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10.19.2002 (October 19th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Tomorrow's Sunday Special is destined to be a good one. I think that you will enjoy it. Today is not tomorrow, however, so today I speak of. I have an essay for Alternative Literature that's due tomorrow. Not sure as to what I'll do it on, to be entirely honest, but I shall complete it hopefully later today... don't really want to do it last minute like I do most of my works in case I get writer's block with it. we'll see, though. As far as tomorrow now... I'm anxious to see inside the Club Copernicus. So... I'll see you guys tomorrow! Until then, be well! Bai!

10.18.2002 (October 18th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. There was an incredibly wonderful episode of The Twilight Zone on on Sci-Fi earlier. It was about a teacher of an academy who, after 51 years of teaching, had become forced to retire. He, a teacher of literature and poetry, after dismissal felt like he had not touched the souls of those he had taught, despite his enjoyment. Then, the world being, for a time, in the Twilight Zone, a bell rings when he is about to kill himself outside the academy and he goes into his classroom for a moment. When he turns, students of his past appear, those that have died since he began teaching and those that he inspired. One died of cancer, a side-effect of research to cure that very disease. That one gives a quotation that guided him. Another died while saving a dozen others. And all affected by his words and his hopes. This wonderful story, homage from the writer to likely a teacher of his own. A wonderful episode...

With that thought said, I hope that you enjoy this episode. It was very fun to make and I just liked how it went as a whole. Well, I'll sign off now. Enjoy the episode. Be well. Until tomorrow, bai!

10.17.2002 (October 17th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, last night's VB was spiffy. Not hard stuff... just the IF-THEN-ELSE that I've taught myself... but good little bits of info. Also read some stuff ahead of what I needed to know that's good. Today, however, is E-Commerce. Not nearly as fun... but that's okay. At any rate, I'm going to sleep for a short bit before class... so off to that for now. Enjoy the comic. I'll see you again soon tomorrow. Be well!

10.16.2002 (October 16th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. And yay! They're off to dinner! Although I don't intend to show the actual dinner, I have a wonderful thing that I think I'm going to have to do for this Sunday or else earlier if the comics don't go up until then. Trust me... you'll LOVE it. At any rate... we have a new comic moving in to Comics Sector... but it's not in quite yet. I'll tell you about it here when it is. With that said, enjoy the comic and I'll see you all again tomorrow. Tonight's class is Visual Basic... so I'm happiness as far as tonight. Be well. Bai!

10.15.2002 (October 15th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Hmm... there's some odd movie on HBO right now. Seems almost like two very distanced plots that are somehow related. Tech stuff... very odd. At any rate, I'm going to watch a bit of it while I wait for Pchan to return. I'm not sure if I have class this morning... since I recieved an e-mail saying I didn't... but the address from which it came wasn't a definate official mailing so. -_- Blech! Well, if I don't... I don't. If I do... I do. I can get some stuff done for Thursday if I don't... so why not do that anyway. *shrugs* At any rate... I'll be back tomorrow. Be well! Until tomorrow, bai!

10.14.2002 (October 14th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, my little brother is in the hospital. He wasn't tending to his illness... and he wasn't eating or drinking... so he put himself into dehydration... and messed up his electrolytes... bleh... bleh... bleh... -_- He also has an ear infection... which may be the cause of all of this... but bleh... -_- I feel sorry for the little bugger. He'll be well soon enough, though. *sighs* I'm so extremely tired... I need sleep soon. I'll see you guys tomorrow... be well. Be well.

10.13.2002 (October 13th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Ooooooh odd dreams. The dream that I woke up from had people from a Japanese class I was in two years ago walking around a video store in Tennessee buying old video games and such. VERY odd dream. o.o Especially the repetition of "It is music." in Japanese again and again. @.@ Ooooooooodd dreams. I also had a dream about a town in which grandmothers don't drive trucks... except for the grandmother of the boy that I was watching... an observational dream... no part of me in it... just odd dreams like that. They always keep me asleep. So do Moocows. They are good cuddlers, as I have said. At any rate, the episode came out WONDERFULLY. Oh! And I wouldn't have gotten pages 92 and 93 of the Captain N: Tales of Videoland had I not been a bit later than normal, either. But such said... here it is... today's episode, "Episode 434: Just A Few Little Things..."

10.12.2002 (October 12th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, my little brother is wonderfully sick. Even moreso since he's not taking care of himself by eating. He may not want to, but he needs to eat at least something. Beyond that, Forever Red is supposed to be on sometime this morning for me. Hopefully I'll be able to find it on. Forever Red is that Power Rangers special with all the Red Rangers of the series. Personally, I would have preferred to see the original Power Rangers out again, but that's because of Billy. ^^ I loved him. Also, I wish to advise you of something. Moocows. Moocow plushies actually. Moocow plushies are love. They are great cuddlers. You should get a Moocow plushie. My Moocow puts me to sleep so quickly while I cuddle him. He's absolutely wonderful! ^^ So go! Get your own Moocow! Get your own Moocow and sleep in peace. ^^

10.11.2002 (October 11th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. And advice is given by Pchan from the great Book of Quina. Okay. Yay! The caves are created... and don't you just love the vines on the rocks? I was really happy with how that came out. Really made the rock wall look like the old ruins of a house. ^^ I am happy with them. In E-Commerce news, the assignment I forgot to do for this morning apparently wasn't assigned even though it was to be done every Thursday. -_- Oh well. Only 20-30 minutes were used on it. In terms of everything else, though, things are going well. Bleh. I need to get up and stretch for a bit. Been on the comp except for a few minutes since I got up. That's usual for me, but I need to stretch right now. *yawns* Be well, everyone. Until tomorrow, I wish you well. Bai!

10.10.2002 (October 10th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. ERK! I have to make this blurb quite short: I have to write up a thingie for a class I have to go to in about 45 minutes and get ready to go in that time. O.O Quite rushing needing to do am I. I will see you again later today to properly blurb or tomorrow. Be well! Bai!

10.09.2002 (October 9th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Oh bloody. -_- Now I have "Someone Set Us Up The Device" keeping on repeating in my head. -_- Zero Wing is a good game. AYB is not a good thing. -_- At any rate, I'm sorry for updating so late. o.o I was supposed to wake up at 2:30 AM but I ended up sleeping until just a little before 7:00 AM. Erkburgers and jellybeans. :/ At any rate, today's episode is... there... Hazard is being a "meanie" to the moogles as always... and the device is set. Yay. :P Tomorrow the caves are created or else the entirety of the area affected will be destroyed in a gigantic implosion as the cave system fails. Fortunately, the latter is not the likely outcome. *shudders* I like the moogles... but I wouldn't want them to have to be dealt with yet again...

Oh well, I guess I'll end the blurb there. Enjoy the comic. Be well. I'll see you all tomorrow. Bai!

10.08.2002 (October 8th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Pchan's commentary on a certain someone's speech is the Pchan Thingie. Guess who. :P At any rate, we've arrived in the forest near South Figaro. Yay. :P Umm... what to say? Not really having any major ideas. I have E-Com in two hours... so I guess I'll just start getting ready early for that. Be well. Until tomorrow, I'm off!

10.07.2002 (October 7th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Bah. Had trouble getting through my reading for Alternative Literature. Not boring book, just tired Webster. Couldn't get myself to wake up right. Once I got to the journaling part for it, however, I got a really good one made. Very pleased with it, despite how harsh it was. Then again... with the characters I talked about... harsh was properly placed and perhaps even kind. Bleh! At any rate, here has come the episode. So... with such said and done, I'm done here for now. I'll see you all tomorrow. Be well, my friends, my readers. Until tomorrow, I'm off!

10.06.2002 (October 6th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. And, for Sunday Special #51, Captain N: Tales of Videoland returns with two new pages to the third arc! And doesn't look Pchan look just adorable in my glasses? *laughs* I just love them on him. At any rate, today's episode is entitled "A Pchan Adventure! Part 4, The Glasses Are Returned!" I hope that you enjoy the episode. I'll be back tomorrow with another... time to finally end the problem of the moogles... hopefully. At any rate, I'll be back tomorrow. Until then, be well! Bai!

10.05.2002 (October 5th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Hey... how did he put them back upstairs without Pchan seeing him? Hmm... has Watanga been flying outside? Being naughty? Probably. He's a little devil, after all. ^^ At any rate, here's your episode for today. I slept late again today but got the episode out as quickly as I was able to without harming the quality. In other worlds, I added access to the IRC channel directly from the Forums, which I think is a good idea and something that'll work quite well with it. As far as everything else, I'm still deciding where to go for ISP. I'm still considering cable since my dad seems to have calmed down enough to not start cycling his passwords. Bleh! I'm still going to try to get out of them having to install, or at least the blasted installation fee. Two to three weeks and $50 to install? Wha? Maybe $50 or two to three weeks... but both? What a rip! *laughs* At any rate, be well. I'll be back tomorrow with the Sunday Special. ^^ Bai!

10.04.2002 (October 4th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I had funky dreams. Sorta continuous... but not very. First funky part was of a caterpiller... quite a large one in a glass aquarium. Watching it, it shed its outer coating and by "synthesis" became a short but quite thick snake. About two to three inches thick... maybe a foot or so long. Interesting creature. Quite green. Kinda cute, actually. Okay. Then, here's the really funky part... during a later part of the dream, the last part from before I woke, I ended up repeating the same part of an experience, one in which I was in a house with two other people and during one of the five 'acts' of it, someone came into the house to rob it. We were supposed to stop this robbery. When it was nearing end, however, I was shot in the neck three times. No pain... but a strong heat sensation. Then the guy explained that he had been there the whole time, for all five acts... and it was as if the entire experience was like some sort of perverse play. Bullets weren't as large as they should have been for the gun he fired at me... but I definately shouldn't have been treated lightly for what had happened. At any rate, be well... and I apologize for not waking earlier. When I have a dream like this it tends to cancel out the wake-up instinct and I just keep returning to the dream whenever I begin to wake up until the dream is actually over. Enjoy the comic and be well! Bai!

