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12.05.2001 (December 5th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Today we learn a really good reason on why you shouldn't make Phoenix angry by hitting him with Gray Guinea Pig Pellets: he'll summon a metroid that he calls Mettiechan and send it after you. It is NOT a happy thing to have happen. It is bad... it can be very scary. Mettiechan is so nice if he likes you, though... and he doesn't even suck your energy away. Everybody go "Awwwwwww". I'm waiting for it... come on... say it... ... ... ... ... SAY IT, DAMN YOU! ... ... ... Thanks. Okay... umm... yeah. I'm going to go take a bath... I could use one and I'm waiting for Phoenix to come online. He'll probably do so 30 seconds after I learn. Bleh... I HATE how that always seems to happen. At any rate... I'm off for now. Later!

12.04.2001 (December 4th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Academic Team thingie was today... we got 1335/2000 possible... not as good as I would have hoped... but quite decent. Oh well. At any rate, today's comic isn't very happy... *frowns* I hope Pchan is okay... I'm sure he will be... but Gray Guinea Pig is being BAD! >_<

12.03.2001 (December 3rd, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Just a quick thing tonight... but one I want to hear serious responses about. Warp Zone... a convention for Video Game Cartoons, Video Game Comics and sprite comics. If it ever happened... would anyone be willing to go out of there way to get to it (i.e. TRAVEL) and anything like that. If so... please post about it in the Forum.

12.02.2001 (December 2nd, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I'm not greatly pleased with today's N-Fans... it's turned out okay, I guess, but not as good as what I wanted. Pika Burger, on the other hand, came out beautifully, as did Phoenix's manga. I hope you enjoy all of them. Also, two pieces of art by Phoenix and a CG'd version of one of those Phoenix pieces done by Emerald X have been added to the N-Fans˛ Art section. Enjoy them. Oh, before I forget... Today's Episode of N-Fans is Episode 119: Encounters In A Dank Dungeon, Pika Burger #8: The Alex Sing-Along Episode, and the pages of the manga are 15-16. I SOOOOOO love 16. Sooooo cy-ute!

12.01.2001 (December 1st, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Woah... oops. I'm sorry, readers, I was up since 11:00 PM last night and umm... I fell asleep around 7:00 PM... and I just woke up about 45 minutes ago and it's 2:22 AM right now.. I've been working on texting Lalala's comic since then. I hope you aren't too angry about the lateness of it. Also, yes, the server was done for quite a long while yesterday... I'm not sure why. I'll try to find out.

11.30.2001 (November 30th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. I could rant about the article that was in the school paper today. It was missing the URL to my website. I'm a bit irked about that but I won't rant about it: it was an accident. I will, however, talk about Bob & George and Dave. In case you haven't read Bob & George today (and you still do) you really should before I continue. Okay. Dave did the tasteless. He killed off Megaman and then made himself sound frighteningly like someone else I've experienced right before they went off the deep end. I don't care if Dave's doing this to promote the Helmeted Author/Author thing. Killing Megaman was a tasteless decision and Dave's response was even moreso. May that comic end before it totally destroys that which many of us have enjoyed for so long.

11.29.2001 (November 29th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. I'm getting REALLY annoyed with this week. I'm having to translate a chapter of Marianela by Benito Galdos (thankfully a simplified version) and tonight's chapter has been the longest yet... nearly three pages. It's taking two to three hours... I've not been getting to sleep before 3:00 AM a day this week yet... most days not until after a good deal after 4:00 AM... and there's an AP Calculus test tomorrow. This week is NOT happy.

11.28.2001 (November 28th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Woah, Maniac Mansion is a little larger than I thought: Piney and Red are dinky compared to this place. Oh well, it works. At any rate, I'm off to do a translation and some AP Calculus. Until tomorrow, enjoy! Oh, and yes, that little blue thingie is the device that they have been referring to.

11.27.2001 (November 27th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. I think that I may stray away from Team Blue for a few days. The ideas for this small Tech Support/Team Silver/Team Red arc are coming much more quickly and, as such, I shall not attempt to deture them any more than that which is needed. Also, it snowed today in Bismarck, North Dakota. I'm afraid that soon I may no longer be able to safely bike on my Soda Runs, and that there is a chance that today may have been my last for the year. A shame.

