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03.30.2002 (March 30th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. First off, I wish to apologize to Lalala. I thought that she hadn't sent me a Team Yellow, but I looked again and did find one... just not where it was supposed to be... -_- E-mail programs can be cruddy sometimes. At any rate, it's a mixed blessing... there will still be that Team Yellow, probably included in tomorrow's Sunday Special, and if not there then somewhere soon instead of an unnecessary episode that I've written. Yes, with the advent of Team Silver's fight against the dragon, the schedule is a bit strange... but that's okay... good episodes are resulting... and storyline ideas. ^^ Well, I'll be off now. I have a feeling that tomorrow's episode will be a doozy... and I need to at least choreograph it on paper before sleep is allowed to come (although that's hours away).

03.29.2002 (March 29th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I know... late... I was woken up at 4:50 PM by a friend that had come to tell me something... then I did the comic... and then the update... and then for some reason updates.html and main.html we're saved... so I'm writing the blurb again. -_- Or at least part of it. I hope that you enjoyed today's two-part episode. Tomorrow's episode (as Lalala didn't send me a Team Yellow) will be another bit like this... all leading up until Sunday... but shall that be the climax?

03.29.2002 (March 29th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, things bad in channel, apparently. There was someone earlier spoofing Phoenix's address and gained ops for a moment. Thank the gods for IRCops being in your channel at the time, eh? At any rate, THIS IS ONLY PART ONE OF TWO FOR THE COMIC! That's right, because I've been up for 23 hours and this comic is eight frames long and the first four frames seem long enough to give it a feeling, the next four will give completion to it.
Those last four frames should be up somewhere around 2:00-4:00 PM, somewhere around the time I'd be getting out of school and going to sleep. :P I love my messed up schedule... I just wish that I wasn't so messed up tonight. Heck, I might wake up 5:00 AMish and have this up before one-hundred of you have even checked this site for the day. Oh well... we'll see. Later, N-fans, Squareds! Until later today!

03.28.2002 (March 28th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Hmm... I have, for my homework to do in the next five hours: 1. Six poem charts.
2. One small Spanish translation.
3. One 500 word essay on a poem for AP English.
4. Seven AP Government questions.
Better start. :?

03.27.2002 (March 27th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. They sound so righteous... but are they right?

03.26.2002 (March 26th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Over two hours late but you understand, right? I was having dreams about cute guys in impossibly shiny cars and tough women and we were all avoiding some evil creatures from another dimension... especially during that time in the library... and well... I woke up while I was fighting King K. Ruel. He's not as fast as you'd expect from some of the games but I think that he was gaining on me... not sure... It was scary to see him in live-action, though... he looked messed up. *shrugs* Oh well. Later.

03.25.2002 (March 25th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Last night I neglected to put something up that I had intended to put in the Sunday Special. I feel bad about it so I've, Watanga, the Pchan Thingie for the night is yours. For this thing that I've forgotten, just click the Pchan Thingie featuring Watanga and you'll be brought to Watanga's lovely piece of artwork. I'm sorry for forgetting Jake... please forgive. Okay... beyond that I woke up to a bit of illness this morning but it seems that it has already mostly gone away. Oh well... I need to get to my homework. Talk to you later, N-fans and Squareds. Later!

03.24.2002 (March 24th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. The 24th Sunday Special on March 24th. On Top of the Snow is the name of this Episode of N-Fans. Pages fifteen and sixteen of Legendra and pages forty-eight and forty-nine of the Captain N manga have been added as well. I think I'm going to let the rest of the episode speak for itself. Goodnight, N-fans and Squareds.

03.23.2002 (March 23rd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, today was interesting at one point when I caught a pin three-quarters of a centimeter into my left big toe. It stung quite a bit, but strangely there was no blood. It was an interesting sensation to pull out, though. Oh, I've been working on an ultra-funky thingie that has no real use but that is really relaxing to me. Let's just say that 35 expressions possible with one head is not enough. ^^ It's also teaching me how to sprite better. I'm a sucky spriter, good splicer. I'm beginning to have to sprite more on my own to mend some of what I'm doing... so that's cool. Hmm... we'll see where this leads off to. Later, N-fans, Squareds. Be ready for tomorrow and the Sunday Special. It should be fun! ^^ Bai!

03.22.2002 (March 22nd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay... what to talk about? How about improvements made to the IRC channel? Yeah... that sounds good. Okay, well, we now have two lovely bots instead of one. Instead of just BongT2 (generously donated by White_Vampire and cypress), we also now have sletje (generously donated by mindsuck), both of whom we have presently dressed up in blue and pink cow costumes respectively due to the pronouns by which they are to be referred. This is partially in reaction to an occurance last night in which the channel was for a few minutes taken over by some very immature individuals attacking a portion of the channel's associations. Thankfully, we're back in business and functioning better than before with now the option to have 'secondary' ops that are able to (through sletje) call for operator status when all of the 'primary' ops is missing. Spiffiness is it. Well, that ends tonight's blurb. I hope that you enjoy today's Team Yellow and I'll talk to you again tomorrow. Later, N-fans and Squareds.

03.21.2002 (March 21th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I have two big assignments due today. I need to get to them. I'm sorry for being so late but Photoshop crashed while I was just finishing up the comic and that put me back about fifteen minutes. I think that you'll understand. Later.

03.20.2002 (March 20th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. A bit late again... I really should say 1:00 AM for the updates, shouldn't I? *laughs* Oh well, I'm sorry and I think that you understand. Sleep is good. Sleep is happiness. Sleep has dreams in which you talk to various parts of yourself exhibited through different people you talk to in school and then has your AP English teacher teaching English in your AP Calc classroom and then later has her being very rude to a student you know because of her opinion of Hamlet and then has you gang up on her about it. Oh yes, sleep is wonderful. The various parts of myself, though, were talking to me about college. Overall, they, even the Josh Gagner one who plans to take a year off himself (he's planning to do Navy-stuff though in RL, yech... not my area, that's for sure) because he just can't handle it. I'm personally wanting to go down to TN for a few months before school... and work for a few months before that... so I want to do a semester off... maybe a year. It might not be the smart choice but it's also not the smart choice for me to go directly into college... I know that. I NEED to stop doing this for a bit. Oh, and Phoenix, thank you for being in my dream to console me and agree that this was the right choice... and someone please tell me why my crappy old laptop was being sold without part of its casing and video card at Walmart for $32.00. Strange Dreams.

03.19.2002 (March 19th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. *hamster-sized yawn* Oh yeah. That was a good sleep. Very, very, good. I just got in about eight hours of sleep... I have a comic done (even though I originally intended this one to be tomorrow's. I had to do the spriting for it on Sunday and I just kinda ended up doing it all on that day... not really even meaning to. o_o It was unexpected when I realized I was done except for Zero's one line.) Yeah, but a nice dose of thwacking for all of you. Well, enjoyment to you all. I'll be back tomorrow. Enjoy!

03.18.2002 (March 18th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Gonna put in a little angst in a minute, guys, sorry about that, but I'm also going to do some comic-related stuff that is sure to annoy IceTyger. Last thing said by Bass... not sure why I put that there but I just felt that way... like this conversation has come up before... I think it has, at least that last thing between Ran and Bass. Need to check. :P At any rate, that's what that's about if you feel that it's kinda off, too. Oh, other good stuff before the angst: I'm finally solidifying some of the plot-related stuff that I've been working on. Yay for me. Okay... now a bit of angst... although it's already failing. My father and I just had a little yell at one another. Not uncommon between us. I guess I just want to say something about how he and I have not been close for quite a long time. In many of the times when I really needed him... when I could have used his advice... anything from him... he wasn't there. He was working... or on a trip... or just not reachable. It's a shame, I guess, that he wasn't. I could have used him as a person to turn to. My mother has done that, wonderfully, though... then again, he's neglected her all too often as well. As I watch him out of the corner of my eye as I type this I sigh inwardly... it's a shame.

03.17.2002 (March 17th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, first we begin with the normal blurb, then I'm going to go off on a tangent related to the blurb from two days ago. So, let's start, shall we? Today's comic is the 23rd Sunday Special, containing pages 13-14 of Legendra, pages 46-47 of Captain N: Tales of Videoland, and Episode 224 of N-Fans: The Series, entitled Off Again. I hope that you like tonight's episode. It was surprising smaller than I expected it to be and turned out (in my mind, at least) quite fun. Gotta let Zero have her thwacking, after all. But enough of that, I need to finish up this little essay of a tangent and, unless I start at it, I shall not. So, here we go! OH! Wait! No, we don't. There's also a new piece of fanart by Toby Keene in the Captain N Fanart section. Check it out in the Captain N Sector!

     In the light that some people have remained in Darkness as to the meaning of the blurb of two nights previous, I shall now elaborate upon the point of it and further dealve into my reasons for protesting it.
     First off, I feel that I must clarify something. Burger King is a business. Businesses are supposed to make a profit. Burger King, therefore, is supposed to make a profit. This is its purpose. Customers give Burger King money; Burger King gives customers food. This is all simple enough but needed to be put forth to express my understanding of this concept.
     However, this prime motive - profit - is no reason to neglect a show of care for customers and is indeed a major reason to do this. That little smile or that enthusiastic voice makes the customer feel appreciated. Making a customer feel as something is done so that he or she is pleased is indeed a good way to encourage return visits and thus increase profits.
     This, though, almost steps ahead of myself if my focus did not know turn closer to good business sense in relationship to caring for customers. Logically, the two are greatly interconnected. This is why I protested how Burger King treated their decision to produce a vegetarian burger: they did not even feign a stance of having care for the customer, but instead said that it was for reasons of profit alone. This not only is bad in the business sense, as it makes all customers feel a slight bit less appreciated and instead just considered for their dollars and cents that they exchange for relatively mediocre food, but also because it more directly alienates their vegetarian customers. It makes them feel quite unappreciated: that their worth is only in their dollars and cents and that their presence is appreciated only for this reason.
     It is for this reason, this expressed lack of care for the customers' preferences, that has led to my expression of disdain towards Burger King currently and that is what I had been trying to say. I do not think that they are, as one e-mail I recieved thought that I did, supposed to promote vegetarianism; indeed I would not want such a company to. What I do expect them to do, though, is respect their customers. Saying that the production of a food item for a specific group of people is for profit and not for the respect of that group of people is not something good nor wise for a business to do. That is what Burger King has done and I protest that. Perhaps now you understand.