10.03.2002 (October 3rd, 2002 CE):
N-finity (still) here. OKay. So what to say tonight? How about talk of ISPs. Well... let's see... three choices to choose from: dial-up, cable, and DSL. DSL is immediately out because 1. DSL here cuts off once every two hours unless you basically pay double. That leaves dial-up and cable. Hmm... let's look at cable first... $30/month plus a $10/month modem rental. Not bad. Not cheap, but that's average for cable. Okay... a $49.95 installation fee. That's a bit annoying, but, I mean, if I pay that much... should be quick, right? Two to three WEEKS? What the hell is that? That's totally unacceptable. And you WON'T let me install my own modem despite how simple it is and the reasons you gave are almost entirely bogus? What the hell is wrong with you? GAH! Okay... dial-up... only one real option there: the same ISP I'm on now. Don't exactly want to go for AOL or the Christian ISP... blocking crap is unacceptable. Okay... BTI... *sighs* Maybe I can just get to use this. I think I'll call the cable company again later today... maybe I can work something out with them. -_-

10.02.2002 (October 2nd, 2002 CE):
N-finity (not supposed to be) here. Okay. Amazingly, I've still not disconnected. Needing to contact the cable company today. Hopefully I"ll be able to get everything set up quickly. Also, I'll be working on a few more episodes of N-Fans to get ahead on today. Got a little mini-arc that I think you'll enjoy and that, if I finish all parts of, should carry me on through the time until I get the cable modem set up and working. If they don't, I'll try to gain a secondary mode of access to be used when I need to. Then again, I'd say there's a good chance the password I was able to get for this account will work, so I'll be able to hold over. I REALLY hope that it holds over one way or another. At any rate, I need to do the other episodes... and other things... so I'll end this blurb much earlier than yesterday's. Be well, my readers, my friends. I'll see you soon enough again, one way or another.

10.01.2002 (October 1st, 2002 CE):
N-finity (not supposed to be) here. Hello, everybody. First thing... I'm sorry for forgetting to mention your birthday in the blurb, Lalala. I remembered it for a moment sometime after I updated, but I was so sapped that I just couldn't get myself to go back here to the blurb to modify. Happy belated birthday, if it still can be.

Beyond that, I should probably explain the extended title. You see, I'm not supposed to even be here right now. My net access is supposed to have been cut, but as of right now I'm living on borrowed time... and after that (hopefully) a borrowed password. However, chances are that neither of these things will last very long... hopefully long enough for my dad to either cool down or else for myself to get cable access... which is a logical route regardless: I could get my mom to kick in for part of it monthly if I networked her comp into mine. Perhaps I should explain my father, though...

For the last few days, every time he has come down he has complained to me on one point or another. I've just ignored it for these past few days, but last time it happened (yesterday morning from my personal sleep schedule's perspective, Sunday night from most others', I went into the laundry room to ask him if he might have a serial cable since Saber, one of the people in IRC, had suggested that I use it to network one of my laptops to this main PC so that I could have the laptop run minor tasks and such since it's too old to run much of anything else and also a bit too lacking in terms of working battery. He said no, then came back with something. To quote: "Does Saber have any ideas on how you could become a 'fine young man'?" My smile turned to a frown quite quickly as I noted the sudden change in tone for the conversation. Not wanting to get into an argument, I left again into the computer room, where he pointed out all of the dishes (seven at the time since I take them up every few days and do them en mass) and made another complaint. Thusly, I tried to evade his continued attacks again and led myself into the old computer room, where I keep most of my spare parts and such in search of a serial cable... which I thought that I might actually have amongst the wreckage. So... he comes in again... *sighs* This time he makes some comment about "The Internet". At this point I have nowhere else to go as he's blocked the only door in or out and unless I want to break out a half-sized window and go through that glass and the dirt in a flowerbed beyond it, I have no way out.

So, escape routes blocked, what else is there to do? If he's going to continue this harassment, so be it. At least I'm not going to let him get away with it without stating my opinion of him. I poke him quite strongly in the middle of his chest. "You... are an p[insert your favorite seven letter word for describing absolute jerks here]." He denies, I repeat. After two or three more times of this, his response changes "I am the provider for this family. As long as I am, you have to listen to me and do what I say. I suggest you retract that comment." Silence with my lack of reply. "Are you going to retract it?" "I will not retract it as that is what you are." So, such being so, my refusal has led to my father deciding to sever my net access. This, however, is impossible to do as I have an online class that must have it's self be done online to be done. Likewise, there is the comic, which Phoenix has tomorrow's installment of, which cannot be detained excessively. So, such said, I'm going to end this blurb. Enjoy the comic, which is thanks to Lalala, and be well. If things don't work out, I'll get cable as quickly as possible. There will not be one day missed. Missing a day is unacceptable.

09.30.2002 (September 30th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Now for something completely different... N-Fans: The Musical!

The scary part is...
...I just realized that this is sung to the same tune as Weird Al's "Eddie Vedder." Wow.

At any rate, that's your episode for today. And, with that said, I guess I'll make this blurb really short. o.o I have absolutely nothing else to say and need to finish up a thing for Alt. Lit. So... I'll phase out until tomorrow. Be well! Sleep well! Bai!

09.29.2002 (September 29th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Wow. The 50th Sunday Special. o.o Not a big one, surprisingly. Well, the episodes a bit special since it's almost two entirely different comics' worth of conversation and such... but other than the episode (entitled "Plans Move Onward", for those of you that like to know such things), there's only one other thing... some artwork I've talked about before. Two absolutely stunning pieces of CG work by Darren Calvert, AKA Yodaboy. These two pieces have been in my inbox for a day less than two weeks and since I forgot to put them up last week... this day is definately the week to do it. His two pieces, one of which is featured in this episode's border, are of Captain N and GameBoy. Both are worth getting a good look at, so click on Kevin and check them out. With that said, I think I'll sign off from this blurb. I'm nearly done capturing sprites for Mega Man Zero for TSGK. Only a few minor things to do before the only things that exist uncaptured are intermediate sprites created by using the GBA's internal functions to rotate a sprite... and these distort in such a way as so that they can be the same position... but look slightly different. -_- Not fun to capture all of those. So I'm doing what I can... and putting up all I'm able... and finishing up hopefully today. Anyone have a game you'd like to see captured that isn't? E-mail me if you do. I need something to do in my spare time. With that said, I wish you all well. Be well! Sleep well! Goodnight!

09.28.2002 (September 28th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. *yawns and stretches* Hello! A happy Saturday to all of you, I would hope! Yesterday's doctor appointment went okay. I've been put on an additional med, glucophage, to help increase the efficiency of my insulin intake so that I have to take less. Since insulin can discourage weight loss (and since I've actually increased my exercise, not increased food, and still gained a little weight), this med will hopefully be effective. At any rate, I'll be back tomorrow. Enjoy the episode and be well. Bai!

09.27.2002 (September 27th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Today's schedule: doc appointment at 10:00 AM. Just the normal check-up on my diabetes. :P Fun. Other than that... Oh! The Fuzz. I will tell you of the fuzz. Before I last went to sleep, write as I was laying down... a piece of fuzz flew into my mouth. Caught the throat just at the right spot... kept coughing... couldn't get rid of it... tried spitting and coughing it out... tried using some Diet Coke to get it down... a mistake. It ended up disturbing my throat... and making me puke. >.< Not a good way to go to sleep. At any rate, I hope that you enjoy today's episode. Be well!

09.26.2002 (September 26th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I have no idea what to write here tonight. I need to get working on an E-Commerce writeup in a bit... but that shouldn't take more than a few minutes to write. After that I think I might bathe... either that or just nap. Class it at 8:00 AM... so... Hmm... yeah. Bleh! Want to sleep long period. *yawns* I guess I can do that later, though. So... with that said... I'll end this blurb. Be well, my readers and friends. Until tomorrow, good night!

09.25.2002 (September 25th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. *yawns* And now for something completely different. I've been sitting on some of Lalala's Team Yellow episodes lately. Waiting for the appropriate time. Right now seems like the perfect time. *yawns and stretches* But I'm not very good at speaking right now. Went to a friend's tonight; they have a cat. I'm allergic and one of the responses I sometimes have is tiredness... so I'm getting tired even though I've been up only about seven hours. I think I'll start waking soon, but I'll sleep in a bit if I don't. At any rate, enjoy the Team Yellow, I'll try to intersperse the other three I've been given during the next week or two while the happenings of the Mansion take hold again. Be well, my friends, my readers! Until later, bai!

09.24.2002 (September 24th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Wow. That's a big episode. O.O *laughs* Sad thing is... I could have easily written twice as much and tomorrow might be more thoughts related to this. We'll see. o.o In the world of GOOD news, though, we have a new affiliate, The Gaming Universe, which is a site that creates clones and enhanced versions of games as well as games-in-the-theme-of. Since I'm just that way, and since they were the ones to make this offer, I thought that it'd be good to show my thanks by getting their button added immediately. I hope that this new affiliation brings a bounty of new visitors to both of our sites. New blood, good blood, mixed. Not in a yucky unsafe way, though... 'cuz that's yucky. Oh... and Zeo... thanks for mentioning It's quite appreciated. ^^ Be well, everyone... and... oh... I forgot...

I don't usually like revealing things about the future of the comic. I don't think that it's right. That's part of the reason I try not to fill in details in my mind until it the need comes. However, despite how what I'm sounding like in the comic... I want to say that I am me because I don't want you thinking, because of recent events in the comic, that something else might be true. My stress in the comic was also beginning to come to real life. I need to relax in the comic right now more than anything... it'll help me as a whole. So... with that said, I guess I'll end this blurb. Please be well. I'll try to be too.

