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02.12.03 (Febuary 12th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Curses towards Monolith, the "most stable" server in the Gammaforce network, despite it now crashing routinely. I've long called for switching Monolith with Raymoon in the server chain... but no... this has not been done... and now today there are problems because of it. -_- We wait for the waking of someone needed there now. -_- Blah. _-_ Be well, everyone. I need to get ready for class and a test. I'll be back tomorrow. Until then, be well. Bai!

02.11.03 (Febuary 11th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. And we're in the realm of Triclyde! And I just remembered something! O.O *returns with a Diet Coke bottle, quite well frozen* Science Lesson: Things in higher pressures freeze generally at lower temperatures. Some good from it, at least. *looks at the Diet Coke bottle, which will have to be opened quite slowly* At any rate, we're at Triclyde, everyone's favorite three-headed snake, and I thought I'd give a nice little background just to show you what Doc is referring to. That background is available here. Enjoy the background. Be well. Until tomorrow, I'm off. Bai!

02.10.03 (Febuary 10th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Gah, I wish they'd get there... but no... one more little "Are we there yet?" from Bass before that happens. Bleh. So... Golden Key (or whatever), Golden Door... so now... Island Shore. Palace time. Yay. ^^ Meanwhile we have Team Yellow with Kamek and Jeff and all that fun... and Doc, Watanga, the Moocows, Pchan, and myself nearly at Wart... and Mike J, Zero, Dynamo, and Adam at the Mansion... with Moore in the Fifth, of course. I wonder what's happening with Moore, anyway. *shrugs* Something to find out some other time. At any rate, Triclyde and this quest for the Potion of Power are more interesting. Ooh... 555 tomorrow. I like that number. Yes, I'm spewing forth semi-random thoughts. I hope that you enjoy the episode. I wish you well. I'll be back tomorrow. Until then, be well!

02.09.03 (Febuary 9th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Sixty-nine Sunday Specials. o.o Wow. For it, we have a new manga from Pchan: Magic Princess Zesty, which has him expiramenting with some new things that you may have noticed in the poster he did from last week. Thusly, pages one and two of Magic Princess Zesty, pages 116 and 117 of Captain N: Tales of Videoland, and Episode 553 of N-Fans, entitled "The Right Touch" are all up. I hope that you enjoy them all. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

02.08.03 (Febuary 8th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well, my Overclocked Remix downloading project is now well over 2 GB. Estimating 3.5 GB total. Not quite enough to fill a DVD... but close enough. Oh, yeah, did anyone notice the new bottles that Diet Coke has? :/ It's really simplistic... and really opaque looking compared to the previous one... no real luster to it. It's blah. Looks good on the cans because of the shine of the metal, but definitely not the bottles. I'll get used to them. Not like I'm going to switch to Diet Pepsi or something. That stuff makes me ill. >o< Yuck. Spew. That sort of stuff. At any rate, enjoy the comic. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

02.07.03 (Febuary 7th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Awesome dream last night. A completely redone version of this one Final Fantasy flash I once saw... complete with music and lyrics... 18 minutes long. Unfortunately I woke up around three minutes into it. ;-; It was very cool, though. ^^ As for Clawgrip... you know it's true: all he ever wanted to do... was dance! *giggles* Well, Doc convinced him of it, anyway. So enjoy Clawgrip and his claws of built-in clicky-instrumentness. ^^ Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, I'm off! Bai!

02.06.03 (Febuary 6th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Slept WAY too late today. 9:04 AM right now. I apologize. At any rate, the big update to The Shyguy Kingdom that I've been wanting to do is done thanks to the work of WaxPoetic. Also, today is my dad's birthday. He's the big 50 today, so a big day for him. I'd wish him a happy birthday here, but he doesn't read the comic and I'm honestly not sure I'd want him to. :P It is, in many ways, like a diary to me. Public diary, but diary nonetheless. *shrugs* Be well, everyone. I hope that you have a good day. Until tomorrow, bai!

02.05.03 (Febuary 5th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. As Pchan says, I have now finished "On A Beam of Light". This, unfortunately, leaves me with a slight problem: "K-PAX III: Worlds of prot" isn't out in the U.S. until next month. So... I must either wait a month until it comes out... or import it from the UK with a wonderfully high shipping price and wait a week or two for it anyway. @.@ Evil. At any rate, the Java test went unexpectedly well. Might have gotten a few terminology things wrong (too many words for the same thing... it's worse than the ways to say "to kill" in Latin... or English for that matter) but overall quite well done. Today, however, is Computer Science I (C++) and Intermediate Visual Basic. Yay on both accounts. With that said, I wish you all well. Enjoy the episode. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

02.04.03 (Febuary 4th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well, Waxy sent me the final (pending certain things) version of something I've been waiting and looking forward to for a long time for The Shyguy Kingdom. After some more work on it in terms of organization on my part, I look forward to finishing it and putting it up there. Beyond that, first test in Java this morning. I should probably work up the page of notes that we are allowed to have (which will be a very nice thing to have to reference during the programming portions of the test) but shouldn't be terribly hard overall. As far as everything else, I hope you enjoy the episode. It's nice to be back and doing that again. This morning might be a slight reversal of schedule (walking up to BSC and getting a ride back or some such) but that's fine and good. "On A Beam of Light" is continuing being read and hopefully I'll be done with it by the next Sunday Special. We'll see. At any rate, I wish you all well. Until tomorrow, be well. Bai!

02.03.03 (Febuary 3rd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I'm back from the trip. Was much better than I expected. Ended up going out to a nice variety of restaurants, from truck stop to Mexican (with a wonderful bean burrito) to other such fun stuffs and an even more wonderful veggie-burger at Chili's. Nice stop at Barnes... found a few books (K-PAX and On A Beam of Light, both by Gene Brewer) and ended up getting Amphigorey (a wonderful collection of illustrated Edward Gorey stories) from my grandparents, who also did a (to me completely unexpected) birthday party for my father, who turns 50 in a few days. Ended up getting him a Bob Dylan DVD that he had looked at the previous day... so three trips to Barnes overall. Already finished K-PAX, a nice 228 page read (If you haven't seen K-PAX (Kevin Spacey staring as prot), I highly encourage it.) and I'm already a good bit into On A Beam of Light, which is the sequel. The book and movie are both excellent, and each really does focus on a different aspect of prot, the patients, and Dr. Brewer. Yes, Brewer. Gene Brewer did an interesting thing in the book, writing it first person (not odd) but as himself (a bit odd). It works out wonderfully, though, with this psychologist version of Gene Brewer making you feel a bit better connected with the author of the book as well. Absolutely wonderful. I encourage the reading of both. Beyond that, the weekend went quite fast, and my little brother still didn't finish reading The Two Towers. *laughs* He had an entire month to read it, and he put it off to the last minute, nearly. His problem, though... I constantly encouraged/harassed him to read it all weekend and he could have easily if he had just TRIED. *shrugs* At any rate, I should be getting off of here. Not really tired but could use some sleep before class at 9:00 AM... so I shall try. Be well, everyone. Enjoy the episode and have a good day. Until tomorrow, bai!

02.02.03 (Febuary 2nd, 2003 CE):
PCHAN KOKO!! Potatoes for you! Blorphig pantalones del watangor lah! Today, while webbychan is still in the town that is not where he normally is, pchan updates AGAIN!! This time it is with your Sunday Special, which features the last page of Fantella's second adventure and two more pages of Captain N: Adventures in videoland! YAY MANGAMANGA! Also, today also brings a treat for you all! I have been working on some new manga ideas to freshen up the selection, and I was inspired to create a new series called Magic Princess Zesty, which will start its run next week. Click and see the teaser poster! I hope you will all be there and follow the adventures of our magical princess. By the way, this does not mean that Captain N or Fantella will end. We'll just alternate titles or perhaps something similar. Regardless, I hope you enjoy everything this week and every week! Since I don't always get the opportunity to talk to you all, I thought I would take this time to do that. I wuv you all! WUV WUV! Moocow and Nadeshiko love you also.

02.01.03 (Febuary 1st, 2003 CE):
PCHAN KOKO!! With flombet bagels I will nude the toot, for it is PCHAN TIME IN THE SUN! Yes, Webbychan goes to Fargo (Fart-go?) for a DESTINY QUEST! Or some such. METTIECHAN insisted upon going also and so I said he should go, and webbychan said that would be good, and so they went to this town of strangeness and flutulence. Tonight we have another N-Fans episode as always. I am PCHAN! I say hello to all my friends and I wuv you all. Moocows say hello and may the pants be with you. WUV! ^o^

01.31.03 (January 31st, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I'm leaving on the trip in a few hours. Pchan will be taking over the update for the next two days. Hopefully everything will go alright. I'm going to be late for class, so I gotta go *now*. Be well. Until Monday, bai!

01.30.03 (January 30th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. *yawns* Still not entirely well. I have a problem, too. -_- My mom is gone this morning so either I have to get a ride up to class from my father around two hours before class begins, which means up to almost two hours wasted up there before it in which I can't really do anything, even be in a lab room. -_- Bleck and blah. Or else I can walk up there... and perhaps have to walk back. >.< Not a good feeling thing. *sighs* Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

01.29.03 (January 29th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Yes, it is true: Ham-Ham plushies based on the cartoon Hamtaro have little indents in their butts indicative of a place from which poop emerges. o.o Very odd. My little brother got Bijou and Howdy last night, Bijou being medium-sized and Howdy small, and both had this indent. o.o Hamtaro, of the large size, oddly did not. *shrugs* This is okay, however. ^^ In illness news, I am still ill. However, I'm coping and such and should be fine in a day or two I think. *yawns* Just may be needing a lot of nap-time. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

01.28.03 (January 28th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Gah. Wake up... think you're just a little out of it for sleeping longer than you meant to... and then... bah... you realize it: you're sick. _-_ Evilness of it is prevalent. In the better news, there are two! Two years of existance known between Jakechan and Pchan, and twelve years of existance by my little brother. ^^ So, with me sick, I am going to nap for a short bit and hopefully get a bit better. :/ Be well, everyone. I'll try to get there myself. Until tomorrow, be well.

