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07.23.2002 (July 23rd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Sorry for being so late! I just slept and slept and woke up at about 6:25 AM to Digimon. SORRY! But I also am rushing this even now because JonFields is going off on vacation and I want him to see the episode before he leaves. So, I end the blurb now! Have fun! Please understand! Bai!

07.22.2002 (July 22nd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Woke up 2:30 AMish. Bit late to have the comic on time but I think that the comic worked out well so I guess that's okay. Not much of anything to say tonight. I've been doing some work on Comics Sector as well as Phoenix's Mangas, to which not only Captain N: Tales of Videoland has been updated but Fantella: Zombie Fighter and Legendra have been added. At any rate, enjoy the comic... have fun! Until tomorrow, I'm off!

07.21.2002 (July 21st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, a few extra things tonight due to it being a Sunday Special. First off, there's today's episode, entitled "The Haunting, Part 6: Return to Consciousness". Additionally, there are pages 76 and 77 of Captain N: Tales of Videoland, as well as pages 15 and 16 of Fantella. Furthermore, since I found that I liked the border that I made for tonight's comic, I decided to use it as a little bonus as well. The background is available by clicking on the images below or in the N-Fans Squareds Section or by clicking the left part of the border. Enjoy them all. Until tomorrow, I'm off. BAI!

Dawning of a Nightmare

Dawning of a Nightmare

Dawning of a Nightmare

Dawning of a Nightmare

Dawning of a Nightmare
07.20.2002 (July 20th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Wow. I slept nearly 15 hours today. Felt QUITE good. Really needed caffiene when I woke up, though. :P Fortunately, there was caffiene and I was saved. As for now, though, I think I'm going to go and relax some. Enjoy the comic... nice to see my group again... and tomorrow we'll see where everything goes. Until later, bai!

07.19.2002 (July 19th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay... so three hours late. :P I've also been working on the comic for about that long. Wanted to get all the elements just right... also needed to capture some sprites and stuff. Okay, my sleeping schedule has rotated due to last night's bout of insomnia. The problem is that I operate on about on a sleeping cycle that humans naturally fall into when not sleeping by the sun: a 25 hour one. This means that, instead of approaching normal hours, I'm going to be on funky hours again... which is not what it wanted. Oh well. It'll work out. Night, N-fans, Squareds! Until tomorrow!

07.18.2002 (July 18th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. No idea what to write tonight. I've had a bought of insomnia and such I've been up nearly 24 hours as I write this. I'm going to pass this file on to Pchan as I'll have updated everywhere else that needs to be immediately. He's welcome to write here if he wants to add anything. Perhaps that'd be a good thing... *yawns* Ni-ni.

07.17.2002 (July 17th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Yeah, I'm late tonight. The good news is this: Cerulean Studios has made a patch for those suffers the problems that I am. I'll upload it in a bit for those here that use Trillian and have suffered such problems. Just download this aim.dll here and replace the old one in your Trillian directory. Also make sure that you're running Trillian v.73. I hope that that works for those of you experiencing these problems. Also, note the images below! Pchan's been wanting a background with all of his friends; now he has one! Enjoy, N-fans, Squareds, friends, and family! Until tomorrow, bai! (And yes... tomorrow will be back to this latest mini-arc.)





07.16.2002 (July 16th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, time for a well deserved AOL Time Warner bashing. Okay, guys, get this: I'm currently suffering malicious attacks from AOL Time Warner. No, not a user of the hideous AOL service: when I say AOL Time Warner, I mean it. That's right. Multi-billion dollar company AOL Time Warner is attacking me. No, I'm not delusional. It's actually happening. Download Trillian and log into your AIM accounts and you'll see what I mean. The program crashes. If a user did that to me, that would be called a 'malicious attack' and would be considered illegal. Technically, I could press charges against AOL Time Warner for this. I'm sure a lot of other Trillian users feel similarly. Now, I must give perspective: AOL Time Warner does not like their AIM service to be used by the more secure, more reliable, less bloated Trillian program. They prefer users to use their bloated, annoying, ugly AIM service directly. This, for a user like me who, as I run a website and wish to keep all avenues of correspondance open that I can, is unacceptable. Therefore, instead of using five IM services with five programs (IRC, AIM, MSN, Y!IM, and ICQ), I use two: mIRC for IRC and Trillian for the other four when I want to be on them. Other services, including Yahoo! and Microsoft's Instant Messenger/Hotmail, have even helped Trillian by announcing updates to Cerulean Studios (creators of Trillian) before they happen to avoid disrupting service. AIM, on the other hand, has had its people search for minor errors and ways of differentiating between AIM and Trillian users. Previous attempts have been made by knocking Trillian users off of AIM (while NOT doing the same for other similiar programs that use the AIM services but not the program), but this newest attack goes farther. Upon connect, it adds new users to the list, PleaseUpgrade000, PleaseUpgrade001, PleaseUpgrade002, PleaseUpgrade003, and other users which use characters that Trillian cannot interpret. This causes Trillian to crash. These users are not added with AIM in any version. I've been checking. This is a malicious attack. This is AOL Time Warner versus Trillian. This is AOL Time Warner versus me. For those of you using AOL out there, be forewarned: An attack on Trillian is an attack on me. If the company you give your money to does not stop using malicious, illegal attacks upon me, I will begin to block AOL users from the Forums, the IRC channel, and the site itself and replace them for such users with a message explaining what has happened. This is an unreasonable reaction, but what AOL Time Warner is doing is even more unreasonable. AOL users, contact your "Technical Support". Many of them may not yet even be legally yet able to work or have the slightest clue as to what they are doing, but if you want this site to remain here for you, you're going to have to fight back against such actions.

07.15.2002 (July 15th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Wow. I'm happy with how the comic turned out tonight. Didn't take much longer than the normal four-frame comic and turned out a lot better, I think. At any rate, I don't really have much of anything to say tonight. I think I'll try to get a sound card sometime this week so I can capture sound properly. Well, with that said, I think I'll cut this blurb short and head on out! Be back tomorrow with another comic! BAI!

07.14.2002 (July 14th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, before I do my blurb, I need to give a bit of info to those that might have a comic in Comics Sector or otherwise be hosted: JD accidentally changed all the ownership rights to root tonight while he was working on something. He is correcting it as he can, but if you're in the need to update, e-mail him at and tell him your user and where you are located at and I'm sure he'll get you done as quickly as possible. Okay, now I can progress to the actual blurb.
Wow. I slept late today. Fell asleep at around 8:20 AM... got up around 9:15 PM. Quite more than I expected. Had some awesome dreams, mostly relating to small distortions between real life and the comic or distortions in space. Fun stuff. I've been having just absolutely wonderful dreams since I returned from Tennessee. I had them while I was down there, too. Nice change from what it used to be: I used to never remember my dreams. Oh, I also played a little of Golden Sun, a GBA RPG of my little brother's, tonight. It was strange. I thought the batteries were new... played it to a point where I first encounter these two beings, they say something about how they will help my characters forget... and then, just as the female sent her first attack and it hits... GameBoy shuts off. VERY funky to see. Well... that's about as much as I have to say for tonight. Hope that you enjoy the comic, even if it is a bit late. Couldn't be helped with my getting up about seven hours later than I intended to. Later, N-fans and Squareds!

07.13.2002 (July 13th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Oh! Pchan's Pchan Thingie reminded me of something we did on the day before I came home. ^^ Cupcakes. ^^ All three of us, Jakechan, Pchan, and myself, made yummy Pchan Cupcakes. Strawberry frosting. Rainbow Sprinkles. Ultra-nummy. They were almost half gone by the time we went to sleep... wait... there wasn't really much sleep that night... Pchan and I just stayed up, watched shows, talked, played a little SSBM... all sorts of stuff like that, Jakechan stayed late, too... but he had to go home for a bit to sleep so he could pick me up in the morning. *giggles* We were nearly even late for that still anyway. Oh, that was a wonderful night. I really wish that I could still be with Jakechan and Phoenix... I miss them so much. Soon enough I will return. I shall return. Hard to find a time more wonderful than that which was with them.

07.12.2002 (July 12th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Ahh, the fun of making fun of your own comic. Sorry, every once in awhile I get MST3K-like thoughts about the comic. I usually hold them back. I got the urge tonight... decided "Hey, why not?" and did it. Hope you like that. :p As for other things, I've found out that I need a new sound card to capture properly. The on-board one sucks when it's not playing back on itself and the PCI one I have doesn't work under XP. Evil Aztech and their decision to drop 90% of their product support. They shall perish! At any rate, I'm off for now. Later, and enjoy!

07.11.2002 (July 11th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, since Pchan and I both bought capture cards on my visit to see he and Jakechan, we've been having fun playing around with them. I've been bouncing back and forth between a few programs, finding what I like best for each. So far, PowerVCR II v3.0 Deluxe (Say that five times fast!) is winning for capturing, PowerDirector 2.0 Standard (might actually get Pro eventually) for editing MPEGs, and Ulead DVD Workshop for menu design for the VCDs. Hmm... depending on how this goes I might actually be able to fit entire tapes of the SMB Super Show on mini-CDs (the 22 or 25 minute variety) as well as Captain N. My SMBSS comes first, though, for I want them to be preserved as they're official releases. Also handier since all but one of my SMB3/Captain N tapes is at my father's work. :P Need to get him to bring those back here once I'm done with the SMBSS... Hmm... lots of things to capture... so little time to do the actual capturing in. Well, I'm off for tonight. Be well, my friends, N-fans, and Squareds! Bai!

