at 1:00 AM on the 24th when you thought it went out for maintainence on the 26th at 1:00 AM. Yeah. -_- So I was bad at getting this up last night and bleh. _-_ I'll update much earlier tonight. Really sorry about this. -_- I need to get back on the normal update schedule. At any rate, I wish you all well and will see you later. Until tomorrow, be well. Until then, bai!

06.23.03 (June 23rd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Back from the trip and all is well. I'm a bit late for updating, yes, and that's because I passed out almost immediately after I got home a little after 1:00 AM and despite efforts was unable to get up at 8:00 AM when I wanted to. Unfortunately, my actual waking was at about 1:00 PM. @.@ Sleep was apparently very needed. Okies, let me see... what all is there to say? Well, my mom and I drove up to Minnesota to visit relatives and spend a day and a half at Webster Lake. (I was named after the lake for various reasons. It's a really wonderful place.) Webster Lake was a little low this year (but it's been very high the past few times I've been there) but it was great to be at. The mysquitos weren't nearly as bad as often... nor as bad were the horse flies. The ticks, on the other hand, were abnormally high: after the walk around the lake I found eight on myself, my little brother found two, my mother one, and my father sixteen. An incredible amount. @.@ The flies were also very high, but they weren't bad at all as I don't get bothered like them. They have cute little scolexes and like to eat dead skin. ^^ Unfortunately, the lowered lake level has caused some troubles to the bog... which is incredibly dry right now. There's still some venus flytraps, but not nearly as many as normal. Other things to talk about... hmm... My cousin Nathan, who has always been an extraordinary Lego builder, has finished up his latest project: a life-size model of Han Solo frozen in carbonite made out of dark grey Lego bricks. o_o Can you IMAGINE how much work that was? o.o He's a New York lawyer... he can afford it. @.@ He'll also probably be able to get $10,000 for it once he decides to sell it. He's done stuff like this before... one of his models sold to major league baseball team. It truly is incredible what he does with the brick. All in all, it was a wonderful trip. I got to see two older cousins, one of my aunts, my grandparents, and (of course) Bob Newcomb. But Bob's enough for a blurb by himself. Be well, everyone. Enjoy your day. Enjoy the episode. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

06.22.03 (June 22nd, 2003 CE):
Pchan KOKO!!! Welcome to DAY TWO of PCHAN RULES THE ROOST!! Webbychan is still in Minnesota, but Pchan updates faithfully. Here we have the Sunday Special, with the N-Fans episode entitled "Watanga's Xebnaxian Journey: Arrival at the Temple", Fantella pages 78 and 79 (which concludes chapter 3 of Fantella!), and Captain N manga page numbers 133 and 134, which were a delight to do. LINK BUNS YAY!!! Webbychan sends WUV WUV from Minnesota, and he will be back to update tomorrow. I HOPE YOU ENJOYED PCHAN UPDATES! WUV!!!

06.21.03 (June 21st, 2003 CE):
Pchan KOKO!!! Today is one of TWO DAYS where webbychan puutaakha will be away. He is in Minnesota if you didn't catch yesterday's blurb. So PCHAN RULES THE ROOST while he is gone! Today we have a new chapter in the epic Psama Saga, Mission IV! I hope you will enjoy it very much. Moocow is love! LOVE! Be well webbychan in minnesota! I WUV YOU!!!

06.20.03 (June 20th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, guys! Here's something important... I'm leaving until Sunday. o_o Yeah. And not just until early Sunday... until late Sunday or even the wee early hours of Monday. You may wonder why. Reasonable question. I'm going off to Minnesota. Visits to grandparents, a small bit of camping at the lake of my conception, and then return home. A good break that I could use and that will allow me to think about some things forthcoming. With that said, I will now hand off to Pchan, who will be updating tomorrow and Sunday. Be well, everyone. I wish you all very well until my return. Until Monday's update, be well. Until then, bai!