01.27.03 (January 27th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. *yawns and stretches* Another pre-nap/sleep update. Pre-nap today, as C++ is at 9:00 AM. I think that I shall be going to nap as soon as this update is done. So, with that said, status report and end blurb. Server was down for a bit yesterday. I'm actually blaming the worm that's been around the net badly for the past few days. Even on servers not infected, I've seen and felt a lot of problems. -_- Hopefully that'll be the last of 'em. At any rate, I need nap, so I do nap. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

01.26.03 (January 26th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. *yawns* I messed up my schedule... more... again. So now it's a little after 5:00 AM and I'm just about to go to sleep. Evil are the naps that turn to six hour sleeps... but so good, too. At any rate, I've gotten a little farther in the episode retouching. I've decided that I have to go a little farther than I initially thought... so it'll be a bit longer before I finish. As far as today's Sunday Special, though, here's the info. For N-Fans, we have Episode 539, entitled "A Little Planning." For Captain N: Tales of Videoland, we have one page, 113, and for Fantella it's 51 and 52. Finally, we have another background from the Dragon Charmer. When I read what Dragon Charmer had put on this background of me, I quite nearly cried. Thank you. With that said, be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Bai!

01.25.03 (January 25th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. It's my little bro's birthday in a few days, and for it he wants to go to Fargo for the weekend. o.o Fargo isn't that fun, honestly, so I don't see his big wish to go. At any rate, I'll be handing the update over to Pchan next weekend. He'll have the files, the information, etc. He's done this before so it shouldn't be a big deal. *streches* Be well, everyone! I'm going to work on retouching a few of the older episodes and try to get those up tomorrow. *laughs* I know I spoke similarly a few weeks ago... but I decided to wait until I had all the episodes I wanted to touch up touched up before doing so. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow and the Sunday Special, bai!

01.24.03 (January 24th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Getting back to somewhat better timing here. *stretches* Yesterday I was lucky: I was able to get a ride home in the -30 degree windchill. Today, however, I don't have quite this luck. However, today is also a bit warmer... a fortunate thing. At any rate, I'm going to start getting ready for class, so I'm going to end this blurb now. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, I'm off!

01.23.03 (January 23rd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Bah. I just can't get myself up anymore, I swear. Takes like two hours of resetting my alarm for me to be able to gain enough consciousness to not go back to sleep. >.< Bleh! At any rate, today is Java, yay, and should be fun. I've been using a program to download songs at Overclocked Remix while I work... it's amazing how quickly you can fill a 128 MB USB pen drive. ^^ I love that thing. ^^ Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

01.22.03 (January 22nd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I need to make this short. Been running late today and still have to get ready for class. I hope that you enjoy the episode. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

01.21.03 (January 21st, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Did you know that the X-Men aren't human? Yeah. They're not. No, I'm not talking about them being mutants. That sort of thing would, in my mind at least, keep them as human. However, according to the U.S. Court of International Trade, they're not. What am I talking about? Well... X-Men and other super-hero action figures are considered to be human-like dolls, which have different tariff rates than other toys. However, a January 3rd ruling found them to be otherwise. Toy Biz, who manufactures Marvel's action figures, was quoted as saying that they "stand as potent witnesses for their status as nonhuman creatures" and added "[how could they be human with] tentacles, claws, wings or robotic limbs?" Some of you might be laughing at this point. This seems like nothing, right? This is just a judge ruling that super-hero, mutant toys are not human, right? No, let's look a little bit further than the very outermost layer of this.

Look a Jubilee. Despite her human parents, her human birthing process, she is now not human. She, like she was by her own parents, has been cast away one more step from humanity. Beast, with his little lab accident, has by his blue fur lost the name of homo sapien. Wolverine, because he heals quickly and has had his bone structure replaced with adamantium, has been ruled out of the human race. These characters, despite their constant proof of humanity, despite their fighting against racism and intolerance, have been in the real world ruled to be not worthy of the title human. And all this just for a few pennies in tariffs.

But let's go a little further than this. Businesses take rulings as far as they can. Why not? It's a good way to save costs, so let us do the same. what makes these X-Men non-human? Well, for one it would be physical deformity or extraordinary prowess, such as Wolverine's healing and Beast's agility, strength, and hair. Professor Xavier has been viewed as non-human, so his ability to read minds also makes him non-human. If these abilities make a doll non-human, despite an overall human appearance or birthing, doesn't that mean the same beyond dolls?

Why not? Makes sense to me, at least. If you're calling a human doll non-human because of special abilities or prowess in the character on which it is based that may not even cause a different physical appearance of any sort from any other human, why can't that be expanded into real life?

Now you're starting to see the true horror of this ruling.

Webbed feet. They're not normal. They're a mutation. My former AP English teacher has webbed feet. Now she's no longer human according to this. People that have learned how to use their mind to explore the astral plane or to read minds to one extent or another aren't human, either. Many people can do this to one extent or another on an unconscious level. Part of it may be interpreted from otherwise undected body movements, but it is still there.

But why should it stop there? There's all sorts of things you could argue as mutations. There's diabetes in my family, but I'm the only one in this generation to develop it at a juvenile age in this generation, and the past two have all been adult-onset, usually around age sixty. That's a mutation. That's makes me not human. I'm gay. That's different from the majority of society and no definite reason for it has been established. Some might even argue it a mutation.

Those of you that may have heard about this already may go "Oh, but Marvel says they're still human!" But that's just it: it was also Marvel, along with their action figures' makers, that pushed towards this decision. They wanted their own characters that had fought adversity and intolerance and bigotry and hatred to be declared non-human for fighting for one of the most human qualities in existance: acceptance.

A United States Court has ruled that I am not a human.,,SB1043013622300562504,00.html

01.20.03 (January 20th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Bloody alarm. >.< It didn't go off or at least wake me... so I'm four hours later than expected for getting up. >.< Bah! Oh well, at least it wasn't even later. Enjoy the episode and be well, everyone. I'll try to go to sleep earlier tonight and get up earlier than that. Be well. Bai!

01.19.03 (January 19th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Late again. Dreams made my sleep (although it was interupted often) wonderful. Dreams of conversations that are misplaced but insightful (but now forgotten), large praying mantis-beetles... things that dreams are made of. Wonderful. ^^ At any rate, for today's Sunday Special we have Episode 532 of N-Fans, entitled "Nearing The Door". We also have the return of the mangas, with pages 111 and 112 of Captain N: Tales of Videoland and 49 and 50 of Fantella: Zombie Fighter. Finally, I did a little background that I decided to call "Dizzy Style." If you're looking for a new Pchan wallpaper, it's available right below. Enjoy all. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

Dizzy Style

Dizzy Style

Dizzy Style

Dizzy Style

Dizzy Style

01.18.03 (January 18th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Running late today. I went to sleep around 10:00 PM after being up since around 4:00 AM and the extra few hours made me sleep a little longer than normal. o.o Also, I read an interesting book yesterday. Cory Doctorow's "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom." An odd book, but quite good. He's done a very interesting thing with it, though: while it is being published in book form, it is also available, free to download, online. If you'd like an odd but quite interesting book to read, I encourage you to do so. So pick your edition and read. I think you'll enjoy it. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

01.17.03 (January 17th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well, that was an interesting dream from the past. A city from a dream I had much earlier... I had thought about it a little bit a few weeks or a month or so ago... but it was much longer ago that I had the dream. Considering that apparently ten years had passed since I had last been there, I'd not be surprised if it was that long ago in my life since the dream of it as well. Odd aquaduct-like arches through which cars pass, a very originally old western mining town feel. It was odd. There were dozenes of wooden buildings going up... but it was around 3:45 PM and no one was working. The city was trying to make itself thrive, but there was no reason to be there and no one was coming. The wood was getting wet from a river nearby. A sad place. :/ In happier thoughts, though, Pchan has reported there to be snow in Knoxville. While you may not appreciate snow much if you're in North Dakota (although we haven't had a truly good blizzard in quite a few years), for Pchan it is a rare excitement. He's hopefully going to be taking a picture with his grandfather's digital camera. If he does, I'll add it here. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

Photos of the Snow from Pchan!

01.16.03 (January 16th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Kamek the mad! O.O In other Team Yellow news, I have still not heard from Lalala. Sent her an e-mail around the beginning of January... no signs of her online anywhere in any areas. :/ Really need to talk to her. *sighs* Hmm. Anyways, today is against Java class. Yay. Got pretty much all the Z's last night on Overclocked Remix. That was fun to do. I love my USB pen drive. 128 MB of pure storage power! ^o^ If you are in college, try to get one. It's the perfect storage medium for class-based stuff. Disks=/=Good. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, I'm off!