09.23.2002 (September 23rd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well... even with the things of stress to come... the mere act of sleeping in a bed or on a cushion (personally, I've slept on a couch every night for about eight months except for the week I was at Pchan's while my bed (and my room, actually *laughs*) have been used more as storage space while the basement room where the computer and couch are have been more of living/sleeping quarters,) well... it's just a wonderful thing. Hmm... I guess that's all I really have to say right now. I need to sleep. z.z Be well, N-fans, Squareds, readers and all. Until tomorrow, I'm off.

09.22.2002 (September 22nd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Tonight's episode took longer than expected. Expected to have this out around 2:00 AM. *yawns* Oh well. At any rate, we have the end of Fantella arc one... pages 28 and 29... as well as... amazingly... one of Lisa's Logs. She actually sent this and the start of another... but I'll wait until she finishes that one to put it up. As for today's episode of N-Fans, it's entitled "Tech Support is Completely Normal," because, let's face it, they are completely normal for them. Okay... what else? Anything? Oh... finally did about 30-45 dishes that I had accumulated in my basement and neglected to wash. :P Oops. They're clean now, though, and this is good. As for anything else... I'm not sure if there is anything else to say now for real. Soooooooo... I'll end the blurb fairly short. Just a note before I end: It's SO nice to be back at the Mansion! *laughs* Even if Ran's potion hasn't appeared... it's such a relief. *laughS* I'm sure some of you feel the same. My stress levels are VERY much down thanks to the return. Well, until tomorrow, I'm off! Be well! Bai!

09.21.2002 (September 21st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well... let's see... what can I talk of tonight? I talked of my 19 hours of sleep (which are about to rebegin... although hopefully just for around eight hours this time. Hmm... not really anything much to talk about. It's nice to be going back to the Mansion... even just doing a comic with such events is stressful... and I could use a bit less darkness and stress. Hopefully the next leg of the journey that is N-Fans the series won't be quite so dark. I don't think it could be much darker. At any rate... we'll see how all of this goes. Until tomorrow, my friends and readers, be well!

09.20.2002 (September 20th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, guys, you quite well know that I'm partial to odd sleeping schedules and that my waking up at 7:00 AM when I should have woken up at 2:00 AM because my sound was muted or something was wrong. Today, however, much more odd reason. I woke up at 7:46 AM... so it's been just slightly over an hour for this comic to be written and made (and myself have breakfest and such), but that's not the odd thing. The odd thing is that I went to sleep during an episode of The Outer Limits with Adam West (Batman on the 1960's series) as captain of some space probe to Mars. I fell asleep around half-way through it. Earth: Final Conflict was on after it. That's Sci-fi Channel. That's there's 12:00 PM-2:00 PM broadcasting on Monday through Friday. Guys... I fell asleep at 12:30 PM... and woke up at 7:46 AM. Around 19 hours of sleep. Yeah. Bit of a shocker to me, too. Well... here's the episode... be well... and don't sleep like I do. ;P

09.19.2002 (September 19th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Happy Anniversary, love. It was one year ago today that you first came into my life through the e-mail and then the later into #Captain_N that night... although it took me almost an hour to realize that you weren't a girl. *laughs* I'm glad I found out otherwise, though... because without you I doubt that all of this would have lasted as long... and definately would not have been as enjoyable. Thank you for it... forever and ever. You are my love.

09.18.2002 (September 18th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I've not gone to sleep yet and it's nearly 2:00 AM. I guess I'll flip back to a daylight schedule for the day. Beyond that... I played Mega Man Zero today. Beat it, actually. Good game, albeit a tad bit short. She forgot the 30-year test capsule period... that was her problem. Bleh. Silly people trying to avoid the 30-year period... can't do that. Ahem. Also, I did some work to the IRC Sector, specifically the Java client, which I upgraded to a new version. *yawns* Should actually work for a lot more of you now. *yawns* Okay, I'm getting tired. Going to be with the Pchan a bit more... then sleep. z.z Both of these are greatly needed.

09.17.2002 (September 17th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, not a mega-blurb tonight. I'm still on a kinda funky sleeping schedule (compared to normal) because of Sunday's events... I guess I just thank people for some of the things... although none by name because I'm too tired to look into e-mail to make sure I get htem all right: Picture dude... thanks for the pictures. The GameBoy one is kinda scary. Was Kevin supposed to look sort of Asian almost? VERY nice, regardless. Person that told me about the pages you couldn't go forward on... thank you for telling me about that. Other random people I've forgotten to mention since I'm still tired because I slept to long, thank you for sending stuff like you have. *yawns* Okay... end blurb. Be well!

09.16.2002 (September 16th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, after yesterday's dream, it's not surprising that a nightmare was in hold for the day. A train derailed near Phoenix's house at 11:23 AM, spilling thousands of gallons of sulfuric acid in its wake. When I found out about this around 3:00 PM it really shook me up. Even after I found out Phoenix was okay... and even still at home... the knowledge of this happening... the sulfuric acid cloud resulting... still was shaky. I ended up trying to sleep around 7:00 PM... but I wasn't able to until almost 11:00 PM... and I didn't wake up (despite an alarm that should have woken me) until after 4:00 AM. I'm still a little shook up... but Phoenix is okay... and so is Watanga, who lives only a few miles away from where Phoenix is. I ended up writing a bit of thoughts... mostly random... about the subject. Since I want this writing to be read somewhere... I guess here is the best place to do it. Thankfully, although I wasn't able to call Phoenix... we did talk before he slept... and we do again now as well. Some troublesome days they sometimes are.

     I'm so razzled up right now. I need to sleep. I want to sleep. I can't sleep. My teath hurt. Only four or five hours ago I was being told by Jake of the horrendous train accident... the spilling sulfuric acid and the resulting "death cloud" as Jake later called it. Phoenix, the one person who more than anyone else can make me feel - just feel - his house was less than five miles away... the very edge of the evacuation zone. No one had heard anything from him since the crash at 11:23 AM. No one. Jake had called. The rest of us had just heard. Zach had just put his knowledge of the train derailment together with where Pchan lived. I began to feel quite pale. I shook a little. I'm still too shaken up to really sleep despite a need to now. I went upstairs... let my mom know what had happened as she got off the phone. I cried against her shoulder and held her so tight. It's so good to have someone you can really hold. When I came back down to find out what was happening, Jake left because he needed to do something; so he took a shower. He returned a few minutes after that, though. He had finally been able to get ahold of someone - Phoenix's grandparents - to find out that Pchan was well. He was actually still sleeping through "the biggest disaster Knoxville has seen in decades". Leave it to him indeed. A few minutes after that Phoenix finally did wake up and come into channel. I told him that I needed to call him later. We talked... I said I was going to sleep... and then I read. I read because I needed to. The Outsiders by S.L. Hinton. A decent book. I liked the way it was written. Very natural. As the pages closed, I felt the need to write, so I did. Just thoughts on what the past few hours had brought. A week changed the characters' of The Outsiders lives forever... but a week is such a long time sometimes. Six hours. That changes a person to. That can make a person go from being perfectly happy, perfectly contented, to a nervous wreck incapable of the sleep that one so dearly needs. Just a half-hour... and hour.... two if I could get it. Not much. Not yet, either. It's strange how a book can feel when its story begins to end. Like a fading dream that ends before it should... one that you can't ever really get back into but forever may wish to do. Well, I guess that leaves me where I am now. Still crying a bit. Still definately not quite right. Perhaps I'll call Phoenix. Yes, I think that sounds like a good idea...

09.15.2002 (September 15th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, this week is the end of Fantella's first story and thus, with only one page, its story is complete. Phoenix wants to have both the CN manga's third story and Fantella's second begin next week, so CN: Tales of Videoland isn't here this week. Today's episode of N-Fans is entitled "...If You Look...", and I want to tell you about a dream I had that delayed this comic for quite a bit... I'll take it from the IRC channel's logs.

(@Captain_N) I just woke up from an incredible dream.
(@Captain_N) There were people... around a dozen...
(@Captain_N) ...and we were all in this mansion.
(@Captain_N) There was a woman, and she seemed to be the writer of some of the characters.
(@Captain_N) The dream went on for a long time... changing focus now and again... but the characters generally remained.
(@Captain_N) Then we learned the powers of one of them...
(@Captain_N) Not the writer, but much more like an evil version of her.
(@Captain_N) We realized that we must destroy her...
(@Captain_N) ...because she was going to kill at least one of us...
(@Captain_N) we thought of how to do it, the writer most notably contributing.
(@Captain_N) "I knew that she had bio-symetry and ___________, but not ????-symetry as well."
(@Captain_N) I believe mental-symmetry.
(@Captain_N) So thus the attack would have to begin from behind her to have an effect on her.
(@Captain_N) I'm not sure why... but that's what is was.
(@Captain_N) But she was listening...
(@Captain_N) ...and the small doll she had turned herself into walked out of the eerily lit room where she was on its two feet... for it only had two feet, a head, and a small torso-like construction to which the head connected on front... and the feet connected to where we would expect the arms to connect.
(@Captain_N) And then "Smash it!" "It's the only way to destroy it."
(@Captain_N) It was moving slowly to destroy its target.
(@Captain_N) "It's going to get whichever one of us it wants, no matter what we do."
(@Captain_N) And these two children... who I'm not sure from where... but dressed in elegant clothes... (the entire mansion's occupants are all quite well dressed, actually.) they begin to smash the little doll as it moves towards the writer-entity next to me.
(@Captain_N) It keeps moving out from under their feet, though.
(@Captain_N) I had been hiding my face in my arms as one had suggested before it began to move... but if death is coming for me... I want to see it coming
(@Captain_N) It was moving slowly, but relentlessly. The feet slowed it down for about half a second before it moved from under them.
(@Captain_N) Then it disappears.
(@Captain_N) Then the singing begins.
(@Captain_N) Stupid creatures, one and and all. o/~
(@Captain_N) You will find your fate unavoidable. o/~
(@Captain_N) Little creatures, one and all. o/~
(@Captain_N) You will find your fate unavoidable. o/~
(@Captain_N) Unavoidable was pronounced unavoid-e-bal, though.
(@Captain_N) Then... more of the dolls began to appear.
(@Captain_N) Dozens of them.
(@Captain_N) The song continues on as they move.
(@Captain_N) The others began to try to stomp them out of existance...
(@Captain_N) ...but the writer and I remain where we are. The first doll had been moving towards us... and specifically her.
(@Captain_N) We're too afraid to move... more of a paralyzed.
(@Captain_N) They move. I can tell that one is on her.
(@Captain_N) Then, on the outside of my right leg, about four or five... maybe six or seven inches below the knee...
(@Captain_N) ...I feel a bite.
(@Captain_N) And I wake.
(@Captain_N) I tried to go back to the dream as it was still playing slightly...
(@Captain_N) ...but I was not allowed.

