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05.31.03 (May 31st, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I'm thinking today is a good day to upgrade the Forums. not right now, but when I wake from sleeping. My current YaBB is only SP1.1 and SP1.3.1 is out... so it's time... plus there's some mods for the Forums that are only for the newer service packs that I think would be of benefit for Forum users as well. *yawns* This said, I'm a bit tired and today's been a fairly stressful day so I'm going to nap soon. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow and the Sunday Special I wish you well. Bai!

05.30.03 (May 30th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Another late-timed update, but earlier than yesterday so at least I'm slowly getting better. I don't feel completely awake or entirely well right now and yet, so I'll cut this blurb short. Be well, everyone. Enjoy today's episode and enjoy your lives. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

05.29.03 (May 29th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I was watching a movie that Pchan wanted me to see how a scene was done of because he really liked it and I fell asleep. @.@ Greh. But here I am now... I had written the episode before I fell asleep watching the movie so it didn't take long at all. It is a very good movie from what I watched... I just ended up passing out like *gone*. But very good. I'll talk more when I finish the movie. At any rate, I apologize for being late (again) and hope that you enjoy the episode. I think you'll really enjoy tomorrow's ep a lot. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

05.28.03 (May 28th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, guys, that was interesting. I had a few dreams. They've already done their fading thing. But one of them... I spent a long time there. I no longer have any memory of what the dream really had... but it was a lot longer dream than normal. I dream a long time normally (I have had dreams that have taken ideas from background noise in televisions that are on to track them to be over an hour long), but this one felt considerably longer. At any rate, at the end of the dream... which was nothing of an end... I realized the dream-nature of this alternate reality... for it had become far more than a dream world to my experience. I had to force myself to wake from it, which is something that I never do in dreams, but I realized that this world would not leave me. Very odd. As I closed my eyes in the dream and tried to wake myself, I could feel a difference between my physical body and my 'body'. I had a sense of existance several inches out from the size of this physical body. I tried to wake myself and, when my eyes opened, I was out of the dream. I then registered what I had done in the dream. Very odd to me. At any rate, that dream is what kept me asleep... and I really can't describe it as any other way than that. Had I not realized the reality of the world I was in, I may still be sleeping now and in that world living. So very odd. At any rate, I wish you all well and I hope that you enjoy the episode. Be well, everyone, and enjoy your day. Until tomorrow, bai!

05.27.03 (May 27th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. *yawns* Very tired. Sleep immediately after this is uploaded. Today is a day, once I wake, to work on some more things... things like The Shyguy Kingdom... which I need to resave about 500 more images for to gain a perfect consistancy amongst them... and then need to write a minor program (30 minutes, most likely) to do a special marking to make them identifiable as that of The Shyguy Kingdom. Fun stuff. At any rate, I am one that is needing of sleep and, since this is so, I shall do so. I wish you all well. May your day be joyous. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

05.26.03 (May 26th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. A good sleep, although a bit long. Pchan requests a background of yesterday's episode border... I'll probably make that today and deliver it tomorrow. If not, I'll put it up with the next Sunday Special. *stretches big* At any rate, enjoy today's Team Yellow. Be well. Have a fun day. I'll be back tomorrow with another episode. Until then, be well. Until then, bai!

05.25.03 (May 25th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. No manga this week, I'm afraid. Unfortunately, Pchan's been sick (which he'll talk about a bit later) and just needs to rest. However, I do have a bit of a special and good thing for you: I finally updated the bios. While there's a few more that I need to add once I reorganize some of the pages, the bios have otherwise completely been updated. At any rate, for this Sunday Special the episode of N-Fans is entitled "Moocow's Wanderings". I hope that you enjoy this episode and the bios updates. Be well, everyone. Enjoy your day. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, bai!

PCHAN KOKO! I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm taking a week off from the manga this week, but fear not! Both Captain N and Fantella will return next week. The reason I'm taking time off is because I came down with bronchitis and even did manga last week when I was seriously ill. This week I'm just resting up and the medicine makes it hard to concentrate, and I want to be sure you guys get coherent manga!

Anyway, next week you'll get both titles again and maybe a little extra! Again, I'm sorry about this week but I really need to rest up and not overdo things. Get-well e-cards are accepted at though!! ;)

05.24.03 (May 24th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I slept so well after all the problems of yesterday and the day before ended. *relaxes* Nice day. Nice day. I'm needing to do a few things (dishes, bathe) so I'm going to make this short. I hope that you are all well. Enjoy the episode. Enjoy your day. Until tomorrow and the Sunday Special, be well. Bai!

05.23.03 (May 23rd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. SO... yeah... there was a problem this morning. For some reason the configuration regarding and was messed up. Because of that, the site was down. Bleh. @.@ So... hopefully... the site will be back up in a short bit. It's being worked on as I write this. I'm hoping that I don't have to reupload everything... there's a chance I will. I also hope that I don't lose all the e-mail for the time period of this downtime... bleh. @.@ Well... I'll change and add to this once I learn anything... *sighs* Such crud.

Okay, yeah, back. Bleh. @.@ Everything that you see is saved... but there's still a few problems that I'm going to need to fix myself... like that counter. I'll get on that. Enjoy the episode. Be well. I've had my three bad things... now can be the good. Be well. BAI!

05.22.03 (May 22nd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Hmm... Babylon 5 is on. One of the ISN specials. I find the statement that Babylon 5 makes about news organizations and how they are no more than puppets of propoganda for the government, competing for ratings by putting forth distorted combinations of truth and lie in order to gain power over the people and put forth views that are wished to be made, not to allow actual thought and give non-biased news in order to allow viewers to make an educated decision. Okay... there's my little mini-quasi-rant thing for today. *laughs* I hope that you enjoy the episode. I hope that you have a good day. Be well, my friends, my readers. Until tomorrow and another episode, bai!

05.21.03 (May 21st, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I went to Matrix Reloaded last night. That's the big reason why I didn't update until now, a little before 9:00 AM... sleeping was not possible to be stopped. As for the sleep, it was good. As for the movie... only so-so. I was highly impressed with the first Matrix movie and fairly impressed with Animatrix. However, my expectations for this movie were not grand. Considering how wonderful the first movie was to me, the wow factor involved... it seemed likely that, like so many sequels, this movie would suck. Unfortunatlely, my expectations were met. The movie did nothing really wrong, but it definitely didn't do anything really right, either. There was no excitement. There was no thrill. There was no wow. There was only a repeat of the last movie in every way. There were new additions, but they seemed just so-so. They didn't seem to have the inspiration of the previous movie. Unfortunate. :/ It was still worth watching, but it was not worth paying $7.25 for a ticket and then about $6.00 for a soda and popcorn. $3.50 for a new movie rental and $.25 for a nice microwave popcorn from a $3.00 twelve pack. I guess, to summarize, it wasn't anything Cleopatra 2525 hadn't done a few years ago... or hadn't done better. Matrix Reloaded just had a bigger budget. Be well, everyone. I wish you well. Until tomorrow, goodbye. Be well!

05.20.03 (May 20th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I like how this episode came out. The dead grass below Moocow's hooves looks just like I wanted it to. But where is Moocow? I'm actually not sure. o.o I think I know most of what Moocow will be doing, but I'm pretty much clueless as to where he actually is. *laughs* But we'll find out. I'm not sure which would have been worse, though... to have happen to you what happened to Pchan and I... with at least being together... or Moocow... who is really alone. :/ Love from afar to him. Be well, everyone. Let us hope Moocow's journey soon finds him friends. Until tomorrow, bai!

05.19.03 (May 19th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Yes, Pchan, I know most spiders don't hiss, but this spider-woman just seems to be of a hissing spider variety for her arachnid parts. There are hissing spiders, after all. u.u Don't you ever watch Animal Planet or the spider specials that they've had? ^^ Cute spiders. ^^ At any rate, I'm babbling against the Pchan Thingie and just being silly. Enjoy the episode. Enjoy your day. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

05.18.03 (May 18th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Heyos! ^^ Hopefully you've all slept well or are about to today. For this, the eighty-third Sunday Special, we have Episode 651 of N-Fans: The Series, entitled "A Narrow Escape." For the mangas, there's only one page of each, but there's a Fantella Omake that will hopefully make it not feel like it. Those two pages, though, are 127 for Captain N: Tales of Videoland, and 71 for Fantella: Zombie Fighter. I'm running decaffinated right now, so I'm going to make this blurb short and go take a walk to get some soda, but I just hope that you are all well. My magical program that I keep talking about is pressing on... just a few more minor things to tweak and it'll be good. I wish you all well. Until tomorrow, be well. Until then, bai!

05.17.03 (May 17th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Since I was in such a hurry, I forgot to mention the lunar eclipse on the 15th. I hope you all knew about it and saw it. It was pretty cool. ^^ At any rate, if you did, good for you. If you didn't, your loss and try to remember to make sure you see the next one. ^^ It really makes you realize what it really is like to be part of something as large as this planet... and how small it is, too. So, with that said, I wish you well. Enjoy the episode. Enjoy your day. Until tomorrow, bai!

05.16.03 (May 16th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I had the most horrible morning. @.@ I had a nasty headache, so I layed down in hopes of it going away... only to get a neck cramp. Eventually I ended up falling asleep and now, here I am, early afternoon, extremely late with the comic. *sighs* I apologize. At any rate, I hope that you enjoy the comic. I wish all of you well. Until tomorrow and the next episode, be well. Bai!

05.15.03 (May 15th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Wow. Aria of Sorrow is wonderful. This new CV that's planned for the PS2. Wow. It's gonna absolutely suck. I mean... I'm sorry, but really... let me repaste something someone pasted into the channel about it...