06.19.03 (June 19th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. My alarm clock was muted. @.@ Not good. Not sure why, either. I made sure my sound was on before I went to sleep. At any rate, I slept quite a long time without my alarm going off. I apologize. Enjoy the episode and be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

06.18.03 (June 18th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. My little brother and dad are leaving for Minnesota today. I was going to wait until they left to update, but it's 10:00 AM and they don't seem any closer than they did at 9:00 AM so I did the episode about thirty minutes ago and here we go. Okay, the computer is nearly entirely back to norm, just a few codecs and such that I can install as I go on and I'm good. ^^ Be well, everyone. I wish you well. Until tomorrow, be well. Until then, bai!

06.17.03 (June 17th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. There we go. More work getting the computer up to normal slowed me this morning. Bleh. @.@ I need to go get meds, so I'm just going to leave this really short. Be well, everyone. until tomorrow, bai!

And yes, Pchan Mahou Densetsu returns. I forgot to put it up... but now it is up. @.@ I apologize for past memories failing me. Be well. And remember: Today is M.C. Escher's Birthday. o_o

06.16.03 (June 16th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. So yesterday, yeah, that was fun. @.@ You see, the past few days I've been running with a little problem: My connection and my computer have been fizzling out in the mornings. As the day goes on, the connection just dies... after, of course, the ability to open programs disappears. I blame, oddly, an emulator I decided to try because of how it sounded so funky on Screen Savers. Some of you saw it, I'm sure. Guy was playing SMB3, probably the PRG0 alt, on an emulator called NEStron. It sounded like an entire sound channel wasn't being emulated... or it was being dropped in certain ranges... or something like that. Very odd. At any rate, I downloaded it to find out for myself. Tried to open my UNIF-formatted dump of SMB3. Okay, there's where the problems really start. Emulator crashes. Apparently it can't handle UNIF files... which would be okay, except that it just crashes the emulator to try to open it. That doesn't make sense: It should have checked the file format to be of a compatible working before it ran it. Okay... NEStron crashes. I reopen it. I try the iNES version of SMB3. Okay... that works... but... what the hell? No sound. NO SOUND? Come on! You sounded horrible on TV but... BLEH! Okay, after struggling with it for about thirty minutes, I give up. The emulator really does suck. Okay... cue post-sleep wakings. *grumble-wander* *monitor turns on* Why am I off- *tries to open IE to look at router* "Insufficient System Resources to..." *grumble-growl* Ctrl+Alt+Del to open Windows Task Manager. "Insufficient..." What the bloody...? *reboots* *runs virus check* Nothing. Okay... isolated incident. Whatever. Move on.

Next day... *grumble-wander* *monitor turns on* I'm off- *grumble-growl* Ctrl+Alt+Del to open Windows Task Manager. "Insufficient..." Reboot.

Next day... *grumble-wander* *monitor turns on* I'm off- *grumble-growl* Ctrl+Alt+Del to open Windows Task Manager. "Insufficient..." Reboot.

Yesterday... *grumble-wander* *monitor turns on* I'm off- *grumble-growl* Ctrl+Alt+Del to open Windows Task Manager. "Insufficient..." Okay, that's it. Windows, you're being reinstalled.

So that's what I did yesterday... and a good part of why I'm late today. I had to reinstall stuff this morning (and find it) that I need to do the comic. Stuff like Photoshop's disc... a copy of the Arial Narrow Font... little things like that. Fortunately, I'm back to being fully up-to-date with Windows Update now... and I turned Messenger service off... and even the background is restored and happy. Got the Start Menu back up... and the Quick Access Bar. Yay. So... not quite up to the norm yet, but I'm getting there. Be well, everyone. Enjoy your day. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, bai!

06.15.03 (June 15th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, guys! I'm updating after a good view of you have already checked first for the day (5:30 AM right now here), but also before I sleep... so that's at least good. *yawns* So sleep once I finish this. At any rate, here's the breakdown. For N-Fans, it's Episode 679 with "Two Ways To Go, One Choice To Make", while Captain N: Tales of Videoland brings us page 132. Fantella has pages 76 and 77 with Gypsy Dancers as a little omake of Fantella and Estrella. And that's it. Hopefully you enjoy all of it. So, that said and me tired, I wish you well. Until tomorrow and the next update, be well. Until then, bai!