09.14.2002 (September 14th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay... time for a rant... about FLOPPY DRIVES!

Yes, the 3.25" floppy drive... the saviour of the "mass storage" user in the late 80s and early 90s... when 20 MB hard drives were hundred of dollars and worth every cent. Now, however, they are a scourge to those of us that have to deal with them. The floppy drive in this computer, ECO-2, was long giving me problems with writing. In fact, as of yesterday it now destroys every disk put into it and tried to have to slightest bit of it written to. Because of this, I had to run three disks (after finding about four times that to be damaged in one way or another) back and forth between the computer upstairs and the one down here to transfer the files for Windows 95 to -=PaTCH=-, an old laptop that I was given that is help together by duck tape at some points. After transferring 24 disks worth of data... and recombining them into a UHA (UHARC archive), I try to run UHARC's decompression. "This is a NT platform program". WHA? It's DOS, man, DOS! DOS-based, dammit! So... I try to find a way to get UHARC to work. No luck. So... I've just wasted about two hours. Okay... well... let's see... I have a few spare disk drives... they don't have fronts but they'll work... okay! So I put the two floppy drives into my computer (Hey, I've always wanted to have a B: Drive)... boot up... Okay... A: drive works... but B: drive isn't there? What's this? >.< Evilness. At least these two computers are only about a foot away from eachother... so the disks can transfer quickly. About 45 minutes or so later... finished... thankfully... and then installed Windows 95. Yay. If it hadn't been for that I was getting a bit irked with the disk drives, I'd probably have just settled for Calmira, which basically turns Windows 3,11 to Windows 95 (at least in appearance) but I'll have to save that for another time and another laptop.

Hmm... Smokey's under this desk... and doesn't have enough RAM for really properly running Windows 95... Hmm... and then if I just clear out this shelf with my tapes by double-layering... Hmm... Maybe...

Time to go! enjoy the comic, my friends and readers! Be well! Bai!

09.13.2002 (September 13th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Episode 404... I was tempted to do a cheesy joke for part of the day... but that'd just be wrong. At any rate, here's tonight's comic... nice and small... and nearly backgroundless. o.o Some of you might recognize a similar background to that of a previous comic... and I decided that, for this episode, the appearance would be the same. At any rate... here's the comic. OH! I am working on getting a laptop up and running. Just a slow little IBM... something that'll work for home use only since the battery for it is dead. -=PaTCH=- is her name. She is held together by duck tape. ^^ Now... I go. I disappear. I do stuffies. Then comic again for tomorrow. Be well, my friends, my readers! Good night!

09.12.2002 (September 12th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Completely blank on what to write for tonight. I guess I'll talk about the Visual Basic class some... or could... but there's not much to say. I guess I'll talk about Trillian. Trillian went "Pro" yesterday, selling its product for $25. There's still a free version, but the fact that they're doing a paid version... using the name of Douglas Adams's Trillian and the following that they created with that and their long running free version... it all makes me feel like the Vogons have taken over the Guide once again... *sighs* From this point on, I cannot morally encourage the use of Trillian. *sighs* Be well, my friends, my readers. Until tomorrow.

09.11.2002 (September 11th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, dudes and dudettes... if you've got Windows XP... you gotta listen to me. There's a mega-huge security flaw in XP that needs to be fixed. It can arbitrarily delete files from any folder on your PC. This is a VERY bad thing. Fortunately, Windows XP Service Pack 1 fixes this error. Unfortunately, this is a 50 MB download. DESPITE this, you MUST get this file. If you don't, there is a good chance that you may lose a lot of your files. Explain the severity of this error to your parents if your PC isn't your own or if you are on dial-up and only have one phone line. You NEED to get this update. Even if you have a pirated version of XP, there is still a workaround way to update and even though I won't condone piracy, I do believe that this error MUST be patched by all. If you are on a pirated PC and use Netscape, you SHOULD be able to go to Windows Update and download it through Netscape. This info from our favorite Microsoft programmer, SaberWulf, who didn't realize why I was asking this for someone else in the channel until it was too late. Bill, forgive him. I have an extra copy of XP Pro that's not being used. Consider that exchange for the one one of the #Captain_N'rs used. At any rate, guys... you NEED to get this... so DO IT.

Ahem... anyways... enjoy the comic in all its non-animated glory. Tonight is the night of Visual Basic Class! Rejoicement! Until tomorrow, bai!

09.10.2002 (September 10th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I believe this may be the end of the animated episodes for awhile. Something I think is to be considered thankful for... they can really kill bandwidth. :P But... each episode calls out a different way. These have been wanting to be animated... so they were. As far as everything goes, though, I think it will be going well. *laughs* This blurb is turning into a semi-coherant rambling... so I think I'll just end it. Be well, my friends, my readers. Until tomorrow, I'm off.

09.09.2002 (September 9th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Tonight's episode, entitled "...Change One Loss...", literally did not want to be made. After about four hours of trying to get it to optimize the way I wanted to (and causing the program I was trying to use (Adobe ImageReady 3.0) to crash about a dozen times before I finally gave up and decided to use this optimization. It doesn't look quite as good as it should... which pains me as much as it probably does all of those who read the comic combined... but it looks decent and I can probably improve upon it when the program is being more agreeable to me. But this is all N-Fans... and today is not for N-Fans. Today is for what is why N-Fans exists: Captain N: The Game Master. Although I wish I had more to give (when first opened as CNN: the Captain N Network on 9/9/99 I had the collective works of all the N-fans previous to put on this site... but instead I have a few things new... a few things previously unused... a few things I just stumbled upon. Stickers. Artwork. Stories. Screenshots. Oh, and Jon has How's Bayou, version 1 on his fserv in the IRC channel which will be reactivating later today with the possibility of another offshoot of it coming later. Also was hinted at by him "something special" that's not been seen before. Oh... JD: Good show on the v1 stock. Happy 13th Anniverary, Kevin. See you in Videoland tomorrow.

09.08.2002 (September 8th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Tonight's Episode is entitled "...Nothing's Going To Be The Same...". Furthermore, we also have Fantella's pages 25 and 26... as well as page 89 of Captain N: Tales of Videoland. Speaking of Captain N... do you know what tomorrow is? Well, yes, it's the 400th Episode of N-Fans... but it's also the 13th anniversary of Captain N. I'm not sure what all special things I'll be granted to be given for this occassion... but I'll do what all I can. Until tomorrow, my friends, my readers, be well!

09.07.2002 (September 7th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. No words... Until tomorrow, be well.

09.06.2002 (September 6th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Tonight's episode is an example of one which just came... it just worked. It was right to do. I'm not sure if this is because I'm not quite supposed to know what is happening inside of the Cube yet... or that this is just how it is. Regardless, tonight's episode came. I encourage you to watch the small version over the large version: the small version, in this case, looks much better to my eyes than did the larger one, thus only the small one is here. That's what I feel is right to do so thus shall I do. My friends... my readers... I thank you for taking part in this long journey with me. Thank you so very much for taking in it. I cannot express my gratitude properly. Thank you.

09.05.2002 (September 5th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Tonight's comic and Pchan Thingie both have a bit of something to that that I want to bring up. As you surely know, the media has hyped the West Nile Virus a lot lately. And yes, a lot of it is hype. You can't get it from dead birds. It doesn't kill an extraorbital percentage of those infected. It's not a super-new thing. It's been in North America (diagnosed) since 1999, most other continents it's been not unheard of since it was first identified. About 10% of people that get West Nile Virus do die from it, but this is not that insanely high... in fact you have about the same chances of dying from complications to a illness involving the flu. Some strains of the flu actually have higher mortality rates than that. It can be very dangerous... but it's caught fairly early, it can be relatively 'safe'.

Thus, fortunately, would seem to be the case for a member of the #Captain_N IRC Channel. I wasn't awake during the time he was talking about it so I wasn't able to get any real details... but I do know that he has been diagnosed and is being treated. (Although no definative method of treatment has been created, he is recieving treatment for it.) However, I feel that it would be a good idea to request that you focus your positive energy toward this friend. If you have any energy that you can spare... please focus it. It would be considered a personal favor and something very kind for you all to do. Thank you... and please have a good day if you can... My cares to you all.

09.04.2002 (September 4th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Sometimes episodes come slowly. Tonight was one of those nights to an extreme. For almost five hours I waited, worked, thought, and hoped that tonight's episode would come to me. Until almost 3:20 AM... nothing. Fortunately, around 3:20 AM I started to get an idea of how it would come out. Now, it is finally ready to start. 3:30 AM the script was just finished... now I work on the episode. Hmm... a slower producing episode too. It's been almost exactly an hour since the script started writing... and I'm just about to animate the Pchan Thingie. There, done with that... 4:24 AM. And now 4:26 AM... just finished up the rest of the HTML to this point (Updates sections being excluded) took this to the HTML from the text file where I had been writing notes. And now... 4:28 AM. It's done. Enjoy the comic... and good day and night until tomorrow.