Set in the 11th Century, Castlevania: Lament of Innocence thrusts players ten centuries into the past and casts them in the role of Leon Belmont, the forefather of the legendary Belmont Clan and the first in the family's long line of vampire hunters. With social and political activities operating under the oppressive grip of clergy during the Crusades, Leon is a nobleman about to be engaged to his beloved Sara.

For one, the 11th Century is around... ooh... seven hundred years or so before Vlad Tepes who was after his death bestowed the name Dracul was even born. Even longer before the literary book-version of Dracula was created.
So how about another? As Pchan said, more chauvenistic crap. Yay. For the love of a woman! I'm sorry, it's not because I'm gay, but because it's so shallow a plot in almost EVERY game that it's been put in that I've ever played that it's crap.
And, for three, here's the big one... first vampire hunter Belmont? I guess we forgot about Sonya, who was declared the first by Konami and had the child between her and Alucard which brought the vampiric blood into the clan Belmont and thus gave them the additional source behind their powers so that, even without the great whip known as Vampire Killer, they really did stand a chance against the power of Dracula. I guess that's too bad.

On a side note, though... I have to say: If they're pulling the Crusades card and arranged marriages, this ain't a beloved. I'm sorry.... but no way in hell.

However, when his young lover disappears one fateful evening, Leon sets out to rescue her. Armed with only a dagger, it is not until an unexpected ally, an alchemist, offers him a protective whip that Leon is ready to begin his hunt. The rich story of Castlevania: Lament of Innocence follows Leon through the perilous forest and into Dracula's foreboding gothic Castle.

Okay, then, Vampire Killer's origins. I could handle that. Except I wrote a better idea for a script for this entire game in five minutes that what is being put forth here. I'll get to that after the rest of the review.

"Building on a 17 year legacy, Castlevania is reinvented on the PlayStation 2 with stunning graphics, classic gameplay and an epic story,” says Jason Enos, product manager at Konami of America, Inc. "Discovering the true origins of Castlevania, Dracula and the Belmont Clan are stories that fans have anticipated since the beginning, and now Koji Igarashi and his talented Castelvania team are going to reveal them for the first time.”

Upon entering the castle, players will step into an ethereal world that is guarded by blood thirsty guards and ruled by Dracula’s wicked whimsy. Players will face five doors - each one leading into a dark area of the castle - the Cathedral, the Theatre, the Garden, the Alchemist Laboratory and the Dungeon. Trekking through hundreds of rooms, players will battle over 35 different kinds of enemies before facing the final boss.

Additionally, seven orbs can be combined with 10 action relics in order to create powerful attacks and stunning special effects. Featuring a fixed camera and intuitive controls, Castlevania: Lament of Innocence delivers a groundbreaking action/adventure experience that is designed to satisfy core Castlevania fans as well as players that are new to the series.

Okay, now that you're likely satisfied that this is a forced game... (Five areas locked by doors? What happened to exploring? If you're going to make it linear at least make it more of a direct progression. Look at CV1. That was GOOD. CV: Legacy of Darkness was EXCELLENT (despite angers towards it by some) and, although it did have some little problems, it was a lot better than it could be, and it used a linear progression. It took you through the castle by the layout of the castle itself. THAT makes sense. Five areas by locked doors? Dracula was never so dull. He never could be... it's not like him.) ...I'll pitch my idea. Basically, have this pre-Belmont Belmont wandering over the fields of Romania or some other part of more Western Europe hunting vampires for the Catholic Church. Have him be, in the intro, a cowering man in a dark earthy cave with a stake in his hant. A bat flying by overhead. A dark shuffle of moment, his hands flying up to protect his face. Vampire appears with his fangs around the Belmont's neck. Then, here's the thing, have his face pull away in sudden realization of pain. camera pans, we see the Belmont's wide eyes, trembling body. He falls backwards and pushs the vampire off of him. We see the stake in the vampire's chest and the Belmont's fear. He has survived his first vampire but not by skill or daring, but luck: he has not slain the vampire, but instead the vampire has slain themself. And so the story goes onward, this Catholic Church-driven slayer of the evil and undead going throughout the countryside, defeating minor evils. And all this will lead slowly up to finding a person, for let us just for fun include someone like that alchemist, who is the keeper of a great weapon. For the keeping of a semi-continuity with future events, let us have this keeper be a vampire. And, to replace that drab idea of Sara, let's make this keeper also be a female. Let her be angelic... calm... peaceful... one that is not a drinker of blood. Make her be much like Rosa... one that is strong with spirituality. She tells this Belmont of things to come, so be her a prophet, and bestows upon him a great weapon, the Vampire Killer, which is a whip said to be made by the holiest of the past, their very souls inside the weapon, for the slaying of great evils. She tells him of the future, of an evil hundreds of years from coming, and tells him never to speak of this event but for the weapon to always stay with the Belmonts, to be handed down the generations as an heirloom, never to be discarded for any reason. As he leaves, she says that his time to fight is over, and he turns his head to look at her, but she, the underground shrine, and all that is around him is gone. He is suddenly outside his home in a summer rain. He walks into his house and puts the newly acquired Vampire Killer in a chest. He never tells anyone the story of what happened to him, even in the handing down of Vampire Killer. Thus his place in the Belmont history in concealed, but his effect forever remains. The Vampire Killer's legend is told and thus the first chapter of the Belmont's tale is nothing but a prelude that sets up the tale... keeping what needs to be kept... and telling what needs to be told.

Not perfect, but a rough story idea and already much better than the one put forth. Bleh. I was excited about this one, too. I was a bit worried about 11th Century, but I assumed a prequel that dealt more with origins of things already present by the time of Sonya: Vampire Killer and the such. Unfortunately not, it would seem. I'm ashamed of you, Konami. After such a wonderful game as Aria of Sorrow which brought some of the closest souls in the history of the Belmont's fight against Dracula - Grant, Sypha, Alucard and even Dracula's lost love - can you produce such a substandard plot such as this? Even in the most bare elements, I am saddened.

*sighs* I'm done. I'm sorry for taking so long to write this. It's been at least a half-hour and likely a good deal more. Enjoy the episode. Try to enjoy your day. May my sadness and anger be undue... but I fear it is not. Until tomorrow, try to be well. Until then, bai!

05.14.03 (May 14th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. *yawns* Sleepie times are almost now. But look at what I found in AoS! O_O Waxy mentioned them in channel that he had seen them... but I recolored them. Some might be Julius or Graham, not Soma, but their appearance in this color scheme make them hard to tell. They're really cute, regardless of if they're the right color scheme or not, don't you think? ^^ Wuv the Chibi Soma. O_O YES! O_O Bleghers I'm tired. At any rate, I wish you well. Until tomorrow and another episode, be well! Bai!

05.13.03 (May 13th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. *yawns* 4:03 PM. I just woke up about 25 minutes ago after about eleven hours of sleep after being up for about six. I'm really sorry. I think that I did an ultra-sleep because of possible illness as my little brother, as it turns out, is getting ill. Bleh for him. Bleh for me. I'm sorry about the lateness. I really am. And, although I know most of you won't care for it one way or another, here's something that I did yesterday as a bit of an apology. Be well, everyone. Sleep well. Enjoy your day. Until tomorrow (and MUCH earlier so), bai!

05.12.03 (May 12th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. This episode is so much later than I had intended. I had intended it to be done around 2:00 AM. However, working on this version of the Lab (Yes, that's where this is) coupled with this led to my being this five and a half hours late. The map I did took about two hours and is three completely seperate layers on the PSD I have of it on my computer (water, the pirate ship, and the land/background). At any rate, I ended up spending about two to three hours on all of the Lab... and then about forty-five minutes or so on the episode... and then the blurb. All in all, a bit slow, but very good in appearance. So, that being done, I am going to go off to sleep quite soon. Enjoy the episode. Enjoy your day. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

05.11.03 (May 11th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Grehl. >.< Evilness parts of the past few hours and work on this episode was. At any rate, I'll do a quick breakdown so I can finish up a few more things before I sleep, which is something I greatly need right now. For N-Fans, we have Episode 644, entitled "Watanga's Plan". For the mangas, we have page 126 for Captain N and 69 and 70 for Fantella. There's also something else I was hoping to have done for today, but just don't have time to finish yet. I'll bring it to you in a day or two. Be well, everyone. Sleep well. Be well. Wish your mother's well. Until tomorrow, bai!

05.10.03 (May 10th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. *yawns big* I had a bit of a mega-sleep. I went to sleep around midnight, intending to get up around 6:00 AM. I was, however, exhausted at midnight, even more exhausted at 6:00 AM (The thought I had as I later began to wake up was "I'm so tired I was barely able to open my eyes before I fell back asleep".), and then finally began to wake a bit past noon, finally gaining consciousness around 1:20 PM. It was good when it happened, but I apologize for being so late. I had such odd dreams, too. Dreams about things like 20 ounce Diet Coke bottles going down conveyors and really nice marker pens. I wish I could exactly remember and then draw the design that was used for them. It was so simple... but so elegant and efficient. It would be a good change and likely market well. Beyond that, varied dreams escaping me. It was a night of dreams... almost all the night. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, bai!

05.09.03 (May 9th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. The final day of classes. A test today... C++. It should not be a terribly hard test but we shall see. Input/output of files, recursion, etc. *yawns and stretches* Mostly I just want a Diet Coke right now. I didn't have any yesterday and could really use it. @.@ At any rate, enjoy the episode. Enjoy your day. Be well, everyone, and until tomorrow, bai!

05.08.03 (May 8th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. When I woke up this morning something very sad happened. I accidentally knocked into a stool on which I had one of my favorite bowls on while I was trying to get to a light... and it fell off and broke. :/ This is really unfortunate as I really enjoyed that bowl... *sighs* But such things happen. Perhaps I can get my mom to use it as a pot to put a small plant in if I glue it back together. In another thing, today is my last day of Java. Sadness there, too... :/ I enjoy these classes I am in. I don't wish them to yet end. But such things happen. Be well, everyone. Enjoy the episode. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until then, bai!