03.16.2002 (March 16th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I'm over three hours late. "Why?", you ask? It could be because I was sleeping until just an hour ago... a nice ten hour nap. It was wonderful and hard to pull myself away from. I apologize and hope that you understand. Well, I have an idea running for a possible episode tomorrow. I'll talk to you all again later. I hope that you enjoy the little Zero thing that I added in because of the smaller Team Yellow. It seemed wrong to give you a small set after being so late. Night, N-fans and Squareds.

03.15.2002 (March 15th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, something was brought up to me tonight that made me think of a good topic for a brief rant. First, though, I need to apologize: today was supposed to be a Team Yellow but I forgot until after I was on the last frame of this comic... and because of things due today I wasn't going to have the time to do the text for finishing up Lalala's Team Yellow. I just needed to say that. It will be here tomorrow and Sunday if Lalala sends another. Okay, as to the subject for my complaint, it regards Burger King. Burger King, as some of you may know, is producing veggie-burgers. This, in and of itself, is a great thing. It's wonderful to see a fast food chain catering to vegetarians like myself. The problem, though, is that it has nothing to do with vegetarians and that the company has said so publicly. In press conference, a Burger King representative said that this action was only for profit; it was not for health nor respect for vegetarians but indeed just profit. That is wrong and a good thing for a wrong reason is hardly a good thing. What Burger King is doing is no more than exploitation of what is a fad in some groups and what is a sincere lifestyle decision to others. Because of this, I make here my protest against them. I discourage you from their use (and I have previously found some of their food products the most tasty around here) and encourage you to discourage others from the same. A right thing. A wrong reason. No support.

03.14.2002 (March 14th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Greetings, N-Fans! Calooh-Caleeh, it's a Very Merry Pi Day! Like Nostradamus predictiated yesterday- I WAZ RIGHT! -today is indeed a very special day: Pi Day! That one day of the year that fits the mathematical constant that we all know and love or at least love to hate or hate to love! If you're up at 1:59 AM this morning (or 1:59 PM if you're cheap) then celebrate all the merrier with a circular glass of something nice or something. Circles rules the universe almost as much as string does... but string holds the universe together because we are string! Yes, my friends, it is Pi Day, one of the greatest days of the year! In celebration of the grand day, the kind sir Izac Bex has contributed upon us sixty (unfortunately not 314 to be more festive!) wonderful images from Happy Birthday Mega Man! May you enjoy them and this day. When you see people, greet them "Happy Pi!" or the like in your own way of celebration! And remember, "Pi is exactly three", at least when you round to the nearest integer.

03.13.2002 (March 13th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Nostradamus update. I prediciate that tomorrow's comic will not be related to Team Silver. I also - SHADDUP! - prediciate that moto's comic, despite his absense - shaddup! - has been updated! Finally, I prediciate that tomorrow will be a very special day of the year! SHADDUP! Don't you just love Nostradamus of Histeria!? He's just so cool. SHADDUP! Oh, I really need to think up some better blurb text... -_- Later!

03.12.2002 (March 12th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Running late but a short blurb. Had to deal with some things tonight... and slept late beyond that. I hope that you enjoy the update. Not sure what tomorrow's comic will be. We'll see, I guess. Talk to you later, N-fans and Squared! BAI!

03.11.2002 (March 11th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. PCHAN COLOR CYCLE! ^O^ Yes... I got bored today. I think that I'm going to remove's counter tomorrow. It's obviously less reliable as to the pure reload rate the the one on this server. Hmm... The Apples In Stereo's Signal In The Sky music video (or Groovie, since it's on Cartoon Network) just came on. I really need to set up the VCR so that I can record again. I have perfect POV to observe the TV from the comp desk... but the VCR is blocked by the monitor. I must bother to fix that. Okay... so... AHEM! I think I'll do the Batman Blurb tonight. THIS DOES NOT BODE WELL FOR OUR HEROS! ZERO IS PLANNING TO LEAVE, AND WHAT HAS BECOME OF DYNAMO? BEYOND WHICH, WILL ZERO AND DYNAMO MAKE UP? WILL RED EVER GET HIS QUESTION ANSWERED? WILL RAN OVERTHROW CAPITALISM IN FAVOR OF A COMMUNISM OR BECOME A CAPITALIST AND BEGIN TO WEAR RED, WHITE, AND BLUE INSTEAD OF JUST RED? FOR THE ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS AND MORE, STAY TUNED TO THE ADVENTURES OF N-FANS: THE SERIES! NEXT TIME ON THIS SAME N-SERVER; THIS SAME N-TIME!

03.10.2002 (March 10th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I love Sunday Specials. They take more time but they're definately worth it. So... let's get down to the contents. N-Fans: The Series, Episode 217: A Result of That Which Is Stupid. Pages 44 and 45 of Captain N: Tales of Videoland as well as the 11th and 12th pages of Legendra. Furthermore, the Pchan Archives is updated. Enjoy them all. It seems like I should have something to say... but I really don't tonight. I guess I'll leave the blurb off there, then. I hope that you enjoy all that this Sunday Special has. The comic is a bit large - 864 KB, I believe - but I still think that you'll like it. I know... I moved the background... not the character. Big no-no of animations online. Still worth the extra KB. Later, N-Fans and Squareds!

03.09.2002 (March 9th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Spiffification today with the releasement of the .us domain name! "Why?", you ask? Well, because Your Lord, The One Above Us, JD, bought I guess we now know who really owns All Your Base, huh? He can really say "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" and mean it. He rules. I worship him. So does Pchan... who puts himself above JD with the latest Pchan Thingie. Pchan can do that, though, because he's cute enough. Cute enough people get to. Also, I'm sure that you've noticed the cute little icons that make up the new counter. No... it's not perfect... some of them are a bit hard to read... but it is up. Now you ask: "What was the problem from last night?" Well, I was using site77 as the ID for this domain... but that's the ID for the comics subdomain. This domain's ID is site6. So.... after plugging that in... five minutes of fiddling... BOOM! It worked. Still need to improve upon the icons for the numbers, though. Oh! On site77 I ended up doing some script implementation as well! I added a spiffy news script. It's not permanent - I want to get a better one - but it does work for now and I'm SO happy about it. ^^ Scripts of the future? Yes... but what? Suggestions... send. LOVE TO ALL! Night!

03.08.2002 (March 8th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I've spent the past several hours trying to find a counter script that would work at replacing the one from That counter will stop working properly (well... it will stop giving results more detailed than 100 K) once it surpassess 99999... and that's far too close for me to completely ignore it. At any rate, I've been having problems. The scripts either require Fly... which requires another program... or else use SSI. The problem with those that require Fly is that to get the counter to work is that the other two must function previously and I won't be able to know if they function properly until I install the counter... all or nothing... too painful. The problem with SSI counters is that I'd either need to rename this to .shtml (which is just a stupid requirement to begin with) or else use IFRAMEs. The problem with IFRAMEs is that most (if not all) versions of Netscape don't understand IFRAMEs... and changing the extension of this file to .shtml would make links to it be broken... so I'd have to change them on other pages... and most links to here link to main.html so people would end up having to make one more click to see the site. That may not seem like much but many people don't like it and it discouraged viewing. I don't want that. If any of you have a suggestion... because I need a graphical counter with which I can use my own buttons (I've made them already)... of a counter to use that doesn't use these things... please tell me. I could use the help. Thank you and end rant. Enjoy the comic.

03.07.2002 (March 7th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Favor the Albatross, my friends, for perhaps it is truly all that you can trust in. Okay, I'm very tired again... but I'm writing a bit of a blurb tonight. Bad stuff happening... if you read the Forums you know what I'm talking about. I don't want to get into it any more than that because I don't really quite know what's happening myself. I need to talk to some people before I do anything. If the sixth frame seems kinda abrupt, it's supposed to. The comic will probably be a continuation of this one either on Sunday or Monday or something like that... tomorrow and Saturday are Team Yellow if Lalala sends hers in. What else? Oh... sucky book. I'm reading Heart of Darkness. Good subject... but just don't like the writer. He's better after the first ten pages (at least for the next twenty) but I just don't like his writing style. I'm also about a tenth of the way through Anne Rice's Queen of the Damned. I like that much more than the movie. Hard not to, though. The movie was good... but the books are so much better.

03.06.2002 (March 6th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. The Pchan Thingie pretty much says it all. Ni-ni, guys. See you tomorrow.

03.05.2002 (March 5th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I haven't really been able to sleep today after school... actually... I haven't. It's 10:00 PM as I write this update and I'm HOPING that I can get 90 minutes or so before the update... then sleep until 4:00 AM... then bathe... then stuff. Yeah. Stupid school. We have the CTBS/CAT test today. It's pointless... even some teachers agreed on that as it's only on the school's permanent records and not transcripts and, as such, unless directly requested, will not affect anything. Beyond this, as Zac mentioned to me, they're so slow at correcting them and sending them back that it likely won't be on anything until AFTER we'd have graduated, anyway. Bleh. Silly crap. I'll do it... and actually do it... but I'm not going to kill myself over it... or worry as much as I usually would. This is a waste of a repeat of something I took two years ago. I have no wish to repeat it.

03.04.2002 (March 4th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay... bit behind on the homework and needing to sleep... damn my ability to flip my sleep schedule by 12 hours every weekend... regardless of what the previous sleep schedule was. Enjoy the comic! OH! The Purplish Text is "Translation Text" since most moogles don't speak English. Ain't it 'spiffy'?