07.10.2002 (July 10th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Wow. That's disturbing. I put a Cold Mint Listerine strip on my lip accidentally instead of my tounge... then took it out. It was turning into a mist. Kinda disturbing to see that happen in front of your eyes, then realize that that's what's happening when you put it into your mouth. Still quite nummy stuff, though. Okay... what can I say? Did the first soda run since my return... 9 minutes... which is about a minute slow. Not too bad for my first one since my return for a week without it, though... so not bad. But what else? I'm also working on trying to get the video capture card to reach 100% success. It's at about 65% of what I want it to be, but I'm sure I can get it up to 90% if I work on it without much trouble, then tweek it up to 100% within a few weeks more work. I just need to get Cookie (Computer #2) up and functional so I can do mIRC there while I capture. Wish I had a faster processor, too. :P Oh well. I can do it to AVI... then AVI to MPEG... and that'll work. Oh... *blushes* The Pchan Thingie was what Pchan wanted it to be. Not total self-gratification in doing it. *blushes* Until tomorrow, N-fans, Squareds, friends and family, bai!

07.09.2002 (July 9th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Oops. ._. I woke up at 3:00 PM. I was VERY tired, methinks. ._. At any rate, the episode IS done now, along with a Pchan Thingie, of course. There's also something I wish to talk about which is happiness for all of us: my computer. I bought a capture card while I was away, So I'll soon be capturing all of my videos to MPEG-1 in the NTSC VCD standard. Yay. ^^ Also, I broke down after dealing with a decent mouse at Pchan's and bought a new mouse. My old mouse would barely scroll up. -_- Took forever to do the comic sometimes because of that. The new one is a nice pretty Logitech optical mouse. More than I wanted to spend but definately worth it. And there, I end the blurb. I'll talk to all of you again soon! Bai!

07.09.2002 (July 9th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Very tired. Will update comic after I wake up... so somewhere between seven AM and noon. I do like my uptime, though. :P

07.08.2002 (July 8th, 2002 CE):
Webbychan and Pchan here, with Watanga giving foot-rubbies. We just finished watching "The Return of Captain Invincible", one of the funniest and most cult-status-worthy movies that I have ever seen. You see, it involves a super-hero on the down and out and his rerise to hero-dom. It's not a musical, as Pchan just called it, but they do burst into song quite a bit. Lots of scenes where other things burst out, too. :P But that's beyond the point. It does have musical aspects, though, but kind of that "Why are you singing" sort of musical feel to it. Very spiffilicious. Okay... as for the episode title... I... umm... can't QUITE remember it. I don't have my list of episode titles with me so I've been having to remember them off the top of my head. To this point, I've been able to. :P Just consider... Oh... I remember the episode title! "Adam... Stout?" I believe it was... Well, it works, I guess. :P I'll check when I get home. Yeah... that's today... ;_; I'm sad about that but I will be returning to Tennessee when it becomes possible. Hopefully soon! OH! We made cupcakes. It was wonderful. They were wonderful. Today has been wonderful. Be well, my friends. Pchan's having a laughing fit. I'm worried. I think that something's gotten to him... maybe the cupcakes. Bai-bai! Until tomorrow!

07.07.2002 (July 7th, 2002 CE):
Webbychan and Pchan here. We are tuckered out. Can you not tell this from the Pchan Thingie? PCHAN HERE!!! We have been busy, so it is not really a Sunday Special as such, but it is still special because it is N-FANS THE SERIES!!! And Webbychan and me and Jakechan had a nice wine and pasta for dinner and Jakechan, the Lord Watanga, did cookings. And we got Moocows today!!! Lovely Moocows, who are love. This is such a funfun weekchan!!! I am tired though. Webbychan is also tired, and so we must go and rest at last. But it will be a funderful day tomorrow, la poohtahtoes das booo porflontors. BAAAAAAIIIIII!!!!!!

07.06.2002 (July 6th, 2002 CE):
Webbychan and Pchan here. Well, both the good and the bad today. Tired and hot and sweaty are we, who are now two where once was three. You see, Jakechan was here and he left... then he knocked on Pchan window. His car battery was dead and evilness. We had no flashlight. I had no shoes to on while holding candle for light and was on rocks. It was evilness. Jakechan finally accepted the use of Pchan GO! for the night in order to drive home. Goodness, though, was the finalization of the working of the video capture card, which now functions wonderfully, especially for $49.95. We shall likely be picking one up for myself before finishing tomorrow/today's visit to Maryville to see the flea market and Big Lots there. Hopefully good things will be found. Hmm... what all to say besides that... not quite sure, honestly. Pchan wants to note that I farted, which I did. I didn't mean to. ;-; I was about to laugh and it came out instead. ._. I sowwy. OH! I also FINALLY found Marble Madness for the NES today/yesterday! I wuv Marble Madness! I also bought Puss'n'Boots, which is another NES game and one which is the basis for Once Upon A Time Machine, a wonderful Season 2 episode of Captain N. Jon Fields has it on his fserv if you want to check it out for yourselves. IRC channel... blah blah blah... you know the drill. :P At any rate, my time remaining here this visit is short but I shall enjoy it while I can for it is my time and it is wonderful. Jakechan and Phoenix have been so wonderful to me. I am so happy to be here. ^^

07.05.2002 (July 5th, 2002 CE):
Webbychan and Pchan here and even WATANGA! Pchan and I had to buy a modem for his grandfather's computer today. We ended up also getting a video capture card along with these things. We haven't tested it out much (three hours of work on getting it to work was enough for this Webbychan) but it was fun and good after it was done, although Pchan was discouraged by the non-instant functionality of the ordeal. I guess Pchan is being quiet in terms of blurbing though, and Jakechan - Pchan says that he's not but he kinda is - Jakechan is not talking right now. He is staring at Pchan as if he is going to eat him. He's laughing now. All is fairly well and it is. I yawn. I stretch. I go. Until tomorrow, bai-bai!

07.04.2002 (July 4th, 2002 CE):
Webbychan and Pchan here. Today we see Powerpuff Girls movie! It was love. I was nervous that it would be too serious, but it was good-good, and the love. Jakechan and Webbychan and Pchan go out and lots of places, and it was love. Jakechan is the hero of the universe! Webbychan is puutaakha buns, and Pchan IS the buns. Found Spice Girls poster at UT bookstore and MOTO BRAIN at Green Earth Emporium. And there was much heat and sweating as we walked in heat, and power was out for a while because of big bad lightning storm blorphig las pantalones del watangor. AND FOUND GS MIKAMI! Which is where Pink Ghosties come from, from the SNES game. There was much puutaakha happy. And Raven-doll, who is love and wears black panties. And the Hello Kitty Pocky melted and turned into pockyblob, and we ate it all as one. BLORPHIG!!

07.03.2002 (July 3rd, 2002 CE):
Webbychan and Pchan here. We have been exhausted today. A lazy day. A day where not much productive things come to effect and boudicca. Pchan says there is Kitty. We are eating tortilla chips. There is a picture with butterflies - nude ones - on Pchan's wall. The power went out here earlier, there was very loud thunder that shook the floor. Moocow says hi. Nadeshiko says moo. They are nude. Pchan and I are going to go do things unproductive but fun now. Enjoy episode! Ni-ni to those that sleep, good morning to those that wake, and ku-ku-ka-chu to those that are the Walrus. WUV-WUV! Bai!

07.02.2002 (July 2nd, 2002 CE):
Webbychan and Pchan here. I currently have Moocow on my head and Nadeshiko Moocow on my leg. Moocow is balancing... barely. I commend his bravery for staying on such a - Nadeshiko just kissed my hand while trying to help me type - such an unstable perch. I am very tired. So is he. I am in the Pchan house. We went to Karaoke thingie-place tonight. Sun Karaoke. It was fun. Jakechan and I did AWESOME on "Impossible Dream", which is from the "Man of La Mancha" score. Ijat, I'm handing the words to the Pchan now. He speaketh thusly: Blorphig belocche pants. He's stranger in real life. No Pchan Thingie, yes, I know. Very tiredness and is not done. No Photoshop right now, either. I sleepie soon. Need go bai-bai. Be well. - Webbychan the Weebychan

07.01.2002 (July 1st, 2002 CE):
N-finity on the go.

06.30.2002 (June 30th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, tomorrow is the big day. I'm off to see Pchan. I'll be updating the comic... rushing a few things I need to finish up... then I'll be off. First time flying in quite awhile... like since I was younger than two. I just hope everything goes well. I'm going to meet Jakechan (Watanga) at the airport. Pchan was very excited, he forgot something until the end of the week as well: the mangas. That's why there's only Captain N: Tales of Videoland and no Fantella: he simply didn't have time for both. At any rate, I'm excited, anxious, scared. I can't wait. ^^ Oh, and before I forget: the episode is entitled "After A Rest/Entry" and Captain N: Tales of Videoland is pages 72-73. Enjoy all. Until tomorrow, I'm off!

06.29.2002 (June 29th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Sorry-sorry-sorry-sorry-sorry-SORRY-SORRY! I just realized that I had forgotten to upload the episode! PLEEEEEEEASE forgive me. I'm so sorry. It's been one of those nights where my mind is wandering. *sighs* Please... forgive. Thank you. Two days until Pchan and Jakechan. I will see you tomorrow.