05.07.03 (May 7th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Quite tired. z.z I'm just finishing this up before I sleep. I don't really have anything to blurb about because of how I'm tired, but I wish you all well. Be well and, until tomorrow, bai!

05.06.03 (May 6th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. And my program advances even more. Nearly completely reorganized the layout for the database editor this morning... and (excepting a few other minor changes that I need to make), now I only need to get back to work on the databasing portion of the program... and then time to release. @.@ Oh, I'm looking forward to the end of this... until the real work begins... and the changes... the upgrades... bugfixes... all that sort of fun stuff. Bleh. Two things down, ten thousand to go. *laughs* At any rate, enjoy the episode. I'll try to get more done with this program... tell more when I get there. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

05.05.03 (May 5th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well, after some changes to the database format and the implementation of the MD5 algorithm instead of CRC32 like before, I'm nearly to the point I was two days ago in my program for myself and densha, but this time with functionality for everyone. This is quite good. *yawns big* But now I need to really wake as I have class in about two hours. I had a wonderful nap earlier... was really good for me. ^^ Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

05.04.03 (May 4th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. And thus the Sunday Special was prepared. For this, the 81st Sunday Special, we've got three pages of manga: pages 124 and 125 of Captain N: Tales of Videoland, and page 68 of Fantella: Zombie Fighter. In addition, we've got Episode 637 of N-Fans, entitled "Pchan Listens In". And, as for an update to my program project, I'm having to do some serious revisions because of a problem in one of the modules that was causing it to not work at all for some people that have been testing it for me. Fortunately, I've been able to find some help on this specific problem and actually have been able to make the program more efficient in solving (hopefully) the error. Once I'm able to get it to one of two people, I'll know if my problem is solved. Yay. ^^ Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Until tomorrow, be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

05.03.03 (May 3rd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Late today with good reason. Last night I went to the National Symphony Orchestra (Yay!) and came home very tired - enough so that I wasn't awake enough to do the episode. So, I went to sleep, setting my alarm for 4:00 AM. Nah-uh. didn't work out. So, with it now being 10:19 AM, I write this blurb and prepare to finish the update. At any rate, the NSO was pretty good. The first symphony that they played was a more modern one and really didn't have the strength and feeling behind it that Bach or Mozart or Beethoven had in their works. However, the second symphony they played, one by Tchaikovsky, was much more enjoyable and redeemed them from an previously bland selection. Then there was some Sousa at the end that was fun, too. Overall a good performance, but the first half was rather modernly weak in emotion compared to the second. Oh side-note, I had interesting dreams about a comic shop. I was so sad when I awoke as I had just bought a small selection of comics which included some nice SMB3, GameBoy, and various other, new, bleh-comics. Almost all video game related. Awesome dream. At any rate, be well. Enjoy the episode. Until tomorrow, bai!

05.02.03 (May 2nd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. GAH! O_O I ultraslept and now need to go to class *now*! Be well, everyone! Until tomorrow, I wish you well! Be well! Until tomorrow, bai!

05.01.03 (May 1st, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Meet the alternate Doctor Arcade and Roll. *yawns and stretches* Lots of little things in this episode. Most of you probably won't catch them because they're more of an after-the-fact sort of notice thing. Few episodes down the line I think you'll know what I mean, but for now just ignore the ramblings of my words and enjoy how the story plays out. I wish you all well. My VB last night went excellently and all that such stuff. Now... time to start getting there with my main programming project a bit more... just a few things left to do... *yawns again* Be well, everyone! Until tomorrow and the next episode, bai!

04.30.03 (April 30th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Today is a day of Visual Basic and finishing up assignments for tonight. Therefore, I shan't put much here. I have C++ in about ninety minutes... walking there today but that's not a bad thing. *yawns and stretches* Be well, everyone. Enjoy the episode. I'll see you all again tomorrow. Until then, bai!

04.29.03 (April 29th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well, my dreams were certainly interesting. I had a period of minor dreams before I really woke (as I kept resetting my alarm by five to fifteen minute intervals after it went off), but I also had an interesting larger dream. In it I was in my C++ class... with a slightly different arrangement in the room (three computers to the left of me were removed and placed into a small shelf that doesn't normally exist in the wall) when the teacher (who was replaced with a male a bit like one my Global Studies teacher in middle school, Mr. Paulson), said that there would be a quiz. That's no problem. C++ is fairly easy and fun. Okay... here's where the not fun begins. He speaks an odd tounge. I catch bits and pieces of it, but on the whole I cannot understand his questions because they are not words of English or any language. On the third question, I make comment: "I'm sorry, sir, but I can't understand a word you're saying." Two people by me (Erin Greene and Heather Wilson (both of whom I have known since elementary school but often been in classes with up to high school) voiced their agreement, unable also to discern what he had said at all. At this point the teacher makes some comment about how "if maybe I'd do some work [in this class]", I'd do better. Nonsense, and after a slight bit more of this I get angry. "I do more work with this than you know. Not all of it is C++, yes, a lot of it is Visual Basic, but I do more work than you know. I spend my hours, my time, doing things to teach myself more than this class ever has." At this point I've stood up and, gritting my teeth as I speak the words I just have, I have backed him up to a wall. At this point I stare into his eyes with the undue anger he has infused into me from his actions for a few seconds and then turn away and retrieve my backpack and procede to leave the class. As I leave the class, I realize that I have left my pen drive in there and return to go get it, seeing the teacher pass by me to go to an administrative office or some such as I do a curve. I go and get my pen drive from the computer, go back out the door as I see the teacher enter the administrative office, and the dream ends. Quite an interesting dream for me. Oh, as for my programming project, it is nearly completion. It is functional, but additional features need to be added in order to make it ready for releasing. *laughs* The next few days' work for it... then it'll be somewhere. Be well, everyone. Enjoy your day. Enjoy your life. Until tomorrow, bai!

Pchan KOKO! Hi everyone! This is Pchan! I was a little freaked out this morning because I was playing my game and suddenly EVERYTHING GOT SHAKY! It was an earthquake, the first I'd ever been through...I didn't even know there WERE earthquakes here!...but it was pretty sizable according to Lord Watanga, who said it was a 4.5 originating some miles from here. Very exciting morning!!! I hope you guys are enjoying the storyline and the manga. Also I had a dream where I was one of the all-male Charlie's Angels. WUV WUV!

04.28.03 (April 28th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I think my mom had a wonderful birthday. She opened her presents (a puzzle, an odd little 7-function compass watch thingie, a porcupine plushie-puppet (who is now named Sandy), an wireless optical mouse (my gift as she has a mouse that felt like it was "on a leash"), and a Cyndi Lauper DVD) and later in the day went out to her land. It was good for her and she returns later tonight. ^^ The Cyndi Lauper DVD, I must say, was the best gift. My dad actually found that for her. It's a collection of her music videos, along with commentary. Absolutely WONDERFUL. If you haven't seen the music video for "Hey Now! (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun)" (no, not "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", this is a collaborative combo one), then you MUST get this DVD or that video. It was something I think that my mom and I both needed. At any rate, be well, everyone, and enjoy the comic. Until tomorrow, I wish you to be well. Until then, bai!

04.27.03 (April 27th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. And happy birthday to my mother! Although she doesn't read N-Fans, I wish her that here. Well, we've got a Sunday Special, so I'll get down to that. For this, the eightieth Sunday Special, we've got just one page of Captain N: Tales of Videoland, number 123. For Fantella, we've got two, with pages 66 and 67. There's a small bit of profanity on the second page, but I've left that uncensored as I trust the judgement of you, the reader, to know if you're old enough to not be badly influenced by a small bit of profanity. I assume that you probably are. Finally, for this, Episode 630 of N-Fans, look closely. It's titled "Waking Again," just so you know. At any rate, my program is nearly done... so I'll probably tell you guys a bit about it tomorrow... or else wait until I complete the website for it in about a week. Enjoy the episode. Enjoy your day. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

04.26.03 (April 26th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well, tomorrow's my mom's birthday. We went out to eat last night at a truck stop since - she is always wonderfully odd - wanted to have her early birthday dinner (since she's going to be going out of town later on her birthday so she can go to Section 31, her 320 acres of wonderful badlands and prarie, on her birthday.) It was good and fun. Beyond that, I'm probably going to do a fairly large (and needed) update to The Shyguy Kingdom today with some contributed sprites as well as work some more on my continued programming project. At any rate, I hope that you enjoy the episode and are well. Until tomorrow, be well. Bai!

04.25.03 (April 25th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. And now we see where Pchan, Moocow, and myself (or at least myself) have arrived. Pchan has been the source for the oncoming arc of the now beginning Mission IV, so much of the comments or questions you may have will be responded to by him. Although I am still doing the comics and will be putting my own input to them, I want to credit him with this now. In other news, my mom's trapped out in Dickinson. The car she drove out there had its transmission go out... so she's out there for today. Poop, but it happens. At any rate, if you have it, I might suggest watching the episode of Captain N "In Search of the King". Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

04.24.03 (April 24th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I'm a bit at a loss on what to blurb about today. I guess I'll talk more about that project I've been working on. Last night the final real bottleneck was eliminated. So, instead of doing around 0.25 MB/second on any file, it's doing around 35 to 50 MB/second. Don't you just hate bottlenecks? ^^ So, yeah... that's really good... now I can finally begin on the second part of this program. Excitement, indeed. ^^ So... r14 of this program gets compiled today. Hopefully I'll have the first functionally finished version by the end of this weekend. I hope so. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, another episode, and another blurb, be well.