01.15.03 (January 15th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Takes about an hour and ten minutes to walk home. Found this out because, after I had intended to bike home, my mom said she thought it was too cold so she wanted to give me a ride back. Unfortunately, this didn't work out. -_- She couldn't pick me up for almost an hour by her estimations, so I ended up walking home. -_- Bah. It wasn't horrible, but it was not a happy thing since I didn't expect to have to do it. Biking would have been fine. Not sure if I'll bike or walk back today. *shrugs* We'll see. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, I'm off!

01.14.03 (January 14th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Java in a little over five hours. Yay. Looks like it's going to be a bit cold biking home (not to mention I'm going to be probably a bit more exhausted from it than usual since it's been a few weeks. Ouch.) Beyond that, though, not much to say. I did some fun Carranger captures for Pchan yesterday, but haven't put them up on TSGK yet. *laughs* And that's about that. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

01.13.03 (January 13th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Classes start tomorrow for me. One class Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, two Wednesday. Lots of biking. @.@ But this will be good for me. ^^ Oh, with thoughts to today's episode, if any of you remember the SMB2 manual... I really like Birdo. He's Nintendo's first crossdresser. ^^ Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

01.12.03 (January 12th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Yep, an animated Team Yellow. Yep, this episode, entitled "Kamek", is our first animated Team Yellow ever. Unfortunately, because Pchan has been feeling ill this week, we don't have any mangas or omakes. However, thanks to Dragon Charmer, we do have two wonderful backgrounds, as well as one by myself. I hope you enjoy all of this. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

01.11.03 (January 11th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Finally got those books today for classes, which start next Tuesday. I only needed to buy books for two of my classes (I already had books for the Visual Basic I'm in), but I think even just those two were more than the last semester's by around $50. o.o And it was just two books this time, plus a small reference manual of some such. Last time it was two textbooks plus four other books and I think around $110. *shrugs* Oh well. At any rate, I hope that you enjoy today's episode. Until tomorrow, I'm off. Be well!

01.10.03 (January 10th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I've been working on setting up a new comic for Comics Sector. Knights of the Old Coding. He was going to be on Comics Sector a few months ago, but becasuse of a few computer problems since then (including one which has made him decide to take a little vacation until the 20th since his computer went down. Right now he's having a friend update the comic with "Stick Figure Week", which is in its own ways fairly amusing as well. As far as the core comic, however, it's absolutely wonderful. It reminds me in many ways of Moto's work in The Traveller's Tale, which remains one of my favorite comics even so long after he stopped doing it. He insists that he'll sometime soon restart it. Hopefully he will. I need to teach KotOC's author, Owen Kuhn, how to update it. It shouldn't be hard for him to learn, but want him to know it before he starts updating. Be well, everyone. I'll finish adding his comic as soon as he does. Until tomorrow, bai!

01.09.03 (January 9th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Happy birthday, Lilith! Hope it's a good one! ^^ Okay... pleasantries done. :P Last night I was supposed to go to Zac Thurn's house for a little get-together of some people we knew from high school... ended up not. Woke up around 7:00 PM, little before or little after, but since I don't have a license (not that it would have mattered as both of my parents (and thus both cars) were gone) I couldn't get a ride up there. Bleh. No one even got home until like 9:00 PMish, at which point it was getting a bit late to go. In other area news, boy it was windy yesterday (and still so far today). As I write this blurb, supposedly there's 25 mile per hour winds out there. Wouldn't be surprised if it was even a bit more. Oh well, it's bikable if it sticks this way... at least it's going northwest instead of from the east... *shudders* That's not fun to bike home in. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

01.08.03 (January 8th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Well, today is today. o.o What else to say? I'm really glad with how this episode came out in appearance. I know it's a bit dark, but that worked well, I think. Beyond that, I'm still waiting for some sort of contact from Lalala. None yet. Bleh. Hopefully some soon. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

01.07.03 (January 7th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Evil is the server that decides to go to an imperceptable crawl that makes it inaccessible. Thus was, for most of you, the story of yesterday with JD, who runs the server, basically went to sleep when it seemed to be starting... and woke up around 12 hours later. He's currently the only one on staff for tech that I know, so Myrmid #3, this server, couldn't be rebooted or fixed until then. Bleh. As said to Marvin: "We apologize for the inconveinance." Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, be well.

01.06.03 (January 6th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Bleh. Nothing to say today. I need to pick up books for my classes sometime this week. Probably'll do that tomorrow. What else to say? Bleh. Not really anything. Just, Steph, if you catch this, really need to talk to you. Hope you can soon. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

01.05.03 (January 5th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I'm really happy with this week's episodes. From today's episode of N-Fans, "All About Timing," to pages 47 and 48 of Fantella and the 109 and 110 of Captain N: Tales of Videoland, this Sunday Special came together as few do. And, even though this week's Captain N: Tales of Videoland makes me sad in some ways, I think it is a good thing to have happen for the future. And, that said, enjoy Sunday Special #64. Be well, everyone. May you enjoy our offerings and enjoy the day. Until tomorrow, bai!

01.04.03 (January 4th, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Bleh is the alarm clock that does not properly go off. Somehow my sound got turned down to the lowest level, so I didn't hear the thing going off for around six hours. -_- I'm sorry. I hope that you enjoy today's episode. Just a few little thoughts, not worth a full episode any, but just a few little things. I hope you enjoy. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai.

01.03.03 (January 3rd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. I overslept today. Sorry, guys. I had some dreams, but they slipped away. I shall tell you of a few of my dreams, though. Two days ago, as I was waing, my mind was watching thousands of sprite-based characters interacting, much like an online RPG. Each sprite seemed unique, although many were similar. I was, in my waking dreaming state, able to choose which ones I wanted to see closely, although I could see the actions of all. Then there were other interactions with other sorts of sprite styles and... just a very odd, very interesting, very refreshing dream to wake from. Yesterday, however, I had a very different dream. It was a dream with Pchan, WaxPoetic (he's of #Captain_N), and myself in a townscape with many very beautifully contoured tree-filled valleys. We were in front of a white house, square in floor but perhaps half-past two times as tall, maybe three. Inside the house was an older man. He was identified to be Phoenix's great-grandfather. He watched us with a smile as we looked around this house. It was so very relaxing feeling in design. His smile on us, unwavering. I don't believe he spoke. He just watched. Then, near the end of the dream, Wax realized something: Phoenix's great-grandfather was not really here. He just existed in our memories. And, just like that, he was gone. We realized that this was okay, and then I woke. I was shocked as if it had been a nightmare. A most incredible dream. Until tomorrow, everyone, be well.

01.02.03 (January 2nd, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Now here's a fun date. January 2nd, 2003. 01-02-03. I love things like that. Have a doc appointment at 10:45 AM. Find that time with the date amusing as well, although it's not nearly a perfect fit. Numbers, words, they're all fun things. Well, I need to finish up a chart of bloodsugars (a set of numbers not so fun for me to look at... rarely interesting patterns or any such to them) and such. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, I'm off. I wish you well!

01.01.03 (January 1st, 2003 CE):
N-finity here. Happy New Year. ^^ For the little thing I mentioned, check out Captain N Sector. I think you'll like the new piece of artwork there, as well as the wonderful - I think so, at least - new listing system for the comics. I hope you like it. I think you will. ^^ Beyond that, I don't have much to say. Enjoy the new year. Be well. I'll be back tomorrow. Until then, bai!

12.31.02 (December 31st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Woke up quite a bit late today. o.o *shrugs* I'll be working on the things today that I need to get done for the update tonight... and have a few things I recieved in e-mail today to add as well. I think I'll leave this blurb with that. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

12.30.02 (December 30th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, here we are. Another day. I really liked how this episode turned out. Unlike yesterday's, it came freely. Regardless, I'm not sure what to blurb about today. Only thing really to talk about is a fasting lab thing I have to go to today to get blood drawn from. Bleh. Oh well, not too bad of thing. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

12.29.02 (December 29th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Hurray for Sunday Special #63. ^^ Not a major one, but still lots of good stuff. For N-Fans, the episode is entitled "Ponderance." For Fantella, we have page 46. Next week I'm betting is the opening of the show. And for Captain N: Tales of Videoland, we have two of the most glorious pages ever in it... especially page 107. I'm just really astonished to see how well Pchan did them. Well, with that said, I think I'll start uploading. I'm running late already this morning (the comic came to me late... couldn't find it for quite awhile), and want you to be able to enjoy it before 9:00 AM. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

12.28.02 (December 28th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. It's what life is based upon. Oh, I've been working more on Captain N Sector's little thing. I'm hoping to have everything ready to the extent I want to for New Year's. That sounds like a good day to release it. I think it'll be ready before then, but might as well get it perfect. Also, I'm looking for good sites to link to that might produce a little two-way traffic. If you have any suggestions, your own or others, feel free to e-mail me about them. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

12.27.02 (December 27th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. *stretches big* I need soda. For some reason I didn't go out yesterday to get any... so I haven't had any substantial amount for around two days. I'll probably go get it in a few hours, once the sun goes up. At any rate, I'm working on a few things, such as a special little thing for Captain N Sector. Today, however, I put the full map to Elec Man Stage in NES Sector. It's been a year, a month, and a day since the last update there... so sounded like a good idea. ;P Be well, everyone. Enjoy your day. Until tomorrow, bai!