06.28.2002 (June 28th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I had a strange dream tonight... I'll cut from the IRC logs and put it here.
(@Cap_N-SLEEPING) Wow.
(@Cap_N-SLEEPING) That was a dream.
(@Cap_N-SLEEPING) I had a dream about going to the library.
(@Cap_N-SLEEPING) I leave the library one way, but for some reason I go back in.
(@Cap_N-SLEEPING) At the other end, the library had been destroyed.
(@Cap_N-SLEEPING) There was all sorts of damage...
(@Cap_N-SLEEPING) Cops and such...
(@Cap_N-SLEEPING) ...myself and the people I'm with leave... there's damage and small patches of fire everywhere...
(@Cap_N-SLEEPING) ...then I see the main damge... entire front of building... destroyed/melted.
(@Cap_N-SLEEPING) I go home, to sleep.
(@Cap_N-SLEEPING) Next day turns Hamtaro-style.
(@Cap_N-SLEEPING) So Ham-Hams are in a boat. They eat all sorts of things... then a cop-hamham comes.
(@Cap_N-SLEEPING) They (the Ham-Hams) ask about yesterday's things.
(@Cap_N-SLEEPING) Switch to a slow-motion video of what happened yesterday.
(@Cap_N-SLEEPING) It starts with a bird flying a parabola. which has smoke appear during the end of it.
(@Cap_N-SLEEPING) The bird was an eagle.
(@Cap_N-SLEEPING) Out of the smoke, a man leaps out, attacks guards.
(@Cap_N-SLEEPING) They attack, he flies up into the air, you can see jet-thingies on the bottom of his feet.
(@Cap_N-SLEEPING) In mind: "OH CRAP!"
(@Cap_N-SLEEPING) Then, the eagle reappears mutating into a robot.
(@Cap_N-SLEEPING) Repeat "Oh crap!" over and over in mind.
(@Cap_N-SLEEPING) My final thought: "The supervillians have finally arrived... and the superheroes are nowhere in sight."
(@Cap_N-SLEEPING) Then someone beeped me. :P
(@Cap_N-SLEEPING) I think the dream was ending/I was waking, too.
Strange dreams.

06.27.2002 (June 27h, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Yes, a silly little episode. ^^ Pchan wanted Tentchan. He got tentchan. ^^ Okay, only a few more touchups and the next area's background is gone. We'll see how that goes. This morning I'll be going to get my checks cashed and some other stuff done in preparation for the trip. Fun. ^^ Enjoy the comic, I'll be getting further ahead tomorrow so that the trip is with little work. Enjoy!

06.26.2002 (June 26th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I've been working on maps for the next area today. It's going to be fun... but I think that I have about five or six more hours of work before it shall be done. Therefore, Sunday's episode is the last I have finished. Seven more episodes after that to go. I'll finish the mapping tonight and hopefully finish the scripts for the next seven episodes after that.

06.25.2002 (June 25th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Hmm... what to say? Well, I'm done with the comic up until Sunday. Just need to do ten more episodes and I'll be ready to go on vacation. :P Pchan, thank you so very much for letting me be away from channel more than normal and do these episodes. Eventually to the advantage of both of us, anyway. Hmm... I should be able to get two or three more episodes done tonight. Well, N-fans, Squareds, everyone, I'm going to end this blurb, rest for a bit, then get back in my groove with episodes before I sleep. Until later, bai!

06.24.2002 (June 24th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, I'm keeping a short blurb tonight. Just trying to get ahead in the comic (I'm getting closer) and get back to a daytime schedule. Hopefully both will be set up today since I have a doctor thingie at 10:00 AM. We'll see. Later!

06.23.2002 (June 23rd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. For today's Sunday Special, we have not only Episode 322, entitled "The Border", pages 70 and 71 of Captain N: Tales of Videoland, and pages 11 and 12 of Fantella: Zombie Fighter. Indeed, we have three delayed pieces of artwork from Reality. Just click on the image next to today's episode and you'll be sent there. I also realized that I forgot to upload an update to the IRC Sector from a few days back. I'll upload that right after this update completes. Enjoy the comic, N-fans, Squareds, friends and readers. Until tomorrow, I'm off!

06.22.2002 (June 22nd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Wow. Chris came off a bit more angry than I meant him to. Probably okay, though. He's under stress and been stressed, after all. Oh well. Okay, I'm not sure what to write tonight. I guess I'll just say that I've been working on some scripts, should be done with all the ones I need to get done (script-wise) for the trip I'm taking July 1st-8th (during which time I'll be updating at Phoenix's, where I shall also be staying, (YAY!)) either later today or Sunday. Then I only have to finish up some backgrounds and eight extra episodes. :P Should be fun. *laughs* I did like a dozen of the first thirty-four in a day. But those are a bit of a different tale than the ones of today. They're a bit more effect-intensive. Well, until tomorrow, N-fans, Squareds, readers and friends, bai!

06.21.2002 (June 21st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. How about we talk about Chicks. I love Chicks. No, not that kind of chick! Chick tracts! No, not THAT kind of chick tracts! Chick tracts, as in the scary religious comics of a Mr. Jack T. Chick, of whom I have a proof relating to showing how he is the version of the Christian god that he represents. At any rate, Mr. Jack T. Chick is a religious zealot who tries to 'save' the world through his quasi-Christian nonsense. It's absolutely wonderful reading. Very humorous, despite how it should be anything but. If you're interested in a laugh, go to Yep, that's right, I actually was screenshotted once while in high school for going there. Server admin must have thought I was going to a porn site instead of a religious zealot's. Oh! As for the comic, Dark Dungeons. Read that one. It's his interpretation of Dungeons and Dragons, which he claims to have participated in multiple sessions of as "research." I love one of Zero's thoughts upon the members which Chick's D&D group consist of. Her thoughts: "No D&D group has that many females in it!" Go check out the site and comic. You'll love it or hate it, but just realize that he's serious. That's the really scary part... at least I think so. Okay, end the SCARY Christian* rant. Oh, and I thank the Mommychan for them. ^^ She was very kind to get them from the Christian radio station table next to her environmental group's table.

*Christianity can be fine and dandy. It's just those that take it from a relgion that is supposed to be based in love and turn it into something full of hatred and intolerance that make a rant like this necessary.

06.20.2002 (June 20th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Tonight's ep was going to be a longer ep again, but I decided that it would be better if I split it into two eps, so I did. At any rate, here's tonight's ep, a few hours late. I had to talk to a friend for a bit. You know who you are and that I care about you. Also, as to the person who e-mailed me about sprites, check out the Sprites Board of the Forum. The answer to your question and more lay within the confines out that piece of cyberspace. And I think that's all for tonight. 4:41 AM... should probably be getting to see. I think that I shall. Pchan, beep me whenever you wake, okay? At least any time past 9:00 AM my time. Thanks! Until then, my readers, my friends, everyone else, later!

06.19.2002 (June 19th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Hmm... not sure what to type for the blurb tonight. Starting to get a bit tired because of a screwy schedule that I'm trying to stabilize. I got a bit more work done on one of the projects... over half done now. A nice little bit, actually. At any rate, fun and good tonight's ep, I think. I like how these Fieries write. They're a good set.

06.18.2002 (June 18th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. A slightly large five-frame setup for today. And hey, you gotta give Red credit. He might have not have used the most logical attack with his Leafers, but he did what he could. Poor Leafers, though... painful flames. *shudders* Ow. Okay, at any rate we'll hopefully be back to normal with Team Yellow this week. I think Lalala needed me to enlarge a few sheets. Not sure if I got them to her. I sent them, but I think that it was a bit large for her e-mail to recieve. Not sure if I got all of 'em to her, either. We'll see. Also, I finally got an ID card today. Soooo much fun. :P And, of course, my picture looks absolutely cruddy. I could scan it, but I'd have to reinstall scanner drivers to do that properly. Stupid XP Pro to XP Home switch. Not the most fun. Yeah, but I got the ID card because I need something to identify me for the trip to Tennessee that I'm taking July 1st through the 8th (which is why I really need to get ahead in the comics) to see the Pchan and the Jakechan. Hopefully I'll be able to see Professor Hazard, too. Not sure as he's not as near to Phoenix's as he used to be. We'll see. Bloody hell I'm rambling. Making a blurb as long as the comic is compared to normal. *laughs* Have a good day, guys. Be well.

06.17.2002 (June 17th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Yes, only two frames. Why only two frames? Because I think that these two frames deserved the work of a comic to get as right as possible. Plus, I wanted you to see the forest more fully. All the branches and leaves and such. You haven't really been given a good shot of that before. At any rate, I'm tired and as such am going to go to sleep. Today was a tiring day... Later.

06.16.2002 (June 16th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay. May be 14 hours late, but at least I gave it to you in parts so that you got at least a bit to appease you during your wait. Well, the episode is here now. Epsiode 315 is entitled "Chris Attacks." There's also the mangas, of course, if you haven't seen them already. Fantella's pages nine and ten as well as Captain N: Tales of Videoland's 68th and 69th pages. Getting up there with the numbers for the CN manga. I'm so glad that that one has continued. At any rate, cousin is off on her way to Minneapolis, then Japan, then Hong Kong. I just wish that I coudl get her to buy me some pirate NES/Famicom gear sometime. She's a lawyer, though, so best to talk about it, not ask about it. ^^ Until around ten to twelve hours from now, bai!

06.15.2002 (June 15th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Even early this time. *yawns* I'm needing sleeping. Switched schedule to the new diurnal this way. *yawns* Enjoy the episode. Ni-ni.

06.14.2002 (June 14th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Hey, at least I'm consistant. :P 5:34 AM, I know. Badness of me. But I know you guys forgive me. LOTS of sprites to place in these comics, and even more if I have them moving. *shakes his head* Thankfully this wasn't a moving episode. Sunday will be, though. *laughs* Ooh... Sunday. Wrote that one... at least a vague outline... already. Ow. Painful. Will be hard to do. Should be good, though. At any rate, I'm off again. Talk to you later! Until then, N-fans and Squareds, be well!