03.03.2002 (March 3rd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Went to Queen of the Damned. Quite a spiffy movie. Love the fade out at the end. Let me see... I had something really non-spiffy to eat today, though. The Pchan Thingie represents. It was very yuckiness... as you can likely tell. Well, tonight's Episode of N-Fans is "More Fun From The Fifth", the CN Manga returns with pages 42 and 43, and Legendra comes in with the ninth and tenth pages of that manga as well. Well, I hope that you all enjoy the comic. I'm going to sleep soon, I think. Good night and day to all of you. Laters.

03.02.2002 (March 2nd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, only two things to really mention today: Pchan and Burner. First off, Phoenix is gone until later tonight. Going to be pretty boring without him. He's off at Professor Hazard's (the dude that does Captain N64) to do some posters for the comic shop that Hazard works at. Fun stuff for him. Jake went with him as well. Not sure how many of you outside channel know who he is, though. He's a friend of Pchan's... and WATANGA on the boards. A great guy. ^^ Beyond Pchan-related stuff, though, there's also my burner. Yes, my Sony 24x10x40x CD-RW drive has arrived. It's right next to me; I haven't installed it yet. As soon as I woke up I went to work on the text for today's Team Yellow. Oh, that reminds me. Zac, I didn't get to Queen of the Damned tonight. I had a mild case of insomnia until I fell asleep at about 7:00 PM and then my mom didn't get home until it was basically too late to actually get there. As such, my mom and I will be going to it sometime tonight. Just wanted to pass that on to you. Later, everyone. Enjoy the night.

03.01.2002 (March 1st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Stupid February. Stupid Gregorian Calendar. Stupid need to sleep. Lovely night. As some of you know, I've switched to a basically nocturnal schedule: I've been sleeping from around 4:00-5:00 PM until 10:00 PM... tonight was slightly after midnight. It's absolutely wonderful... I'm more awake in school... I'm less stressed about getting homework done... I'm more awake in school... I'm actually getting sleep. Quite often in the past I've slept around less than two hours per night for an entire school week... sometimes without naps after school. With this system I've been able to not only get my sleep, but just get everything done with much less stress. I do apologize for the comic being late tonight, though. I hope that you understand. Be well, my fellow N-fans and Squareds.

02.28.2002 (February 28th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Hey, everyone. I thought you might enjoy my letting Moocow update. I mean... he was really eager to. I found him downstairs last night on my computer, my chair cast aside and Moocow proping himself against the wall to stay up. For a small blue cow, he sure can type well... and his mousework! That was fun to see. Well, I'm going to get to my homework now. I hope that you enjoy tonight's comic as much as you did last night's. Tomorrow's a Team Yellow... as is the next. Not sure what Sunday will be... probably one more Mansion episode before we return to Team Silver. Until tomorrow... enjoy!

02.27.2002 (February 27th, 2002 CE):
Moomoo moooo. Moo... moo moooooo. Moo, moomoooooo. Moo moo moo moo, MOOOOOOO! Moo mooooooooo moo moo! Moo. Moo moo. Moo? Moo moo. Moooooo!

02.26.2002 (February 26th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, the term paper is turned in. Rejoicement... nah. I've been sleeping since slightly after school... had minor stomach aches off and on all day. Well, I need to get to my homework... I've got a bit of it and I should try to get some extra sleep tonight if possible. Later, N-Fans, Squareds.

02.25.2002 (February 25th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay... turns out that my paper that I thought was due Wednesday is due today. Yay. I haven't worked on it anymore... I probably SHOULD have turned it in Friday for the extra credit. Oh well, eh? Well, Interview was just on TBS. Fun stuff. The casting in that movie did not do the book justice... but it got me to read the book. The movie (if you see it before you read the books) is wonderful. The book makes the movie suck. The Vampire Lestat (the next book in the Vampire Chronicles) makes Interview With The Vampire look horrible... and shows how much of a wuss (and just plain WRONG) Louis was in his treatment towards Lestat. A wonderful book. I need to read Queen of the Damned someday soon after I see the movie. I still need to... ;-; I wanted to Friday SO BAD! ;-; Oh well. Later, N-fans and Squareds!

02.24.2002 (February 24th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Twenty Sunday Specials down. It's been a nice journey so far. I know that this isn't exactly one of the larger ones but I hope that you'll enjoy it nonetheless. I have some things that I need to deal with so I guess that I'll keep this short and tell yah what the update is. Today's N-Fans is entitled "Well Rested, Oddly Dreamed." Since there's no CN Manga this week (Phoenix was too exausted to do it today and the past few as well) there's four pages of Legendra (he has that manga entirely finished.) There's also a fun little background I spent about fifteen minutes on: Tech Support. Enjoy. Until tomorrow, N-fans and Squareds!

02.23.2002 (February 23rd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well... I was supposed to go to Queen of the Damned tonight. I was really excited to. I had made two different plans; either of these plans or both of them in combination would have led me to it. Unfortunately, the first plan failed before it could even get off the ground because I misunderstood Zach and thought that he had the ability for vehicular transport. Unfortunately, he did not have this ability. The second plan, which included hooking up with Dynamo and her friends, fell through tonight. The problem with that ended up being that Dynamo ended up not going for one reason or another... *sighs* Oh well... these things happen. Perhaps I can get there tomorrow... perhaps D'll want to or something. We'll see...

02.22.2002 (February 22nd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, my 'rents and little bro are gone until Sunday. This morning should be interesting for getting up. Since I napped some earlier I'm considering jsut staying up and sleeping after school. We'll see what happens. At any rate, I'm needing to get to my homework. Until later!

02.21.2002 (February 21st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. A bit of a scary thing happened while I was working on uploading the files for this update: my system crashed. Upon rebooting (through the reset button) I recieved the message: BOOT DISK FAILURE INSERT SYSTEM DISK. Not a happy message to recieve, most definately. So... I quickly turned off the power through the power button, then flipped the switch off and then on on the back of the case. Power up... hoping... waiting... being driven more insane than any N-fan should have to be... SUCCESS! No problems! I guess, though, that this means I should sacrifice a few hours of logging #Captain_N to defragging this computer and doing thorough scanning for errors. If it helps the system... it is good. Well, I hope that you enjoy tonight's episode. Two-hundred gone by... each one a little treasure... a representation of my work (and also Lalala's for Team Yellow, Phoenix's for the manga, Red Silvers for a few of the more current scripts) and even Chris Blair for a few of them) for all of you, the readers... the N-fans and the Squareds. I'm glad to be the main writer and Mangaka for this comic, and I hope that you will continue to follow me on this Journey into a land of our dreams.

02.20.2002 (February 20th, 2002 CE):
An English Paper Is Due
    As I write the final few words on this paper that I have toiled at - researching it, penning it, having it examined and then having to pen it again - I am forced to look back at the days and hours past and wonder as to the point of this paper. The paper was to show that Dostoevsky, his life, and those of his characters are but parts of the same whole. Has this been done? Yes, I believe that it has. This is not the point that I wonder about, though. The point that I am forced to wonder about is not that of point the paper, but of the point of the paper itself. This paper, which has taken away hours of my life to prove what has already been more thoroughly proven previously, I am forced to wonder about. I do so. I have done so. I have come up with a blank.
    You see, my dear readers, I am not questioning the point of this paper being achieved but the point of doing the paper in the first place. Why must I do this? I must do this because I do not see much of one. Have I learned anything? Yes, I have learned that the MLA format is a style of documentation that puts unnecessary stress upon the writer. Have I learned anything useful, though? Perhaps that is the better question to ask for learning that something causes pain is not really a good thing to have to learn when writing a paper of this sort. I think about this a moment more.
    I have learned nothing that is of benefit. The bits of formatting that my mind has learned are already being forgotten. The pains, the stress, the wasted hours, the damage to the bit of social life that I have clinged on to! All of this has caused far more trouble than this paper would ever be worth even if I remembered every little bit and piece of knowledge perfectly for the future years. This paper has been a plague to me and it and its kind have done me far more damage then ever could they good.
    No, I have learned nothing.
                                                                                                                 - N-finity 02.19.2002 (February 19th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Hmm... I problems with my CD-ROM: it doesn't like to read when my CPU is overclocked. I was trying to get it to read a CD earlier and it kept picking up as data until I lowered my CPU back to normal. A very annoying thing to do. At any rate, I've scripted out Episode 200... I'm partway done with tomorrow's episode... and I think that all that I do will be good. [Hey... that's almost Present Psycho Tense!] Oh, I need to mention a new comic in Comics Sector! River City Meltdown! It's a really spiffy River City Ransom comic... VERY glad to have it in our numbers. Beyond that... what is there to say? I'm still off of school tomorrow because of some spiffy American holiday things. I can't quite remember what right now. Bah... as Ran's sleeping form says: "Death To Capitalism!" ^-^ Bai!

02.18.2002 (February 18th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. What would you do if I sang out of tune? Would you eat my head? I don't know... but if you want to tell me, feel free to e-mail me. Right now I'm watching Hard Luck Woman, which I have come to consider the final Episode of Cowboy Bebop. The two "final" episodes just don't groove with all the others. It's just so well put together, too... just actually FEELS right. Everything feels complete. The other episodes... 25-26... they just don't... They make it feel like 24 was undone completely. It was a shame to see. Oh well, happier things come! I am looking so greatly forward to episode 200... Still haven't begun it but I feel that it will be happiness. I hope that it is. Well, I guess that's in for my blurb-thought for the night. Tomorrow: Team Silver... YAY!