12.26.02 (December 26th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, my computer setup has been redone. It's now, left to right, giant case, left speaker, left monitor speaker, monitor, right monitor speaker, right speaker, and scanner on top of VCR. VCR is new and wonderful, and I got my capture card to work by switching PCI slots on it when I put in the 256 MB stick of RAM. RAM's good. I notice it when booting and such quite easily. Very good. ^^ Also, I got the so-called 'proprietary' USB hub to work. Take that, IBM! Seriously, though, USB Hub is wonderful. it adds four additional USB ports (not counting the fifth port to cover the one it takes up), a serial port, a parallel port, a PS/2 port for mouse, and a PS/2 port for a keyboard. o.o It RULES. And it's amazingly sleek looking and was only $19.99. If any of you need more USB ports, look for the IBM Multiport USB Hub. Considering most decent USB hubs are much more expensive... this one is a steal... and it works fine on any system as far as I can tell. The proprietary stuff is a downright lie by IBM. :P So, I'm happy today as all my stuff is set up nicely. Very spifficious. Okay, enough odd rambling. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, I'm off!

12.25.02 (December 25th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Merry Christmas and Happy Videoland Midwinter Celebration! I hope that you all enjoy the silly little couplets of today's episode. I gave my little brother the present I had made for him tonight, and he loved it. I'm so glad. ^^ I worked muchly on it. His gift to me was a lovely little speaker/subwoofer combo. Much better than what I was using... although I think I could actually keep both plugged in with my sound card. Hmm... Things to ponder. Also, my other big present was some RAM, a nice little 256 MB stick. Sorely needed on this machine: I'm running only 256 MB right now and ImageReady screams for it some animated episodes. Such good things. ^^ Be well, everyone! I have to get up in around four to five hours, so off I go now! Be well! Bai!

12.24.02 (December 24th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Wow. I keep having trouble believing that it's so late in December already. Christmas Eve, even. It's been so short in seeming. And, two days from now, it will feel just the same and it will all be over. Odd is life. So, yeah... Hmm... Life goes on. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. May your holidays be, have been, and continue to be well. Bai!

12.23.02 (December 23rd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Hmm... what to say for today? I've been working a bit on other retouches to episodes... and I should probably get a few more episodes done, too. Hmm... Perhaps I should work on some bios updating, too? Hmm... yes. ^^ I'll see if I can't get all of the updating done for there done by Wednesday as a little special something. Hmm... :/ I'm out of things to blurb tonight that I should blurb about... so I'll end there. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Bai!

12.22.02 (December 22nd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, we finally set up some stuff around the house last night. I can't believe it's already nearly the end of December... so amazing is how fast time can pass. At any rate, here's the info about today's update. For N-Fans, we have Episode 504, entitled "Mike's Gift", as well as page 106 of Captain N: Tales of Videoland, and page 45 of Fantella: Zombie Fighter. There's also an omake by Pchan and three pieces of artwork by Steven Kunz (the top three listed.) Finally, since he wanted everyone to see it, we have the Winter Solstice artwork from Pchan. Happy Yule (yesterday)! ^^ Be well, everyone! Until tomorrow, bai!

12.21.02 (December 21st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Happy Winter Solstice! I hope you enjoy this wonderous day! Today I need soon sleep but after that shall likely finish up some artwork for a CD I'm working on. Some fun Dreamcast stuff for 'im. ^^ That system is so amazing for things it wasn't intended to do. Actually, the Internet surfing it is meant to do is pretty interesting, although PlanetWeb's browser is pretty... well... not pretty. It does this site just fine, but The Shyguy Kingdom, which is built around the same basic core design (although greatly different layout) looks incredibly off, and the text doesn't appear even close to the correct color. That might be because of the lack of CSS support, though. *shrugs* Enough rambling. Enjoy the comic, enjoy your day, enjoy Psycho Pchan. Be well! Until tomorrow, bai!

12.20.02 (December 20th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, that final went fairly well. I studied some... wasn't hard, etc. At any rate, I got a 100% on the website for the class. :P Then again, with close to ten times the pages required... all done well... not hard to do. *laughs* Overkill can be so fun. Okay... what else? Today I put the E-Com book back into used books. Hmm... what else? Cheese danishes come to mind, but that happens a lot. Perhaps we should look to the slime... that somehow lives without a definable butt. This blatant violation of science is something to be proud of. You go, you crazy slime you! ^O^ With that, I wish you all well. Be well, my friends, my readers. Be well.

12.19.02 (December 19th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. The final final for this semester. Yay. E-Commerce. *yawns big* It's not going to be a fun bike ride home today, that's for sure. o.o Conditions right now are 30 degrees out... which isn't bad... but the wind is put around 20 mph... direction-wise being basically against the way I go home. *shudders* As for Pchan, I'm wondering where he is. o.o He and the Lord Watanga were going off to do something earlier after he showered... but that was around 8:00 PM... and it's 5:00 AM right now. o.o I'm not worried, but curious. That DVD set Pchan had gotten in today must be going marathon or some such. *shrugs* Well, I need to get to studying... want to do well on the test. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

12.18.02 (December 18th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Five-hundred episodes. How they fly by. I admit, it does feel like it has been more than a few months... but not this far over a year. Amazing. But things are this way and five-hundred days - five-hundred episodes - have passed. So many things have changed since then. We've grown in our manner of style and, I hope to you, in our quality and enjoyment. Pchan was right: five-hundred episodes was a good place for a retrospective to be. Another five-hundred, then. Well, I need to get that essay done... so I best be off. Be well, my friends, my readers. I'll be back tomorrow with another. Be well.

500 Dream Background

500 Dream Background

500 Dream Background

500 Dream Background

500 Dream Background

12.17.02 (December 17th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, tomorrow's a big day: Episode 500. Pchan thinks I should do a retrospective, which might be appropriate for the 500th episode, but I'm wanting to keep the story going, even if it may just be one more attempt at capturing the slime. They'll eventually succeed, I'm sure. Also today I have to do an essay for Alternative Literature and sign up for classes. Bleh to both accounts. Hmm... well, I think I'll get going onward. Need to sleep soon so I can get up with time to register... *yawns* ...and I'm actually a bit tired, too. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

12.16.02 (December 16th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. 7:40 AM... I napped a bit earlier... around an hour and a half or so... then finished off some assignments for Alternative Literature. So, because of this, sleep is in need. I'm not sure how long I'll sleep for, but it is needed. It shall be done. *yawns* Okay, I'm not sure what to blurb otherwise, so let me wish you all a good day. Be well, my friends, my readers. I'll see you all again tomorrow.

12.15.02 (December 15th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Although quite late (dreams kept my from waking), today's Sunday Special is also quite full. Episode 497, entitled playfully "Where In The Lab Is Mike J?" is coupled with Pchan Omake Sketchiedoodle of Fun #14, Captain N: Tales of Videoland's pages 104-105, and Fantella's pages 43 and 44. Above and beyond this, there's also scans of Captain N #5, the final issue that I have been able to obtain. Hopefully #6 will soon resurface, although I cannot be sure of this. I hope that all of you are well. Be well. I'll be back tomorrow with more. Until then, bai!

12.14.02 (December 14th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Isn't the slime of Zelda II one of the cutest creatures ever? No? Well, I think it is. At any rate, I'm sorry for being late today... I slept twelve hours, getting up around 9:00 AM instead of around 3:00 AM as intended. z.z Very tiredness. At any rate, the episode is now here for your enjoyment, which I hope it is, and I've also reuploaded the first 34 episodes, having retdone the text to make it look more like the present style as well as to correct spelling errors and such. I found a few I had never noticed while doing this... and I'm really glad I was able to fix them. Hopefully I didn't add any more. I'll probably be doing more of the episodes over the next few days, up to around Episode 80 or so where the text style becomes pretty much as it is today. If any of you notice any spelling errors, please send me an e-mail about it. I rarely notice them unless they're pointed out to me because I generally trust my own spelling. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, I'm off! Bai!

12.14.02 (December 14th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I REALLY slept. z.z I meant to get up around 3:00 AM... it's past 9:00 AM now. I'll have the episode up in around 40 minutes. I did a lot of work yesterday on stuff... I'll upload that while I do my work. *yawns* Yesterday=Lots of Stuff Done.

12.13.02 (December 13th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I'm going to keep this short, guys. I'm going to be working on re-texting some episodes, just cleaning them up and stuff. I hope that you all have a good day and enjoy today's Team Yellow. I'll be back later. Be well. Until later, bai!

12.12.02 (December 12th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Not sure what to say today. Yesterday was interesting... lots of stuff with computers done. A website... a few programs... not hard but good stuff. The website is due in about an hour from when I write this... so I'm hoping that all goes well. I'm sure it will... it had to be at least three pages; right now I'm twenty above that... and probably more on average per page than most of the other websites will total. I wish we could show 'em off, though. I could speak for awhile on a subject like that. ^^ Also, the computers at BSC have apparently been being hacked all week... even circumventing the Deep Freeze program which 'resets' the computer to a standard state after rebooting it. Good fun and such to deal with. Bleh. Amusingly, the printer began to print well columned zeros on paper repeatedly... like eight zeros... eight spaces... eight zeros... eight spaces... eight zeros... next line... same thing... and so on. At first the instructor thought "Oooooh crap... a new fun way of attacking the system." but it turned out that someone had an teensy problem in the printer portion of their program. It started with printing right... then it just kinda got... odd. Bad thing was that the printer's actions were noted after about 50 pages of this. Oops. >.< This is why I'm glad I tested my program on my printer... the one without working ink cartridges of any color and only a single sheet of graph paper to send through it. ^^ Be well, everyone. I'll see you all tomorrow. Actually, I might be doing some extra work today either scouring the episodes for spelling errors or just general clean-up... maybe a second episode if I have time. Either, I think, would be a good thing. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

And Jakechan... our energy is with you and she both. Our love to you forever. Be well.