09.03.2002 (September 3rd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, slightly earlier than last night... and yep, back to non-animated (at least for today). Tonight's episode is back to those outside of the Cube and the infinity inside its boundaries. Phoenix would seem to have figured out what has happened (I knew he would), and all is a lot more yay on the outside than on the inside. So... what to say beyond that? Not much, I guess. I've been playing Black & White some recently... too much, really... but I'm starting to get decent with it. I think I accidentally messed up something so I can't get to Land 3 without losing about an hour of game time. It's odd... although I'm trying to be a good god, I'm turning out evil. My creature, however, seems to be turning out far more on the good side than I am on the evil. Perhaps my rigid upbringing at the beginning of my beautiful Moocow's life with me has given it realization that I wish it to be good. Beyond the occassional need to feed my creature, it has become quite intelligent. I love it so. Be well, N-Fans, Squareds, and all that read my message. Good night and day to you all.

09.02.2002 (September 2nd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, so I'm an hour later than I said I'd be. :P I ended up having to rework some details on some spritesheets and such before I worked on the comic directly... and just went slow in some parts. At any rate, here it is. Also, I'd forgotten to do an update to InverseThunder's Above The Storm as I told him I would. A part of his laptop died and he needs to get it replaced. Thus... the comic is a bit more comical than even most of his. It'll be up as soon as I can get it there... probably about ten minutes after this update finishes. Until tomorrow, N-Fans, Squareds, readers and friends, good night and good day.

09.01.2002 (September 1st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Yes, I do realize the cheesiness of the final line. Realize, though, that I speak that way in my head a lot more than in the comic. With me an my alter-ego at the same place at the same time... gods... -_- I feel like this should be more serious than it's turning out... but I don't think myself and I can write really differently right now since we're facing me. *shakes his head* Too many me's, I say.

At any rate, for this Sunday Special we have Episode #392 of N-Fans: The Series, entitled "Red Infinity". For the manga-manga... we have pages 87 and 88 for Captain N: Tales of Videoland, and 23 and 24 for Fantella: Zombie Fighter. Oh, I guess I could talk about the storm tonight. It was a fairly large storm... some hail, but nothing compared to a storm last year... and my mother decided that we would have me drive out in the country some. Not good idea. It turned out to be much heavier (and more solid) rain that we expected as what I described the storm being was what we saw on the way home. -_- Not the happiness. I'm not going to be well in that sort of weather yet for quite a while driving. Enough personal crud, though. :P I'll let you enjoy the episode. I should be on schedule tomorrow night as well... so midnight-release, 2:00 PM if I get into either a point where something really good happens or something goes wrong. I'll aim for midnight, though. I feel bad disappointing you when I'm so late as I have been with adjusting to my college schedule... *sighs* But enjoy the comic! Hopefully I'll have a reliable update time again soon.

08.31.2002 (August 31st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I'm sure this seems a bit odd to you to read for today's comic. It is a bit strange, I admit... but there was a time that Nathan Fadin and I were quite warring in our mind. The conversation between us is more personal that I let most of the conversation in N-Fans be... but it really does need to be. This is a dialogue with myself, ultimately, and I talk differently with myself than I do to those that I speak to, either directly or with this blurb to. Thusly... this episode.

But... *yawns* ...I'm a bit too tired now to really talk about that matter any more deeply. I guess I'll get into other stuff that requires less thought. Okay... Pchan is sending me something that is very happiness. Not telling what. ;P Yesterday I bought a happiness other, though: 128 MB Soyo Pen Drive. USB-based. Very goodness for use at college. Also did the driving with the mother the night before. She finally got me to do so. There... large version finally finishes saving. Now resizing and saving small version of tonight's comic. Bleh. Too much to do while tired. At any rate, the driving was fine... my first real time doing anything (and I'm 18... sheesh... :P I'm really not a car person. Understand that.) It was fine... bleh blah bluuuhhkanahkha. Small comic optimized... saving. Okay... saved. Now some more minor image work... then HTML work... then you guys enjoy comic. I go do that and sleepies. Enjoy comic. Ni-ni! Bai!

08.30.2002 (August 30th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Sorry for updating at noon, guys. I got a little down last night about something and decided that I best sleep as the episode wouldn't turn out at all if I didn't. I slept until two hours ago... so about 11 hours of sleep... and then began work on the comic. Amusingly... the thing I got down about worked out anyway this morning. *sighs* At anyt rate, I apologize for being so late and hope that you can all still enjoy the comic despite this lateness. Until tomorrow, I'm off. Bai!

08.29.2002 (August 29th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, woke up late... but fortunately had a good start on the episode before I went to sleep. My brother got a drum set for school last night since that's what he's going to be playing in band. I think he's going to really enjoy it. Hopefully he'll have a teacher better than those I had... except for my first year one they (well, actually she... she switched the school she was teaching at when I started middle school and thus I was stuck with her again) were evil. *sighs* Not good music experiences in my life when it comes to teachers. :/ Oh well. At any rate, I'll let this comic upload and let this blurb be put up with it. Enjoy the comic. Be well. Until tomorrow, I'm off again!

Oh, I guess I should tell you a bit about the Infinity Room. It's inspired by the Spiral Staircase of farb-rausch's fr-014 (I believe that's the correct number, at least), another piece of artwork similar to .the.product. It's an utterly beautiful creation, at any rate, and I'll try to remember to include it in a future update so that you can enjoy it.

08.28.2002 (August 28th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Since it's nearly 7:30 AM... I'll keep this short. Server was down last night for the HTTP stuffies.... but not anything else. Meaning that I recieved e-mails... and could access FTP... and everything else. You just couldn't get here. JD had it fixed as soon as he could. Since I went to sleep at around 8:30 PM I don't know when that was. I didn't mean to wake up quite so late, either, but I needed to be up later than normal because my 5:20 to 8:00 PM class is tonight. I'm getting the feeling that the schedule that's going to result from my classes is going to be a bit unbalanced, but I'll do my best to not make it so. Also, just for your enjoyment, Steven Kunz did a wonderful little image of one of probably everyone's favorite scenes: Lisa's response to Moore in Episode 2. Click the image below or else go into N-Fans Squared to access it.

08.27.2002 (August 27th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, to the person that sent me an e-mail about yesterday's blurb... no, it doesn't bother me at all. This wouldn't be here if it did.

Beyond that, though, just a few general things to say for today. Yesterday I went to BSC... signed up for all the classes I needed to (just three classes, but I'm not wanting to do full-time right now in life... just don't want to get rusty, either.).. bought books, etc. etc. Yay. Got a red flag thrown up for something... hopefully nothing that will prevent me from taking one of the classes... because the only other class I could take is one that I've taken an AP test grade I've recieved would cover but the credits earned at where I'm going might not transfer to a school in Tennessee when I move down there and since from what the registar person said I couldn't use the AP grade twice even if it would have been accepted there if I hadn't used it at BSC and BSC's credits didn't transfer over... it was more logical to take the other course even though it technically required the course that I didn't want to use my AP credits to cover it. I'll give you a few minutes to make sense of that sentence. Basically, if they don't let me take this course, I'll only be taking two courses because I'm not taking that same English twice. Then again... there's technically the Computer Science 101 credit needed for the E-Commerce course but... oh... here... let me plagerize a bit for your pleasure.

CSCI 101 Introduction to Computer
Introduces students to general computer topics such as input and output devices, th computer's impact on society, programming langugages and software. Includes hands-on experience in word processing, spreadsheets, and data managment.

Umm... notice anything there that doesn't sound like "Computers for 18th-Century Throwbacks"? Nor I. Considering that, I'm going to be talking to the instructor and asking. Hopefully I'll be able to get into it. With that said, here's my (tenative) schedule.

1. BUSN 0224 - Electronic Commerce, Tuesdays & Thursday, 8:00 AM - 9:15 AM. Taught by Bach.
2. CSCI 0122 - Beginning Visual BASIC, Wednesday, 5:20 PM - 8:00 PM. Taught by Wagner.
3. ENGL 0278 - Alternative Literature, Online. Taught by Tom Stein.

Well, that's about all I can think of to add to this right now so I guess that I'll leave it off at that. Enjoy the comic. Hopefully I'll enjoy my classes. Until tomorrow, I'm off!

08.26.2002 (August 26th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay... not the normal blurb tonight... not sure how to start it or even really write it but I feel that I must... so I shall.

In the months following a 'report' by MTV that showed the most extreme end of furries, and even a mal-fitting example of the extreme end exclusively, a rash of anti-furry propoganda and hatred has risen for a group of people that I have found, through my experiences in dating one and being friends with many others, to be an overall extremely peaceful group that wishes no interferance and is perfectly happy (for the most part) being left to themselves. They're not full of hate. They're not 'sick', as some people would contend. They're just different. Whether you consider it a fetish or a strange twist of sexuality, it is still not 'sick.' In my days and years on the Internet, I have experienced many of what would be considered the more odd fringe groups. I believe that doing so is a healthy thing, something that increases understanding of people on the whole. Out of those groups, the ones known as furries are perhaps the most relaxing to be around of any group. Those furries that I have known have been very mellow. They've been very kind and nonjudgemental. They've been people that I could talk to for advice. They've been a good people and a good thing for me to experience.

I am not a furry. I never have ben and probably could never be considered one. I can't say that there's never been a furry that I didn't like. There's some people that one won't like in any group. But I can say that, on the whole, only the community that I have formed here with this website myself has been more enjoyable to be allowed to be any part of. All too often in Internet communities furries have been a scapegoat for unresolved anger: a point to direct undeserved hatred. I wish to say now that will not do this. Even in the sprite comic community, we are not alone.'s anti-furry stance has saddened me and made me pull away from contact with them and my site at all at any point I am able to, including with the comics held in Comics Sector. Furthermore, the comments at (which used to proclaim "We Hate Furries" where the "We Hate Skrip7 Kidd13z" banner now flies) and other such sites make me realize how far these wonderful people are from reaching the point of acceptance that even Phoenix and I experience as gays. It's a sad thing to see, my readers, my friends, my N-fans and Squareds... and I hope that you're able to find my point of view not to offensive to your own. Enjoy the comic. Until tomorrow... be well... and don't let hate control you.