04.23.03 (April 23rd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Okay... that was intensely scary. Just as I was working on the Pchan Thingie featuring Watanga and pondering this blurb... BOOM. Something goes BAD. I turn off the computer. I reboot. Oh... crap. My 60 GB hard drive has disappeared. Okay... I'm starting to get scared. I quickly turn the computer off and begin unplugging cords. I feel the computer. It's hot to the touch. Oh, crap... the new stuff I've put in finally put it beyond the ability to work properly without having another fan.

Okay, so down the computer goes to the floor and off come the side panels. Emergency surgery time. Out comes the secondary floppy. Out comes the secondary CD-ROM. Okay... idea... if I leave the bottom half of my computer empty except for the motherboard, primary floppy, and PCI/AGP cards... the major heat sources from there will be eliminated. Okay... move the CD-RW one drive bay up... let's get those 3.5" hard drives in those 5.25" holders... mount them in a bay... nice spacing between them... right in the direct airflow from the power supply... Okay... let's hope.

Cords back in... boot up... everything shows up. *relaxation* May have had to lose my secondary CD-ROM and secondary floppy (at least until I can get a few more screws so I can fit them again), but things seem to be running a lot cooler. Okay, onto the intended blurb...

Yesterday before school an odd event occurred. I felt something in my hair, put my hand back there and plucked the feeling out, and dropped it in front of me on the floor. The feeling was a spider. o_o Just an odd little event. Okay, that's all I wanted to say. Enjoy the episode, brought from the scripts of Lalala, and be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

04.22.03 (April 22nd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I don't really have anything to blurb about today. Have Java and a dentist appointment... that's about it. The capturing and rendering of SMB3/Captain N goes onward... I'll probably do a few more before I nap and/or class. Until tomorrow, be well.

04.21.03 (April 21st, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Yes! It is up. @.@ And so still am I, with a low bloodsugar, no less. I need food, but I want to get this up first, so another sixty seconds or so won't be of major consequence. At any rate, I'm off of class today for some North Dakota Christian reason. @.@ Yay? Whatever. It works. Tomorrow, dentist and Java. So, with that in mind... Carroll is something Pchan does not like because, even though he loves/loved his writing, after reading and doing a major report on the man, he can no longer stand him. Yes, this is the truth. o_o I procrastinate upon eating but end this now. Enjoy the episode. Be well. Tomorrow, logically, brings us further and towards the mansion. Be well. Until then, bai!

04.20.03 (April 20th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. *yawns* I'm tired. Needing sleep... but this comes first as I said I would. I'm still not very early. I spent nearly an hour trying to figure out a way to get a program to work... no luck. z.z Hey, today's Easter. Wow. Hurray for Christianizations of pagan holidays. Less cute. Less meaningful. But I digress. Soshika didn't give me any more of the thingies, and I know she's working on them, so I assume next week or some such will be when I put them up. If I'm wrong, I'll put them up around 6:00 PM (after wakings because of my currently odd schedule), so check back then if you'd like to see what I'm currently blabbering on about instead of talking about what the Sunday Special consists of today. Okay... Sunday Special #79... we have Fantella's 64th and 65th pages... Captain N: Tales of Videoland is pages 121 and 122. We also have N-Fans: The Series, Episode 623, which is entitled "Inside A Dying Universe." Finally, we have Rip In Spacetime, a background by myself. Enjoy them all. Be well. Until tomorrow (or tonight), bai!

04.19.03 (April 19th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. A properly done, before-sleep update. I'm sorry for all my late post-sleep updates lately. You deserve better than that and I'll do my best to do more pre-sleep updates in the days and weeks to come. In other, non-site news, I got my new glasses yesterday. I can see again. ^^ It's a nice change. I don't really notice it when I'm typing here at the computer, but I really do notice it so incredibly when I look at something further away. I can finally read the things across the room again. @.@ My previous lenses lasted me almost three years, though, so not a big deal. Definitely not for only $85.00 for this new set. Of other interest, Soshika of #Captain_N has been working on some quite amusing "Behind The Music"-styled parody sketches for Captain N. If she's ready, I'll probably put some on tomorrow with the Sunday Special. Also, with the new 80 GB hard drive (appropriately titled Magrathea, considering parts of what it will be used for), I plan to be doing some really spiffy pure AVI captures of my Captain N, Mario, and other tapes. I do need to learn to how to properly encode to DivX after I do the clean-up on the pure AVI, though, so that I can keep them in a high quality but reasonable size. WaxPoetic, also of #CN, sent me a perfect example of the DivX quality/size combination that I hope to be able to encode to. If I am able to... it'll be good. At any rate, enjoy the episode... Pchan and I talked a good deal tonight on what may happen... and be well. Until tomorrow and the Sunday Special, bai!

04.18.03 (April 18th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Yesterday was wonderful. I got some great computer stuff from my family (three port PCI firewire card, PCI card for extra IDE devices, and an 80 GB hard drive) as well as the normal supply of clothes. Also, I recieved a garbage tin with four two-liters of Diet Coke from my little brother. Absolutely WONDERFUL for a gift. Finally, there is the present that my mom picked out for me. It was so sweet and so thoughtful of her. A moobear. Yes, a moobear. He is a teddy bear. He is very somber and proper looking. And he wears a cow-suit with a very long tail. And then there's his bonnet. He has a bonnet with horns and moocow ears that is absolutely precious... and you can take it off to show his little teddy ears and head. I absolutely adore him. At any rate, as those of you that checked the website earlier can tell, I slept quitew a long time, over twelve hours, when I was supposed to awake at 6:30 AM. @.@ Not a good thing. But here is the episode. Enjoy it. I wish you all well. Be well, my readers, my friends. Until tomorrow, bai!

04.17.03 (April 17th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. And yes, it is my birthday. *yawns and stretches* Although one for which I am tired and have a Java test in around 40 minutes. But that's fine and fun. ^^ I don't think I'm going to blurb long today... just say that this forthcoming Sunday Special should be quite fun because of some things I have for it... and hopefully you'll enjoy the episodes until then as well. Alternate dimensions and the physics between them... these episodes are starting to confuse my mind in how they work. @.@ Fortunately, I think I'm getting things right. Hopefully. @.@ Be well. Enjoy the episode. Until tomorrow, bai!

04.16.03 (April 16th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Just a quick little animated episode, hopefully the last one until this Sunday. It's not perfect... but I think that it turned out fairly well. I hope that you feel the same. I need to study for a C++ test in about fifty minutes, so be well. Until next update, bai!

04.15.03 (April 15th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Been doing more beta-testing for mIRCStats as I work on my own programs. Today is Java... I can't recall the program I'm doing for there... but it's some sort of twenty-minute sentence modifier program. Not quite reversal of the sentence... but a modification somewhat similar. *shrugs* As far as everything else for today... not anything specific. Should probably pick up my new glasses, but since my mom's going to be travelling today because of a meeting regarding coal-bed methane or another environment-related issue, I won't be able to pay the whole big $85.00 for the new lenses. *laughs* Three years, $85.00. Pretty wonderfully inexpensive for the ability to see well. So, with that said, I hope you don't mind today's somewhat introspective/philosophical/physical/whatever (you'll either get that second-to-last one or not) episode. So, with that said, be well. Enjoy your day. See you tomorrow and, until then, bai!

04.14.03 (April 14th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Yesterday was awesome. Tony, a friend of kiki's, ended up being the tech guy that has to reset all the school-granted computers. When he got to kiki's, he found a note kiki had left about #Captain_N and came to visit before redoing the computer. At any rate, he said that he would reinstall mIRC and leave the note after he had reset the computer to its original state. That's very awesome, methinks. At any rate, I'm VERY tired because I need to sleep and have need to get up for class in about three hours. *yawns* So, with that said, I wish you all well. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

04.13.03 (April 13th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, everyone. Here's the episode. ^^ I'm sorry for being so late with it but, as I said earlier, it would be explained here. Okay, yesterday I was working hard on a program. Despite having slept only less than four hours, I stayed up for around 18 hours. Because of this, I was very tired. The program I was working on is nearly done, though, so that is good. I'll tell you about it more when I finally finish it. At any rate, I did have dreams, but my extreme tiredness was the reason for once. That's over, though, and the episode is here along with a larger version of Zelda Nouveau and another Zelda-related piece as well. As for the info of what has been added, here's the list. For N-Fans, we have Episode 616, entitled "The Duel's Countdown." For Captain N: Tales of Videoland's long-awaited return, we have pages 119 and 120, starting the fourth arc right where the third left off. Pchan insists "Part two of third. Technically it is the fourth segment, but still the third story." So whichever way you want to view it. ;P Also, we have page 63 of Fantella: Zombie Fighter and the various artworks by Pchan, which he will now describe.

Pchan speaks! Hi everyone! Here are two Zelda extras this week! The first is a little cartoon that I did, that's just a sort of inspired-by-Super-Smash-Bros-Melee funny which is self-explanatory, and the second is a portrait of Zelda done in a style reminiscent of art nouveau master Alphonse Mucha. Mucha is one of my favorite artists, and I thought Zelda would be ideal for the style. I may do another or more of the Hyrule cast... let me know how you like it!

Kiki is a very special friend who came to us by chance one day when he clicked on an icon on the computer he got with his dorm. Unfortunately recently when he graduated, he had to move out of that dorm, and so he hopes to return online soon. But in that time that he was in the Captain N channel, he made a huge difference in all our lives.

A good friend...a very good friend...he is missed. We hope he'll return very soon, because every time he was there he brought joy and happiness. Kiki, you should always believe in yourself, because we all believe in you too. Thank you for being our friend.