12.11.02 (December 11th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Back with another episode! I thought that I'd throw in a nice little background based on the recent antics of the Moocows in the sky since I meant to. It's a tall tree. I find these trees odd... they've very tall... hollow... few branches... flat on top... yet they feel like they would be alive. Oddness are these trees. At any rate, I have a programming project yet to do today for tonight... plus a website I need to finish up for E-Commerce. Today shall be fun. ^^ Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

Ride of the Moocows

Ride of the Moocows

Ride of the Moocows

Ride of the Moocows

Ride of the Moocows

12.10.02 (December 10th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Hmm... spent around an hour working on a new counter... just can't get the sprites to look right with it. I'll have to put more work into it later but for now it's useable. I hope that you enjoy the episode. I'm going to go do some getting ready for school stuff. Be well. Bai!

12.09.02 (December 9th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Happy Birthday to the Pchan buns, who is 23 today. ^^ as such, I am taking over his Pchan Thingie for the day. 23 roses for you. And take a close look at the counter... he may be small... but the Pchan buns is there. ^^ I have another thing for the Pchan buns when he awakens... but we shall wait for that. It is just for him. ^^ Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

12.08.02 (December 8th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, still a bit sick, but definately getting better. For today's Sunday Special we have Episode 490 of N-Fans, entitled simply "Treetops". Beyond that, we also have page 102 of Captain N: Tales of Videoland and pages 41 and 42 of Fantella: Zombie Fighter. There's also three wonderful Omakes by Pchan. ^^ Oh! And as far as Captain N #4, I'm going to be uploading that in a bit as I still need to clean and resize the pages. I'll make it clickable once that happens. Enjoy everything. Oh, and I finished my book. ^^ I really wish there was a fourth book to this Trilogy... almost as much as I wish that the Hitchhiker Trilogy would have had the sixth book done. *sighs* Poor Mr. Adams. Everyone, I wish you well. Until tomorrow, I'm off. Be well. Bai!

12.07.02 (December 7th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. *yawns* I'm still sick. I woke up around 1:00 AM... then soon layed back down... read for a few hours... got around 100-130 pages in from where I was... then it turned out to be 4:30 AM. Worked on the comic... yay... done... and now it goes up. ^^ I think that I'll probably go back to read in a minute... I'd like to finish the Gaean Trilogy again today... and then just kinda relax. Bleh... I'm surprised I've stayed sick half this long.

12.06.02 (December 6th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, that was lovely. Nice little random flooder to #Captain_N... glad to say that those aren't often. -_- Hmm... I've been reading the third book in the Gaean Trilogy for the past few days... remembering all the horrible things Gaea does and has done and not even reached yet... *sighs* Well, I'm once again out of ideas for blurbing about right now. I'm ill... have been for the past few days... and just feel bleh. I wish you all well. Until tomorrow, I'm off. Be well!

12.05.02 (December 5th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. MMmkay... complete lack of ideas for blurb. I think I'll take a bath. :P Class in 110 minutes... see you guys later! Bai!

12.04.02 (December 4th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Hmm... what to write about tonight? Well, I decided to go animated... I don't think this episode could have gone any other way. Hmm... Well, today is my Visual Basic class... I have one program left to do for that... so that should be fun. The final program for that is due next week. I have it all planned out in my head, nothing written. Should take around two hours to get it how I like it. *shrugs* Maybe three or four if I really put some effort into getting extra little fun stuffs done. *shrugs* Yay. Okay, what beyond that to say? Not much. :P Hope you don't mind the little background music... I think adding that in was appropriate for this episode. Be well, everyone. I'll be back tomorrow with another episode. See you then! Bai! Take that, Wagner!

12.03.02 (December 3rd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, a bit later than I said, but not by too terribly much... not to mention that it's for a wonderful reason: I was looking for some protective containers to put my Nintendo-based comics in and stumbled upon something absolutely wonderful: a good number of my old Topps Nintendo cards. Although I know I have more than I found, it's a large number that I already have and I'm sure the others lurk somewhere that I'll find eventually. I also found some lick-stickers for some sort of card connection game. o.o Odd stuff there. Finally, I found my stickerbook for Mario. It's almost always been in a not-so-spiffy condition, but it's pretty decent. I think I'll have to find a good place to put these... Okay, with that said I'm going to end this blurb. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, bai!

12.02.02 (December 2nd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. *blinks* Jack Kerouac takes too long to read. I keep getting distracted. Took me around five hours to get through a section that should have taken around an hour and a half. Bleh. >.< Oh well. At any rate, the episode is now up, a Team Yellow I've been meaning to get done for Lalala for around two weeks at least now. -_- I'm bad with getting her comics done on any sort of a schedule in her absence. Then again, she's supposed to get some sprites to me, as well... so hmm. Okay, well, I hope that you enjoy today's episode... I feel so sorry for the lil' UFO... ;_; It was just doing what it was supposed to... ;_; At any rate, I'll be back tomorrow with an episode for you, likely around 3:00 AM. Be well, everyone. Until then, bai!

12.01.02 (December 1st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Wow. December already. How the days, weeks, and months seem to have flown by. I'm sorry for getting this episode up later than intended - it just went slowly in production for some reason - but it's done now and yay. Okay... round-up of tonight's additions. For N-Fans, it's Episode 483, entitled "Moocows Can't Jump". For Captain N: Tales of Videoland, it's pages 101 and 102. For Fantella, just page 40. There's only one Pchan Sketchiedoodle of Fun this week, which is #10, and finally we have scans of Captain N #3, which is 23 pages long plus the cover. Enjoy everything. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

11.30.02 (November 30th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Hmm... what to say this morning? Well... I'm soon to go to sleep... yay... but that's nothing worth really blurbing about. I guess I'll just write and see where it goes. We've been having some new visitors to #Captain_N lately. While some have been bleh and just looking to leech things (this has always been so)... some just passers through going randomly from server to server (around 30% from Turkey, oddly... it's amazing how many Turkish visitors come to #CN now and then...) there's also been some wonderful new visitors that I've been glad to have come and become an addition to #Captain_N and the community. Although the IRC channel at times has become a bit too odd or fast-paced for me and my generally laid back observation and chatting there, it's great to see all the new faces and inputters. Thank you, all of you. Be well, my friends, my readers, my family. Until tomorrow, be well.

11.29.02 (November 29th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Just what everyone needed... someone brings up Chris again. Hey, at least flamethrower finally worked when the leafers attacked something. Gotta give 'em that much. So... assuming that you've actually watched Quest For The Potion of Power... which I hope you all did when I gave you the chance to... you probably have a vague idea of what is to soon come. *shrugs* Okay... beyond thoughts on these episode...

Oh, yes. I did a lovely little thing on some thoughts towards sprite comics in general on The Shyguy Kingdom. Actually, Chris had been working up something similar: an essay on the subject of sprite comics, problems with them on the whole, etc. etc. You'll likely see that eventually as well. It's kinda sad... I've tried to befriend many of the other sprite comic groups out there or at least find out how they are. When Gamix came to #Captain_N, an accident led to them taking over channel for a bit of time... the problem I have with Dirty Power can be summed up by hitoshi's actions on a current post in the Sprite board on the CN Forums... my problems with Bob & George can be found in old logs and old blurbs...

Sometimes it just makes you feel alone.

*laughs* I'm sorry for being so depressing tonight... but I just really wish that I could find a single other notably sized community that I could not feel depressed by the narrow-mindedness or homophobia found within. Be well, guys. I promise not to be depressing for tomorrow's blurb. Until tomorrow, be well.

11.28.02 (November 28th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, happy Thanksgiving and all that stuff. As a little feast from me, I've put up the newly scanned Captain N #2 in the Captain N Sector. Also, I simply just wish you a good day. Then again, I always seem to. So, such said, I need sleep, First time I've done the comic before sleep instead of after in quite awhile. Be well, everyone... until tomorrow - Oh, wait. I need to add the little CN#6 below again. I'll leave it there for a few days. Pass the message around to some friends if you can... perhaps they can help and, if they don't, they might enjoy a visit to the site, anyway. Okay... once again, be well. I'll be back tomorrow. Until then, I wish you all well! Bai!

I am currently attempting to locate a copy of the comicbook Captain N #6. Although I cannot offer vast amounts of money for this comic, I will offer what I can. If you have this comic and do not wish to part with it, I would also be willing to look into an exchange for scanning of the comic by either myself and by one that has this issue. If you are able to help me, please e-mail me by clicking on the button of Nathan's head.

11.27.02 (November 27th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, guys, so here's the deal: last night I offered to help my little brother make popcorn for his class for school for today as their little Thanksgiving party. Not a terribly difficult thing, right? Wrong. You see... I assumed it was just for his class. That's 20-some... maybe 30 kids. Nope. Two classes. Both fifth grades. 47 kids, two teachers. That meant doing popcorn for fifty.

"Okay..." you say, still not finding that idea that difficult. Well... since I decided that we needed to use bags (it would make it all that more impressive to the kids in his class) we had to use around four cups of popcorn per bag... which is 200 cups or thereabouts total. Sounds bad... but not terrible... right?