08.25.2002 (August 25th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. And, although it's a bit past 4:00 AM, the Sunday Special begins. I woke up at 12:52 AM... which is earlier than I expected but slightly later than I wanted... and began work. Because of a few problems (closed the wrong image) I had to do about half of the pre-animation phase over again... but ultimately that was okay because it really didn't take much time to do over. Well... college starts on Tuesday... have to register for classes tomorrow... (I did everything rather late.) ...but then it's back to school... although not nearly as stressful (there's no way in hell I could make it be reasonably considering my classes of last year) as usual as I'm taking three. Just some basic courses to keep my mind from going slushy in terms of school before I go down to TN permanently (by plan) between first and second semester. *lets out a sigh* Such changes forthcoming... Well, today's Sunday Special is #45... and back to full strength. Today's N-Fans is entitled "A Distrustful Exchange", Captain N: Tales of Videoland has pages 85-86, and Fantella: Zombie Fighter has pages 21-22. Enjoy them all. Until tomorrow, I'm off!

08.24.2002 (August 24th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, what to say? Everything's fixed in terms of CGI... anything else wrong? Then tell me for I don't know why. Another episode here today. Holy crap... 140000 is on it's way. 139992 now... Pchan Ghostie Three Lalala Moocow. I woke up late today. 13 hours of sleep quite nearly. Guess that I just needed it that way. Lots of sleep by Big and Stealth Moocow. College stuff has been the dealt with, starting on Tuesday. We will see how all of it goes and that is what I say now. I'm about done with this blurb tonight, written in an odd manner, but that is how it comes out sometimes. I guess this does not really matter. ^^ Enjoy the comic, please do for me, have a good day and see you in one with another comic to see!

08.23.2002 (August 23rd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here.Woohoo! Finally getting a hold on this server's format. Fixed the counter, as you can tell. Very goodness. ^^ Next up is Comics Sector, but I did some uploading to Captain N Sector because I noticed a severe lack of images there. Oops. :/ Well, it's up and functioning now. In other news, The Shyguy Kingdom is rapidly gaining steam... quite a bit more than I expected. Despite that it's only sprites and only a few MB in total, people have already made it exceed its monthly allotment for bandwidth... of 512 MB. I expected it to exceed that... but not in three days. Wow. Well... enjoy the comic... check out TSGK... but not too much of it... ;P Well... check what you want, I guess: JD said not to worry too much. Have a good day... enjoy the comic (again) and be well! Until tomorrow, I'm off.

08.22.2002 (August 22nd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, my comp's finally switched over to Server #3... at least for the portion. The Forums and Comics Sector seem to still be on #1b... so not sure what's happening there. Hopefully all of that will be fixed soon enough. At any rate, I'll do what I can to fix the problems that are occurring... and hopefully all will be well within a few days. Enjoy the comic, I'll see you again tomorrow.

08.21.2002 (August 21st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I'm currently still seeing what's on Server #1b... and Server #3 is having wonderful little problems with all of it's CGI/Perl stuff that I'm going to need to find out about - although JD told me that he had modified the CGI/Perl so that I could put it anywhere, I'm finding this untrue (I've triple-checked all the scripts to make sure all the folders and locations given are correct) but I'm still having trouble. I'll do what I can. At any rate, I'm working on it as I can.

08.20.2002 (August 20th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well... here comes the server move. As I finish this, I prepare to change's Name Servers... thus switching it over to Server #3. Hopefully there won't be any problems. If there are... I'm not sure what I can do until it can be dealt with. Hopefully there won't be any downtime, although the counters, Forum, and news script for COmics Sector may temporarily go down because of this move. I'm not completely done moving The Shyguy Kingdom... but that's it. I'll be doing that after the Name Servers are changed... and it'll be a few hours for most users before they actually do kick in. Oh, and the spacebar on my keyboard broke. :P going to need to get that fixed. Right now I'm on a much less comfortable keyboard that I think that I type a little faster on but I'm not entirely sure on that point... oh well... we'll see how the fixing of the old one goes and see if I can get it back because of how much nicer it is to type on. If I can't... oh well... this one works. Until tomorrow... or updates on the Server Switch, I'm off!

08.19.2002 (August 19th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. My little bro captured a large number of new queen ants today. I helped him build a few Diet Coke-bottle ant farms/terrariums. Hopefully he'll have fun with them when he returns from a trip to Fargo that he and my parents are taking today and tomorrow. Quite good fun if you're in the mood for it. I'm not greatly so... so I'm not going. ^^ Well, that said... I think I'm going to end this blurb... feeling shortwinded tonight. Until tomorrow... I'm off... and enjoy!

08.18.2002 (August 18th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, another bit of a minimalist Sunday Special. Pchan's been very stressed this week... I think many of us have in one way or another... and he was only able to get one page of manga done for today... but he did his best to make it a well done one. I think that he did that well. In that stream of things, today's episode is entitled "Strolling Thoughts". I also did just a silly little background... just a simple bit of clicks and thoughts. Not a wonderful background... but something just to offer. Enjoy today's comic, my readers and friends. I'll be back tomorrow, as always, with another episode for your enjoyment.

Dawning of a Nightmare

Dawning of a Nightmare

Dawning of a Nightmare

Dawning of a Nightmare

Dawning of a Nightmare
08.17.2002 (August 17th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. And that's something that I think needs to be brought up. I know that I haven't thought of it enough... both in comic and out. It's been a journey of sadness... for getting something to stop someone from dying. It's not been a journey looking at that it's for saving someone's life. And it's that negative view that's overwhelemed all of this, both internally and externally through the comic. That, perhaps, is something that needs to be noticed now.

In more site-related news, though, a server move is coming up. We're on Myrmid's Server #1b, which has a few problems (admittedly) and is the free server of Myrmid that is for it's original customers. Server #2 is for 8-Bit Theater... and #3 is the newest server. It's where is moving. I'm preparing EVERYTHING that I can before this move happens, though, and right now the final parts are beginning. In a few days or less - we have a ten day limit - will be switching. Hopefully this will mean no loss of access for anyone. It shouldn't. If it does... this is a heads-up on it. Be ready for the move... I'll tell you here when it happens.

08.16.2002 (August 16th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Aaaaaaaaaand... anger flares back up in Chris's camp as Lisa and Red begin to resent Chris's seeming superiority complex. Surprisingly Red before Bass (or even perhaps the quiet Dynamo) considering how Red is Chris's friend here on Earth as well. *shrugs* Just an observation. I get a kick seeing how each episode writes itself out... which is sometimes why I am a bit late - I only write the scripts when I have a direction that comes for them... although sometimes that makes us go away from the storyline at hand to visit say, for example, the Met Hat Minions and Mooort. Wow... that was a really unexpected turn. I think that was partially caused by the lack of adequate computer to really do any fun Escher Room episodes... but the writing really wasn't there for them, either. *shrugs again* At any rate, that's how the ball bounces... cookie crumbles... comic forms. Whatever. :P I'm already getting tired again. Pchan has been absent from the channel for quite a bit tonight (Watanga's having to take some meds for something and I think Phoenix is over there still since that's what I've heard from others in channel as being what they were told), but I don't really think I should say much more. Let me just say that if you want to give Watanga your best thoughts... it would be a good thing. It's a bit of what I've been referring to as an "ow-ow". I think a part of me is giving it a more pleasant name so that I don't think of how much of a "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!" it really is. >.< Ow-ness. If Watanga says I can tell you what it is... I will.... but going to give him the option first. Ow. >.<

08.15.2002 (August 15th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Phoenix is already asleep as I type this. He only had two hours of sleep last night... horrible thing to try to survive a day on. Hmm... what else to write? The convenience store that I usually go to is, quite inconveniently, closing today. I'm on a two-liter of caffiene free Diet Coke for now... a two-liter wish caffiene for after sleep. Speaking of sleep, though, I'm actually quite a bit more tired than I should be considering I've only been up for about ten hours... not even... only about nine and a half... Hmm... might actually upload this after a short nap as it's too early still to upload the comic. Well, I also played the two NES games I bought while visiting Pchan and Jakechan in July... Marble Madness and Puss'n'Boots. Did a lot better on Marble Madness than I used to... especially for a fresh run... but Puss'n'Boots... Wow. Too easy of game. Didn't beat it (because I reached an area in NY where these ghost enemies fire when you fire... and I didn't realize that until I lost my last life... and then accidentally chose "Start" instead of "Continue", but not a terribly hard (much closer to terribly easy, actually) game indeed. Well... I'm off to nap... I'll put up the comic when I wake. Have fun... have a good day... be well!

08.14.2002 (August 14th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I flip-flopped my schedule today... so I'm soon to go to sleep. I'm not quite sure what to say besides that I hope you enjoy the comic. I've been doing a lot of sprite capturing lately... Samurai Pizza Cats... did Donkey Kong today... just some various sheets likes that. Well.. I guess that I'll let this blurb be short. Have fun... enjoy the comic... and I'll see you tomorrow. BAI!

08.13.2002 (August 13th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Umm... Tuesday the 13th... okay... updating a little closer to correct time... a lot closer, really... and just pondering what to say. Pchan woke me up... Mooing... he does that, you know... he and the Moocows. Very loud of him, too. *laughs* But I asked him to, so I can't really complain... much. :P I'm still very tired (I went to sleep around 7:00 PM... woke up 9:30 PM.... fell asleep about 40 minutes later again... woke up at around midnight for about 30 seconds when my mom told me it was midnight... then again at 2:20 AM or so when the mooing finally reached me enough to get me up. *yawns* Oh, and I must not forget (AGAIN!). Pchan, as a one-or-two-day belated anniversary present, included the (clickable) image below as a present. However, since we intended to include it as part of the Sunday Special (and I forgot) Pchan's been telling me to get it up. I kept forgetting, however, and now Pchan was here to yell... err... politely request ;P that I include it tonight. Enjoy it! For I am in Moo-Cow colors as Moo-Cow painted me. ^^ So... without further further adieu... I present... SURPRISECHAN!