Cait and Yoshi're all very special to us, and you're all important to us, since you all came and affected our lives for the better. :)

04.12.03 (April 12th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Hmm... no odd dreams about fourth spatial dimensions last night. In fact, I only but napped, and then got up and started working on a program for something I'm working on. Unfortunately, I'm stuck on an odd little thing. Basically, when I input the file, I have to input it as a string. Unfortunately, it's really a data file for a game and thus uses characters that make it a bit odd so when I search for a string in it... I can't find that string. What I'd like to do is input it as basically an array of bytes, but for some of the files, that would be well over 2,000,000 bytes, which is more than an array can hold. Also, it would take some rather large changes to the code. So, at any rate, I need to find a data type that works better with what I need it to do. It's nearly there... and then the databasing can begin... but bleh. @.@ I wish I could just do the whole file, but that would be incorrect. We'll see what happens. At any rate, I hope you like how the series is going. I hope that you enjoy your day, and I wish you well. Be well, everyone. I'm going to nap soon... especially if I can figure out this program...

04.11.03 (April 11th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I had an odd dream last night. It was about the implied results of a fourth spatial dimension. Damn Cube 2: Hypercube for bringing it into my mind... along with a discussion about the impact of a comicbook series on the rest of the DC universe (bleh... and I don't even read comicbooks anymore. @.@). At any rate, this dream had me talking to my little brother for a bit of time about the matter, with him then suddenly disappearing in switch with Robin, a character who, lik emyself, had been discussing this matter. However, her universe, as through this fourth spatial dimension, was our world through quite a different path. While the details of this different path are already lost to me, some quirky pronunciations or methods of speech were quite apparent to her. At the end of the dream (when my computer's alarm went off to tell me to get up) she was talking about about "and you would be just as odd in mine! Let's see your shovel and [some odd two words similar to phygrian net]." Just an odd and wonderful dream. With that said, I wish you well. My dreams to you. Be well.

04.10.03 (April 10th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I'm having to walk up to class soon, so not sure how much I'll say here. Had some great dreams over my sleep, although they have all now passed from memory. VB last night was good, and today with Java should be good as well. It's getting warm here so very soon I won't want to wear a jacket, most likely, although it could always dip down to lower temps again soon. *shrugs* At any rate, I hope you like how the episodes are going - today's took an odd turn when I wrote it out and I'm curious as to how that will go - and I hope that your day is a good one. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

04.09.03 (April 9th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Short blurb today. Umm... getting new glasses in about a week... my bloodsugar's down... *laughs* Bleh... one of those days that I'm not really sure what to say. I just hope that you enjoy the episode and the rest of your day. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

04.08.03 (April 8th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Back to a semi-nocturnal schedule. Yay. Went to a doc appointment yesterday... my A1C (test that determines average bloodsugar over the past three months) is down, so this is good. Today I have an appointment with optician. Check up stuff there as well. Dentist in... two weeks. Couldn't quite get a triple whammie. :P At any rate, another new episode as always. I'm a bit late today (I had another little nap earlier because I just felt *bleh*,) but all is well. Enjoy the episode. Enjoy your day. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, I wish you the best of days.

04.07.03 (April 7th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, those of you that switched over to the new server yesterday PROBABLY noticed that the server seemed to be down. It wasn't. But a little problem happened... you see... the DNS record for this domain wasn't added... and so it couldn't be accessed, period. As soon as this was corrected, it was up and running. Bleh. :P At any rate, as promised, an episode of Team Yellow. May you enjoy it and may I not take nearly so long before I do another. I'm sure it won't. Be well, everyone. My hopes and dreams for your betterment. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

04.06.03 (April 6th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I mis-set one of my timed alarms and ended up sleeping around four hours later than I meant to. Fortunately, this episode came together quite quickly. For this, the seventy-seventh Sunday Special (I can find five sevens in there... can you?) we have the conclusion to the first adventure of Zesty with page sixteen as well as a bit of history and education with Fantella: Zombie Fighter's pages 61 and 62. For N-Fans, of course, we have Episode 609, which is entitled "A Failed Attack" and that actually completes today's lineup. Be well, everyone. Enjoy the episodes. Tomorrow, for a bit of a change of pace (as well as to hopefully quell Lalala, who is angry with me for neglecting it for so long,) we shall have an episode of Team Yellow. I hope that you all shall enjoy it. ^^ By the by... this is still the new server. Be well, everyone! Until tomorrow, bai!

04.05.03 (April 5th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, I've been running without time to blurb... so today I shall about some of the past few days' events. Well, let's start with Tuesday. Tuesday was interesting. First, there was my little brother's concert. Fifth grade, he's just started playing the drums this year. Considering that, he's pretty good. I think that, unless he ends up getting the teacher that I had for sixth grade and onward or someone equally horrible, that he shall truly enjoy and continue playing the drums for as many years as he can. At any rate, after the concert we went out to Perkins... where the most odd thing had occured: the Perkin sign, around thirty feet tall, had fallen over about an hour before we had reached there. For no apparent reason this happened. It was not hit by a car, it was not very windy, etc. It just fell over. Boom. Smashed the sign part of it entirely, obviously, but the metal frame actually collapsed in part way as well. It was so very odd to see the aftermath and I can only wish that I could had seen the actual event. Okay, Wednesday... Wednesday was fairly uneventful. My normal classes for that day and Junkyard Wars. Nothing major Wednesday. However, Thursday was quite different. It wasn't really sleeting, but it was moreso a light rain that froze on impact or slightly thereafter. At any rate, walking home was not fun. I ended up having to walk in the grass during almost the entire voyage that I walked home... at one point nearly going out into the street before I Was able to gain traction on a part of the street that I had to cross, a full ninety degrees off of my intended direction. As I passed the tennis courts, however, my mom honked from the little drop-off inside the tennis courts. My thoughts immediately previous to her honk: "Ahh... sidewalk that's not icey... the hard part of my walk is over." But her lateness was not her fault, I'm afraid. She had left to pick me up as my class was ending... and actually fell as she was going to the van. :/ One side of her face is still not perfectly well again, although nearly so... and her shoulders still hurt a bit from holding her body back from harder impact. At any rate, she was given many soft hugs for that... I remember pains like that in the past. :/ For Friday's events, however, we have a slightly odd one that some of you might find amusing: the light above this computer flickered on and off quickly a dozen or so times when I turned it on... and then died. I've replaced it with the only light bulb that I could find: a yellow non-bug-attracting light. So everything has a slightly yellowish tone to it with the light on. Amusing. Fun. Yay. ^^ And then today I woke up very late after many, many dreams. Dreams of Battlestar Gallactica. Dreams of Tremors. Dreams of radio-controlled car racing. Dreams of dreaming. *laughs* And so I ended up sleeping for a long time, around twelve hours. I hope that you understand and I wish you all well. Oh, one final thing. The server change HAS occurred. This is the new server that you are on. I hope that we're all on the new one by tomorrow or Monday. At any rate, enjoy the episode. Enjoy your day. Be well, everyone.

04.04.03 (April 4th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. JD didn't give me the new IP until late last night when I was tired, so I ended up not updating then. At any rate, the new IP is and the old IP is If you see this message, you're on the new server. Hopefully you'll all be on the new server very soon. Be well, everyone. Bai!

Sorry for the mistake earlier... but apparently we haven't switched servers... yet. Also, didn't upload the images correctly and couldn't correct it for about two hours because of being in class. Doubly sorry for that. -_- At any rate, fixed now. Be well again. Bai!

04.03.03 (April 3rd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I had odd dreams which kept me asleep. Most of them about being ill, actually. Nothing truly horrible... just an odd dream. As such (and regular lately) I'm late again for updating. *yawns* Be well, everyone. I need to bathe to get some allergens out of my hair. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

04.02.03 (April 2nd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Running late and needing to get ready to go, but here's today's episode for you to hopefully enjoy. I'm actually lacking ideas of what to blurb about... so I think that I shan't do any more today. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Be well. Until then, bai!

04.01.03 (April 1st, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. No jokes or pranks or such for today. Not big on such things. Instead, I've added a quite decent update to Captain N sector with eighteen spiffy pieces of fanart, including a total of sixteen by Gauntlet with his depictions of the various robot masters as well as Dr. Wily, Dr. Light, Mega Man, Mega Girl, Rush, and Gamma. Also a nice little duo of pics by Saito and Reality have also been added... so all good there. Also did an update to NES sector with some mildly revised reviews and one additional one to Life Force by Magus. Enjoy them all and be well. Until tomorrow, I hope that you enjoy the episode. Be well. Bai!

03.31.03 (March 31th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Gotta be quick here. Need to bathe quickly before class. At any rate, this is one of the disruptions of normal spacetime that can occur as a result of an interaction like the warp zones yesterday on what you might have previously gathered to be multi-layered space. I hope that you enjoy what has been coming and what will be arriving in days yet to come. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

03.30.03 (March 30th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, first off, a quick listing of all the additions. First of all, we have a little omake by Pchan of Princess Lana from the Captain N manga in a Björk inspired outfit. After that, we have Fantella: Zombie Fighter with pages 59 and 60. Also we have pages 14 and 15 of Magic Princess Zesty. ^^ I hope that you enjoy these additions. However, I do feel that I should give some information regarding today's episode of N-Fans: The Series. Therefore, as is also the title of this episode, I have written a small essay/explanation on this matter. Enjoy the lesson. Be well. ^^

A Small Lesson In Transdimensional Interactions Between Two Transwarp Interdimensional Bodies
When two transwarp interdimensional bodies (i.e. warp zones, warps) interact with eachother (i.e. collide) in normal space (i.e. the Mansion's lab), a catastrophic event begins that, after the collision, cannot be stopped. This event is caused by the not the collision between the transwarp interdimensional bodies, but rather their exit from eachother.

To put this to example, let us use the event of a red-tinted warp and a blue-tinted warp colliding. When the red and blue warps collide with eachother, they disappear in a bright light caused by the beginning of the event. While this bright light is emitted along with some radiation, the amount of radiation is negligible to those not directly to the side of the collision in a two-dimensional slice and, to those in the field of more intense radiation, only limited effects are endured.