Wrong. We have a hot-air popcorn popper. Did you know those things start to smoke when they get too hot? Nor did I... I just remembered them turned off when they got too hot. Nope. Smoke... three times, actually. Even with a two popping/ten minutes rest on the machine... it started to get pretty bad at the end. By the end of the popcorn popping, my father was helping by popping popcorn on the stove. Oddly, I think that may have been slightly faster. The quality was a bit better, at least. At any rate... started around 9:00 PM... little before. Ended around 11:00 PM... little after. My feet hurt so bad last night from shuffling around as much as I had to. Okay... we go onward.

Also yesterday someone posted on the Forums about a site that they had found done by Quinton Buckley. This site contained some of the pre-colored comics... the original artwork for the comics. Very cool. At any rate, I gave Quinton an e-mail and he gave me one back. Turns out he has a lot more than that scanned and listed. He has five printed stories and half of the unprinted one... and he's still going for the other half.

This is all very cool... but there was one line of his e-mail was of the greatest interest to me: "And about issue 6, I have been told from a good source that it was published but in very low quantities." If this was true, it could likely be found somewhere. Phoenix checked out some sites for me. On one... we found reference to it. he added that this site was extremely reliable: if they listed it, it existed.

They were unfortunately out of it. However, this made a myth of the Captain N universe become a reality. Sasquatch lives. Now, here's what I need you to do...

If you have Captain N #6 or are able to find it, please contact me. I really need this issue for the Captain N sector. I cannot offer vast ammounts of money, but I will pay you for your help in attaining this issue. If you have this issue but do not wish to sell it, please contact me anyway as we may be able to find a way to serve both our wishes.

With that said, be well. I think I've over-blurbed quite a bit. I'll see all of you tomorrow. Be well, my friends, my readers. Until tomorrow... bai!

11.26.02 (November 26th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Wow! I'm almost late for class. I'll leave this short. Enjoy the episode. Be well... and I'll be back later! Bai!

11.25.02 (November 25th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Still late again today... but earlier than yesterday. I kept waking up in the night... and then when I got up I had to finishing reading and make a journal entry for a class. Now, it being nearly 8:00 AM *shudders* I'm done. Be well, everyone. I'll talk to you later. I think I'll rest for a bit and then work on the two issues I still have to prepare for upload. Be well! Until tomorrow, bai!

11.24.02 (November 24th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I slept around twelve hours. o.o I was supposed to wake up around 3:00-4:00 AM... but no such luck. -_- This led to me being woken up around 8:30 AM... at which point I worked on the episode for today which I fortunately had previously written out. I'm sorry to say that there's none of the regular manga for this week as Phoenix has been feeling a bit ill these past few days, which he believes is because of a lot of excitement for him earliuer this week. At any rate, he was doodling some this week and ended up doing the insanely cute little manga extra for this week, which is based on Omake #08 from last week. ^^ It's fun. Beyond that, today's episode is entitled "Cave Tunnel Exploration" and, as you may have noticed, the colored cover for the Captain N comic is clickable. This is a link to issue #1 of Captain N. The scans have been generously made by JD, with the resize and marking (requested by JD and agreed to easily) done by myself. I hope that you enjoy the 24 pages of comics as well as the cover. Be well, N-fans, Squareds, all of you. Until tomorrow, I'm off!

11.23.02 (November 23rd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. *stretches* I wuv Pumpkin Pie. ^^ It's good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. An anytime food. ^^ Then again, I also think popcorn is nummy anytime... but not buttered. Buttered popcorn... bleh. >.< Bad experience with it once... have had a gag reflex to it ever since. Umm... yeah. o.o I have no idea what to write about right now... so I'll stop. o.o Be well, everyone! Until tomorrow, bai!

11.22.02 (November 22nd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Argh. One of my wisdom teeth is bugging me today. My fault for not getting them out already... but do I really want to spend the money to get teeth out before the point where they bother me? No, of course not. If I removed the one that's bugging me now, I'd probably not need the other two removed. I only have three, so I was really hoping they'd just manage to fit. Bleh. It's better today than it was at points yesterday, though... so we'll see. I have Diet Coke today. I had relatively little yesterday. Oh, speaking of wisdom teeth... makes me think of someone I once knew. He had seven wisdom teeth. Then again, he also had a third set of teeth... a second adult set. Problem was that his adult set didn't detach... nasty removal. *shudders* Yeah. Okay. Enough rambling. Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, I'm off!

11.21.02 (November 21st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I'm back. It took a bit longer than I had hoped for to get everything up, but it now is. Above, today's episode. Below, The Happy Zone, one of the stories that were in the original Captain N comics produced by Valiant. JD, my overlord/hoster, has been scanning his comics for an upcoming website he's doing. I also have been scanning some of my own collection. Below being one of the results. These versions are soon to replace the ones currently on they'll also be on instead of hosted in the Tripod account, as JD and I are both going to be using these on our own websites and don't want to trust Tripod for bandwidth. Plus, he's not really concerned about the usage created by them. At any rate, be well. These comics may be moved to a new spot before they are finalized in their being put up, but they will hopefully be all up soon. Enjoy those below as a teaser of what's to come.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

Page 9

Page 10
11.21.02 (November 21st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Guys, I'm sorry. I woke up at 7:40 AM because I had class and didn't get to sleep until late last night... especially considering days previous for when I've been going to sleep. As such, considering I have class at 8:00 AM, it takes 10-15 minutes to get there, and five minutes to walk to the place I need to go to after locking my bike... I was late (there was a bloody quiz for which I missed all but the last question (which had three parts) because of my being late) but I'm at the top of the class, so I'm not too worried about five or so points. :P At any rate, I'll be getting the comic up as soon as possible... and I believe a little bonus because of my poor services today. I'm really sorry... expect comic around 10:15 AM Central.

11.20.02 (November 20th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. O.O Happy birthday, Doc! Pchan told me it was this morning... I knew it was coming up but forgot the exact day. o.o Happy birthday! Also, I've been reading a book lately that I highly encourage you all to read: John Varley's Titan. It's the first book in the Gaean Trilogy. Basically, It's about this trip to Saturn which leads the crew of the DSV Ringmaster to finding a new 'moon' to Saturn, but the 'moon' turns out to be a 'generational ship', which attacks them and pulls them through to the inside, where they find a whole new world, minus the flying carpets (for now). At any rate, this 1300 kilometer wide being is their new world and the entire book is the journey through this world with incredible creatures (not to mention the Titan herself, Gaea,) until two of the crew members, Cirocco Jones and Gaby, reach the center of this world, where they meet the being behind it all. It really is a wonderful book. I was told the story of it by some psychotic (seriously) at a then-friend's house a few years ago. I immediately read the first book, then continued on to the second, Wizard, as I tried to find the third, Demon. At any rate, you must ALL read the Gaean Trilogy of Titan, Wizard, and Demon. You will love it. Be well, my friends. Until tomorrow, happy birthday Doc!

11.19.02 (November 19th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. School again already today. I need to bathe, I shall as soon as I finish the update. Hmm... what to say? Well, not much today, really. I woke up REALLY late (4:00 AMish... which is four to six hours late for me) and bleh! But the comic is now up and all is well and class is in two hours and I believe we're doing HTML stuff today. I should probably try to finish up some work on my template for the class for future use. I'll see you guys later. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

11.18.02 (November 18th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Wow. o.o Today is the day. Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion. I'm sure a lot of you are going to be going out to get them today. If I had any real funds except for the soda funds... I'd probably do the same. Either that or wait until I could get it safely. o.o At any rate, there's going to be a big update for The Shyguy Kingdom today, methinks... and yeah. o.o Have a good day. ^^ I hope that you enjoy this little cut from the other groups to see Mooort and the Met Hat Minions again. ^^ They're always fun to see now and then, I think. Be well, everyone! Until tomorrow, bai!

11.17.02 (November 17th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I am late tonight. After looking through all I had to add, not a surprise. Six pieces of #Captain_N omake by Phoenix, the regular two pages of Fantella, a page of CN: Tales of Videoland... the 100th page celebration (complete with sake!), Lisa's lost log (which I found secluded away somewhere) and even a nice little piece of five minute line art that one of the newcomers to #Captain_N did. It's used (in a modified form) in the borders for today's episode. If you want to see the unmodified version, check it out under the Squared section. Enjoy everything! Be well! Until tomorrow, I'm off!

11.16.02 (November 16th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I've done some work on the site today. Mostly just reworking things. For the CN Forum, I added a security patch and a mod that'll allow me to make things in the Forum work better. For the IRC Sector, I finished my finishing of the IRC logs... all seems to be working well for there and the new colors are set for all the logs. Hopefully I won't find any major new errors anytime soon. At any rate, thus ends this little mini-arc in the Mansion, and thus readies me for reading. Be well, my friends, my readers. Until tomorrow, I'm off!

11.15.02 (November 15th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Late today. I've been working for the past few hours on IRC log restoration. Even with the regaining of vast majority of my IRC logs, many of them have still been damaged. The damaged logs I'm having to manually correct for the IRC stats. I've now gone through the logs that are only minorly damaged and corrected those, but there are still a large number of logs (57) that I need to work with more heavily. Not fun, but it'll get done. I hope that you enjoy the comic. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

11.14.02 (November 14th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. TODAY! A special message. One to he who is Don Quixote to Phoenix and I both. Happy birthday, Lord Watanga.

11.13.02 (November 13th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, we had an interesting visitor to #Captain_N before I got this episode up today. The guy that owns, a site he had intended to develop but never did anything with. Oddly, also the same person that lost, which is now owned by Crusader, but guy who does Spiffiness. ^^ In other news, I was able to restore a large percentage of lost data today thanks to a shareware program called GetDataBack. Incredible. Something I had considered using (data recovery software) when my partition disappeared... but assumed would be far less useful than it turned out to be. A shame that I didn't do it then instead of now. Regardless... still a large percentage of lost data saved. ^^ I am happy. Be well, my friends, my readers. Until tomorrow, bai!