06.14.03 (June 14th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Heyos. ^^ Sorry for updating so very late. My sleep yesterday was very interrupted, even though too long, and my sleep today decided to be very too long because of it. I'll do my best to do the Sunday Special before I sleep instead of after as I should be up for a good bit from now. At any rate, I apologize to everyone for being so late. Uubu who came to check especially, and hope your day is well. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

06.13.03 (June 13th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. And a happy Friday the 13th to you. ^^ For today, we have something that I think was very needed: Lemon's blessing for the dead. It seems only appropriate that for these fallen comrades a few words of kindness are said. Hundreds of corpses... bodies of the long deceased, hellishly tortured, and only recently released. Well wishings to all of them. Enjoy this day, this special day, and be well. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, bai.

06.12.03 (June 12th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Hey, do you know what tomorrow is? ^^ Yes, Friday the 13th! What a better day to return to the desert house than tomorrow? Well... if tomorrow was eleven episodes ago, that would have been pretty special... but two such things so close together is pretty special as well. I'm late again, as I'm sure you've noticed, but I was trying to track down the source of the viral e-mails I've been getting. They're all originating from the IP address of, which resolves to so if that IP address sounds like it might be yours... PLEASE RUN A VIRUS CHECKER. Thank you. ^^ Be well, everyone. Enjoy your day, check your IP, and enjoy the episode. Until tomorrow, bai! ^^

06.11.03 (June 11th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Sorry for updating late. I was doing a virus scan because I've been recieving a lot of viral e-mail lately. Nothing on this system (as expected), but good for me to have checked out anyway just to make sure I was good. At any rate, we're back to Moocow and his new friends today. They're a little confusing to understand, but the basic idea gets across, I think. ^^ In response to the bad news from Lalala of yesterday's announcement, she brought good news today: She already has a new job. And new shoes. She was happy about the new shoes. They weren't very connected, however, she said. At any rate, yes, it is good things that are happening. We will see the future of them as time goes on. Oh, and before I forget, I must mention the origins of Moocow's new friends as well. o_o They are the creations of WaxPoetic who, as some of you know, has been the artist behind some of the other really wonderful sprites (Punk Peach) as well. ^^ Thank you, Waxy. With that said, be well, everyone. Enjoy the update, albeit even later than my current norm, and be well. Enjoy your day. Until tomorrow, be well! Bai!

06.10.03 (June 10th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, I'll keep this short since Lalala attached a blurb she wanted when this episode went up. I decided to do Team Yellow today because of some bad news Lalala got yesterday. Hopefully seeing her episode up a bit earlier will make her happy... even though the blurb below might now not be completely accurate. :/ We wish you well, Lalala... hopefully you'll find a way to keep on schedule with your wishes. Beyond that, I'm kinda feeling bleh today... so I think I might try napping again soon even though I just woke up a few hours ago. Not really something preferable, but seemingly necessary, yes. Be well, everyone. I'll see you again tomorrow with another day and another episode. Until then, be well. Until then, bai!

Lalala here! You may be wondering about this episode, and why I just did what I did. No, it's not the end (as long as Web gets his spanky arse in gear ;) ), and no, technically, Lalala isn't dead. But at the same time, technically, Lalala ALWAYS dies. Allow me to explain...
Willow the Wisp is the name given to the wisps of light created by the spirits. Some know it as a creation as the spirits gather around a person, others believe it is a wandering spirit. Either way, it's the soul of the dead. Now, the Sparky sprites (as they have been dubiously named) are completely original. Well, they're BASED off sparky sprites, but they're made completely from scratch. They're also purple, which more or less represents the colour of the Willow the Wisp (or the colour illustrated). So it's only natural for (since it's my character anyway) the theory to be that Lalala dies when she tries using PSI.
Now, how does she turn back? Revert, in context. As she says here, a sacrifice is as nothing to a mind that can create. Lalala has PSI, and thus has control of the spiritual forces (ectoplasm), and using that, she can recreate her body around herself. But if she uses up a part of the wisp, it's using part of the soul. So it'll take a lot more than a rest to clear that up... As you'll see.
The other reason for this unpresedented predicament is down to the loss of internet... which I lost MONTHS ago now, but that's another story. ;)