11.26.2001 (November 26th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Today's episode was not one of those episodes that writes itself but it came quite close. Here's how it went. Okay... opening Photoshop... placing background... doubletake... "OH MY GOD, THERE'S A FULL MOON!!!"... eyes go from side to side... "You know what this means"... "Mmhmm"... "NEW OUTFITS!" Wait a minute... that's a Fox Family commercial (not ABC Family, damn it!) for Totally Spies... Hmm. Well, other than the "NEW OUTFITS!" part... which could be changed to "WOLFIE!!!!", that was pretty much how the episode went. After that... it was just restating text so that it actually fit. Frame two got a bit long. Sorry. At any rate, I also updated (finally) the NES Sector, adding TWO maps (Maniac Mansion and Kunio Kun no Jidaigeki Davo Zenin Shuugou!) as well as adding two NES Game Reviews, both by Mike J (Dragon Warriors I and IV). I'll try to get to the other reviews later this week... hopefully.

11.25.2001 (November 25th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Lots of stuff added today! We have the entirely new Biography section (notice the new button in the N-Fans graphical menu) a new Lisa's Log, a nice (albeit large) little animated comic, and Otaku Bastard is updated! I'm sorry for their not being a new Pika Burger or any more manga... but these things happen and neither myself for Pika Burger nor Phoenix for the manga were up to it for various reasons this week. Oh, there's also an additional item in the N-Fans˛ section: Journal of N by Chris Blair. It's a record of his journey that takes place in Neo-Force, his webcomic in the Sprite Comics Sector. I hope all of this is appreciated! I know I'm happy that it's up there now!

11.24.2001 (November 24th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I've been working on the N-fans Biography page... it isn't up yet because I want it to be finished before I do anything with it. Right now about seven of the 20 or so biographies are completed. As to today's comic. Lalala... I LOVE IT!!!! Tomorrow is Sunday Special #8... it might not have a manga depending on if Phoenix can get it done (he hasn't had time/inspiration this week yet) or not. Oh, Episode #29 of Captain N64 by Professor Hazard has been added to the Sprite Comics Sector. Check it out. Until tomorrow (and hopefully the completion of the bios)!

11.23.2001 (November 23rd, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. I didn't say Happy Thanksgiving yesterday, did I? Oh well. At any rate, I've been spending this day (as my family isn't much in terms of doing family-togetherness holidays) working on a map... I bet you can guess what of. At any rate, it has turned out quite well... and hopefully will soon be of use. I'm also working on some other things... not quite so major... and, oh! There's a new episode of Captain N64 up in the Sprite Comics Sector! Check it out!

11.22.2001 (November 22nd, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Well, here's Episode 109. I had a few problems with Photoshop (also known as crashing on the fourth frame of text without saving since you finished everything but the text) so it's a bit late... but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. I'm going to go get soda but, after that, I'll put up the next episode of Captain N64 in the Sprite Comics Sector. Until tomorrow, N-Fans!

11.21.2001 (November 21st, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. I have some new Episodes of Captain N64 by Professor Hazard and Alvin Fox to put up... but I need to finish some homework... BADLY. I'll be able to get them up tomorrow night... no school the next day! Enjoy the comic! Laters!

11.19.2001 (November 19th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I caught what Phoenix told me to consider the last episode of Cowboy Bebop earlier... "Hard-Luck Woman". It really did feel right as the end to the series... but I decided to watch part one of "The Real Folk Blues". From my present judgement thus far, I feel like "The Real Folk Blues" should have been placed before "Hard-Luck Woman". Oh well. Oh, at any rate, here's the other side of the debate, aptly (and so originally) titled "The Other Side of the Debate". I hope that you enjoy it. I'm going to get back to my homework now and try to figure out where to go with Team Blue and the Met Hat Minions... I have ideas... I just don't know quite how to do them.

11.18.2001 (November 18th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. With the seventh Sunday Special we return to Team Silver, attempting to build what Doc has told them to. They shan't succeed, most likely... or so it would seem. Hmm... oh well. Also, Episode #7 of Pika Burger has been added along with pages 13 and 14 of Phoenix's Captain N: Tales of Videoland. Oh, and today's episode of N-Fans is entitled "Debating Team Silver". Enjoy them all.

11.17.2001 (November 17th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Today's comic brings up an important thing: although each team DOES have a Warp Zone Shifter of one manner or another, only the Team Leaders have them. I really made a bit of an oversight not giving at least basic recall units to each N-fan... I'll probably have to correct that someday. Oh well. Oh, do you notice that Team Leaders (Chris Blair, Lalala, Red Silvers, and myself) are the ones that tend to have problems? I find that interesting. Fortunately Red hasn't had enough field experience to have had a problem yet... and I haven't myself. Oh, and this is important! I've been deleting the generic avatars (Read: extremely boring) and replacing them with spiffy ones. I've used some sprites and such that I have been given by others... I hope you like them and that, if you haven't ever used the Forum, that you might check it out. It's pretty spiffy.