06.13.2002 (June 13th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Yep, late again. :P I woke up at 5:00 AM. 6:01 AM at this time in the blurb. I'm doing this as quickly as a can! ;-; BUT! If I don't go to sleep by around 6:00 PM today, I'll do the comic BEFORE I sleep so that I can put it up as soon as sleep comes. In other news, it's fun to see so many new people in the Forum lately. Also we've had a few new arrivals to the IRC channel, such as Corvus and Drift, the former a friend of Lisa's and the latter a spriter. You'll see his works show up at Spriters in the next few days or weeks, as soon as he feels ready to move in. Hmm... and I guess that's about it. Enjoy the comic, we'll return to the Fieries tomorrow.

06.12.2002 (June 12th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Even later than yesterday! :P I woke up four hours laters than yesterday, though, and thus I'm actually done about two hours earlier in terms of "since I woke up" than yesterday. Still pretty bad. At any rate, I hope you enjoy the comic. I'm getting further on some things that I needed to get done. But boy... this morning is needing two things: first off, a bath for me. Secondly, two two-liters of Diet Coke. I had like 1.5 liters yesterday and I normally have about two. I didn't have any for this morning yet so a headache is starting to set in. Yechlers. :P Well, I'll be back again tomorrow. Enjoy the comic! and have fun!

06.11.2002 (June 11th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. There's been a lot of crud happening in IRC, the Forum, and elsewhere lately. I'd rather not get into what it is but that's a large part of why the comic's been late lately: it's been a "deal with now or deal with the consequences" sort of thing. Not good either way and I'd prefer to have the comic be a bit late than have something permanently be put awry. *sighs* Oh well. Should be clearing up soon.

06.10.2002 (June 10th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I was about to write the blurb... when I found something in front of me. It was a CD labeled "The Trouble With Tetris" and "MPEG 1". It was rubber-banded in its paper case to another case, a plastic case. on the clear sticker label to that disc was printed this text: "Captain N Archives" "Disc One". That disc, however, was not a CD. That disc was a DVD. The first Captain N DVD. *smiles* A great happiness. A great happiness indeed. *FF1-Fanfare* Later, N-Fans and Squareds! ^^

06.09.2002 (June 9th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. And with a bit late of update, a good deal of good stuff. Episode 308 of N-Fans: The Series, entitled "...of the Fieries", as well as pages seven and eight of Fantella. Of course, we also have Captain N: Tales of Videoland's 66th and 67th pages as well as a cute little Firey background by yours truly. :P Oh, and JonFields wanted me to mention this post of his on the Enix Forums about his opinion on what should be done as Enix has canceled their US release of DW4 for the PSX. This isn't new news, the cancellation, but his idea is a brave one to post, at least on a the boards of a company that have cancelled the project to which he has suggested. At any rate, check it out. I hope you enjoy this belated update. I'll see you all tomorrow. Bai!

06.08.2002 (June 8th, 2002 CE):

06.07.2002 (June 7th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Spent about two hours on the forest. Not just the part shown, but the entire forest area. Looks absolutely wonderful. Well, I thought I should have Pchan explain who Queen Boudicca is, so here it is below.
Pchan Educates: Queen Boudicca or Boadicea (but 'Boudicca' is funner to say) is a great Celtic Queen who defeated Caesar's armies and repelled them from the British Isles, a little while ago. She's a legendary warrior and said to be quite a good person. And Enya did a song inspired by her on her first album 'Enya' which was later re-released in a slightly updated version as 'The Celts' since it had originally been done for the program of the same name.

06.06.2002 (June 6th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Bit late today. I'm wiped out from all of the crud around the house and just life. Blah. Very sleep-wishable. I might nap for a bit in a bit, but we'll see. Damn, I wish I had seen the two eps of Junkyard Wars on TLC last night. That show rules.

06.05.2002 (June 5th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, as Pchan stated in his update as a hundred and some of you read, my father is an evil, evil creature that cut the Internet when I did something at a speed he did not prefer. May Watanga steal all his pants and the sacrifice of them cause Puutaakha to come forth and cast him into the Land of No Milk. Yes. At any rate, I'm back, at least for now, and I intend to get a cable modem with my own funds so he cannot kill my access at will. Hmm... my last password was 29 characters. Cable... let's go to the Fourth Level. 58 characters. Screw paranoia. Security over sanity.

06.05.2002 (June 5th, 2002 CE):
PCHAN WA KOKO NI IRU!!!Hello all, it's me, Pchan. Unfortunately this update is not the happiness, as Webbychan's baka father has decided to cut his internet access off for the moment. Yes, that's what he childishly threatens to do everytime Webbychan doesn't live his life as his father would prefer, and I'm quite familiar with that kind of attitude. Just because someone contributed to your birth...hardly means that they should have the right to raise you as they see fit. But anyway, Webbychan will return either later or in a couple of days, and until he does, CAPTAINN.NET will continue to be the best site on the web!! WAI!!! MOOO!!! MOOO!!!!

06.04.2002 (June 4rd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, that was a certainly fun yesterday. Oh, the "Activate Windows XP!!!!" thing just came up. Bloody. Three days left on XP before I need to activate or go back down to ME. Neither is happiness. I'd have to reformat two or three partitions after moving all the data off of them because of how they're NTFS and ME, like all other 9x breeds of Windows, only understands FAT and FAT32. Oh well. I'll just activate it and my dad can be pissy about it if he wants to. Not like he was actually even USING XP even though he bought versions of both Home and Professional at a discounted rate from a friend of his. *sighs* Oh, but there is SOME good news after yesterday's anniversary crash: mIRCStats rules. Worth $15 most definately. As such, I'm going to begin working on getting it to auto-update... probably for once every hour or so. I'll keep you guys updated on that. If you want to see the stats, click Pchan or click here.

06.03.2002 (June 3rd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. One year. That's right. One year. was purchased exactly one year ago today and today the registration had to be renewed. Feels like a long time but not that long ago. Lots has changed, though. The Captain N community has been revived and is larger than it ever was is days of yore. I've been able to find many of the Old Timers and Ancients... much of the old has become part of the new. And the new! Such good ones in that bunch! Jon with his fserv... Ice and Moto and their comics... zachmon... all of the channel. It's a well webbed (Can you get the double meaning?) community and one I'm proud to be a part of. And then there's my Pchan buns. Part of the reason was created was a way for me to escape from reality from the pain of the end of a friendship to an ex of mine. I gave him so much and asked for so little... *sighs* That pushed me out of reality and into the Net. I've not really looked back much since then and JD's offer of a CNN (We weren't back then.) Archives turned into a quick revision into a CNNe4 and a CNNe5... which is what this project is labeled as (other than Project TuCaN... don't ask...) Then on that fateful day in September I recievied an e-mail from a Phoenix... I assumed he was a girl as he called Link cute, I believe... and he believed the same of me when I called Lyle cute. *gets teary eyed* Then he came to channel. When I found out that my Pchan buns was a boy... it just all fit... and we've been together ever since. I love you, my Pchan buns. well, I just needed that reflection. Until tomorrow, my readers and friends, I bid you farewell and the fairest of health, dreams, and life. Until tomorrow, goodbye.

12:23 PM update: Sorry, dudes. Server was down for eight hours because of it not rebooting properly. JD just finally submitted a problem ticket about five minutes ago so that it would be dealt with. At any rate, that's enough of that. I'll give you a little bit of happiness now. I finally recieved the registration code for mIRCStats, an program that works with mIRC logs and outputs spiffness. If you like spiffness, look here for it here.

06.02.2002 (June 2nd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Yeah, I know that I'm a bit late. 3:45 AM is later than I'd like to have gotten this up, too. After three episodes in a day, though, I just wasn't sure what to do, even if I didn't write them yesterday. Okay, you might notice the lack of manga for this week. The reason for that is that Phoenix has been feeling a bit down lately and the allergies/seasonal changes are really bugging him, too. He felt bad, though, and that's why he did the little fanart piece that you see where Captain N: Tales of Videoland would normally be. Also, where Fantella would be is replaced with a background link to the one I talked about on the 30th. I think that you'll like it, even though I didn't change anything since the 30th (but you didn't get to see it then... so still new). Finally, I should probably tell you the name of tonight's episode of N-Fans, Episode 301. I entitled it "Continuing Through the Labyrinth", as that's exactly what it is. Well, everything should be back to normal by next weekend. I hope that you enjoy this slightly minor Sunday Special regardless. Until later, N-fans and Squareds, good night!

06.01.2002 (June 1st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here for the 3:00 PM update at 4:00 PM. *yawns* I tired. I done with comic for today and need sleepies and send stuffies to Pchan and other things. Oh! But must not forget! THERE IS NEW SECTORCHAN! Yes! Spriters! For Custom Sprites made by the Spriters! It for for the Spriters! It is well colored and has five hosted spriters right now although more should be coming in soon (including Professor Hazard)! If you're interested, go check out Spriters now and see how much fun it is for you! Also clickable in MENU!

N-finity here for the 9:00 AM update. Wow... almost perfectly on time. Would actually be early with the finishing of this blurb if it wasn't for that I need to animate the Pchan Thingie... which features everyone's favorite burger-flipper (well... at the last episode I did of that he wasn't exactly even a burger-flipper anymore...), Alex of Pika Burger and River City Ransom fame. With the last line of the comic... I couldn't resist having our ol' friend come back for an encore. Perhaps I'll even have time to do a PB again sometime soon. Wouldn't that be fun?
N-finity here, but in form of Hamster! Hello, N-fans and Squareds. Today, the 300th Day of N-Fans: The Series, comes with a special: Three episodes. This little mini-arc is one that I've had on my computer for about two weeks now, and I thought that I should probably get it out before I go on in the comic much more. The first one is up at 3:00 AM. I've put a little expected times that I'll put up each comic below, I hope that you can join us again at each time to see each part of this mini-arc as it happens.
Part 1: 3:00 AM {UPLOADED}
Part 2: 9:00 AM {UPLOADED}
Part 3: 3:00 PM {UPLOADED} {{4:00 PM}}

05.31.2002 (May 31st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I'm nearly ready to debut my pet project... but perhaps I'll wait until tomorrow... a bit more special stuff for the 300th Episode of N-Fans. Wow... 300 episodes... and I remember the acomplishment I felt when I reached 100. Wow. Okay... at any rate, today's script wasn't even mine (although I did end up doing the comic since Lalala just sent me the script) as it was a Team Yellow. I'm honestly sad at seeing Lalala kick Adam out like that, though... ;-; But we'll see how it goes... I'm sure it will work out. Well, I'm going to go off for now... see you later, N-Fans, Squareds.