08.12.2002 (August 12th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Even later today than yesterday... not quite sure why... because what I did totaled eleven hours of sleep. Also... hope you don't horribly mind the animated comic being so large. I worked on it before I slept... all I had to do when I woke up at 6:00 AM was animate it. That took about an hour. I'm uploading HTML first... them Pchan Thingie and the button to access the large version... then the small version... then the large version. I think that's the best order... since that way some of you can see it before everything is up. Enjoy!

08.11.2002 (August 11th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Woke up a bit late today... I was having the strangest dreams. Ones about totalitarian cafeteria people, a friend taking me to a Mega Man Battle Network-like universe through a door in his house and finding the strange little objects there to be sentient, despite a lack of expression... all sorts of stuff like that. When I partially woke up and noticed that "The Crow: Stairway to Heaven" was on Sci-Fi... I realized it was at least 4:00 AM on a Sunday... and thus time for me to get up. Had some other, minor funky dreams, too... but nothing that really sticks. At any rate, for this, the forty-third Sunday Special, I present to you... Episode 371 of N-Fans: The Series... entitled "Into Darkness Fall", Captain N: Tales of Videoland's pages 82 and 83, and Fantella's 19th and 20th pages. All good; all enjoyable. Enjoy them all. It's 6:08 AM... I'll end this now and upload. Sorry for being so late. Hopefully quality forgives.

08.10.2002 (August 10th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I'm not sure what to write about in tonight's blurb again. Oh... spiffy. I just checked the FTP account for TSGK and JD fixed a little problem there. That means I can do an update there later as well. That'll be good. ^^ At any rate, Episodes are writing a bit slow lately but I think I'll be able to break through that with the episodes very soon to come. Enjoy the comic... I'll be back with another tomorrow. Until then, bai!

I should probably make a few notes on the comic for frames 1-3, though... because it looks like they're not getting anywhere. They are. You'll note if you look closely that there are other pathways going off in each of these... just the center area is the same design. Very repetetive area of the Escher Room. -_-

08.09.2002 (August 9th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I'm trying to stray away a bit from the story of those in the Escher Room as watching them run and run and run and run isn't much fun. So... a little bit of the Fifth... which really makes me worried. Van... Moore... having a half-civilized conversation? Wow... didn't expect that to come out when I started typing. Oh well... it's how the episode felt it should come together, so that's how it is. Sorry for being so late (nearly 4:00 AM as I prepare to finish this blurb and upload): there was a big nasty storm earlier while I was sleeping - it knocked out the power, including my connection to channel where I could be mooved (no, that's how I meant to spell that) to awake from my slumber. Well, that ends this blurb, I think... all to mention left is that I have another update ready for TSGK... but I need to get JD to fix something again before I can do it. That account seems to enjoy going on the fritz.

08.08.2002 (August 8th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I slept a little later than I wanted to today... until about 2:30 AM. It's an hour later and the comic's about to go up, though, so I think that that's not to bad in terms of time. Well, today I have something big... it's not directly related to the comic but it's big. As Pchan notes, I completed a new layout... and complete revamp... total checking, etc., etc. of The Shyguy Kingdom. About 20-25 hours of work doing all of it. I also did some single sprite -> spritesheet conversions. I'm not sure if Zeusguy or any of the others still remain to work on that site. Hopefully some do. I'll be back tomorrow, N-fans and Squareds, have a good night. Check out The Shyguy Kingdom if you have time, too. ^^

08.07.2002 (August 7th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I did some wonderful work yesterday - both on a website I'm working on revising and on mIRCstats. For the website, I've just been working on converting all sorts of things to the new format... for the mIRCstats (which just popped up), I've created a little script so that they auto-generate... and don't even show up on my screen anymore (just the start menu), which makes them absolutely wonderful. A grand thing. Well, I'm off for the night, then. Until tomorrow, I'm off!

08.06.2002 (August 6th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Four score, less seventy-nine years ago, a bit of boredom and a lot of need brought about something, although previously done in other sorts of forms, was greatly needed for a community of people known as the "N-fans". This small, rag-tag group of people had been together for years, although admittedly more of them had likely been spent apart than together. Now, though, they were spread apart. They needed a way to be brought back together and to bring more into their fold that would be worthy of being known as N-fans. In order to encourage this new era, a comic - a sprite comic - was chosen as the best method by which this goal could be obtained. Now, four score less seventy-nine years later, we are a thriving community. We are full of wonderful people: people worth talking to. Although there will likely always be more quiet users than talking ones, and always some users not talking to in either and both, this community is one of the best that has ever been known to exist in the history of people known as the N-fans. Good night, my N-fans, my Squareds, and all that read my words. Thank you and good night.

08.05.2002 (August 5th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. A little bit of a strange Pchan Thingie, but it's something, for the sake of someone in the IRC channel, needs to be said. If you read this today... you know who you are. *sighs* At any rate, today is the final day of the first year of N-Fans! And quite a bit of a Year 1 finale, as well! Well, I think so, at least. :P Well... we've been through a lot... both in the comic and outside of it... and today, like every other day, comes with new adventures and missions... goals and tasks... triumphs and tribulations. I've not missed one day yet... and I don't intend to any time soon. I hope that you all enjoy today's episode. I'll be back tomorrow with another... and every day after for many more to come. Thank you, my friends, my N-fans, my squareds, my family, for staying with me for this long. I promise you that you will not be disappointed for keeping along. Until tomorrow, I'm off. I have a picture of my dad to try to spruce up before 8:00 AM... a little thing for Billboard. Hopefully I can get it to look right. I bet I can. Good night, everyone. Until tomorrow, goodbye.

08.04.2002 (August 4th, 2002 CE):

N-finity here. Well, today's Sunday Special is not *shock* animated. This is because tomorrow's episode *dual-shock* is. :P Probably in some ways a nice change. Lot less loading on a Sunday and then only the comic tomorrow... so you won't have to wait as long if you're not above 56K. At any rate, for this Sunday Special, the Douglas Adam's of Sunday Specials. Enjoy! Oh! And today's episode of N-Fans is "Connection Broken", Fantella has pages 17 and 18, and Captain N: Tales of Videoland is pages 80 and 81. ENJOY!
08.03.2002 (August 3rd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, it was the processor. Right in front of me right now is ECO-2, which has been built out of a few parts of ECO-1's non-storage parts and a lot of new ones. Hopefully ECO-1 will ride again someday, but we'll have to see how that goes. As for this, though, ECO-2 is a wonderful AMD-based system, running a 1.4 Ghz Athlon XP 1600+ (The 1600+, for those of you that didn't know this, is NOT a reference to the clock speed of the chip. It's actually a measurement... and if memory serves it's basically readable as "as comparable to a Pentium 4 of 1.6 Ghz"). She's been running smoothly... haven't really messed with the BIOS or anything yet so that I can truly call the system mine and feel aquainted with it, though. Hmm... what else can I say about her? Well... since I'm not much for PC games, I can't really test the new chip that way. As far as all of that goes, many things are subtle... but once you notice you're happy with. For example, it used to take a small fraction of a second to do a flip or ninety degree rotation to a text line. Now, however, the action is perceptually instantaneous. A little thing, but quite nice. mIRCStats, which is used for the generation of the channel stats, is also noticably faster. Considering it can take four to six minutes to generate the overall timeframe statistics... that's quite a good thing to have sped up a bit. Well, I'm off for tonight... and I'll be back tomorrow. Not sure if I'll be doing that animated or not (I know... I know... but I have an episode that I don't think will fit as animated that needs to be tomorrow), but I think you'll like it anyway. Until then, then, I'm off! Bai!

08.02.2002 (August 2nd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay... new processor and mobo should be arriving today. I'll be doing testing as to see what did go wrong and hopefully we'll have it all up and good by sometime late tomorrow. If not, I'll begin to really worry. ;p But seriously... not sure what to talk about tonight so I'll cut this blurb short. Enjoy the comic, N-fans and Squareds. I'll be back tomorrow. Same N-Time, Same N-Place. I'm so lame.

08.01.2002 (August 1st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Ever had that nightmare where you just can't wake up from it? You know it's a nightmare... you know it's not real... you even know what's going to happen next... but you can't wake up from it? That's about where I am with my computer right now... except I know that it's real. Okay... better give you guys an update.

Okay, got all the computer parts. They were all happy... all good. Cleared an area... got the parts out. Processor... check. Okay... make sure the pins are aligned... okay, in... locked. Fan... god I hate these things... okay... let's look here... closely... closely... okay, that's the right way to hook it up! Okay... now to lock it. DAMMIT! Okay, maybe if I turned it around I could get it to lock... Okay... screwdriver into that notch made for pushing the fan down to lock... OKAY! Oh... bloody hell... it's backwards... Okay... okay... it's okay... just get it too release... OH BLOODY HELL! Okay... the chip has a little scratch... maybe it's okay... maybe it'll work... please work... please... okay... fan... right spot... good. Okay... now the RAM... okay... good... and the fan plugged in... good... and the CD-ROMs... and the hard drive... and the video card... good... good... good... Okay... PLEASE!!!! PLEASE!!!! Please! Just work... Please... work... work... Okay... power on... lights flashing as they- ... ... ... Crap. No... display... Oh... bloody... hell... *phone dialing* Well dad, the computer parts all came today... all of them were good... and then I knicked the chip.

The good news...? There's a 7-Day return policy for no questions... Thank the gods for that. Hopefully I'll be with a new processor... and hopefully not needing another new motherboard for some god-awful reason... Thursday.