11.16.2001 (November 16th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. For those of you who posted in response to yesterday's blurb... thank you. It was most kind of you to do so. At any rate, all of it is over... at least for now. As to today's comic... don't you wonder where Lalala is going? I do. Since Lalala doesn't usually send me her comics more than about a week in advance... I don't quite know myself. I'm looking forward to Sunday and a return to Tech Support and Team Silver. That should be entertaining. Until tomorrow, N-fans and N-fans˛!

11.15.2001 (November 15th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Well, N-fans and N-fans˛, I'm a bit irked. "Why am I irked?", you ask? I'll tell you why. It's because of how, when I went to this message and found a post criticizing (it's by Snot man... 11th post down) and tried to respond to it... I found my normal account banned. Since the Bob & George IRC channel and I have had differences in the past, I assumed this as the reason for the ban so I used my very basic knowledge to work around it by use of This worked and I posted this message in response to his. I was Simon The Ape Man, a now banned user name, and was very civil and everything (as you can tell by reading it) in my post. I informed Death that I did this. That was probably my mistake but, as I believe I have a right to defend myself, I felt it was only appropriate to tell Death what I had done. Oh well. Oh, I've been talking to Red Silvers, Team Silver dude. He's been talking to Ran. Ran is going to repost it for me as he believes I have a right to defend myself as well, apparently. Thank you, Red. Thank you, Ran. End Blurb.

11.14.2001 (November 14th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Yeah... well... umm... I added a wallpaper at about 7:30 PM yesterday... if you didn't get that it's under the N-fans Squared section... under Wallpaper. Enjoy it. Well... umm... yeah... Episode 101... not sure what to say... hope you enjoy it... I wasn't very happy with the original idea and although I don't like this episode that much it (thankfully) turned out better than the one I had planned would have. Oh well... you win some... ou lose some.

11.13.2001 (November 13th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Well, we've made it - Episode 100. This is a landmark for this webcomic - we've gone triple digit - and worthy of answering some of those questions you might have had from back from Mission I, mainly that of "What the hell happened to Wily?" and "Where the hell did he land?". I hope you find that the answer I have given is Totally Rad. I hope you are all here to read the celebration again in 50 episodes, 100 episodes, and beyond.

UPDATE!I didn't have anything that I wanted done done by update-time last night but I do now. I have added a new background, entitled Ancient Prophecy, to the N-Fans˛ under Wallpaper.

11.12.2001 (November 12th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Meet Mooort; he goes "BLORPHIG!" He is pink. He is big. He is probbaly not someone you'd want to meet in a dark alley, or a well-lit alley for that matter. Why does he go "BLORPHIG!", you ask? Well, think about it. Look at him. Could he say anything else? Perhaps "PUUTAAKHA!" or even perhaps "MOOORT!", as it is his name. Regardless, though, he says it because it is what he says. Should you fear him? Perhaps. Will he be the subject of tomorrow's episode? Perhaps. Is tomorrow a day worth celebrating? All days are, but tomorrow even moreso. Enjoy the comic, N-fans and N-fans˛! Until tomorrow!

11.11.2001 (November 11th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Only two more days until the 100th Episode of N-Fans: The Series. I have a few ideas for celebration... I think you'll like what I come up with. As to today's episode... isn't Ran cute? I mean... Mike obviously has a cramp in his neck or something... but Ran is just being cute! I mean, how else can you describe him? He's just doing little things, listening but not really reacting... just... CUTE! You have to love Ran, although Doc is still cuter. Okay, that doesn't make sense to most of you reading this blurb. If you want to understand, go to the IRC Sector of and download the mIRC-based script N-Chat from there or else click here to download. As to the names of things, today's episode of N-Fans is entitled Doctor's Orders, the episode of Pika Burger is #6, and pages 11 and 12 of Captain N: Tales of Videoland are the new pages added in. Enjoy them all!

11.10.2001 (November 10th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Note to self: When you say that you're updating a section, REMEMBER TO UPLOAD IT. Just a little note for myself. I'm sorry, Lisa's Log is truly updated now and so should be the rest of that section. Well, I'm getting tired myself so I'm going to end the blurb. Not sure what I'm doing tonight before sleep comes, anyway. Oh, I should explain what's happening with Lalala... but I think it is best left to speculation. Something is happening... but what? This and more next Ask Ganon!