05.30.2002 (May 30th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. First and foremost, happy birthday, Bass. I've worked on a background for you that I think you might enjoy and I'll send that to you in just a few minutes, but I might do some more work on it. I'm going to include it with the Sunday Special as well, but consider this a sneak preview of it. I'm fairly happy with it, so I might just leave it as is. Beyond that, we have a BUNCH of new sites linking us. SMBSS is probably the most noteworthy one that I've added so far. I have four more new links to add (I believe that's the count, at least) for later tonight, but I want to get this comic out first. I'll see you all again tomorrow. Happy b-day until then, Bass!

05.29.2002 (May 29th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, another day, another possibility of e-mail working for the masses. Apparently there was a slight misconfiguration with the DNS server so most e-mail couldn't get through because it felt poopy about That's the technical terminology, of course. :P So... with this being so, I need you guys to e-mail me. As many of you as possible. Yes, I'm serious. E-mail me. I'll send you a basic reply back if it's not an inquiry but... if it IS an inquiry towards the site... or the comic... or the origin of the Moocows... I shall answer it. Oh, most other things I'll answer, too. Seriously, though, e-mail me. E-mail me here and make me be happy. Pweeese? Thanks! I'll see you tomorrow, N-fans and Squareds! Be well until then and forever!

05.28.2002 (May 28th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. And just when you think your e-mail is working again, you find out that it still resists full functionality. Still can send out... still can recieve some domains... but mostly seeming to just not recieve at all or send back. I'll see if JD or Joey Teel can find a way to properly deal with that soon enough. Oh, and only a few more days until I need to renew my domain. Fun. ^^ At any rate, I hope that you enjoy today's comic and the return of a long unseen character. I'm also almost done with my pet project. Just some grunt work, I think, and then I'll be done. I'll talk to all of you again tomorrow, I hope. Until then, farewell and be well!

05.27.2002 (May 27th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, tonight was graduation. I ended up not going. Instead, I spent some time with my family (including my ill little brother) and just stayed around the house. All in all probably for the best. Beyond that, I also was given information regarding why some users cannot access It has nothing to do with me and I can't do anything about it. The problem is as follows: Rackshack, upon which holds its server upon which is held, has blocked some ISPs. Why, you ask? My answer: Because they're a backwards company that, instead of dealing with problems, blocks them and thus causes a problem for their users. This, however, does finally explain to me why I had a sudden drop of about 10% in visitors a few weeks ago... lovely hosting service. I love JD. I love Myrmid. They give me free space and bandwidth. I don't like Rackshack. I spit on them. *ptui* Oh, in case any of you have friends that are having this problem, suggest to them. It's far from perfect, but it should work as a workaround for now. Beyond that, I can't do crud. I'm sorry.

05.26.2002 (May 26th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Another Sunday Special... #33. I Palindrome I, I guess. At any rate, today's episode of N-Fans is entitled "Going Back To The Fifth", Captain N: Tales of Videoland enjoys its 64th and 65th pages, and pages five and six of Fantella: Zombie Fighter have been added. In addition, I thought that you might enjoy having Doc's background from the comic for your own and thus I've given it to you if you do want it. Hmm... what else? Well, I'm supposed to go to graduation today... still not sure if I am. It's 5:15 PM for when I need to be there if I do go... so I guess we'll see. If I don't, I'll probably go for a bike ride or something. *shrugs* I could always just go and watch... I think I'd prefer that. As I couldn't vocalize once in Mrs. Wescom's Ad-Time on Tuesdays: "I don't want to because I don't like being remembered... at least not for a silly reason like that" and I prefer to watch. Hmm... reminds me of my first (and last, as it was the last in this area because the person doing it was sick of going through the work) GALA dance. I spent six hours watching... and it was wonderful. Oh, that casts my thoughts to one final thing: Zac, if your party was tonight please forgive me for not attending: I ended up being involved in arrangements of going out to the Bistro with my mother and two family friends. It was a wonderful dinner. Please understand. And give Marisa a hug! I ended up being pulled off from Mrs. Pole's so quickly on Thursday that I didn't get to say goodbye to either you, Marisa, or even Mrs. Pole! Well, I've strayed with this blurb long enough. Be well, my friends, be well.

05.25.2002 (May 25th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay... what to talk about tonight? Not much, really. I'm still working on my pet project that I'll release in a few days once I work out the bugs... I've been scripting a few more episodes... I've... been... well... I went to get soda. *laughs* Not much excitement in my life to talk of, I guess. The comic is taking a positive direction in the scripting, though... and a story I worked on about six months ago for N-Fans should finally be able to make its way into the series, too. I'm happy about that: the scripts for that have been some of my favorite works.

05.24.2002 (May 24th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Someone could have told me that I had messed up the dates for the past week, you know. :P Would have been nice of yah. At any rate, I've corrected all of that and I've just finished up work on today's episode and just about to animate the Pchan Thingie. There... done about 90 seconds later. Not a hard animation to do like the Sunday ones can be. Okay... what else? Well, last night was the night for the plays for AP English. It was so wonderful to see and, once done, it made school feel complete. It's over with. I'm done. A good feeling for all of that. Also, I stumbled upon a wonderful fanfic (although the quality of writing makes it stand as a level above that) sequel to "Labyrinth". Entitled "Labyrinth II: The Lands Beyond", it's a wonderful addition to the Labyrinth legend and definately worth a read. Check it out here. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have, although I'm only about a third of the way through so far. Oh, and just so you know: I've been writing a few scripts on the side for the future. It's starting to really shape up nicely. I think you'll be happy with the results as they arrive.

05.23.2002 (May 24th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Final thing for school is later today. It's an English project... we have to put characters from major works that we read in class this year into a situation and act it out. Not ultra-fun but should be okay. I'm Svidrigailov from Crime & Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky. I'm sure a few of you remember when I was reading that. Wow... that feels neither a long time ago or shortly ago... it just feels ago. Hmm... Well, I hope you enjoy today's episode. I'll talk to all of you later. I guess tonight I get to be "Going to America." :P Later.

05.22.2002 (May 23rd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I'm tired... been up for 21 hours... not used to that anymore... tell more about today tomorrow when it became another yesterday. I sleep now. Night!.

05.21.2002 (May 22nd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, Nosty was right. Only a little over two hours before school that I should have spent on my AP Physics stuffies. At any rate, though, I slept a lot today: over 12 hours. That's a large part of why the comic is six hours late. The other part is that I spent two hours pondering what to do for the comic. :P In the end the choice was made to be just a nice little Professor Hazard episode. Wow. Just noticed the episode number. 17^2. Good number for my last day of high school. *laughs* Graduation in five days... still not sure if I'm going to go. I really don't want to and the thing at Mrs. Pole's house on Thursday (AP English thingie) is what I really view as the end to high school... not some silly ceremony which is used by companies to extract money from parents and students and by students to weasel money out of relatives they've never really known. That, to me, just seems wrong... and that's all I see it as.

05.20.2002 (May 20th, 2002 CE):
Nostradamus predictiating. I predictiate that Webster will get very little sleep tonight.

05.19.2002 (May 19th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Tired and needing sleep, N-fans and Squareds so I'm going to try to keep this short. We have a few things, today being the thirty-second Sunday Special, including Watanga, a background by myself. As far as the episode, though, it is entitled "Pchan Returns... With Friends!" Of course, we also have pages three and four of Fantella as well as pages 62 and 63 of Captain N: Tales of Videoland for all of you to enjoy. Oh, and for the lyrics of today's 'musical' comic, they are an adaptation from "Man of La Mancha", a wonderful little play based on Cervantes' Don Quixote. I acredit the great majority of the lyrics to those that sing them in the comic - we had fun one night with an assignment for school and I just couldn't resist using it here as well. Oh, and Jakechan: Welcome, Watanga.

05.18.2002 (May 18th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, the Concordia trip was okay. Not as grand or wonderful as the two years past but that's okay. There were some really disrespectful children there, especially that were behind Zac Thurn and myself who were just beyond words. Absolutely horrendous. Then there was the other incident, with a fellow Bismarck student... but I'll not get into that. Not exactly a pleased creature am I about it. Oh, and my white underwear is now gray. From my walking while in Fargo/Moorhead for Concordia Latin days my new pants rubbed against my underwear in such a way as to change the color. Strange things indeed. Later, N-fans, Squareds!

05.17.2002 (May 17th, 2002 CE):
PCHAN KOKO IRU!! Blorphig, belocche, hail to the pants! IT IS PANTS WEEK!!! Everybody dance! There will be happyfun celebrations for the end of Pants Week! It will be PANTS DAY!!! Uh, anyway, Webbychan goes to LATIN ORGY or something and PCHAN UPDATES! LAH! PUUTAAKHA! There is pants here. YOU GET THE BUNNY! Tell them Moocow! MOOO!!! See? Moocow says. Anyway, have fun and read comic and stuff, and May the Pants Be With You!