02.17.2002 (February 17th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I was abducted last night shortly after I updated by Dynamo and two friends of hers that I had previously not met. They abducted me to Perkins... where a funny little event occurred. You see, Dynamo's friends both smoke, so we ended up staying in the smoking section. It was busy, but our server was really neglectful: Martha, one of D's friends, asked for an ashtray not once... but twice... on two occassions... and never recieved one. She got a bit angry, and started using an open mini-coffee creme container as on. She missed a few times so Dynamo (she was bored) flicked the ashes. At one point... she missed... and hit the coffee creme! :P So... nice little trail of creme across the window... and the wood... and the table... and the big pepper container. It was very amusing to see happen. We would have felt bad except for that she had been given five minutes, said something to us a few times about how she was going to get it... and then ignored us more times after that. Even with the accidental creaming... she still did not deserve a tip. Oh well... my smallest bill was a five and that would have been a 40% tip even if I had paid for all of us and since we paid individually... and most didn't buy more than a soda... no tip for her! :P Normally I'm very respectful of these people... but she was just plain neglectful and it was an accident. Oh well! ^-^

At any rate, tonight's episode of N-Fans is entitled "Thus Dost Plead The Fifth", the CN manga is pages 40 and 41, and Legendra is pages three and four. Enjoy them all... and look forward to the coming days! Tomorrow... Team Yellow, I think (since I forgot Friday). Team Silver for Tuesday, then. Bai!

02.16.2002 (February 16th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I realized at about two hours after update that it should have been a Team Yellow day instead of a Team Silver episode... Sorry about that, guys... I just got a good way to put together Episode 194 and I went with it... and didn't think at all about Team Yellow. Hmm... what else is there to say? Oh, if you search for the keywords Sprite Comics on Google is the top list. Pretty spiffy, huh? Beyond that, there's a few more comics coming to, including a mirroring of Final Fantasy Sonic. That'll be spiffy. ^-^ Also, AOL sucks... and AIM sucks more. They've blocked Trillian well enough so that it's been more than six hours since I've checked... and Cerulean Studios hasn't put out a patch yet. For Trillian, that's serious. "What is Trillian?" you ask? Well, Trillian combines MSN, ICQ, Y!IM, IRC, and AIM into a single (ad-less) program. You can get it by clicking on the button. Feel free to. I'm on, respectively. See you on the Flipside!

02.15.2002 (February 15th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Another short blurb, I guess. I'm excited. Tomorrow is Friday. I really must get to my homework, though... I've been neglecting it. I hope that all of you are having a good night. Enjoy Red's little Pokémon fun. You knew that it had to happen... or else a Monty Python reference. Enjoy! Bai!

02.14.2002 (February 14th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Happy Valentine's Day, people-dudes. I know tonight's comic is a bit strange... but that's fun to have now and then. Well, I'm not sure what else to say for today. I have a quiz in AP Calc today first period... ten sentences still to translate into Spanish tonight... few other little things like that. Oh! I beat Chocobo's Dungeon 2 a few days ago! ^-^ I wuv the ending... it's a great one. If you can get that game... GET IT! It's so wonderful! Well, I think I'll go off now. Later, N-fans and Squareds!

02.13.2002 (February 13th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Yeah... I know that there was a spelling error in yesterday's comic. I've been meaning to go through old comics some day when I have the time and clean up all the spelling errors, little mistakes, etc. Hopefully I'll be able to do that this weekend. It really would be a good thing. Today I did a bit of work on Comic Sector. Most of it you wouldn't notice much. The only big things that you'll notice are the addition of a new comic, The Revival of Rock, and the mini-buttons. It's a bit more customizability... and that's always good. Well, I'm going to go do my homework now. I hope that you enjoy tonight's comic. Laters!

02.12.2002 (February 12th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, tonight's a bit more sane of update. I handed my rough draft for my paper in today. Hopefullyt it'll be okay. I need to get to my homework and such but overall I'm quite good today compared to last night. Hopefully we'll never have Kirk update again. Hmm... what else is there to say? I'm not quite sure, actually. There's a few more comics coming along towards joining in Comics Sector... I've done some work on additional templates as well. Hopefully I'll have that ready soon. At any rate, I'm off for the night. Enjoy the comic!

02.11.2002 (February 11th, 2002 CE):
Captain Kirk... to... Enterprise. Evil... 2500 word... term paper. Must... finish. Cannot text Lalala's... Team Yellow... properly. Must... finish... term paper. Will... clean up... later. Captain Kirk... out.

02.10.2002 (February 10th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, let me see what all we have for today, shall we? First of all, there's N-Fans Episode 189: Team Silver Arrives on the Scene. Then there's the Tech Support Wallpaper by Eric Sandberg. Then there's an updated Pchan Archives... more cloning than should ever have happened. There's also the new Captain N (pages 38 and 39)... and finally, Legendra... a new manga by Pchan that'll be here every Sunday along with the Captain N manga. Two pages of that, too, out of the 29 for it that Pchan has made. ^-^ I hope that you enjoy all of this! Finally, screenshots have been added for three episodes of Captain N in the Captain N Sector. Check that out if you're interested! Enjoy and, until tomorrow... be well!

02.09.2002 (February 9th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I'm still addicted to Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon... it's such a touchy game. Truly beautiful. Well, today's another Team Yellow... tomorrow the first Team Silver solo... aren't you excited? I'm extremely exausted and about to pass out I'll wait for the second or third wind to kick in, though... and then I'll be just fine. Also, I found my script book tonight. I lost it a few weeks ago. I was quite angered by this loss... and quite happy by the finding of it. Well, I'm going to go off now... oh, wait... gotta do a brief Olympics rant. The US coverage of the Olympics is quite sad. CBS (or at least I think it was them) felt the need to insult almost every country as their athletes were being introduced. It was really deplorable. Pissed me off about how American news organizations cover things even more than the September 11th incidents did. Truly disgusting. Oh well. Happier things in comic and stuffs. Laters! *konks out*

02.08.2002 (February 8th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2 is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cy-ute! ^-^ My little brother (who rents horrid games more often than half-decent) really picked a winner with it. I'm just sad that it took me so long to find it! I've been playing it far too much... and I really need to work on homework more. Oh well, I'll get everything done. Homework tonight actually is quite light... but I didn't get more normal nap in so my usual three hours of sleep just isn't holding over like it should. Time to do some stuff for Virgil's Aeneid and then off to sleep, methinks. Well, maybe just a LITTLE more Chocobo... ^-^ Until tomorrow, N-fans and Squareds! Bai!

02.07.2002 (February 7th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well... today's episode just had to be done. I'm not terribly pleased with it... but it had to be done and, quite frankly, how I speak in the comic is how I feel about it. There's no real plan... no guide to how this is all going. It's just unfolding and will eventually make sense to all. This is kinda a relaxation period for me for a few weeks, as we'll be doing more jovial, free adventures that don't have any real enemy. Thank the gods for that, aye? Aye. Well, tomorrow and Saturday will be Lalala's Team Yellow... and Sunday will be an animated arrival of Team Silver into Final Fantasy VI! Huh? What's that? You thought I had a plan? Nah... never a plan... usually a vague outline. ^-^ Until tomorrow. Bai!

02.06.2002 (February 6th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Oh, damn. I just remembered that I forgot to take an extra credit thing for math after school today. -_- Damn it. Oh well, another time I guess. Well, if some of you were wondering why two days ago Ran was said to be "here", meaning the Library, by Pchan and then, yesterday, in a basement hallway (I have a map of The Mansion... I need to bother to get it put up sometime for you guys.)... here's your answer. His 'Peachy-Sense' (Like a Spidy-Sense... but for Pchan) was going off and he sensed Ran coming. The Pchan thingie explains further. Well, I need to finish up some homework so... until tomorrow... I'm off! Bai!

02.05.2002 (February 5th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Yeah... server's been up and down all day. I know. Why, you ask? It's actually a problem that can't be solved without an upgrade that would cost my host $1000... and the problem is another webcomic: 8-Bit Theater. How, you ask? Well, you see, at about 6 Megabits/sec (768 KB/sec) the type of server that both 8-Bit and is hosted on automatically shuts down. It's supposed to be a protection sort of thing, but it really serves no logical purpose and cannot be changed. So... as such, 8-Bit Theater and another large site on server have to start conserving a bit of bandwidth so that the entire Myrmid Family of sites can stay up until the server is upgraded. Something like that, at least. One of the two major sites will be cutting downloads considerably, though... so hopefully that will help a bit, too. Well, I'm off. Enjoy the comic! ^-^ Until tomorrow... hopefully with more dependable connections!

02.04.2002 (February 4th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. So today I'm working on homework... a lot. I should have been yesterday too but I decided not to because I'm lazy. My mom returned from her trip to Rapid City around 9:00 PM... she's been gone since Wednesday so it's been a bit more lonely around here without her. I'm glad that she's back. Oh well, back to the homework, I guess. I hope that you enjoy tonight's comic. Tomorrow should be the wonderful little briefing and then Team Silver'll actually get to go on their little adventure.

02.03.2002 (February 3rd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Yes, many thingies tonight! Sunday Specials are always fun for you... always a bit more work for me! :P Worth it, though. Tonight we have the Pchan Archives. I'll be updating them periodically with the Pchan Thingies of the past. Hopefully you'll enjoy it. Tonight's N-Fans is entitled Test 98a. Pages 36 and 37 of the manga are added as well along with a new wallpaper by Eric Sandberg! He was going to get a second one for this update to me but I guess we'll include that as part of next weekend's update instead! Also, as Team Yellow hasn't had it's normal Friday/Saturday appearances, it's up today! Episode 182: Team Yellow: Another Island. Enjoy all! Oh, I have to plug a new website for you., a new website by JD Turbeville and others, will be covering cartoons of the 80's and more... including Captain N. There are some projects (such as video) that and will be cooperating on. Be prepared to enjoy! Until tomorrow, I'm off!