11.12.02 (November 12th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I don't really have anything to say for tonight. To those of you this episode is most for... be well... more than anything... and live life. I am sorry for your loss and mourn with your mourning. For all of those others who read today, I wish you well... and will be back again tomorrow. Be well, my friends, my readers. Until tomorrow, goodbye.

11.11.02 (November 11th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Hmm... 11th Hour... 11th day. Isn't there- Oh, today is Veteran's Day. That's why I would have school off today if I had any classes today. Hrm... okay... well... Oh! I was going to mention my uptime! I believe I've reached a new height: 1 wk, 14 hrs, 32 mins, 18 secs is what my uptime bar in mIRC tells me right now. Quite a good uptime if you ask me... even for XP. I feel the slowdown that happens after a few days in Adobe ImageReady when I animate... but other than that the system is doing extremely well. If I had another 512 or 256 MB of DDR-266 RAM I'd likely be able to stay up two weeks without much trouble... as a lot of my slowdown is from my having only 256 MB of RAM to work with for all the comics, animations, and such that I do. *shrugs* At any rate, I'm quite happy with that uptime... and think that I may decide to do a reboot soon. Until later, my friends, my readers, be well. Bai!

11.10.02 (November 10th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, for today's Sunday Special, we have N-Fans: The Series, Episode 462: Expections Unexpected, Captain N: Tales of Videoland, Pages 98-99, Fantella: Zombie Fighter, Pages 36-37, as well as Pchan's #Captain_N Omake! #01-#03, which is absolutely wonderful. It's little scenes from #Captain_N, the IRC channel. Also, I would have had one of Lisa's Logs for today... but I found out that it wasn't sent by e-mail, but over DCC... thus being lost in the partition disappearance of last week. Bleh! So, I need that to be sent to me again... Beyond that, I'm having a terrible bit of trouble with my right eye today. I woke up with an eyelash in it and it has yet to fall out. Really starting to bug it: red where it's been irritated and such. Hopefully, during my soon coming sleep, it will fall out. Bleh. -_- Beyond that, I have nothing really much to say. I hope that you enjoy today's assortment of goodies. I'll be back tomorrow. Until then, be well.

11.09.02 (November 9th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. When I wrote here yesterday, I did not think of this to tell. There happened upon this neighborhood in which I live a great sadness. There was a fire at the house of a family whose daughter I had gone to school with for all my elementary years as well as parts of the middle and high school years as well. Around 5:00 AM on Thursday a fire began. This fire, caused by a drying machine, produced smoke inside the house so extensive that it caused damage throughout the entire house and destroyed the room where the fire originated. Mrs. Atwood was out delivering papers with one of her daughters. Two slept at home. The elder of those there was nineteen. The younger was thirteen. As soon as smoke was noticed by a neighbor, 9-1-1 was called. By the time they were able to get people out, already the elder of the two had perished from the smoke. The younger, thirteen, still for now lives but is in critical condition. They reported her condition as improving in the paper yesterday morning when I was able to read it. However, something that I was told by someone to have been known by the press but not reported is that her physical condition, although improving, was not of the greatest worry. The smoke she was exposed to has been said to have caused severe damage to her mind.

A young male, just coming into his own existance, dead.
An even younger female, just coming into individuality as she was aging, likely forever destroyed from what she had been.

My tears go out to the Atwood family and especially to Rachel. Forever a sorrow upon this event will all bear.

Be well, my friends, my family, my readers and fellow sojourners on this path called life. Forgive me of this sobering writing: it needed to be said for the memories of those who remain.

11.08.02 (November 8th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Wow. I spent a lot of time on this episode. o.o Around two and a half hours. o.o I normally spend around 30 minutes. I guess that I had to capture backgrounds, modify them, realign, etc. and then do the comic, effects, etc. that 2.5 hours isn't that bad. At any rate, Lalala just gave me the script for the episodes of hers to come as she's been sent offline. She has been for awhile, actually. I hope that she does come back soon... hopefully. *sighs* At any rate, be well. Until tomorrow, I'm off!

11.07.02 (November 7th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. 4:00 AM. Time for a nice little bit of sleep before I go to E-Com this morning. As far as today's episode, for those of you that have seen Quest For The Potion of Power, one of the best Captain N episodes, I encourage you to do so. In fact, I'll give you a link. I have an old RM of it on the server. Nothing in terms of quality worth getting Real One for... but if you want to go to and get an older version of the Real Player, I think you'll need Real Player 7. As far as the episode, however... Quefty Pop is available here. Enjoy the episode. Be well today... and have fun. Until tomorrow, I'm off!

11.06.02 (November 6th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I'm sorry for being late again. You know me: when the dreams flow, sleep is kept onward. This last sleep... it was so full of dreams. Although they are now escaping me, I see them in my memory as being some of the most powerful dreams I've had in quite awhile. Dreams are such interesting things.

Regardless of this, I need to stop this blurb shortly. I need to bathe and finish up a program before I go to class today. Be well, all my friends and readers. The best of lives for you I wish.

11.05.02 (November 5th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I was so tempted to call this episode "Let's Go Carrolling". Perhaps I should have. :P At any rate I'm happier with this episode than the last two. They just didn't come out as well as I would have liked. This one, fortunately, did. Such said, I need to start getting ready for class so I shall. Be well, my friends, my readers. Until tomorrow, be well! Bai!

11.04.02 (November 4th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I'm back. Few hours later than I expected, but I had interesting dreams dealing with matters of my life, mostly dealing with trying to figure out how to deal with the other computer I have, Cookie, whose power supply is currently non-functional. Bloody computers. :P Beyond that, I hope that you enjoy the episode. I also hope that you have downloaded Cowtris as it is a highly enjoyable variation on the Tetris game. Download it, play it, be well! Until tomorrow, bai!

11.04.02 (November 4th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, first off and foremost...
Secondly, I'm still working on the episode. Reviving my computer yesterday took it out of me and I'm just exhausted. I wanted you guys to see and play Cowtris. Thankfully today shan't be nearly as exhausting as yesterday. I'll have the episode out probably around 8:00 or 9:00 AM. It won't take long after I get up... but I've been in a sleepy daze for a few hours for some reading I wasn't able to finish last night because of all the computer crud. -_- I sleep a little longer. I get things a lot better. Be well and check back in in a few hours, I'll be awake and have the episode done for you. Thank you for your understanding.

11.03.02 (November 3rd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Woo-hoo! Finally got this episode up. -_- As those of you who read before saw, there was quite the flub-up today on my computer: my main partition for all my programs has disappeared. Not fun. -_- After about four hours of burning, trying to find a way to reactivate, finally giving up and reformatting, and then reinstalling... then a few more hours of trying to get everything working enough again to function, I'm here. Yay for blurbs. At any rate, for Sunday Special #55 we have the Pchan Interim Adventure "A Day at the Beach", the episode of N-Fans entitled "Kitty Go Down The Hoooooole" and Fantella: Zombie Fighter, pages 34-35. I need to rest some now. -_- Be well. Until tomorrow, bai.

11.03.02 (November 3rd, 2002 CE):
PCHAN KOKO NI IRU!! Hello again from PCHAN!! This is a little interim adventure while we wait for webbychan's computer to get better. Unfortunately the partition that vanished was his program partition, waaahh! But at least webbychan is okay and online to talk to us. Send positive energy and happiness his way, because he is LOVE!

11.02.2002 (November 2nd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. And finally, arrival! During E-Com on Thursday the path for the groups layed itself out. Thus being so, the next week or so shouldn't be too hard. ^^ I hope that you enjoy it. At any rate, I have some fun ideas for places and such for both groups to go... and maybe even something good for those back at the Mansion. ^^ I hope that you enjoy the comics in days to come. Be well! Until tomorrow, I'm off! Bai!

11.01.2002 (November 1st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Sorry, guys, overslept. Had a strange dream about going to Fargo with some former classmates, having to use a different hotel's pool which had extremely low water (it was nearly two feet from the top of the pool before the water started), seeing Jordan, one of them, in a really interesting outfit, and episode 800 of Shining Time Station, which was just truly bizarre. Something I forgot to mention yesterday... I had two shots Wednesday... Tetanus/Diptheria vaccination and the Mumps/Measles/Rubela one. I was supposed to get a flu shot as well... but I ended up not being able to because if you're allergic to eggs or chicken feathers, a component of the vaccine, you can't. That, I find, is incredibly odd. Oh well... I really don't want such things in my body anyway.

But as for Halloween... what's wrong with kid's today? Just ten years ago, before Halloween was originally destroyed for me and before I was diabetic (amusingly not why it was destroyed), I went out in the cold. Last night it was fairly cold... maybe 10-20 degrees... but that's NOT that cold for Halloween here. It's been in the negatives before... and we're on Fahrenheit here just so you know... and I still went out! Everyone did! It was cold! We were freezing! We were getting CANDY! We LOVED IT! Seven kids in ten to fifteen minutes on a very cold year... seven every five on any other once they started going out. Streets'd be covered with kids. Tons of 'em. It was WONDERFUL. I wish I could see that today again. Unfortunately, times have changed, it would seem. It was cold last night, but not very cold at all compared to many years. There was snow, but it covered less than half the grass in less than a fourth of an inch and didn't have to be tromped through to reach your destination. There have been years where I have tromped through snow that was over half of a foot deep and that was while it was still snowing... the wind blowing... and then when I came home... there'd be at least a few dozen more kids... most around my age of eight to ten... and they'd not yet be near done. I'd organize my candy... sort it... find the totals... then I'd enjoy it. Then I'd sleep.