05.16.2002 (May 16th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, both today's episode and tomorrow's have been completed. I finally was able to get the video that I'm bringing for Concordia. Unfortunately, I shan't be able to bring a computer: no monitor have I that could fit with me for the journey. At any rate, tomorrow's update will be done by Phoenix. I'm going to prepare the HTML for him and send him the info for updating in a few minutes, and then he'll be ready to go. Have fun while I'm gone, N-Fans! See you on Saturday!

05.13.2002 (May 13th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, another day, another episode. Today is school again, of course, as well as the release of the Latin Project that was done by Zac Thurn, Jeannie, Leigh, and myself. Of course, there was Lincoln, but he didn't do the one key (but not exceedingly difficult) thing that we needed him to do for the video so we'll not include him here. -_- Oh well, we used real footage for it instead of what he could have made so it worked out... I guess. I made a spiffy intro, even. :P Ahh, the wonders of the cheesy 'news' program.

05.12.2002 (May 12th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. *giggles* I overslept my alarm again. :P It was set for 2:30 AM. 8:30 AM and I've just finished everything and have prepared to upload. Hope you don't feel urge to kill over it. At any rate, to all the mothers out there: "Happy Mother's Day!" from and stuff, which appears to be functioning again after an extended, unreasoned downtime yesterday for all but this main sector. Hopefully not something soon to be repeated. Okay, for today's Sunday Special we have Episode 280 of N-Fans, entitled "Hazard's Realization". There's also pages 60-61 of the Captain N manga, a wonderful crayon drawing that I asked Jakechan to draw of Pchan and many others as characters from Don Quixote (It's so wonderful...l better than I could have EVER asked for) and also the first two pages of Fantella: Zombie Fighter, which is the replacement for Legendra since it has ended. Be well, all of you! Until tomorrow, I am off!

05.11.2002 (May 11th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. A bit late today, I know. I slept until 7:20 AM or so and this episode went a bit slowly as well. Sorry about that. At any rate, hope that you enjoy the episode. Later!

05.10.2002 (May 10th, 2002 CE):

N-finity here. Okay, Comic Sector is, with the exception of one or two comics that Jon Fields is going to upload for me, back on track. Took me about two hours to get a script working again, though. Not sure why the first one wouldn't work right... especially since I just reinstalled it to get it to work. No matter. It works now. Okay... Zac Thurn... I know you called but it was after 11:00 PM when I got the message so I didn't call back. If it was about the intro I'll be working on it after my bath this morning and it should be done by the time I leave for second period. I'm just going to scan a pic of you out of the year book for now... maybe even just use some random dude, even. I can fix that later and just upload it for you. Hope that's acceptable and what you needed to call about. Well, N-fans, Squareds, I'm off for now. Be well. Later!

05.09.2002 (May 9th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Hopefully JD's reactivated some of Comic Sector by now; he said he'd work on it in about three hours and I talked to him last about twelve hours from this writing. At any rate, I have a big English thingie today: the AP English Language test. Not happiness, methinks. At any rate, I'm doing that in about three and three-quarters hours from now until about eight hours from now. Unhappiness almost assuredly. Hopefully I'll gain a decent enough grade on it. Oh gods, I just remembered the bloody "Meeting of the Minds" thing that we're going to have to do as our English final. Why can't Mrs. Pole just have a final? Bah. It'll work out. Until later, N-Fans, Squareds.

05.08.2002 (May 8th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I think the AP Test for Caculus went quite well. I only did AB (I did poorly third quarter, although fourth quarter was better, and thus decided to take AB instead of BC) but if I did two-third's as well as it seems I did I'll get a decent score. Thusly, I'm quite happy with that. In other areas, I've upgraded to Windows XP Pro. Not sure I'm going to keep it. Doesn't come with the font Arial Narrow (which is what is used in the comic) nor does it recognize my sound card. Because of this, I lack any sort of method for hearing sound other than the built in beeper of my computer which likes to beep at me whenever I click somewhere it doesn't want me to. I nearly played "Jingle Bells" on it earlier. :P Because of this, and also because of how it noticably slows down my system (more than I expected). It does have some nice featureS (more automated installation of drivers, visable menu scroll, transparency with some programs, etc.) but I'm still not sure. If I can get my sound card to somehow work... or else get my motherboard's built-in sound card to stop making a slight buzzing sound whenever I plug something into it, that will likely be the deciding factor in either keeping Windows XP Pro or switching back to Windows ME. OH! As to the server problems: A program locked up on the server related to the DNS (how it knows where to point the URL to on its hard drive). It's fixed now. I also added two other Name Servers on JD's suggestion that will decrease the chances of that happening again. Sorry about it... beyond my control.

05.15.2002 (May 15th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, today I'm going to have to do two episodes: one for tomorrow and one for the day after, as tomorrow I go to Concordia and thus won't be back until Friday mid-afternoon as I said before. Hmm... today is the AP Gov test. I should study for it but I don't really care to so I'm not sure that I shall. Just not in the mood and wanting to do other things (such as bathe) more than that. At any rate, I'm going to go take a bath in a bit and do a few other things. Later, N-fans and Squareds.

05.14.2002 (May 14th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, today was another lovely day of school. Didn't do much. Did see Zach's editing job on the Latin project, though. That was pretty amazing work that he did. Showed that he had spent around 27 hours on it. At any rate, I should give you guys some info about the next few days. Okay, tomorrow I have an AP Government test. Not super-worried about it... just might be a bit of stress and crud. Also apparently have a Physics test that day and may be taking the test for "The Stranger" for AP English. If I don't on Wednesday I will have to on either Thursday morning or Monday. Neither appeals, but Wednesday appeals more than Monday or Thursday morning, since Thursday and Friday I'm gone: off to Concordia Latin days after about 11:30 AM Thursday and don't get back until about 4:00 PM or so on Friday. Phoenix should be able to update for me on that day. I'll have to make sure, though. :P Don't worry, you'll get your episode and probably earlier than normal. Okay... Hmm... Friday-Sunday are unknowns to me, but I have 40 article-review-thingies for AP Government due on Monday so I bet that I'll be doing a lot of that, not to mention an AP English thing that I need to get going on for Thursday of next week at my teacher's house. It will not be a terribly exciting thing to do as we haven't even started on it yet. Erkburgers. Pchan, Jakechan, any interest in helping me write a script with the characters of four different novels (already chosen) interacting in a shared situation? o.o? This could be badness.

05.07.2002 (May 7th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I've got another lovely little thing today: the first of my three AP tests, this one being AP Calculus. I recieved a mid-range three (one being the worst, five being the best, three being fairly decent) so I'm fairly pleased with that. Wishing that it could have been a high three or low four... but still acceptable for me. Hopefully I'll do comparable today and get a score that will be usable wherever I end up going for college. Well, I'm off. At any rate, a good night to all of you. Be well!

05.06.2002 (May 6th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Very tiredness again. I've only been up about five hours but I'm utterly exhausted. It's 11:12 PM... just finished the episode and about to animate the Pchan Thingie. I'm not sure how long I'll actually sleep... probably not that long, really... but I do need to sleep. Rate of visitors seem to have gone down considerably today. Hope that my late episode on Saturday (What was it? 6:00 PM or so when I was finally able to finish it?) or even Sunday (8:00 AM when it finally was finished uploading and being animated.) hasn't turned you away from N-Fans. Just a lot of work lately, my friends and readers... I'm sure you've had times like this yourself. It'll pass soon and I'll be back on a fairly normal schedule. Bear with me. :P

05.05.2002 (May 5th, 2002 CE):
05.04.2002 (May 4th, 2002 CE):
05.04.2002 (May 4th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Yes... I know a lot of the site is down. Yes... I know that the episode is not done. Yes... I know that I should have studied enough already but haven't. Yes... I could use moral support even if I don't read it until after the test. Yes... I do have an e-mail address that is working that is Guys... gals... whatevers... give me what you can. The episode will likely not be up until after noon (when the test ends) and even then not until perhaps 4:00 PM or so, when the filming for a Latin project that needs to occur (in filming for that day) after the final occurs. Bloody days... -_- Up at 3:00 AM, I think, to get this thing actually put up to say that the episode isn't done. That's five hours of sleep. I can do this. :P ^^ o.o ;-; >.< There we go. Fairly full range of emotions. I'm not really panicing... just NOT looking forward to this. See you later, everyone. Thanks for understanding.

05.03.2002 (May 3rd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Happy birthday, Zac! I hope it's a good one for you. If I had been thinking I would have tried to find Spider-Man for you online and gotten that for you. Unfortunately, I don't think that far ahead. Hmm... what else is there? Not much else to say tonight, I guess. I guess I'll leave it there. Happy birthday, Zac. May it be, as Pchan says, "be the happiness."

05.02.2002 (May 2nd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Poor Doc... no one listens to him. :P At any rate, the new server isn't up yet so I've decided to reopen the Forum. Messages may/will likely be lost if you post them now, though, so don't post anything vitally important. Oh, and I know that doesn't connect properly. If you're trying to use N-Chat, the mIRC-based IRC client that this site uses, type /server to connect to it properly. I'm sorry for the problems with it and I'll fix it in the script as well as try to get working soon. Enjoy the episode. Until tomorrow, N-fans and Squareds, enjoy!