11.09.2001 (November 9th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Profesor Hazard's Captain N64 comic has had a new episode, Episode 25, added to it. Beyond this, I've also added another one of Lisa's Logs to the N-Fans˛ as well as a piece of artwork by Lalala of her two comic forms. I've had both for a long time but only had time to do anything with either now. Also, I uploaded the Captain N sector update that I referred to yesterday. Sorry about forgetting that. Finally, I'm not sure why the ads are down but hmph to that. We're still nearly 400 uniques a day but it's quite a drop from the 800+ uniques we recieved the day before. Poo.

11.08.2001 (November 8th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. The Traveler's Tale, by moto42, has been added to the Comics Sector. Bastard Otaku has been updated as well. I'm going to keep this blurb short. I need to go get soda. It is very cold outside. I do not look forward to getting soda. Until tomorrow.

11.07.2001 (November 7th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. With the exception of more overheats and one short-term crash from the Net, had a fairly uneventful day today. Oh, I should get to the comic, though. Hmm... doesn't that Warp Zone appear familiar to something from earlier? Hmm... I wonder why... Interesting, isn't it? Oh, and yes, Moo-Cow is the name of the blue cow... and Phoenix actually does talk a lot like that. You should come to #Captain N (go to the IRC sector for details) sometime if you haven't been there and check it out. Oh, the Comics sector has undergone some heavy updates. Check it out most definately.

11.06.2001 (November 6th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Well, how about some server-related news? Sounds good to me, too. Today, if you experienced some trouble visiting, it was because the server was at 110 degrees because of the constant calls to by 8-Bit Theater. Yes, boys, nearly caused a server-wide meltdown. I guess this means the ads are a success, even though they went down for about three hours today for retooling. Fortunately, they are back up. Because of this three hour shutdown, got only a little bit over 600 hits today but, thanks to readers starting at the beginning, we had over a gigabyte of transfer today. I'm amazed JD didn't kill me about that - he'd prefer me to be about a third of that really, I think. Oh well! He's okay, I'm okay, I'm happy!

11.05.2001 (November 5th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Lots of text in today's episode. Sorry that it covers a bit of the sprites, but it's not much lost as little action is occuring. I just finished watching Seassion 21 of Cowboy Bebop: Pierrot Le Fou. Wow. Freaky. Oh well, on with the blurb. Today had over 700 unique visitors. I am insanely... truly insanely... amazed. Wow. Even without any future ads in JD's system, I think we'd be over 350 daily uniques still. My fellow N-fans and N-Fans fans (See why I call you N-Fans˛?)... I am so very happy because of this. Thank you for being readers. Thank you for clicking that banner. Thank you. It makes me want to keep going that much more. Oh, I almost forgot! There's a new sector on its the Sprite Comics sector. Although there is Phoenix's manga in it, most of the comics in it will be sprite-based so it shall be named such. Thank you again... and enjoy everything.

11.04.2001 (November 4rd, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Well, Phoenix's update went without problems (as far as I can tell) and today's hit rate is the highest ever (over 500 unique identities). A good part of this is because of JD's new advertisement system. I need to implement that on the Forum after I sleep. And yes, I know today should be a Sunday special but I am quite tired from the campus visit. I didn't have the energy to do a full comic tonight so I just did a little textwork on Lalala's and spruced up the BG to N-Fans style. Lalala, thank you for turning in those comics in advance: I don't know what I'd have done tonight without you.

11.03.2001 (November 3rd, 2001 CE):
Phoenix here!!! *passes out cupcakes* HI! It's ME! I'm in charge of updating today, so here's your comic for today!!! As always, Lalala has done a great job. I think we should all frolic nude to voice our appreciation, YES! YES!!! GO MOO-COW! YOU MUST ALL BOW DOWN TO ME! MUHAHAHAHAHAAAHHH!!! Blow bubbles out your nose, and then TURN THEM INTO GOLD!!! ...oh, um, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, Lalala has done a fabulous job, and I hope you all enjoy it. Phoenix over 'n out! ^O^

11.01.2001 (November 1st, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. So very, very tired. I didn't take a nap after school today and I'm exausted for it. It's about 11:30 PM... so only a little bit early... but I need to go to sleep NOW... I'm about to pass out and can barely write this blurb right. At any rate, I originally planned to do a completely different episode today but for some reason this popped into my head and I decided to do it. I guess that I'm do the episode I planned for today as an animated Sunday as Lalala has sent in comics for tomorrow and Saturday's Team Yellow episodes. Enjoy the comic. Ni-night.