Hope for me, guys, because if I have to spend more money... I'm going to start having trouble finding it... and that means I might have to ask for- *shudder* -donations. Let's all hope that I don't have to do that.


07.31.2002 (July 31st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well... I did it. I finally got my permit. Yay. Eightteen years and some odd months and I finally did it. :P I'm so lazy. *laughs* Yay for me. At any rate, I've been tracking my coming computer parts (which for some reason are being shipped as two packages instead of one) as best I can with FedEx's unfortunately unreliable service. Their tracking had one of my boxes in Los Angeles for almost a day and then suddenly magically appear as leaving Minneapolis. -_- Not impressive considering the other package actually listed as leaving Oakland (although it magically went from LA to Oakland, this was not such a magical leap as LA to Minneapolis) and even arriving in the Twin Cities. Argh. Not good service be that, says I. Oh well... as long as my parts are fine and work... I'll be happy. They should be here before 7:00 PM today... so as long as that's true... I'll be happy. If it's not... I'll be expected some sort of reimbursement by FedEx... because I need these things to do the comic properly... especially for the next few days. Two hours for a forty-minute comic is too much extra time. Next few days are going to be closer to 90 minute comics... I do NOT want to do those on 350 Mhz. I guess that handles all of these things that I need to speak of fairly well. I should likely expect to have the comic be a little later than normal, but that'll be because of working with the computer to get everything up and happy again... as well as the extended length of the comic. I did think of another thing I could mention right now... but it's not mine to mention. Perhaps Pchan'll mention it in a Pchan Thingie. Well then, I'm off. Until tomorrow, night!

07.30.2002 (July 30th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I'm amazed I was about to do this advanced (it may not look it... but there's a lot more layers of sprites there than in many of my comics) of comic in only about an hour and a half on this PC. *yawns* Also while I'm this tired. Not sure why, either. I woke up at noon... it's only 13 hours after that as I type this and I'm about ready to pass out. *yawns* Semi-busy day, though, which some more comp work... actually buying parts... worrying about crap like that... All sorts of things... which brings me to another point: Emerald. Em's been around since the early day's of N-Fans, but tonight his Internet access is being cut off. We'll miss you, Em... don't leave us for too long... please. We'll miss you... and good night.

Five Minutes Later... Erk... I forgot and Pchan reminded me. *yawns* Pchan Comic made. It was made in anticipation of the next few days being off scheduled a bit, but I'm back on schedule now... at least for now... so we include it in this update as a bonus! I hope that you enjoy it. Zzz.......

07.29.2002 (July 29th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well... this is Videoland, after all. But seriously... thought a little look at where the Met Hat Minions and Mooort had gone would be a good thing for one of the eps I'm doing here on Cookie. Oh! I didn't explain why I called it Cookie 'Crumbs'. I did so because Cookie is out of her case right now. She is a nude computer. Easiest way to make modifications on the fly because the case Cookie has is VERY hard to work with. Oh, I should also update on the fixing of ECO-1. Well... ECO-1's motherboard, as previously stated, has been declared dead. As such, a new motherboard has been purchased. Although I purchased from, I did most of my searching on Tiger Direct. Saved about 16% by not buying from them, though. :P But anyway... here's what I bought (links send to page on TigerDirect so you can see the parts/specs):

Motherboard: Shuttle AK31A 266MHz DDR Socket A Motherboard ($59.00)
Processor: AMD Athlon XP 1600+ Processor ($69.00)
CPU Fan: ThermalTake Volcano 6 Cu AMD Athlon up to XP 2100+ ($11.00)
RAM: Kingston 256MB PC2100 DDR Memory (266Mhz) 184 Pin ($69.00)

And that's what I've purchased. It's a little over $200... about $230 with shipping... but since I got more than I expected (I expected $200 PLUS cost of RAM), I'm happy with all of it. Going to be a lot faster comp, too... which makes me VERY happy. Well, I'll either have a comic at midnight or else one of Pchan's Adventures. ^^ You haven't seen those. You'll like them. ^^

07.28.2002 (July 28th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here, working on Cookie 'Crumbs'. Well, when it comes to computers and not missing a day on this comic, I'm damn stubborn. This means that, although ECO-1 is dead... the comic does go on... even if nearly 23 hours late! HA! You can't say that I've missed a day! *proud pose* Well, the next few comics are going to be interesting to do. I'll give you some stats on my normal ECO-1 and Cookie in her current state (which is about as souped up as I can do right now) and perhaps you'll see why I say that.
ECO-1 Cookie
Operating System Windows XP Windows ME
Processor Intel Celeron 700 Mhz* AMD K6 333 Mhz
RAM 256 MB 160 MB
Hard Drives 20 GB (OS/Programs)
60 GB (Storage)
2 GB (OS/Programs)
20 GB (Programs/Storage)
*Overclocked to 872 Mhz
And that about covers the PCs. Perhaps I should mention, though, the extent to which ECO-1's parts have been tested and the diagnosis that has evolved from this testing. Well... we first though processor or video card... because no signs of life on monitor... little on the PC itself beyond the normal whirr. Took the processor down to my dad's work. It worked... returned home. Later went back with video card... tested... it even worked... went back. Had earlier tested RAM... found a stick that seemed to have gone bad there but no definate prognosis so just removing for now... but one definate problem was found... the mobo... because that's the only part that hasn't been tested and found to be working. Everything else, from power supply, to CD-ROM, to processor to video card to little cooling fan... all work. Looks like I'm going to need a new mobo... and might as well get a new processor while I'm at it because 872 Mhz Celerons are a bit slow for what I am doing with this comp nowadays... and probably have to get some RAM to get everything to work right... *sighs* Anyone have some excessively expandable motherboard suggestions that they could give? If you do... post something on the CN Forums because, for now, my e-mail's not going to be accessed. I'll see you later for Episode 358. Expect it around noon. Pchan and I might work out some strange sort of schedule so that checking around midnight is worth it still. His Pchan Adventures are so fun. ^^ But I digress and I need to sleep soon. Until later... I'm off.

07.28.2002 (July 28th, 2002 CE):
N-finity half-here with Pchan updating for me. Well, ECO-1, my core comp, went boom today. I was supposed to be asleep about seven hours ago. I'm afraid that, because of the crash, the episode is not quite ready yet. All I need to do is animate it and position the text boxes during animation to finish it up. Hopefully I'll be able to have that done by around 3:00 PM this afternoon. Any earlier just isn't realistic right now. There are two possibilities that are reasonable for what has failed in my computer: the processor and the motherboard. The video card was considered a possibility, but because of how the computer is not making beeps after I've removed the video card (as it normally would be), this possibility has been eliminated. The floppy and CD-ROM drives are likewise non-responsive: no flashing lights whatsoever. Therefore, the processor and the motherboard are the only logical possibilities. The processor, after talking with White Vampire and cypress for a bit, is considered the most likely possibility at this point because of how I've had to constantly keep it overclocked in order to get programs to function to an acceptable extent. It's possible, however, that it is the mobo in which case I'll have to get a new one which means that I won't be at even 70% functionality until Tuesday. If it is the processor, however, I should be able to get a new one by Monday at the latest. However, the main problem right now is figuring out where I can salvage up a Celeron/Pentium III that I can test with... right now... ECO-1 is blank... she shows no response to my treatments. Until later, my friends, my readers, I'm off. I'll hopefully be at 15% functionality soon. Until then, however, Pchan will be doing the updates and I'll be trying to get everything done. Thank you for your understanding. Today's episode and Fantella, if Pchan has been able to get it done, will be up this afternoon as soon as possible. I'm sorry... I really am. Be well... and wish me luck.

07.27.2002 (July 27th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I slept again soon after I finished up the update... so I'm actually only now soon to go to sleep. I'm not sure what else to say... maybe I'll think of something more before I put this up. I'll be back tomorrow if I don't add anything to this. Enjoy the comic. Night!

Oh! I thought of something! The pictures from my trip down to see Pchan and Jakechan! Some of them were a bit dark on scan and I couldn't get them to look good... but quite a few of them I could... so here they are! 07.26.2002 (July 26th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Sorry, guys... very later again. I was having an AWESOME dream about a huge sea-based facility that was full of civilians that were a variety of human. I somehow was part of a group that wasn't of this variety and, to get past a military group to find something that was further below where civilians were allowed, had developed a gaseous system that caused these humans to pass out. There was also a thing in this with Matt Bohrer, a friend of mine that I haven't talked to in years. He and I did not get along in that dream. :/ Did not end well for that part. But the rest of my dream was utterly amazing... and lasted a long time because I half woke up a few times... different shows on TV (which usually is playing in the background) each time. Very cool dream. Couldn't wake myself from it. Hope you understand.

07.25.2002 (July 25th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well... at least I'm remembering why this guy bugs me. Oh well. Yeah, I'm late again... my sleeping schedule is being evil... keep on switching between a few different patterns. I'll hopefully have it fixed in a few days. In other news... had a funky dream. Weird crud... a Metroid-like game that was played more like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night or Circle of the Moon. Can't remember details... but I was glad to have a save/reload... because those winged things that were attacks me were a REAL pain. That's about all I have to say, though, so I think I'll take off for now... work on the chat stats after I take a bath and get some soda or something. Until later!

07.24.2002 (July 24th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Who else would call for help in a place like this, huh? Well... probably a lot of people... but they're not there. :P Okay... don't really have anything to blurb about tonight. I've been offering some hosting to comics... been chewed out by a guy I was going to offer hosting to because of how I noted errors in an e-mail he sent to me requesting linking that would decrease (seriously) his chances of being linked. Trying to help the dude. Oh well, maybe he'll still accept the offer. In other news, Pchan got Photoshop a few weeks ago and is starting to learn to CG. I know he didn't send this to me to do this... but I think it's pretty good, especially for like his third attempt, so I'm going to show my Pchan buns' work. Click here to see it! ^^

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