06.09.03 (June 9th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Bleh. @.@ The IRC server is being evil. There's huge desyncs (people appearing to be online on some servers while not on others in the same network, as well as other things appearing different from server to server that should be the same) when the servers are holding together... and that's uncommon enough right now as it is. They've been bouncing up and down since 1:00 AM yesterday. It's getting unbearable... even for me... and bleh. @.@ Because of the server-to-server mega-lags and desyncs, however, we've all been grouping onto Although some people in the background are being incredibly bouncy in terms of if they're with the rest of #CN or not (these people are the ones that aren't switching servers), most of us are on ruin where we can chat. I'm starting to get seriously disgruntled with the Gammaforce staff, though: I haven't been able to get in contact with a single server owner about it. So, just a note if you're going to be coming into #Captain_N today... use for your server. No other server will work for more than a few minutes. Beyond that, I wish you well... and I'm sure you'll be having a decent day compared to me if this server-junk continues. We'll be seeing Moocow probably tomorrow, Team Yellow most likely Wednesday. Be well, everyone. I wish you well. Until tomorrow, bai!

06.08.03 (June 8th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Welcome to Sunday Special #86! For today's edition, we have N-Fans: The Series with Episode 672, entitled "Watanga's Xebnaxian Journey: The Search For Zabgora" as well as the companion background by myself entitled "Watanga Sings!" Of course, that's not all, as we have two pages of each of the mangas for this week. Pages 130 and 131 for Captain N: Tales of Videoland, and pages 74 and 75 for Fantella: Zombie Fighter. I hope that you find these offerings enjoyable and your day is well. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, bai!

06.07.03 (June 7th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Wow. We're likely to break 300,000 hits today. o_o That's a marker. I just noticed that. 299567, or Moo-La-La-Ghost-Met-Wat. o_o Yes. o_o At any rate, I'm not sure entirely what to say today... so I think that I'll just leave this blurb short. Enjoy the episode. Be well. Until tomorrow, enjoy the episode, enjoy your day. Bai!

06.06.03 (June 6th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Hrmm.... not sure entirely what to blurb about. I guess I'll talk about the Forum a bit, since I've been working on that even more, as you can see here. Added a spiffy little homepage thing, so people can write about themselves. Added a calendar, so birthdays, holidays, and phases of Luna are shown. I've been trying to find a way to get the Last Online back so people can actually see if someone's been on, just not been talking... I miss that a good bit... and yeah. Just good little things like that. I also added a Sidebar Mod so that users can see if the Forum has had any new topics posted to since it was last used. I'll also be adding some more Forum templates later today... maybe try my hand at getting that Last Online thing back. We'll see. @.@ It was so nice, though... so I'd really like to get it up. Enjoy the episode. Enjoy the Lord Watanga's singing - his is a man of the musicals - and it is good and fun. ^^ Be well, my friends, my readers. Enjoy your day. Until tomorrow, be well. Until then, bai!

06.05.03 (June 5th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Heyos! ^^ I hope that your day is going well this morning. I spent mine doing little things to the Forum. I added some mods to it... like the file attachment mod (I really hope this doesn't get abused...) and some other little things. I also added some wonderful little smilies. ^^ Moocows. ^^ It's worth checking out. At any rate, I also did this little background. Nothing huge or major, just a little one that I got the idea for when I was doing the last Team Yellow from Lalala's scripts. I hope that you enjoy both of these things. Be well, my friends, my readers. I'll see you soon tomorrow with another episode. Until then, bai!