02.02.2002 (February 2nd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. No, there isn't a Team Yellow today. Why, you ask? Well, yesterday Lalala got cut off before she could send me the comic and today I had an idea that would work perfect for the Sunday animated comic but that, unless I did Team Silver today, I wouldn't be able to fit in. Therefore, there shall likely be three Team Yellows next week and perhaps one tomorrow as well. We'll see what happens. Also, I'm sorry for updating late. My dad bought me Legacy of the Wizard at Video Action tonight. I already had it but the copy he bought was in INCREDIBLE condition. The box, container, game, and even MANUAL were perfect. No stickers or anything. Truly amazing. Well, I'm off for the night. Until tomorrow!

02.01.2002 (February 1st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay... I'm fairly tired tonight so... comic is fun. Webster is tired. Webster scanned some comics today... perhaps will get up later. Webster is in Latin. Webster has Latin homework left. He doesn't want to do it but he's going to start on it soon. He likes the Pchan Thingie for today very much, too! ^-^ Be well until tomorrow, N-fans and Squareds!

01.31.2002 (January 31st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Wow, the first month of 2002 is already ending... going fast. Well, short blurb tonight because of some homework that I have but a little info on what's coming. Today is the first episode in a Team Silver arc written by Red Silvers, Team Leader for Team Silver. He's writing it because it's his Team and I could use a few days to organize the ideas that I have in my mind for where to go from here. It's only going to last three or four weeks, but I think that you'll enjoy it very much. Once again, I'm going to plug Comics Sector. Comics Sector offers free hosting and allows either updating by yourself or by the staff for any webcomic that joins it. If you're interested in this, go to the Comics Sector or contact Red Silvers for more hosting info.

01.30.2002 (January 30th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. A slightly eventful today was today. There was a horrid speaker in school. He taught us that "class" is all that you need and without it, nothing else matters. -_- I'd give my Jonny 5 Eyes, but they don't work right here. Needless to say, this guy made himself into a real moron in my mind. Also, my dad was rear-ended while parking. He refused to take documentation of the crash, though, and although the crash was under $1000 in apparent damages, he really ought to have done that. If he gets screwed over this I'm going to make SUCH fun of him... because he'll deserve it after the level of insistance I gave to his documentation of it by video camera. Finally, something a bit more happy. Captain offers comic hosting for free, in case you didn't know that, and would gladly take submissions for new webcomics to add to our growing assortment. We offer either updating by yourself or by the staff. If you're interested in this, go to the Comics Sector and contact Red Silvers for morehosting info.

01.29.2002 (January 29th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Yes, it's lame, but it's what five of the Original Six N-fans selected for N-Fans: The Series came to do. Wow... it's pretty insane how badly THAT went. I mean, there's been some fun... but overall it's been "catch this, catch that." Not very exciting for the adventurous wishes of our N-fans of N-Fans. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a break for awhile for them before something new comes up that causes them to have to deal with more crap that they don't want to. Let's hope so. Zach, in case you didn't notice, the Pchan Thingie today is clickable. Click it for the AP Calc notes.

01.28.2002 (January 28th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well today is my little brother's birthday. Happy birthday to him. If he actually read this site (He's 10... he pretty much only goes to Neo Pets.) I'd direct this more towards him. During a brief watching of family videos Graham brought up that he used to have Sim City for the SNES... which made me realize that I had borrowed it to Mike, one of my ex's... I think that you see where this is going. Yep... he's still got the game... he didn't return it with the other games that he had borrowed from me... and he (probably) still has the manual as well. Do any of you know how much I loved that manual? A lot... that's how much. It was ULTRA-SPIFFY. Oh well... these things happen. Oh well. Evil Ex's suck. Oh, note the new affiliate button. Rejoice... for there is co-linkage! Well, until later, I'm off. Bai!

01.27.2002 (January 27th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Yeah... I'm about forty minutes late if you've been checking... I know. Little brother had his birthday party today... I had to make at least a SMALL appearance or else I would have felt bad. Beyond that, though, today is an N-Fan's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DYNAMO! Hope that you end up doing something and actually have some fun unlike what it sounded like you expected. But enough of birthdays! We have more celebration to do! Team Blue is returning to the Mansion with Emerald X! Disco Duck is out of River City! And (thank the gods!) the gangs of River City are back to violence and don't like the few Disco Crew stragglers that remain! Enjoyment! Then there's the first two pages of the second volume of Pchan's Captain N manga... and THREE... count 'em... THREE new wallpapers! Enjoy them all! Until tomorrow, I'm off. Bai! Oh! I nearly forgot! The episode title for today's N-Fans is "Team Blue, Mission Complete!" Enjoy! DOH! There's also an update to the Captain N Sector! Check that out as well!

01.26.2002 (January 26th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, what to speak of tonight? I'm searching out more people to link me. If any of you have any suggestions or websites that you could link to me with, it would be most appreciated. I can't guarentee a link back for everyone (at least not a prominant one in the Links section) but I will link those that I can. We're about 380 unique hits (people) per day right now... maybe slightly higher...) but I will link those that I can find a proper fit for. I'd like to get to 500 uniques/day by sometime in March if possible... hopefully sooner. If any of you can help make this happen... please do. Just contact me in any one of the methods listed there and I'll see what I can do. Well... I'm off, I guess. Tomorrow's the wrap up for this leg of N-Fans. I hope that you like what I have planned. Bai!

01.25.2002 (January 25th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay... what to write about tonight? Not much... I'm still stressed... but tomorrow's Friday. I'm just going to go with a 'que sera, sera' sort of attitude with my English class, the main source of my school related stress, with school being the main source of my stress. You see, my problem is that I care about it too much. I shouldn't nearly as much as I do. It's important... but not nearly as much as I place it as. For one thing, my English teacher doesn't want me to use student papers as referance. The thing is, the BEST paper I have found IS student based. If she doesn't like that, too damn bad. I'm going to use what I got and if what I got ain't good enough for her, then she can deal with it. I'm not going to kill myself over this crap and that's what my mind has been doing. Screw it.

01.24.2002 (January 24th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I realized something tonight about how I do this comic. The way I do the battles... and especially the end battles, are much more like Captain N, I think. They don't really defeat the enemy forever... but just for then. They destroy that enemy's forces and such... but not the enemy themself. Probably not the smartest thing to do, really... but it's what happens, I guess. Oh well. At any rate, the wrap up for the Disco Crew will be on Sunday in in a little animated spiffiness. Hopefully Lalala'll get me the two Team Yellows for the week in time for me to use them. Gah... it's such a busy hell as of late. I'll cover that more tomorrow, though, I think. I don't want to even TRY to do THAT tonight.

01.23.2002 (January 23rd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, my topic for the thing is decided upon. I'm hoping that it works out... it should. Well, I think I'm going to take a bath and do my homework after this. That sounds good. But, oh! There's an update for the Captain N Sector! Thanks to TinyPixel, a lurker of the CN Forums, screenshots have been added for both "The Trouble With Tetris" and "Simon The Ape Man"! That's right, you can now see Lyle in all of his nerdish glory! Enjoy! ^-^

01.22.2002 (January 22nd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. *laughs* I have no idea what to write for tonight's blurb. 8-Bit Linked us for the day today. It's given us quite a nice number of hits I must say. Beyond that, though, not much to say. I decided on a topic for my research paper, though. "A paper Regarding Crime & Punishment and parallels between it and Fyodor Dostoevsky's life as well as some of the groups represented by peoples and ideals within it." Yeah, I know... it's kinda kooky... but hey, it'll work! ^-^ I should probably check out the 'net and stuff to find out that there's enough stuff on it... but even if I just cross-referance CnP with biographies on ol' Dossy that'll be enough to get what I need... I hope. Well, until tomorrow, N-Fans and Squareds! Today may be plot development... but we'll get a few more good jokes in soon! ^-^

01.21.2002 (January 21st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. A good original villianous personna is so hard to find, isn't it? Apparently for the Duck it is. In the end you just gotta be yourself, I guess. Well, yeah. Okay, so I have a spiffy new setup for my TV. It's right above the monitor so I can finally watch it again... although I DO need a bit more height to it (it's actually about 18 inches behind the monitor) so that I can see the whole screen. Maybe try to find a way to put a SLIGHT angle to it, too. Hmm... we'll see, eh? Hmm... I want more soda. I should get some soon. Oh yeah... looks like we're heading for the climax, doesn't it? Probably are... hopefully are. I need a topic for a term paper/research paper-thingie for AP English 12... preferably relating to Crime & Punishment. Any suggestions? E-mail me if you do.

01.20.2002 (January 20th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. The Fifteenth Sunday Special... and I believe the first not to have an animated comic. Why, you ask? Well... two reasons. First, there wasn't the time unless I put it up around 3:00 AM. I didn't want to do that. Secondly, the idea for today's comic didn't feel right being animated. That's an even better reason, I think. Also... I'm sure some of you noticed that the server was down... upwards of 200 of you considering the counter. The reason for this is quite simple: JD doesn't have a person watching the server 24/7 right now... so it got overworked... and went boom. It was fixed... thankfully... but not until about two hours before tonight's update. If you want to read yesterday's comic, just press the "REW" button and that'll take you to it. Oh, and you probably noticed the big Captain N manga button. That's because Pchan has four pages for today, thus ending the first issue of the manga, as well as a cover that he and I did together. Be forewarned, there's two versions of page 30 for a reason. I know that some of you don't like nudity so he and I agreed that that was best. As for today's N-Fans, it's entitled "Trying to Explain". Oh, and don't forget to check out the background by Red! I'm sure that you'll love it! ^-^ Until tomorrow, N-fans and Squareds!

01.19.2002 (January 19th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. So....tired... but I have a new scanner that rules! Yay! Visioneer OneTouch 8900 USB! I'm happy with it! ^-^ My 'rents bought it for me since I needed one for something myself and also because I'm doing some scanning work for my mom. Hey... they're taking the old scanner back to my dad's work so... hey? Why not. Oh well, we've got a new little bot that I'm running in #Captain_N, the IRC channel... it's fun. We're having silly quizes. Present ones are video game related. I enjoy... do you? Come and find out. Check it out under IRC sector.