However, the catastrophic event occurs, as previously stated, when the warps exit. When the entering side of the red-tinted warp leaves the exiting side of the blue-tinted and the entering side blue-tinted warp leaves the exiting side of the red-tinted warp, the distance between the four points temporarily becomes zero. This zero-distance occurance (for normal space) causes a disruption inside of the transdimensional space between the exiting and entering warp zones, causing their immediate collapse.

The result on the two exits varies slightly depending on the exact nature of the space within which the collapse occurs. In single-layer normal space, the result is usually a disruption of normal spacetime and/or the elimination of matter from normal space into interdimensional space. In multi-layered space, a disruption between the boundaries of the different existances in the same spacetime is generally the result, although both spacetime disruptions and matter modifications have been known to occur. The exact reasons for the differences in reaction are currently unknown due to the varied nature of interdimensional space and the large number of variables that could, even if seemingly minor, have great effect on the resulting action.

Oddly, beyond the radiation, there is no notable effect on the location of the collision.

To sum up, the point of interaction is left mostly unaffected while the exiting points for the interaction are affected in various ways, ranging from spacetime disruption or weakened dimensional borders to utter annihilation from normal spacetime.

03.29.03 (March 29th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I'm late, I know. I was sleeping. The most wonderful dreams... they just kept coming. One dream I had two sleeps ago I didn't mention. It involved making a cake with strawberry and blueberry chocolate and frosting... Just a little thing but so wonderful. Such wonderful dreams. At any rate, I've had a wonderful past 24 hours. My little brother was introduced to the movie Labyrinth, which he liked but fell asleep at the end of because he's getting sick again. Also, mIRCStats v1.20 beta is being beta-tested. I'm one of the lucky beta testers, so I've been working with that a lot. And with a little Björk to listen to... perfect. Enjoy the episode... tomorrow more understanding. Be well, everyone.

03.28.03 (March 28th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Added a piece of lineart from Chris Thomson, AKA WaxPoetic. Check it out here.

03.28.03 (March 28th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Congratulations, everybody, we've made it. Six-hundred days and six-hundred episodes. There were many ways that this episode could have gone and there are even many ways that this episode, along with the last, could be interpreted as what is to come. Yesterday during my walk home many thoughts and notes can through my head. After they happen, perhaps I'll show all of you the piece of duct tape (blue, of course) that I scrawled some rough conversational notes on. I just hope that I don't have to use the schedule that I had the duct tape on (in order that it would not be destroyed in my back pack) any time soon. So, that's that. Enjoy the episode. Since today is Friday, I'll see if I can get some other little things up and done and noted here if I have time. Be well, everyone. Thank you ever so much. Until tomorrow, be well.

03.27.03 (March 27th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Congratulations to former Governor of North Dakota Ed Schafer and his other High Flyers, Bob Odegaard and Rolf Sletten. Last night (well, for broadcast) they defeated the Big Shots, a bunch of people that build things and deal with engineering on a daily basis. This is an ex-governor, a former lawyer, and an airplane mechanic. The suits won. Wow. Yeah, I'm happy. Something to actually be proud of relating to this state. Be well, everyone. Until next update (and even then waiting patiently until next episode of JYW with the High Flyers), bai!

03.26.03 (March 26th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. C++ in 75, VB in about nine hours. I've been having trouble again this morning with cable. It would appear that there is some sort of interruption in service in the mornings. If it continues again tomorrow, I'll be contacting the cable company about it. This interruption so far is intolerable. A continued daily interruption is totally intolerable. Utterly. :P At any rate, I hope that you enjoy how N-Fans is going. I need to finish getting ready for class now, so I bid you farewell for today. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, goodbye.

03.25.03 (March 25th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I don't believe that I mentioned it, but I shall now. The cable modem works. The previous problem was due to the auto-config feature (Which is undocumented! >o<) only liking to work with Windows XP. However, I'm still having a bit of trouble. This morning I went from good connection to very laggy... then disconnected completely. While the modem and router reconnected with eachother several times, they didn't work as soon as I attempted to communicate through them to reconnect to IRC or such. So I'm on 56K again right now. Fast enough to function, but annoyed at this situation. If any of you have any ideas, please e-mail me. There is nothing on the cable modem that can be configured. Connections between the computers on the router are stable as I can still access the router's setup to check on it. This logically leaves the connection between the cable modem and the router as the faulty one. I may try switching some wires after I reset it and see if that helps... but I doubt that this has to do with wires that occassionally fritz out. Doesn't seem likely especially since the wires seemed fine when I checked them out. At any rate... like I said... e-mail me if you have any ideas. I hope that you enjoy today's episode and are well today. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

03.24.03 (March 24th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I'm having to go off to class early today, so I need to make this short. Actually, I have no idea what really to say. C++ restarts this morning. Yay. Umm... beyond that... nothing really to say. I'll be back later. Be well! Have fun! BAI!

03.23.03 (March 23rd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I had odd dreams. Dreams of forming this episode. Dreams of games. Dreams of school-related things. All sorts of dreams. I woke very tired but now, with the sleep removed, I am quite awake. This episode, to my feeling, has come out quite well and I hope that you feel similarly. For this, the Seventy-Fifth Sunday Special, we have some very nice bonuses. Of course we have Zesty, which has pages twelve and thirteen, but we also have another Pchan Omake Sketchiedoodle of Fun, the sixteenth, and a special piece by Phoenix for Ostara, which was on Friday. Finally, today's episode of N-Fans is entitled "On The Other Side." I hope that you are all well. Be well. Until tomorrow, I'm off.

03.22.03 (March 22nd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. The router is functioning, but I'm still having some problems with it. While I've been able to regain my ability to send and recieve DCC chats, my ability to send files is still extremely limited. This fault is included in uploading by FTP, and I am not sure why this is. Therefore, until I am able to solve the problems of the router, I am going back and forth between cable and 56K. Even if the download is great, a service isn't great unless everything works. Right now... it doesn't. :/ Bleh. I'll find a way. Be well, everyone. Press onward, ever onward, and get there. Until tomorrow, be well.

03.21.03 (March 21st, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, I'm having the most horrible troubles with my router. I can get the router to be happy with the computers, but I can't get it to be happy with the modem. Bleh. @.@ I'll be doing more work on it in a bit. Hopefully I can get that thing running before noon. My mom's comp is being crud... so it'd be nice. :/ At any rate, I hope that you enjoy the episode and are doing well. Be well, everyone. Thank you for your reading. Until tomorrow, bai!

03.20.03 (March 20th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Almost fifteen hours of sleep. I still feel sad. Sad for a nation whose leader decided to supercede the jurisdiction of the United Nations without reason, without authorization, without cause. He has decided to turn a nation that was at least quietly respected by most peoples into a nation that is becoming more and more feared, less and less respected, more and more hated.

And that is because of the actions of one man, a man who has decided to take one horrible event and turn it into a war cry against the entire world. One nation that has wholly left the one he represents alone for years has become a target of this one man. Instead of seeking peace, just a little more and more, just a little bit every day pushing towards peace, he has chosen to have those he commands raise arms against those who do not threaten him.

He makes a manner to tell his people their chances of being harmed today. Ironically, his scale rises when he angers other nations against something he shouldn't be doing. He alarms these people and nothing happens. He causes undue stress. He causes some people not to decide to travel. He causes damage to his nation's economy and makes people worry as he takes away freedoms in efforts to 'protect' his people from terrorists that don't exist.

Causing fear. Causing stress. Causing changes in actions due to these things. That's what terrorism truly is.

03.19.03 (March 19th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, I'm sorry for being later than the norm today. I was extremely tired during much of the morning and ended up just really needing a nap. Got up around 8:10 AM... ended up having to help a channel on Gammaforce get acquainted with how the IRC server works compared to their old one. This episode, also took longer than usual to make. All sorts of little things... plus the large amount of sprites to begin with compared to normal. At any rate, it's up now. So enjoy. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

03.18.03 (March 18th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. So, two things. First off, don't you hate it when you wake up to the power going out? That's what it was like this morning. Bleh. Fortunately, it was restored within about thirty minutes... so not a horrible two hour stay in near perfect darkness with nothing to do like it could have been. Secondly, the router arrived yesterday. I haven't installed it yet. Depending on what happens I'll either install it this morning or early afternoon or maybe this morning. I might wait until after school so my little bro can help me with it like we were going to. At any rate... that's the state of things here currently. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

03.17.03 (March 17th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. This episode came out very well, I think. Even better came out what has not come out: some notes I wrote for myself. Thanks, Darian... you found it for me and you didn't even do anything. Everyone, I wish you the greatest of days. Your reading of the tale that I continue to weave for you each day is a wonderful gift that you give to me. Thank you forever. Be well. Until tomorrow, I wish you well.