Lalala's Path

Lalala's Path

Lalala's Path

Lalala's Path

Lalala's Path
06.04.03 (June 4th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. And to blurb... but of what? Well, I definitely have a few little events of the past twenty-four hours. First of all, my mom returned from her trip to Canada for a meeting-outing relating to BCA, her environmentalist group, and brought me a new moocow friend. Her name is Clarise and she makes wonderful mooing sounds. ^^ She is absolutely wonderful and is now residing with my other Moocow friends. Also, on the way to get soda as well as back I saw our neighborhood bunny, a wonderful little bunny that has been around since I was quite a deal younger, perhaps eight or ten. The bunny is fairly timid... I wish she (I believe she by feeling, but I don't know for sure) was a bit less so. I'd love to talk to her a bit and just be friendly. Bunnies are such cute and wonderful creatures. At any rate, I need to stop this blurb and get the episode up. Be well, everyone. May your day to come be as wonderful as mine has already been. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Bai!

06.03.03 (June 3rd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well, that was unenjoyable. At 2:00 AM the modem went off suddenly... bleh. So I spent the night retouching some episodes... cleaning up the basement a bit... just the general things. Now... 9:00 AM... hopefully with my father's waking so I can get at the modem I'll be able to upload this soon. I was considering doing a Team Yellow tomorrow instead of today, but because of my not being able to get online, I decided it was better to do the episode that I had the script for and everything approved instead of continuing yesterday's story... which I want to verify with the buns before I do. So... here we are. Enjoy the comic. Enjoy your day. Be well. And enjoy the little bonus below... the thing that I accidentally put up early on Sunday for about fifteen minutes before I fixed it. Pchan Mahou Densetsu is a new little mini-manga that Pchan's going to be doing either every Tuesday and Thursday or Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Or some other arrangement like that. ^^ We'll see. At any rate, I've seen the first four and it's absolutely incredible. Absolutely WONDERFUL. ^^ I wish I could show you the first four right now... but Pchan wouldn't like that very much. ;) Be well, everyone. Enjoy all. Until tomorrow, bai!

06.02.03 (June 2nd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. And what is there to say about this episode? I've spent perhaps more energy on it than any other episode previous. The house itself was two hours of work... and then an hour of perfecting... but that was Saturday's work. Although some of you may consider the cuts between the interior and exterior scenes a tad quick... I found that a fade between them doubled the size of the episode and, in truth, did not improve it. So... quick cuts like originally intended. But here it is... one day before the second year anniversary of Episode 666. Enjoy it, my readers, my friends. Be well and enjoy your day. We shall see what is to come together. Until tomorrow and another sight, be well and goodbye.

06.01.03 (June 1st, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. So very tired. z.z Very quickly before i pass out, I describe today's SUnday Special. First off, we have the mangas, bringing two pages of both Fantella and Captain N with 72 and 73 for Fantella and 128 and 129 for Captain N. Of course, we have N-Fans as well. For N-Fans, it's Episode 665, entitled "Assorted Events". You'll also notice three other things. First off, we have the Fantella Pin-Up, which is something Pchan drew when he was starting to get better. Next, we have Moocow's Wanderings, which is a background I did on the request of Pchan. Finally, we have Pchan M- D-. No, not Pchan as a doctor. That might be a very scary thing. "I am Pchan! I will preform surgery with my stethoscope and feed you cupcakes!" Yes, I am very tired. Yes, that is very scary. Yes. Tired. Tired. z.z It's actually called Pchan M-Something, D-Something, but I can't find what the M and the D stand for in my logs even though I know it's there. And, as Pchan's been missing since around 11:00 PM last night when he went off to bathe and eat "and such"... I can't quite ask him. So... that said... enjoy the comic and enjoy your day. I'll try to remember to ask Pchan what the M- D- stands for when I wake up... but yeah. @.@ Be well. Enjoy your day. Until tomorrow I wish you well. I sleep now. Until tomorrow, bai!

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