01.18.2002 (January 18th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Lots of evil homework tonight. Far more of it than there should be. A few hours left... already past midnight. Unhappy am I... needing sleep am I... having no way to finish everything am I. Going now am I. Bye.

01.17.2002 (January 17th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay... so what can I speak about tonight? I could speak about how my dad wants me to "prioritize" because I don't have a job when I complain to him that the ISP we use is (especially of late) misbehaving unacceptably often. I could speak of how he doesn't want me to send a letter of complaint asking for an explanation of the problems. Or, perhaps I could finish up my AP Calculus, upload some of the font-size corrected HTML that I've been working on, and get a bit of sleep for the night beyond the nap that I just ended about 30 minutes ago at 11:30 PM that I had started at about 9:20 PM. That last option sounds the best to me. Talk to you tomorrow... and we'll see how I "prioritize" things to my liking and yours.

01.16.2002 (January 16th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well... it's just about midnight here... but I'm not sure when the hell this'll get up. My ISP has been down for about an hour... I'm pissed at them for it... and I'm just about ready to take a bath. I made a new banner tonight. It rules... I'll toss it up into the Links page for anyone that wants to link to me. It would be appreciated, you know. *sighs* Must... kill... ISP... *grumbles* I could complain to them about it if I could get that old AOL account that my mom still uses to work... but no... I can't AOL to pick up the modem for some reason. My modem is quite decent. Then again, if I complained, they would send me back a form letter saying that it was something on my end. Bullshit. Modem=Good. Computer=Good. Phone Lines (I've tried two)=Good. BTI=Bad. Screw you, you [CENSORED] ISP.

01.15.2002 (January 15th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I recieved one e-mail regarding the title of yesterday's episode. That person was Alex Khavich. Alex noticed that there were four members of the Disco Crew falling through the Warp Zone... and that they were going to the Fifth. That's Four to the Fifth... the alternate title of yesterday's episode if you want to because four to the fifth is one-thousand twenty-four. Wonderful, huh? Yeah... I'm really lame with stuff like that... don't 'cha just love it? No bad puns today... but there is a new Episode as well as a little Pchan Thingie! (Hey... you got any better ideas for the name? E-mail me or something if you want to give me one!) Speaking of the Pchan thingie... not many of you will get the origin of this... but that's okay... it's still fun.

01.14.2002 (January 14th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I wonder how many of you will actually get the meaning of tonight's Episode's title. Not many, I'll bet. That's okay, though... doesn't really matter. Okay, then... where do we go from here? I'm quite tired. Pchan is temporarily on a spare AOL account until Comcast services are back online. I'm quite tired. I'm thinking about moving this computer desk over to where the TV currently is, connecting the stereo speakers to this baby and putting the TV on top... VCR and other stuff someplace else. I'm quite tired. It'll work... space-wise, at least. Since I'm quite tired, I'll sign off now. Later.

01.13.2002 (January 13th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, the reason Pchan wasn't up last night was because his ISP is down. It won't be back up until probably Monday or Tuesday. Very sad... very sad indeed... *sighs* I'm also extremely tired for some reason so it's only 10:00 PM... I've been up seven hours... and I'm about ready to pass out. We'll see what happens for my sleeping. Tonight's Sunday Special is organized a bit differently, but I think that you'll enjoy the contents. Episode 161 of N-Fans is entitled "An Unexpected Kitchen Guest", Pika Burger #10 is entitled "The Boss", the final part of N-Files is up, a new background by Red Silvers has been added, and, just to make your Sunday that much more complete, Pchan has done three pages of manga instead of the normal two so you get pages 27-29 of Tales of Videoland. Feel spoiled... but it's a bit of a cliffhanger. Until later, N-fans and Squareds!

01.12.2002 (January 12th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I'm a bit late tonight. Sorry about that. I was helping a friend clean up his computer some... and then I had to spend a few minutes on the Pchan graphic. What is .the .product, you ask? Well, download the newest version of DirectX and then click on the Pchan graphic to get .the .product. Run it... notice the file size... and enjoy. I am sure that, as long as your computer has a video card that is compatible with .the .product, that you will enjoy it. Well, I could use a nap before Pchan wakes up so I shall do that now. Later, N-fans and Squareds!

01.11.2002 (January 11th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Yep, I put up the new layout... finally. I think that most of you will prefer this layout to the old one. It actually will look half-decent on 800x600 monitors... although I still highly encourage a 1024x768 or 1280x1024 (or higher, for that matter) if you can pull it off. At any rate, though, this far more fickle form starts off on a Team Yellow day... and off of that damned island! Happy days, eh? Well, I have a background by Red to put up for today (and yesterday for that matter) but I'm going to save it until tomorrow just for the heck of it. ;P So... any thoughts of the new layout? Complaints, compliments... wishes for me to do your webdesign? Anything like that... please e-mail me at

01.10.2002 (January 10th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I have finals tomorrow. Two of the three, actually. I had one today (AP Calc) and tomorrow is Spanish III at 7:45 AM and AP English 12 at 1:00 PM. Joy of joys, eh? Well... tomorrow should be a Team Yellow as long as all goes well. I'll also be putting up a wallpaper by Red Silvers. Oh, and maybe I'll get up the new layout tomorrow night. I said by Sunday... but I didn't say WHICH Sunday... did I? *laughs* At any rate... laters and enjoy!

01.09.2002 (January 9th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Today was the first day I was able to sleep after school (as I normally do) in nearly a week... so I'm incredibly tired right now and it's only 11:26 PM as I write this. I think that I may nap again before I do my homework... or at least nap until my Pchan comes into channel. At any rate, "Holy Hamlet, Batman!" went quite well... I only messed up (majorly) once... a few other ones here and there. I still hate my Harley voice, though! *laughs* It went well, though... but the version of Hamlet that parodied the movie "Fargo" was just amazing. I liked Mrs. Pole's (my teacher's) comment, though. "It's too natural for them." :P Later!

01.08.2002 (January 8th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Okay... an hour late. That's okay because I slept from 7:00 PM until 11:30 PM. I needed it after not sleeping after school today because of Holy Hamlet, Batman! *laughs* That is going to be so messed up... I just hope that I remember to face the audience... I never seem to do that. I suck. *laughs* Oh well... the script RULES... at least THAT part is good. Oh! And we have the interpretive dance as the inner play... so that'll be spiffy, too. Yep... this is going to be a messed up day. I need to start on my homework soon. I want to be done by 5:00 AM so I can take a mini-nap. Later!

01.07.2002 (January 7th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Updating a bit early. I'm very tired tonight... need to get up early and study for the Hamlet test. Bleh! This week is Semester finals. I know that I have to take three (AP Calculus, Spanish III, and AP English 12) but there's a chance I might have to talk all six (those three plus Latin IV, AP Physics and (horror of horrors) Physical Education 12). Do you see now why, my readers, that I don't have a job? I quite literally don't have the time. *yawns* At any rate... I hope that you enjoy tonight's comic. It's a bit of a continuation of the thought of yesterday's with the third member of the main Disco Crew force that Team Blue has encountered. Oh, just a little thing before I go. This guy's name is Hubert. The two from yesterday were Rubbleneck and Gritto. Does this matter? Not to most of you... no... but some may wish to know.

01.06.2002 (January 6th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Yep, the 13th Sunday Special... and it was only two hours late! *laughs* Sorry 'bout that... I was with my group for a rework of Hamlet that we have to do for AP English. We're calling it Holy Hamlet, Batman! and it's basically a 1960's Batman version of Hamlet... with an interpretive dance thrown in during the inner play scene in the second scene of Act III. It'll be very cool. At any rate, I didn't get home until 10:00 PM to start the comic... so I've been working on it (and handling some other things) during the four hours since then. Sorry, guys... I don't like updating for you this late, either.

As to tonight's comics, Episode 154 of N-Fans is entitled "We Righteous", pages 25 and 26 of Captain N: Tales of Videoland (by Pchan) has been added, and the second of the three part "N-Files" story by Mandi Ohlin rounds it out. Enjoy them all. Until tomorrow night, over and out.

01.05.2002 (January 5th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Yay! Lalala's back... and with a new hair style (not to mention hair color and clothes)! Wait a second... perhaps it's not Lalala! Perhaps it's some evil twin from another dimension bent on destroying Team Yellow for no apparent reason! Nah, it's probably Lalala... but you never know, do you? Hmm... Oh, Mark Hunters (an N-Fans fancomic) has had quite a few episodes added to it. Check it out under the Squared button.

Oh, finally, some of you may notice the font size change. For some reason (since I'm finally on the new computer) when I went here the fonts were at size three for default instead of size two. I'll probably have to run through all the pages and correct this eventually... but for now I'm just doing where I'm editing.

01.04.2002 (January 4th, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Well, Lalala has to punish the rest of Team Yellow somehow, doesn't she? I mean, yeah, she left them but... they haven't been good... have they? Nah... they've been attacking Nature... and you do NOT attack Nature. It's a bad idea... and probably too graphic to show in this comic so it's not going to be. At any rate, I just woke up from a four hour sleeping period about an hours ago and shall soon begin my homework. My schedule, I fear, is to be quite backwards today.

01.03.2002 (January 3rd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Very pink, I know. Hey, though, it's Disco Duck's color scheme (well... half of it is at least) so what do you expect? He likes things to match, after all. Okay, so Team Blue is back in River City now. Aren't you happy? I know I am. Now all they have to do is take down Disco Duck and... boy... they really don't know what's in for them, do they? See you tomorrow, N-fans and Squareds!

01.02.2002 (January 2nd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. Tonight's comic I had to piece together from things that I knew happened... Ran skiing... Red's grandmother giving him sake... but then there's Chris... *sighs* That's hard to write. Chris may be alive and well in the real world but it's hard to write like that here. It's just strange. I'm sure a few of you know what I mean. At any rate... enough with holiday stuff! We're going back to River City tomorrow with Team Blue!