03.16.03 (March 16th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well that was enjoyable. When I began work on this episode, I managed to catch Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within on HBO. It's not a great movie... but it's not really horrible, either. It's just not what everyone expected... there's no chocobos... no moogles. Still, though, the graphical work in it is truly incredible. It does not look real, but it does not look animated - computer or otherwise - either. It looks like a universe all to itself... and that is something worthy of being respected for. At any rate, for today's Sunday Special we have Episode 588 of N-Fans: The Series, entitled "Pchan, Finished With Work" as well as page eleven of Zesty and fifty-six and fifty-seven of Fantella. Bleh. I'm still on a different keyboard that usual and don't exactly like it. I think that i might actually type faster on it... but that's not made up for by the fact that I don't have the keys that I normally have for muting, volume, etc. Bleh. Perhaps I'll keep this one plugged in the USB hub like I have it now and put the other one back in the normal PS/2 port once I mend the spacebar. That'll allow me to have the best of both worlds... although I'll have to figure out a nice little way to mount the keyboard vertically against the bookshelf... but hmm... that might be a good idea if I keep this anyway. Also, my router should be coming in tomorrow (I was really hoping they'd just deliver it today. They sometimes do that even though they normally don't do Saturday deliveries with UPS... which is something that makes curses spew forth from my mouth. Bleh. Tomorrow the wiring and install of the network commences. Rejoicement is therefore found. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

03.15.03 (March 15th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Okay... got package one of two in the mail yesterday. From, 100 feet of white Category 5e cable. Now, hopefully mid-day today, I'll be recieving the router I need so that I can hook up to my mom's cable. Yay to that. Should be fun to finally network this house a little bit. Hmm... Beyond that, don't have much to say today, although I should probably explain the Pchan Thingie. Pchan and his father, for those that know, do not get along. In the past, there have some things of very badness between them. Since Phoenix lives with his grandparents, when his father comes to visit... it's not a very happy situation. As such, he's staying with Jake, Lord Watanga, for the duration of his father's visit. He should be back home tonight... and hopefully all will be good then. Be well, everyone. Enjoy the episode. Until tomorrow and wellness, bai!

03.14.03 (March 14th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Yes, it's that day again. As those of you that have been reading the blurb since March 14th of last year may remember... March 14th is a very special day... Pi Day. 3.14. As such, we celebrate it with a circular episode. It's a bit large, but I hope that this should not be unacceptable. All in all, be well. Enjoy your day. Those of you in school, wish your math teachers happy pi day. Encourage the singing of Pi Day Songs! Eat pie with pi symbols on it! Talk in a roundabout manner! Use circular reasoning! Cheer at 1:59 PM in class really really loud! Have fun! Bai!

03.13.03 (March 13th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Hmm... tomorrow is a special day. ^^ Today, however, is a day of another test. Java today. Shouldn't be hard. C++ on Monday was 58/60... and the two that I got wrong were also on the previous test... which I got wrong. @_@ I think the way from source code to executable code is source-linker-compiler-executable... but it's source-compiler-linker-executable. Bleh. I'll get it right... eventually. At any rate, I hope you enjoy the episode. Be well. Until tomorrow, I wish you well.

03.12.03 (March 12th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Time for class here. I napped some before this and *yawns* once again I haven't completely woken. Fortunately, I'm much more awake than yesterday. I hope that you enjoy this episode and wish you well. Until tomorrow, be well. Bai!

03.11.03 (March 11th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Decaffinated Webbychan. @.@ I haven't had more than a few ounces of Diet Coke since I awoke at around 10:00 PM yesterday... so I'm very bloody tired. z.z I already had a quasi-nap from before I did this update... from which I woke considerably more tired than when I went into it. Good news: Mother got cable modem installed yesterday, so she's on that. I'm still 56K here, but should be able to leech into her access if I get a router or pay $5.95/month for a second IP and use my hub. Good things are these. At any rate, I need to get ready for class *now*. I'll be back tomorrow. Enjoy the episode. Be well. Until then, bai!

03.10.03 (March 10th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Okay. *yawns* I am tired. Should nap, but really don't have time before class. Maybe a cat nap or some such. *yawns* Okay. Enough yawning. Enjoy the episode. Be well. I hope you don't mind the short blurb. Until tomorrow, bai!

03.09.03 (March 9th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Hurray for Sunday Special #73, late from my inability to get up from what was supposed to be a one hour nap that turned into a five hour gap from which I have awoken as tired (if not more) than to which I entered. A bloody annoying event. That said, for today's Sunday Special we have Episode 581 of N-Fans: The Series, entitled simply "The Potion of Power Is Found", page 56 of Fantella, and pages nine and ten of Zesty. All good stuff. *yawns* Now... I go back to sleep. Be well. *yawns* Ni-ni.

03.08.03 (March 8th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Back to before sleep again for the update. I'm sorry for yesterday's update being so late. Yesterday was good. Cleaned up a lot of the basement. Still need to do some more work... but lots of the crud needing to be cleaned up now is cleaned up. *yawns* And a big yawn. I wish you all well, everyone. Be well. Enjoy the episode. Until tomorrow, I bid you farewell. Bai!

03.07.03 (March 7th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. N-Fans is like an onion: it has layers. On the outside, it is nothing more than a comic, something to enjoy and read. In further, there are some concepts and ideals being put forth. At the innermost center, you hopefully find some profound ideals that will affect you more than just today. Look at Pooh and you know it's true. Listen to Mr. Rogers' words and its undeniable. As we get older, these shows of our youth are less likely to be heeded to. Some of us keep watching and keep listening but many of us stop. We become, as Andros is teaching Zesty, asleep. To sleep, to sleep, perchance to dream... perhaps to dream is the thing to wish for. For the living sleep we so often find ourselves in is not something to be devoutly wished. And perhaps when you reach that center, you will find yourself crying. Perhaps when you reach that center a tear will have reached your eye. Perhaps you will remain immune and asleep... but perhaps you won't. Enjoy this comic. Be well. Even if you don't peel back a single layer, perhaps I will still have helped.

03.06.03 (March 6th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. And today... very late! Blech. -_- I just SLEPT long periods after yesterday's Visual Basic class. Also hyper-stressed after some events in #CN yesterday... but I really don't want to discuss those so I shan't. At any rate, here's the episode. I hope that you enjoy it. I'll probably be getting back to Lisa, Red, Bass, and Em on Saturday... if not then, Sunday. Be well, everyone. Enjoy the episode. Until tomorrow, bai!

03.05.03 (March 5th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Oh boy, we're back at the Mansion and there's so much to do... now I wonder what the other groups are up to. I feel busy in this episode... even perhaps stressed. So many actions. So many paths. Good feeling episode for me. ^^ And I'm back to a semi-properly timed update. It's around 3:45 AM and this is up. Hurray for me. ^^ Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to sleep. Class at 9:00 AM... need to get at least a half-sleep before then so that I can be happy. Be well, my friends, my readers. Until tomorrow, bai!

03.04.03 (March 4th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. As stated by Pchan, my sleep was poor. Very interrupted. Therefore, I'm going to try to get a nap of around 90 minutes if I can right now before my 10:30 Java class. Hopefully that will work out. *yawns* Okay, I go nappies. Enjoy the episode. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

03.03.03 (March 3rd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. 03-03-03. Three threes in a row. I can dig it. Can you? Yeah... I thought so. At any rate, I had nice, funky dreams. Most of them were a continued, broken version of what could have become today's events... although I doubt that I'll be asleep until 9:00 AM since it's well before that now. At any rate, in the dream I sleep and end up not going to class because it's a lab day. Here in reality, I'm going to go to class and get my programs done because it's a lab day and not a huge effort to put forth. So, that said, I think I'm going to try to get an ultra-quick bath early enough so that my hair isn't still wet at the end of class and yeah. Be well, everyone. Enjoy the episode. Until tomorrow, bai! (Oh, and did you even remember that it was the kitty that began this adventure into Sub-Con? Well... did you?)

03.02.03 (March 2nd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Of all the news most saddening, yesterday I heard one of the most saddening of all. On March 27th, Fred Rogers, Mr. Rogers, died of stomach cancer. During my early childhood he was a guiding star, someone on a television full even then of violence that, instead of violence, professed education as an equal. His soul was unique, a true example of the good that can be in humans. It has been said that the neighborhood will be an emptier place without him. That's not true. The whole world will be an emptier place without him, because that's what he made his neighborhood. In loving memory to you, Mr. Rogers.

03.01.03 (March 1st, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Ever watch a trilogy of new movies in your dreams? In the wrong order? While they still make sense? Yeah... and that was just the tip of the iceberg for my dreams. Wow. Needless to say, I didn't exactly have the ability to get myself up from them despite my minor wakings during it. *yawns* At any rate, I'm done now and enjoying how this worked out. Enjoy the episode. Be well. Until tomorrow and the Sunday Special, bai!

02.28.03 (Febuary 28th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Short month... o.o I'm sorry for being so late again today. I kept on having dreams and mini-naps and just couldn't get myself up until 7:00 AM. -_- But the dreams were good, although already fleeing, and all overall is happiness with it. Beyond that, I don't have much to say. Dreams of chatterbot programming still flit this way and that in my head, but those are waking dreams. I hope that you enjoy all of this. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

02.27.03 (Febuary 27th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Hmm... what to say? I'm not sure. Completely blanking. o.o *yawns* Java today. This is good... but beyond that not much. I've been creating a new SimCity 4 region... figured out how to configure the sizes of areas - really quite easy to do once you figure out which file to edit - so that's all good and fun. Beyond that... nothing else to say. Enjoy the episode. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

02.26.03 (Febuary 26th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. A little earlier today than yesterday. Good are these things. I hope to all of you that you enjoy today's episode. I've nearly finished organizing my CDs into piles... with over 100 bad CDs found. Wow. Gives good reason for me to put the bad CDs into a bad CD location first instead of angrily dropping them next to the computer. *laughs* At any rate, today is the last day for the backup of Overclocked Remix, excepting any updates made to that site. Current size of the backup totals a little over three gigabytes. That's a lot of songs. o.o But so is the backup being done. ^^ It'll be nice to have that archived once I finish it. *stretches* In other news, my mom's finally getting a cable connection... something I've been trying to convince this household to get for a long time. Now, however, I must explain to her why we need to use a hub, not a computer, for the plug-in point of the cable modem... not to mention make sure that she gets an external ethernet one. USB? Internal? Yuck yuck yuck! *laughs* With that said, I think I'll end the blurb. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

02.25.03 (Febuary 25th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. A few minutes later today... but I woke up around three hours later, too. Pchan's computer is back to functional and he vows to never buy a Hewlett Packard again. It would be much better if he vowed to never by a non-custom built desktop computer ever again. I'll ask him to do so now. He refuses, citing that he doesn't like to make promises on such matters, but doubts that he ever will again "unless the circumstances are extenuating, I probably won't buy another non-custom desktop." He gets the cheese-loaf for today. Beyond that, I don't have anything in particular to say. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

02.24.03 (Febuary 24th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. And a little earlier today, too. I've been playing SC4 still too much, but getting better with not playing excessively long times. In other news... Pchan is having troubles. His hard drive is dying... making horrible noises that have been disturbing his sleep. Hopefully he'll be getting a new hard drive soon. Side Note: Dude, don't get a Dell. Dude, don't get a HP. Dude, don't get a Compaq. Make your own computer. It's cheaper, even when making a better computer, and it's not hard at all. Plus, then you can get a case with three times the number of drive slots your computer can handle so that You have a reason to get accessories to allow you to use them and have a massive bit of... I'm rambling. Gah. I like my case. ^^ Two little metal-fronted 3.5" floppy drives from old Compaqs... about the only thing that is actually transferrable from a Compaq to another as a lot of Compaqs have annoying little plugs in their IDE cables so you can't use them on most things. -_- Bleh. Evilness. At any rate, Be well and have fun. I'll be back tomorrow. Until then. bai!