We had seven this year total for the entire night. Four were late high school kids... not even in costume. They didn't even say Trick-or-Treat. And the other three, they were friends of the family.

10.31.2002 (October 31st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Happy Halloween, everyone! I need a little more sleep so I'm going to do that as soon as this uploads, but I wanted you to get this at a decent time. Have fun today, whatever you're doing. I'll try to add to this blurb when I wake, so check back later if you want to. Be well! Eat well! Bai!

10.30.2002 (October 30th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I really should have expected this. -_- Insomnia one night, around 13 hours the next. -_- At any rate, here's the episode for you. ^^ This means the soon forthcoming arrival of this group into the Mushroom Kingdom... where I'm really not sure what will happen. We'll see for there. As far as the episode for tonight, if I'm not asleep before 8:00 PM, I'll get it up at midnight. I really don't like being this late... *sighs* Be well, my friends, my readers. Until tomorrow, bai!

10.29.2002 (October 29th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Argh. Insomnia is evil. Despite attempts for about four or five hours, I was unable to get to sleep until after 11:30 PM. -_- I then woke up at 4:00 AM, unable to nap just a little longer. I'll survive, though. For only around four and a half hours of sleep, I feel quite well. Regardless, the episode is now done and I hope that you enjoy it. I feel like I'm stalling almost with the little things needing to be done before the new adventures begin, but I really don't mean for it to. I think the little things are important. I hope you do too. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

10.28.2002 (October 28th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Some of you may have witnessed my freak-out blurb of earlier this morning. That said, let me apologize for forgetting my assignment. However, I think the time spent on the assignment was actually well used as I thought up an episode or few during it. So... yay. ^^ At any rate, enjoy today's episode. I'll try to get tomorrow's episode done say... oh... before sunrise? A few hours before, maybe even? Yeah... that might be good. *laughs* Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

10.27.2002 (October 27th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Wow. Even with the hour change thing, I'm still later than normal. o.o Also spent way too much time on the background. Oh well, the episode is done now. As far as everything goes, we have pages 32 and 33 of Fantella, 96 and 97 of Captain N: Tales of Videoland, and today's episode of N-Fans is entitled "Thoughts of Dreams". That's about all I really have to say. Oh, and if anyone has any opinion on my dreams, feel free to talk about them in the Forum or such. :P I'm curious as to others' perceptions of my dreams as well. Oh... and Diet Vanilla Coke is strong in taste. o.o I think a 50% Diet Coke/Diet Vanilla Coke mix would be most satisfying. Be well, everyone! Until tomorrow, I'm off!

10.26.2002 (October 26th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Ow. I woke up this morning with my left ring finger hurting horribly whenever I bent it. Not sure as to how I happened to hurt it, but it's become quite annoying. Bah! Oh well, I'm well enough overall. I have a full bottle of cooled Diet Coke (not cold... only freezer can do that) and I haven't had that properly in a few days. Just 20 oz bottles and such. Not the happiness of normal caffiene fueling. I believe I will have some as soon as I finish this update. But well enough with that. Enjoy the comic, albeit a bit just of a reminder of what is soon to come. Be well. Until tomorrow, I bid you farewell. Until then, bai!

10.25.2002 (October 25th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Argh. Somedays I'm really not sure what to write here. I guess a Diet Coke blurb is a good one. Winter is nasty for only one thing when it's not super-windy or such: the cold. The cold is bad for soda runs. It makes it very, very hard to do them quickly if at all. Also makes your bike tires flatter... I need to reinflate those... was almost like biking home on two flats from college yesterday. Much harder than it should have been. Hmm... yes... I need to start building up a stockpile, methinks. *shrugs* Enough of this ramble, though. I'm not sure what else to say. Enjoy the episode. Look forward to the future. Be well. Until tomorrow, I'm off. Bai!

10.24.2002 (October 24th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, VB was fun. A test. Not hard in the least, but fun. Wednesday's class almost always messes up my sleeping schedule since it's in the evening... when I'm normally sleeping. Bleh! But I woke up on time to my alarm today at 3:00 AM... so I should be able to stay up until around my normal sleeping time. Bleh. Well, class this morning, E-Com. I think I'll get ready for that and just kinda relax until then. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

10.23.2002 (October 23rd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, yesterday was a bit of work in the computer lab for E-Com. Explaining the basics of how to actually compose HTML. I think that I'll get some work done for Thursday on my actual template for what I'm working on rather than wait and such. Bleck. :P HTML really isn't hard in the least. I think it would actually take me more time to make this page in Photoshop than in HTML. *laughs* That's me, though. I suggested the use of Lissa Explains It All for use in learning HTML. It may be aimed more for kids, but it really is a wonderful resource. Trying to help teach myself how to better use CSS with it. Hopefully my efforts won't be in vain... I'd really like to learn how to use CSS fully in my HTML. uses a standard CSS (cascading style sheet) on all its pages. The CN Forum is the only one with any difference to it... and that's because YaBB, which is what the CN Forum uses, comes with its own style sheet. I can modify either of my style sheets to an extent, but advanced CSS stuff is something I have yet to master: I can't yet create my own. Well, that said, enjoy the comic... tomorrow ought to be a bit of fun... and until then be well! Thank you for your dedication... it's wonderful to think that, from a fledging site that once was a "busy" day if it recieved only 30 or so hits, we've grown to over 300 (today was nearly 360) unique readers each day to this page alone. Thank you for your patronage through reading. Be well, my friends, my readers. Be well!

10.22.2002 (October 22nd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, that's spiffy. The freezer downstairs when I sometimes cool my Diet Coke would seem to be out of order. The seal on it isn't sealing anymore. I just noticed this tonight... all sorts of crud in there is perishable... but likely not yet perished for all of it... especially the tons of homemade spaghetti sauce/tomato soup that's in there. as long as that's still fine, the loss is minimal: just a lot of bread, some waffles, etc. Nothing as big as around 30 or so containers full of spaghetti sauce and such. Good news is that I decided to be a white mage for the night and used the magic of masking tape to seal it. The tape was all that was needed to pull the door's seal to the main part of the freezer and keep it sticking... and it hopefully will be enough to make things cool down again enough to survive until they can be moved. The small fridge freezer upstairs is already full... so it's not like it can be moved... -_- That, combined with that I would likely be yelled at for waking my parents (especially since there is little that can be done), led me to decide to wait until morning to tell them about it. Don't want to mess up their days more than they need to be because of this. After all... the seal SHOULD work... *sighs* Oh well. Be well, my readers and friends. Until tomorrow, bai.

10.21.2002 (October 21st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, the essay was turned in in time... I finished it up after I slept. As far as other things... everything's going alright right now. I think that I'll short-blurb tonight. ARGH! My space key is being semi-evil tonight... I hope that it doesn't worsen. -_- I've fixed this keyboard a few times before: it's not fun.

10.20.2002 (October 20th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay! Now that I've been able to get everything done (except find another eighty or so words for my essay without adding around 200), let's do this update! Today's comic is actually one of the few times I wish I could do SWFs (Flash), because it would have, I think, made this episode a little better. Unfortunately, Flash doesn't support PSD files, and because of how I resize the sprites used in N-Fans, it is impossible to use Flash and make the sprites look truly proper. Regardless, I think the episode, which by the by is entitled "That's Wright", turned out quite well... especially for the length! O.O I think that the comic actually runs a little over three minutes long... ._. Considering that it is under 450 KB, this is excellent. ^^ Also, I should probably get into what all else there is. First off, we have a wonderful little piece of artwork from Watanga of he and Phoenix as themselves... but in a non-chibi form! ^o^ Quite fun. ^^ Also, we have the Captain N Manga... pages 94 and 95. Furthermore, we have a return of Fantella! Yes! ^O^ I am happy about this. Pages 30 and 31 there. Finally... we have the Wright Background... which I've been working on all week, making little improvements just because it was fun to keep tweaking it. And, since most of you weren't here for the Interim comic (and blurb... which is in the Updates Archive section already), I have also included the Pchan Interim Adventure, which is entitled "Moocows To The Rescue of Webbychan!" I thank him for this. Oh! And love, the Moocows ARE here. They've set up base in the attic as I thought... and Leetel Moocow is doing recon work. ^^ Well, I best get back to those 81 words... so I shall. Enjoy today's episode, I'll be back tomorrow with another. Be well until then, my readers and friends. Bai!





10.20.2002 (October 20th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, some crud happened earlier tonight and my net connection was lost for a few hours. I didn't expect to get it back, but fortunately I did. Because of this, I'm a little bit behind... not to mention a bit stressed and wiped. Since I wasn't expected to return, Pchan made a Pchan Adventure in case I wasn't back in time. Fortunately, I was... so I'm here. At any rate, I'm finishing up something for school before the comic happens because then I have one less thing to worry about. I'm nearly completed... so won't be much more of a delay. At any rate... if the episode goes slowly... I'll give some of the goodies for today before the comic. I don't think that I'll need to, though. ^^ You guys are going to LOVE this episode. I've been looking forward to making it for nearly a week! ^o^ See you soon! Bai!

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