Oh, I'll be switching to a new layout for this page sometime in the next few days. You can see the present version of it in the Sprite Comics Sector. I need to rework it a little more to fit in everything that I need to (counters, a third set of buttons, etc.) but it should be done by Sunday at the LATEST. I hope that you prefer it to this one, as this one you really need 1024x768 for and that one will work adequately at 800x600 (a nice change for you lower res people!) Until tomorrow, enjoy!

01.02.2002 (January 2nd, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. I know that some people are really going to be against this episode. It was not what I said I was intending to do and, as far as webcomics (and especially sprite comics such as this one) go, a bit on the disturbing side. I want to say that it is leading into something... even though it won't likely manifest for somewhere around 100 more episodes. When it does, I hope that you will enjoy it, even if it is far from the norm of webcomics and even this one.

Oh, and in more joyful news, I'll be switching to a new layout for this page sometime in the next few days. You can see the present version of it in the Sprite Comics Sector. I need to rework it a little more to fit in everything that I need to (counters, a third set of buttons, etc.) but it should be done by Sunday at the LATEST. I hope that you prefer it to this one, as this one you really need 1024x768 for and that one will work adequately at 800x600 (a nice change for you lower res people!) Until tomorrow... and a HAPPIER comic!

01.01.2002 (January 1st, 2002 CE):
N-finity here. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Well, the Watanga have stolen my pants. Yes... this blurb is written by a pantsless man. Don't you feel lucky? You should, you know... 'cuz guess what!? You're getting Kevin In Videoland! Yep! That's right! For one day (probably) only a copy of this exclusive video is available for your viewing/download pleasure! I hope that you do enjoy it, too! So... I present to you... as the first Video back up for 2002...


As always, Enjoy. Oh, and for tomorrow's ep it'll be a wrap up of today's... probably the beginning of the return of Team Blue to River City. Gotta deal with that 'imperfect villian' of Disco Duck, after all. 12.31.2001 (December 31th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. YAY! Today is New Year's Eve! I'm sure about half of you will be out getting more wasted than you ever remembered getting (just like you will next year and did last) because you forgot about it. *laughs* I'll be hanging around #CN as I've been planning to for about a week or two. It's where my friends are. I really half no life! But seriously... I hope you all have a great time. Alcohol or not, tonight should be a fun night for all and I hope that it is for all of you. I'll do my best to update at exactly 12:01 AM CST tomorrow, as that's when it should happen. Oh, and yeah... I hope that you like the New Year's comic. It should be pretty spiffy as well! Oh! And then it's Episode 150! Aren't you excited? Actually... I think 150 will kinda be a relaxed ep. Should be the way I have the script laid out at least. Enjoy!

12.30.2001 (December 30th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Before this blurb can move to today's episode, a much more serious matter must be addressed. The brother of Professor Hazard, the mad mind behind Captain N64, was diagnosed late yesterday (Saturday) with cancer in his humerus (shoulder) bone. It is ridden with cancer and has broken in two places as a result of it. It would be appreciated for all of you who have any spiritual energy that you could spare to send it towards Professor Hazard's brother. Be it through praying, ritual, or just kind thoughts, please do what you can. Thank you.

As for tonight's episodes, Episode 147 of N-Fans: The Series is a Team Yellow entitled "...Something...", Lisa's Log is the Eleventh Day, Captain N: Tales of Videoland (or the manga by Phoenix... yes... it has a name... I switch back and forth. Try to remember both.) has had pages 23 and 24 added to it. Finally, The N-Files, Part 1 of 3 by Mandi Ohlin has been added to the Captain N Sector. It's a Captain N/X-Files crossover (obviously) and I think that you'll enjoy it. Check it out.

12.29.2001 (December 29th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I figured out why Lalala didn't send in an ep. My fault. I forgot to send her a spritesheet that she had asked for. Damn it... I still need to upload it. I'll set that to work in a few minutes. At any rate, today's ep just is kinda the continuation/conclusion of yesterday's fizzdig (yes... I'm coining my own words now). My new computer is still not functional. I'm trying to get a working modem in it. Right now we're rooting for the DSL modem to work. No, I don't have DSL... but I did have an extra DSL modem. Why, you ask? Why is because my dad once wanted to get me DSL. I refused. No, I'm not nuts. DSL around here disconnects you every two hours for five minutes for some insane reason unless you pay $10.00 more (which makes it much cheaper than cable which is much faster in this area which my dad refuses to buy...) and that maximum 91.67% to 96% uptime (depending on if that five minutes is included in the two hours or not) is far too unreliable for my needs. A fifth the speed and 99.5% to 99.95% uptime is better than the speed of DSL at (at most) 96% of the time working. I mean... wouldn't you?

12.28.2001 (December 28th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Sliced myself really well with a razor today while shaving. Caught my lip. It hurt. It still does, actually. Oh well. Tonight's comic shows that yes, they actually do realize that Team Yellow is gone. Surprised? Nah... they're just a bunch of hoopy froods... they know that everything will be okay as long as you DON'T PANIC. Understand, my strag friends? I'm sure you don't... but my fellow froods get it... don't yah? Okay... the new comp hasn't been worked on much today and I'm not sure if it will tonight... I need to do a webpage template for my dad's work. Simple work... $25. Yeah, I'm cheap. Bugger off. Well, at least if I save some money I can get a cheap burner fairly quickly... Cheapest one I found was a 6/4/32 for $31 plus $11 shipping for a total of $42. I love it... although it's not very improbable.

12.27.2001 (December 27th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Well, despite the good ends of yesterday, another bad thing happened today. My CD burner, a Memorex 24/4/2 (Read/Write/Rewrite) died on me. Bleh. No warning... just died. *sighs* Oh well. It happens. Today has brought progress with the new comp, though. It's now functionally correctly in terms of the video card. The floppy drive is working again and pretty. Let's see... only the modem, the network card, the sound card (if I decide to use that one instead of the onboard) the RAM from this comp, and this comp's 20 GB HD left to go before it's all done. Joy. Hopefully I'll be able to get something to keep it a bit cooler and then... maybe... overclock it back to 872... perhaps even higher sometime after that. We'll see, eh?

12.26.2001 (December 26th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Well... today has been just peachy. I accidentally spilled my pumpkin pie on my backpack and the floor... then did the same to a pizza five minutes later. The computer I'm trying to put together (and eventually switch to) has been hellish as well. At least now we're able to get POST... even if the thing's running at only about 1/3rd the speed that it is supposed to. Bleh. And hiccups now to top it all off. Oh well. Tomorrow will be better, I am sure. *laughs* Today is (for me at least) one of the sufferings that I refer to in today's episode. *laughs again* Bleh. OH! I wrote this about an hour before update. Almost immediately afterwards I was able to solve my processor problem... and then (through a little fun trial with overclocking) get it all the way up to 872 Mhz from the 700 Mhz it is supposed to be. I've put it back down to norm until I have everything in and a few more fans... not to mention a better heatsink/cooling system overall. At any rate, the night IS looking up. I just finished off the piece of pumpkin pie that wasn't destroyed and watching Labyrnith. I love this movie! ^_^ Until tomorrow, N-fans and Squareds!

12.25.2001 (December 25th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Umm... yeah. Oops. Didn't get this up until a little after 12:30 AM... sorry about that. When I saw the size of the large version... and then the small version... I decided a non-animated version was probably in order. As such, you're getting one. Enjoy it, if you will. Going on, though, yeah, it's huge. I'm sorry... and I'm stuck on that. Very bad of me, I know... but download it and watch it; I think you'll find it worth the size. I hope you will. I wish to thank Red for the present template and hat... and Ichiban Crush for the stockings. It was so kind of you to help me with this, especially on short notice. At any rate, next year's V.M.C. special I really hope someone else is willing to do, because this took about eight hours of my time. I was running late enough though I started a few days early! ^_^ Oops! Merry Christmas and all other holidays... and especially a Happy Videoland Midwinter Celebration to all of you. Live well, my friends! Until tomorrow night... your Mangaka, Webster.

12.24.2001 (December 24th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Well, the Sunday Special may be a day late... but you get a bonus of one of Lisa's Logs... so that evens it out, doesn't it? I know... give me a break. Okay, at any rate, today's Christmas Eve Special is has Day Ten of Lisa's Logs, the episode of Team Yellow that Lalala sent me and I haven't had the timeframe to put up, and pages 21 and 22 of Captain N: Tales in Videoland, even though pchan said that he wouldn't have them done in time! Thank him, will yah? is his e-mail address. Oh, the Christmas Special should be up around 10:00 PM tonight Central time. It might be slightly off from that time one way or another... but it'll be around that time. I hope that you enjoy it. It should be a quite enjoyable episode. Happy Holidays to all of you. Until next update.

12.23.2001 (December 23rd, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Okay... so... what's happened today? I guess I've pretty much stayed at home... worked on the webcomic... except for early this morning when I went (an hour late) to a meeting of a group for my AP English class. We have to rewrite an act from Hamlet into a different genre and act it out in front of the class. Apparently the current plan (which everyone seems to like) is Act III in the style of Batman... 1960's, of course. There's another meeting at 10:00 AM this morning. I think we're going to write out the basic ideas for scenes. We'll see what happens. Oh, and I bet you're wondering why there's not a Sunday Special and what happened to Team Yellow. The reason for the Sunday Special being off is because of the animated comics for tomorrow and Tuesday. Some of the Sunday Special may appear tomorrow as well. The reason Team Yellow not making an appearance yet this week is because I have needed every day to get what comes tomorrow and Tuesday to come on time. Team Yellow's comic for this week (Lalala only gave me one) should be, unless something goes wrong, tomorrow, then. Well, I'm off for the night. Bai!