02.23.03 (Febuary 23rd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, smaller Sunday Special than I expected. We've only got Zesty's fifth and sixth pages and Episode 567 of N-Fans, entitled "Doc's Doings", but - OOH! OOH! OOH! This is SO awesome! Pchan got his ORIGAMI BOULDER today! You see, I was searching for sprite comics to host a week or so ago when I noticed on a Tripod site that someone had stolen the content of and placed it directly on their site, considering it a joke. Therefore, I reported to that this had been done. Recieved a nice little reply thanking me and offering me an haiku boulder for my reporting. I offered it to Pchan, and gave him Pchan's address. Pchan recieved it. ^^ Yes, is real. It may, in part, be silliness, but it is also real as well. ^o^ So, enjoy episode. Enjoy Zesty. Be well and have fun. Until tomorrow, bai!

02.22.03 (Febuary 22nd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Sorry for being so late. I got Sim City 4 last night and it is SO wonderful. Absolutely incredible. Complaints are that it's a bit slow... but as any Sim City player of the past knows, Sim City is known for getting slow on almost any system once it gets big. Considering how wonderful it looks... and plays... and is... slowdowns aren't bad at all. City file sizes, on the other hand... *looks to a few hours of play and a few test cities* Hmm... I think 3.5 MB cities are a BIT larger than expectable. Lots of info there, I guess. At any rate, enjoy the episode; I'll get tomorrow's up considerably earlier. Be well. Until tomorrow and the update, bai!

02.21.03 (Febuary 21st, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. A few thoughts while making this comic came. First, Pchan can be described one of two ways: psychotic... or angry. Perhaps both right now. Secondly... I think I'd not survive having one whole vegetable chucked down my throat, either, so I can't really blame Wart for being in pain. But wow... other thought just hit me. On any one day... anywhere between around four hundred and fifty and five hundred people read this comic or at least see it. They read my thoughts... they see a bit more of who I am... and they are you. I know I've gone into that before, but it just really feels good that so many people do find an interest in my ideas, my stories, the tale that is N-Fans. Thank you so much for reading, my friends. Be well. Thank you so very much. Until tomorrow, goodbye.

02.20.03 (Febuary 20th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. The right mood... the right atmosphere... the right volume. ^^ Of thoughts and considerations, though, the third row was odd. I was considering putting some sort of sound effect... but just didn't seem to have one... so none. As for the music you might have expected to be playing, click here to get it. Some people in the IRC channel have previously commented that MIDIs lock up their browser... so I'll cater to them today and be nice by making music optional. ^^ But crank up your volumes to the max, put the MIDI into your favorite player, and enjoy the little bit of fun it is with the ep. Be well, everyone. I hope that you enjoy today's episode. Until tomorrow, bai!

02.19.03 (Febuary 19th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. But why is Wart stalling? Does he have a plan of some sort? Am I tired unusually early this morning? Who knows, who knows, and yes. Bleh. Not sure why... but it's not even 8:00 AM yet and I'm tired. -_- Bleh. Beyond this bleck of tiredness, I'm fairly happy to be going back to class. A nice change of pace to have again after a few days off. Hmm... I think I'll end this with that. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

02.18.03 (Febuary 18th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Wart is an odd and evil frog... or is he an odd and evil toad? Pchan and I were talking about this (mostly me, actually) yesterday. According to game-stuff, he's a frog... but he's nowhere near water... which is more indicative of a toad as frogs need water. o.o So there's something for you to think about. Yeah. o.o At any rate, I thought I had class today (well, moreso that I was going to go to class today to do programs and such) but a check of my assignments indicates that I'm actually done with everything. o.o Thought I had a C++ program to do... but apparently none was assigned (according to my notes and the online assignment book), and memory reawoke that we'd be getting to that this Wednesday. So, with that realized, I'm not going to class to do nothing. :P Need to go get meds today, though... Humalog and testing strips for my tester. But that's not hard nor much... and only around a 30 minute journey roundtrip. Better than nothing, not as much as my normal walk... or as varied of terrain. But it'll do. I guess I'll end this blurb and put up the episode. Be well, my readers, my friends. Until tomorrow, bai!

02.17.03 (Febuary 17th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, I better explain where that sound comes from. You see, it does sound stupid if you say it while breathing out... but say it while you're breathing in. Yeah. Do it now. Try it. Especially if you're in class while you read this for some reason. See? Sounds a lot different. Sounds cool, kinda freaky, and definitely Wartish. At least to me, that is. Speaking of school... I'm off today... and tomorrow. @.@ Today is President's Day... so that's semi-sensible... but tomorrow is... BLECK... a teacher-development day or something. Basically, teacher meeting with eachother or some such. I'll probably go to class and work on stuff there during the time... just so I walk home and get some exercise and such. Considering how much I walk (around 45-60 minutes per trip at around five times walking home each week), I'd think that I'd be losing weight. Damn it for being stuborn. *laughs* Rambling... I think I'll stop there. Something just brought up in #Captain_N is starting to affect me and I don't want to turn this into a calmly written rant from it tonight. Be well, my friends, my family, my readers and all others. I wish you well. Until tomorrow, goodbye.

02.16.03 (Febuary 16th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Sunday Special #70. Today's episode is a bit odd to me... but I feel it works and it is what came when I wrote so I'll just trust it. It's entitled "Thoughts of Red" and is, of course, Episode 560. For the mangas of Pchan, however, we have some absolutely undeniably wonderful creations. Captain N: Tales of Videoland only has one page, number 118, but it's a wonderful one and is the end of the third issue. For Magic Princess Zesty there are the third and fourth pages... the first of which makes me think of myself at points during high school and other times in general. Moocows on your head! O.O Yes... wear them on your head. o.o They like to perch there. And, for a final little bonus, we have a background by myself, entitled Spiderweb: The Potion Room. Enjoy it. ^^ At any rate, I'll be back tomorrow. Until then, be well. Enjoy the episodes. Bai!

Spiderweb: The Potion Room

Spiderweb: The Potion Room

Spiderweb: The Potion Room

Spiderweb: The Potion Room

Spiderweb: The Potion Room

02.15.03 (Febuary 15th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Took long enough to get there, but there it is: The Chamber of the Potion of Power. Personally, I don't think it looks "entirely" different... the odd holes are a bit reminiscent of a part of the Potion room, but not largely. This background just turned out perfectly. I'll see if I can get the right angle to show you all exactly what this place looks like. It looks quite interesting from this small vantage... but a full view is incredible. It's amazing how things sometimes just pop into place when it's their time. Thanks for sticking during the long passage. As for yesterday... I apologize again for not updating until so late... and again for the downtime yesterday. named (the program associated with saying stuff sends to here) went boom and JD and Gerry (Your Overlord and Your Overlord's Second In Command, respectively) were both out and bleh. But, on the plus side, JD gave me the info to log into the shell... which means I can restart services when they fail or start to flake out... which means (because of my tendency towards always online) the server will likely not be down for more than ten minutes anytime in the next six months. Spiffiness, eh? Yeah. No downtime would be better... but it happens. At any rate, be well. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Bai!

02.14.03 (Febuary 14th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I'll keep this blurb short. Oh, crud. o.o It's Valentine's Day. I forget it again. February 14th seems like it should be a birthday or something... not Valentine's Day. That's me, at least. At any rate, I wish you all a happy Valentine's Day... hopefully you and your sweetheart (or hopeful sweetheart) have a good day together. Be well, everyone. I apologize for being so late. I didn't have class this morning and bleh. >.< Sleep 12+ hours because of how blech my past few sleeps have been. Be well. Have fun. Until tomorrow, bai!

02.13.03 (Febuary 13th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Triclyde should SHARE the cupcake and be happiness! Not sharing hurts everyone! Lots of odd dreams last night. One involved relatives and Max Steel-themed animation stealing a prototype car while being unable to dodge unmoving, large, green, laser dectection system beam-things. Another involved a perfectly seemless piece-by-piece construction of the white corner section of a Lego construction. House, I believe. There were other sections around it of different colors as well. It was quite relaxing. There were other dreams as well but they are already fading. Some other thoughts, however, come to mind about today's episode...

Things I've learned from Animal Planet:
1. Jeff Corwin can't drive.
2. Jeff Corwin gets peed on quite often.
3. Steve Irwin rules.
4. Never mess with Lucas from Animal Precinct.
5. Multi-headed snakes often fight with eachother instead of coexisting.

I feel so sorry for Triclyde... and Pchan. Instincts sometimes mess up. :/

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