05.01.2002 (May 1st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Wow... May already. Last month of school for me before college. I'm needing to get ahead with the episodes sometime this month badly: I'm taking three AP tests and those are going to be painful studying. Oh... and then there's the AP Calc semester two final on Saturday (which means the class basically gets a week of comp time... so extra sleep for the Weebychan Puutaakha on those days which is happiness for all. If not extra sleep, then extra free/homework time... so happiness either way since it means more relaxation if free time... and less rushful stress for the homework time. Yayness. ^^ In other news, there may be some connection problems over the next few days because of Server #1 being changed. This should not affect THIS part of the site (stuff under as that's on Server #2... but the Server #1->Server #1b move is going to likely cause some problems elsewhere on the site. I'll deal with them as they come up and are pointed out to me. If you see one, please point it out to me, even if you think someone else already likely has because they probably thought the exact same thing. It's better to be told something ten times having been not expected to know it than to be not told it once for the expectance that someone else already has. Thank you. Until tomorrow, N-fans and Squareds, good night!

04.30.2002 (April 30th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, I'm a bit unsure what to say today, too. I wrote a few episodes today... up to 270... so I'm almost ahead of schedule for once. I'm getting a bit clearer view of where all of this is going to go instead of just the vague outline of before... but it's not finalized until it gets there... so who knows where this'll actually end up leading. I hope that you enjoy today's episode and I think I'll end this blurb there. Be well and talk to all of you later, I would hope. Good day to thee, N-fans and Squareds!

04.29.2002 (April 29th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Told you your birthday should have been today, Hazchan. :P At any rate, I'm still needing to get to some more homework (Bloody school...) and some other various things before sleeping... and I'd really like to do that in a few hours... so I shall get to it now. Later, N-fans and Squareds!

04.28.2002 (April 28th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Sooooo tired. I've been up for 18 hours now and I'd normally have been up for about... well... just getting up around this time. Not good for the way the body wants to rotate itself. *yawns* At any rate, today is the... wow... Twenty-Ninth Sunday Special. Well, at any rate, tonight's episode is entitled "Going In". Pages 56 and 57 of Captain N: Tales of Videoland has been added and Legendra has had pages 25 and 26 added to it. In addition, Gauntlet's Captain N Sprites have been added to the Captain N Sector. Of course, we mustn't forget whose birthday it is! Happy Birthday, Hazchan! I wish I could do more for you right now but I'm passing out at the computer... sleep beckons... all that jazz. My typing is even going bad here. I've made about ten mistakes in the last setence or two... and that's quite more than is normal for me. Night, N-Fans, Squareds, and Birthday Boys. Be well, all.

04.27.2002 (April 27th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I'm sorry, guys and gals, my sleeping schedule sucks. I fell asleep last night and woke up just a little bit over an hour ago: 6:00 AM. Well, it's my mother's birthday... she's getting a great group present from the family plus some other little things. I'm going to finish up the HTML to this and then do some other things. Pchan, I'm sorry for missing you. I really didn't mean to.

04.26.2002 (April 26th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Another day has gone by. Some good things happened... lot of crappy things did too. *sighs* Well, today is a Friday. Hopefully that will mean a half-decent weekend. My mother's birthday tomorrow... Prof. Hazard's on Sunday. Hopefully some rest. Hopefully. :P It's been a busy, bad week. Talk to all of you later! Bai!

04.25.2002 (April 25th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, N-Fans and Squareds, the hell that has been my past few days outside of this computer seems to be nearing an end. Things are slowly starting to clear up and hopefully they really will be so soon. Fortunately, this daily webcomic, although it does give stress the times that I must truly force it to be done on time, has been a nice constant. I hope that you enjoy it as time goes on. Tomorrow shall likely be a Team Yellow as long as Lalala sends me it. Talk to you then, N-fans, Squareds.

04.24.2002 (April 24th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay... past 24 hours has been unhappiness. You know that you either should have kept that teacher ID badge or left it alone instead of picking it up and running it to that teacher you don't know when your entire day consists os bigotted hell in the school paper and pains of computer that leave you unable to sleep until around 9:00 AM which means you only got about four hours of sleep because you got up at 1:00 AM so you could do your webcomic (the best part of the past 24 hours in terms of your work) and then do your homework and write an essay before school, perhaps getting 20-40 minutes more sleep in before school begins again. That last bit, though, is just a cross between planning, expecting, and hoping. At any rate, I'm off again. I'll talk to all of you again tomorrow when the new comic comes.

04.23.2002 (April 23rd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. It was a long day yesterday... lots of things... both RL and online happened. I'd prefer to just get on with my homework so that it's mostly done. I slept 10 hours... very behind. It's 6:00 AM for the update and I need to go already. Sorry for the delay. Later!

04.22.2002 (April 22nd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, it's a bit past 3:00 AM. I've been sleeping since about midnight because I was tired (too much so to finish homework) and thus decided nappie=good on both homework and health accounts. I've got some good news for you, though, and that is relating to a comic that had not seen an update on in over two months. That's right, boys and girls, N-fans and Squareds: Captain N64 by Professor Hazard has been updated! If you've never read Captain N64 or are a far yearning for more, you should check it out in either case as three new episodes have been made just tonight with more soon to come. Also, if you notice the beautiful and elegant Moocow, he is now able to sit, lay down, walk more efficiently, and even graze thanks to Professor Hazard. Hazchan is BACK!

04.21.2002 (April 21st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Sunday Special again, so we've got a bit more than normal. First off, today's episode of N-Fans is entitled "Curious...", with a larger version being available for those wishing it. Beyond that, Tales of Videoland has it's normal two pages, this week being pages 54 and 55. Legendra, too, has two more pages: 23 and 24. Finally, the Pchan Archives are updated. In more personal news, I'm working on fixing one of my partitions again. Remember the magically reappearing music? Well... I did a scandisk and got about 50000 file fragments... and that was only because my computer had locked up that I was able to stop it. Have to turn that off next time. 50000 files=bad viewing. I'll hopefully get it done tonight, though. Talk to you later, N-fans and Squareds! I'm going to sign off here and upload now. Later!

04.20.2002 (April 20th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I just woke up about 30 minutes or so ago... maybe a little longer. It's 3:22 AM as I write this blurb so I'll probably get this up around 3:30 AM. Sorry about that. At any rate, I was able to get the Episode Title list off of the old two gig hard drive. Since I now have the spare parts (the hard drive was all I was lacking) I'm now messing around by installing XP on it. Had an extra two copies of that lying around the house from my dad... legit even... Home and Pro. I know. Strange, huh? I should take a picture of the boxes side by side. They're "Not To Be Sold" as they're from a company place my dad has a friend at. $20 each through the guy... and you don't even have to do that stupid code thing that Microsoft imposed. Very spiffiness. I hope you enjoy today's episode as well as Moocow's simple explanation on how it is possible to use time travel to create a functionally infinite, non-polluting source of energy. Until tomorrow, bai!

04.19.2002 (April 19th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Hmm... so Team Yellow needs a bath, eh? I guess that makes sense. :P I could use one myself. I think I'll actually do that in a bit. At any rate, I had some HD problems last night... screwed up a partition. Everything (Except for my Mission III folder, which contained all the titles of episodes, script ideas, etc... -_- (but not image files)) has seemed to turn itself into a file that has no ability to be accessed. Not a wonderful thing. :/ If any of you have any ideas of how to turn a folder than thinks its a file back into a folder... please e-mail me. I don't want to lose all the episode titles... not to mention the scripts. :/ Later, N-Fans, Squareds.

04.18.2002 (April 18th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Lots of good stuff for birthday but the best part was my little bro. He used to hate the "Happy Birthday" song... and has no idea why anymore. So, as a result, my dad and I passed back and forth a few lines of the song. He began to laugh VERY loudly and have the RC Cola that he was having drip down his arm to the floor. Ending with "And many mooooore" in an off key voice (When isn't mine, though?) he began to laugh so hard that tears began to form, and then stream. Now that's a hard laugh and perhaps the best birthday present I've ever recieved. Enjoy today's Episode. Until tomorrow!

04.16.2002 (April 16th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, the (likely slow) move over to Myrmid-2 has begun. Hopefully, however, the problems with the counter script (which you may notice is currently broken) will be solved soon. The way this server uses CGI is a bit different than what I'm used to, so I'm going to have to adjust to it first. This main part of the site, however, should be completely up within an hour or two more (as long as Jon's still uploading for me as he's supposed to be.) At any rate, I have academic team today... [Audience: *unethusiastic "Yay!"*] I'm going to get my homework and try to get a nap before school of perhaps an hour or so. Until later!

N-finity here. Well, my N-fans and Squareds, before the blurb I bring to you a VERY IMPORTANT question: Have you been having trouble connecting to the server lately, especially the past two or three days? If you have had ANY trouble that you even suspect was not on your end, please e-mail me at by
clicking here. This issue relates not to the story put forth after that, but rather a survery to find out to the extent of the problem to which JD now knows and is attempting to deal with but EFS, where the Myrmid server is located, does not seem to. Thank you for your assistance in this trouble.

Well, I'm STILL ill. I'm doing better than yesterday, though. At any rate, I'll tell you about a strange dream I had last night. You see, Phoenix and I were downstairs in my house when suddenly someone bursts into the room, holding a weapon. Phoenix and I take cover on opposite sides of the room and, after some weapons-fire is exchanged, the someone, whom memory considers to be a black-dressed ninja or the like, comes over and shoots a pin into my led, then dropping the weapon and leaving. I remove the pin and suddenly a sound is made from the dropped weapon, something like a cell-phone/detonator/bomb that was triggered when I removed the fairly painless pin. At any rate, it turns out that it was JD, the server admin who provides this space and bandwidth of free of charge, is the person who has ordered this to be done to me. Phoenix and (mostly) I attempt to deactivate the detonator, but we are unable to. I run upstairs, he following close behind; I notice my little brother upstairs. I open the front door as it reaches zero and throw it out of the door. As it begins to reach the highest point in its parabolic path, it explodes and I am left unharmed. I think that I intended to call Crusader as the dream ended, but I cannot recall for sure. At any rate, I woke up immediately after this dream and was quite perturbed by it. I think it has to do with the server troubles that have been occuring lately, perhaps a part of me feeling like the server troubles that some of you may have noticed lately feeling like it was killing me in ways. I'm not sure. Any other interpretations? Phoenix suggested not having salsa before bed. Perhaps he's right: I did have salsa. :P

04.14.2002 (April 14th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, well, I'm still sick so this comic was a bit slower coming than it would have been otherwise. I ultimately decided that, although a very complex comic would be cool, for what Mission III should begin as was probably best left as simple. Beyond this, though, Legendra's pages 21 and 22 have been added as well as pages 52 and 53 of Captain N: Tales of Videoland. Furthermore, two pieces of artwork, Lil' Kevin and a Zelda Collage, both by Toby Keene, have been added. Enjoy them all. I'm going to try to get to sleep soon so that I can HOPEFULLY be well. :P Well, I'm going to end this blurb and finish uploading. Until tomorrow, N-fans and Squareds, good night.