12.22.2001 (December 22nd, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I'm out of school for the holidays. Back to school on the second... perhaps third. It's really a shame. We used to get over two weeks out. Now it's only slightly over one. At any rate, it's stupid. Okay... today's episode! Yay! It looks like Team Silver will be going home as a whole for the holidays... but where are Zero, Dynamo, and Lisa? You'll note that they went the other way. They're somewhere else... I'm not sure where at all. Oh well. We'll find out, probably... or else they'll show up again if they aren't doing anything fun or important. Until tomorrow, N-fans!

12.21.2001 (December 21st, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Well... I may have missed some holidays but I think that the N-fans that want to go home deserve to for a few days. I have a stupid Hamlet speech to memorize for me. I have barely any of it. This could REALLY suck for me. BAH! Why does one have to memorize speeches for English? Pointless. But I have not the space to rant more. Goodnight, N-fans and Squareds!

From all your friends in Videoland...manga version at least!...I'd like to wish you a joyous and blessed Solstice, or Yule if you prefer, as well as a lovely holiday season. I will be celebrating the Solstice today and tomorrow, and I hope that you'll think of me in your own celebrations and I hope that you've enjoyed your gifts so far from little sketches just for you, from my pen. Thank you for your continued support of the manga. It's because of you that I keep drawing. ^^
Love, Phoenix
12.20.2001 (December 20th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Short blurb. The Fifth is the name of the dungeon in the Mansion.

From all your friends in Videoland...manga version at least!...I'd like to wish you a joyous and blessed Solstice, or Yule if you prefer, as well as a lovely holiday season. I will be celebrating the Solstice today and tomorrow, and I hope that you'll think of me in your own celebrations and I hope that you've enjoyed your gifts so far from little sketches just for you, from my pen. Thank you for your continued support of the manga. It's because of you that I keep drawing. ^^                                      - Love, Phoenix
12.19.2001 (December 19th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Yeah, I said that I'd deal with 'em... so I am. Tomorrow's comic will likely continue this stream. I know what I'll be doing tomorrow but I'm not sure where I'll be going on Sunday... but I'll find something by then. Friday and Saturday will be Lalala days again. I'm excited!

12.18.2001 (December 18th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Well, Pchan drew another special in thought of Rock's 14th birthday. I hope you like it... I definately do! Today's comic brings up the pool... you knew that I'd have to... and I was going to bring up the Disco Crew and Moore... but I think I'll do that tomorrow... not sure. *shrugs* We'll see. Enjoy the special picture, though! It's a real beauty! OH! ERK! WARNING: It does contain nudity but covers the parts of the body that would be most 'objectionable' to see. If you don't read the manga that Phoenix does or don't like it... don't look at the picture. It would only bother you if you did.

12.17.2001 (December 17th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Sooooo tired! I should have worked on homework earlier. I think that I might sleep now and do the rest of my homework at 4:30 AM when my mom has to get up to go out of town for a meeting. *yawns* That sounds really good, actually. At any rate, a CG'd version of Lalala's Human and Sparky fanart has been contributed by Emerald X as well as another Phoenix piece entitled "Rann-chan: One of 'Ours'". I hope you like both and oh! I hope you like Phoenix's other contribution: the Miracle Body image. It seems a bit off when you first look at it... but you have to realize that it goes with a song for a series that apparently is a parody of how sexist some anime can be. Something like that, at least. I'd remember better if I were quite conscious. *yawns again* It's really cute, at any rate. Check it out. And yes... there IS a small version of the comic... but you can't read the text very well. Oh well. Enjoy it all! I liked how the comic turned out... even the slightly bouncy effect of approaching the mansion is spiffy-feeling to me! Bai!

12.16.2001 (December 16th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Okay... I'm late... I'm sorry. I'm very behind tonight. I have a few things to do... I'll get up the CN Manga before I go to sleep and see if I have something to fill in that blank spot.

Okay, it's 5:41 AM here... time to go to sleep... after the update... right? Yep, I think so, too. As such, here's the manga (pages 19 and 20) by Phoenix as promised plus five pieces of fanart. Today's episode of N-Fans is entitled "Compilation" and, oh, the pieces of N-Fans art that have been added are Sledgehammer & Saturnstorm by Lalala and a self-sketch by Shadow Bass. The reason that those three total out to five is that Emerald X was allowed to CG both pieces that Lalala has contributed. Enjoy them all (and prepare for the first look at the Mansion tomorrow!)

12.15.2001 (December 15th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. I was able to get my 'rents to pick up Megaman X6. Wow. It's pretty amazing so far. Only about 30 minutes in. I'm... impressed. More later! ;)

12.14.2001 (December 14th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Wow. Today was eventful. First, on the way to school I saw a bunch of flashing lights from some sort of emergency vehicles. I find out later that the Alanon building caught blaze. Now, that was enough to make the day eventful but, beyond that, I learned that my ex that cheated my mom out of $5000 was fired from his job for hitting on other employees. Oh, and then, just to make things even more unpredicably eventful, I end up encountering a friend that just happens to be niece of that ex (she's the daughter of the eldest and he's the youngest... they're only a few years apart) and she says something I don't quite catch. She goes on to say stuff about how happy she is and how much she's been able to get stoned. Ah, so that's what she said. She's stoned. I give her a huge hug because I know that she's wanted to do this for a long time and my very minor empathic abilities grab a bit of a feeling from her that lasts for about five minutes. I love it when that happens. She giggled and said that she really had to pee. I let her go... and smiled. I think that it can be very good for some people to expirament with drugs. For some people it is wrong to... for others it is wrong not to. At any rate, an eventful day. I enjoyed it.

12.13.2001 (December 13th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. I couldn't nap today... I hate days when I just can't fall asleep at nap time when I just want to so badly. They've been more frequent lately... perhaps in relationship to stress levels. Oh well. At any rate, today brings us back to the Disco Crew and continues the general building of the plot towards whatever sort of showdown my twisted brain has locked away (from me) for the ending of Disco Duck and the Disco Crew. I hope I like how it ends as much as you do. At any rate, I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is a Team Yellow. I'm excited for it! ^_^

12.12.2001 (December 12th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Tonight's episode just felt strange to do. Something just seemed strange about the sprites and particularly mine. I'm not sure what... or why... but it did. Probably my imagination. At any rate, tonight's episode is more stuff leading up to the construction of the Mansion, which should (hopefully) occur on Sunday if I've spaced things out as I should. For those of you who are supposed to have made rooms... please send them in to me if you haven't already. Thank you.

12.11.2001 (December 11th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. I don't get much sleep. I haven't in a long time. Perhaps five hours on a very good day. Normally somewhere between three and four. The thing is, though, that my Spanish homework has made this even worse: two to three hours of translation per night because of a book we're reading. I like the teacher. She's nice, fairly good, etc. I like the class. It's an okay mixture. I want to continue to take the class. I also have had this translation damage what little social life I have and harm horribly the relationships I have online. This is wrong... I can't do this... I don't have the time or energy. I could drop... but they I've lost nearly an entire semester worth of work. If I don't drop, it will be almost over by the new year... but the stress will have continued... and I'm not sure I can handle that. I'm an A/B student. I'm not a slacker. I can't do this... there is no time... even without me having a job... even without me doing the comic... there is no time.

12.10.2001 (December 10th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Well, Pchan's birthday went (in my opinion) great. He got tons of presents (at least as many as seen in yesterday's comic) and it was just fun to make him so happy. I loved it. At any rate, I'm running a bit late (not terribly so in the comic, but in real life) so I'll leave this blurb short. We're back to the Disco Crew... and they're training. Oh, and I chipped my tooth earlier on a glass. This is why I normally drink from two liters only.

12.09.2001 (December 9th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Happy Birthday, Phoenix. I wish I could have gotten this up earlier but it took longer than even I expected... but it was worth every moment. It's 2:00 AM Central right now... so quite a bit later than normal. Please, other reads of this comic, try to understand. At any rate, I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring... but I'm happy with what today has already and I can't wait to give Phoenix all of the gifts that I have for him... and that I know others do as well. Happy Birthday, Phoenix; we all love you: most of all me

12.08.2001 (December 8th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Okay... I'll be getting up in less than six hours from the writing of this blurb for the ACT. I have come to be convinced that it really is a waste of time. Seriously, it is. Think about this: Schools make students take standardized tests to see how they place amongst other students every few years. A similar process could be used to replace the ACT and SAT with a test like this that was provided by public education. Even though this is the end to public education for me this year, I see no reason why I should suddenly have to pay while still in school for something that is held at my public school for testing that has similar, free equivalents that would work nearly - if not just - as well in this matter. It causes unneeded stress and, although I'm not stressed about the actual test, I did feel a quite large bit of stress filling out the forms, trying to understand why such a waste of my time was needed. I disliked it then... and still do now. Oh, have you noticed that Disco Duck and Emmy haven't been in a comic for about 50 episodes? I'll try to fix that soon... but for now I sleep. Night!

12.07.2001 (December 7th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Yes, I know today is supposed to be Team Yellow but I told Lalala that I had some things that I wanted to get done with by Sunday to move on the plot... so she's resting a bit (and I think working on something else) until then. Bleh. I didn't nap after school today so I'm insanely tired. By the gods, I really must go to sleep... I didn't finish my homework so I'm setting my alarm to wake me an hour or so early. Hopefully I can get my homework done that way. Oh, and I have to take the ACT tomorrow. Stupid ACT. *kicks it* Enjoy!

12.06.2001 (December 6th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Well, let's see... what can I write about today? Oh... well... I will tell you that tomorrow will not be back at N-Fans HQ (the Red Gradient Area) but in Maniac Mansion and be a bit different in spacing than usual... but not much. Okay... what else? Mettiechan! Don't you just LOOOOVE Mettiechan? Mettiechan is cy-ute! ^^ Okay... finally, it's Phoenix's birthday on Sunday! I expect ALL of you to give him presents *glares* I mean it. Give him a present or die. ^_~ See you tomorrow!

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