04.13.2002 (April 13th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Wow. A bit later than I wanted it to be. 3:18 AM as I write this blurb. Okay... well... I'm sick. I've felt pretty cruddy the past few days and I'm hoping that my throat clears up after I go to sleep as I shall in a few minutes to hours. At any rate, I'm soon to go to sleep most likely unless something comes up. Tomorrow's episode shall be a good deal of work, but I hope that you shall enjoy it. I think you shall. I hope so. This coming Mission shall be enjoyable for the most part, even for the characters in it. Until tomorrow, may your day be well.

04.12.2002 (April 12th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, guys, today's Pchan thingie is a serious question. CAN you murmur loud or powerfully enough so that it requires an exclamation point? I'm not sure myself but it was brought up after someone did in a book we're reading in school. Strange things. At any rate, I have to study for a test or three, do questions for AP Government (7 short essay), translate part of Mozart's Requiem Mass for Latin, and I think that's it. Maybe take a bath if I have time. At any rate, I need to get on it... so I shall do so now. Later!

04.11.2002 (April 11th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I decided that doing a someone retrospective episode would be best for today. I think it does it better than it could have been done had I played out out actual events. At any rate, we're on track for a Sunday release of Mission III... I think... *checks* Yeah, Sunday... although it will be tight... and I hope that you all are enjoying the story that has become N-Fans: The Series. It's not perfect... it's not gloriously written masterpiece... but it is a story... and one that I think is worth writing and continuing for however long it should be so. I hope that you, along with others as they come, will enjoy this story with me. Goodnight, my N-fans, my Squareds.

04.10.2002 (April 10th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Yeah, today's comic almost seems one frame off as well... but the last frame is almost like the last frame for yesterday's in some ways... so I guess you could put it there in your mind if you want to. :P Well, I woke up early, 10:30 PM (as opposed to 1:30 AM like yesterday) so I didn't get NEARLY as much sleep as I should have. Then again, I also didn't get nearly as much homework tonight as usual so I might actually do all of that quickly, bathe, and then sleep for a few hours extra. That'd be ultra-spiffy. Okay... what else? I guess I could just say that Mission II has about four days left. It should be interesting to see how Mission III shapes up. If it does as well as it is in my head, then it shall be wonderful. Later, N-fans, Squareds!

04.09.2002 (April 9th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Does tonight's comic leave you incomplete, yearning for more? Well, it should. Tonight's episode brings our lovely Zero back from her adventure in Faxanadu as well as Phoenix, her watcher (or follower, as Zero calls him.) This is all likely to lead off into tomorrow's comic... and I'm sure you know what that one will be. Oh! Notice the lamp? I told you it was in there, moto. So :P to you! ^^ Oh, and yes, I know that the server was down between 4:00 AM and about noon or so. CPU overload. JD's buying a new server that should be switched to at the end of this month. Hopefully we won't have another outage before then. Later, N-fans and Squareds!

04.08.2002 (April 8th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I guess I should answer some questions. I've told people that there were hints of what was to come and I guess I'll tell you them now. That will answer some questions. As to the lack of text in yesterday's comic, I think that the best way to explain that was it was a more physical showing of how they ignored Ran: first in his words, then in his being. Okay... on with the hints that I had given.
Basically, it followed the "Paul Is Dead" Beatles Myth.
Bey-ro Ba'ad: Anagram for "Abbey Road" on which...
...Paul is the only one not wearing shoes, just as Ran wasn't on the Bey-ro Ba'ad background.
Ran also was the only one that seemed to hear what Bey-ro Ba'ad was saying. There were supposedly 'hidden messages' on some Beatles songs.
Episode 236: Ran Approaches the Dragon Evading Attack Through Headiness. What, you thought that I'd actually give such a strange name to an episode without reason? Okay... so I probably would... but still.
I'm pretty sure that there's a few more... but that's most of them. I considered the an "OPD" (Officially Pronounced Dead) thing on Ran somewhere... but decided against it. Enjoy today's Episode! Later, N-Fans and Squareds!

04.07.2002 (April 7th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I want to know your opinions about this episode, N-Fans, Squareds. Please e-mail me about it at I know that some of you will be angry, but what Pchan says today holds truth. This needed to be done. They needed to learn.
The Pchan Archive has been updated.
Legendra has had pages nineteen and twenty added.
Captain N: Tales of Videoland has had pages fifty and fifty-one added.
Today's Episode of N-Fans: The Series is entitled "Cave-In!".
Please... try to enjoy it all.

04.06.2002 (April 6th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, today's not a continuation of yesterday's (although yesterday's was two-parted as promised and I suggest you press the Rew button to go back a day if you didn't see part one or two) as tomorrow will be (as a Sunday Special) a very complex episode to do. You'll see why then. As to what is coming in the next few days, the final days of Mission II, I shan't speak of it directly for a few more days beyond what is in the comic. If you want to know what will happen, reading episodes 230 and on will reveal a lot to all of you upon the matter. I therefore suggest that you do read them if you want to try to predict the future. I'm extremely interested in what you think will happen. Until tomorrow, however, I now depart. A good day and night to all of you, my readers, my friends, my N-fans and Squareds.

04.05.2002 (April 5th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Second update for the day! I forgot that I have Academic Team so I'm nearly running late already. It's mostly silliness... but it is fun! Until the next update! Bai! Oh! Click the "Rew" but to go to see the first part of this episode if you haven't already! Bai!

04.05.2002 (April 5th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, it's 2:45 AM as I begin this blurb. I woke up a little after 1:30 AM, though, so... :P At any rate, I've therefore decided to make today's episode a two-parter. These first three frames, the introduction, shall be followed by the next three frames, the conclusion, around 3:30 PM Central today. I hope that you enjoy the comic; I hope that I finish reading the portion of the book that I'm supposed to. It puts one to sleep so easily.

04.04.2002 (April 4th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, after nineteen hours down, the server popped back up around 1:05 PM my time. I was estatic in school; as usual, I put off a few people by being me. Beyond this, though, Crusader taught me how to properly use cascading style sheets so, as such, I've done so. Hopefully you won't notice the difference unless it was something that was supposed to appear other than how it did. Enjoy the comic! Bai!

04.03.2002 (April 3rd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Server's down. JD rebooted it around 5:00 PM my time yesterday and it didn't come back up. It apparently won't be even able to be looked at until 1:00 PM my time tomorrow. Crapburgers indeed. As such, this comic is being distributed over #Captain_N until I can get it up. Yay. Okay, big news. Apparently, Sykes, a computer techie place here in Bismarck, ND, a city of 50000-60000, closed down. That's 320 jobs. That's big. That's bad. That shows exactly why legislators shouldn't do crap to purposefully assist businesses like that. Oh well. To paraphrase Plucky Duck: "Bismarck go down the hooooooooooooooooooooole." ^-^

04.02.2002 (April 2nd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I'm needing to read about 50 pages of Jude the Obscure for school tomorrow and then try to memorize more of the intro for the Aeneid (which I STILL doubt that I'll be able to get most of) so I won't get much into blurbing tonight, either. I fixed my backpack tonight, I guess I can talk about that some. It had been one-strapped for about two weeks... maybe three... and on last Thursday I heard it breaking as I was going down the stairs with Zac Thurn between fifth and sixth period. Then, on my way home, a few more *slrrtch*s and I decided that I better mend it this weekend... so I did it earlier. Lot more secure than it's been in a long time... and still has the hole in the top. After all, I have to keep my Diet Coke access hatch open. ^^

04.01.2002 (April 1st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. April Fools. What fun... yay. Glad I have this day off. I should actually probably go to sleep soon because I need to do homework today... not to mention Pchan'll probably be waking in a few hours and I wouldn't mind being on his schedule. I guess I leave this update short tonight. Later, N-fans and Squareds.

03.31.2002 (March 31st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Except for the Kevin artwork by Phoenix (which you can get to by clicking on the hyperactive Pchan of the Pchan Thingie), this doesn't feel much like an Ostara (Easter) special... so I'm not sure whether or not I should call it that. I will, though, as I think some revelations will come to most of you in the next few days over some things you may have wondered about. I am sorry for being so late with the comic, too. I finished it around 2:30 AM but I've been working for the last hour on HTML, various other images for the update, etc. Today's episode is one of the longer-taking ones. It was probably about six or seven hours of work to get everything just as I wanted... at least five. I hope that you are touched by it. Yes, there is no Captain N manga this week but there is of course Legendra. Phoenix, instead, drew a special Ostara Kevin (as mentioned earlier) and I did a background of Bey-ro Ba'ad. I know that it doesn't make up for it... but it is at least something. I've decided to leave today's episode of N-Fans untitled... I think that it deserves that level of destinction.

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