10.31.2001 (October 31st, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. I hate holidays. They make me sad. This day hasn't even begun yet and I already want it to end. I'm already crying today... I usually cry on holidays because of how they make me sad but this is early. I have no idea how I'm going to be able to survive school tomorrow... I'm not sure I will.

10.30.2001 (October 30th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. I'm a bit late tonight... forgive me. I had a bit of a breakdown earlier as those in #Captain_N could tell you... *sighs* At any rate... I'm doing a bit better now... looking up translations of Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky. If you like such things, you can get nearly two dozen translations here. Quite fun. At any rate... I need to take a bath... and read some... so I'll be off for now. Zyaa ne!

10.29.2001 (October 29th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Okay... so I wake up at 2:30 PM... AKA 3:30 PM had it not been for stupid things that let me get one more hour of guiltless/ful sleep. Okay... 10:30 PM... should be 3:30 PM... 1.5+12+3.5=...5+12=17! Woah... I only thought it was 16... gods... and I'm just as tired NOW as I was THEN... and I've only been up about nine hours... something has got to be wrong here. Oh well. Well, I'm updating a little less than an hour early because I want sleep so I can wake up early, read for English, and study (maybe) for my Calc test. Bleh. Screw it so much. Night.

10.28.2001 (October 28th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. I just slept insanely yesterday... I napped from 5:30 PM until 11:00 PM on Friday... and I fell back asleep at 3:30 AM until 8:30 AM... that's a lot of sleep... but it's caused me to become tired before 10:00 PM as a result. As such, I am updating a bit earlier. I hope you don't mind this. Yes, I know that today's Sunday Special is (right now) a bit weak. I've been working on a new subdomain soon to emerge as well as a map for Kunio Kun no Jidaigeki Dayo Zenin Shuugou, basically River City Ransom in samurai-era Japan. Quite fun. I'll try to get an episode of Pika Burger up sometime later today... but I can't guarentee it. Forgive me. Enjoy the two pages of Captain N: Tales of Videoland and today's N-Fans, though. Ni-Night!

10.27.2001 (October 27th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Okay, short blurb tonight. Interesting thing happened today... power went out for about an hour and a half for one... and another thing as well. For the other thing, go to the Forum, to the General Lounge, and to "Something For The Blurb". Interesting happenings.

10.26.2001 (October 26th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. I have my Diet Coke. It is good. I didn't have it earlier today. That was bad. I took a nap because I had a headache and when I woke up I still had it... and my eyes were bloodshot. Addiction is good, despite what they tell you. *smiles* Well, today's N-Fans is the tenth Team Yellow comic. Lalala really does appreciate all the e-mails you sent her. To those who did... thank you again. To Doc, she wishes to thank you for the first time. You may have been a bit later than the others but she appreciated it just as much.

10.25.2001 (October 25th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Well, Kernal32.dll is being evil. I think it's time to reinstall Windows because that's the ONLY error I'm getting. Definately a Scandisk night, though... Bleh. Okay... yeah. The CN Forum has had about 50 of the about 200 posts that have been rescued from Digital Oblivion. The other posts are either irrelevent, old, or yet to be posted. Thank you, Ichiban, for saving all of the cached messages you could and sending them to me. It is very appreciated and I am in your debt.

10.24.2001 (October 24th, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Okay... I slept until 9:30 PM tonight from about 4:00 PM after I put the CN Forum on after Boardnation deleted the CN Forum from their server because we were supposed to "list" by today. The strange thing is that we were supposed to read about this in the Support Forum. They didn't have any e-mails sent about it. Now why would I to the Support Forum for if I didn't have any problems? That's a Catch-22 for you. If you read the CN Forum... there is a way you could possibly help save parts of it. Read this message if you want to help. We CAN save it if we work together...

10.23.2001 (October 23rd, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. I am so bogged down for homework tonight... even still. I have a quiz and a ton of math and some Latin to translate and ARGH! EVIL! Enjoy the comic.

10.22.2001 (October 22nd, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Well, I need to make a correction about something I said yesterday: Pineapple does not wear goggles. They are actually her bangs. I'm sorry for making the error. Also, the NES reviews are still on hold... again... and the videos will hopefully be going up (as I said they would a long time ago) again soon. I have a few more episodes still to convert to RM but, once all episodes are converted and uploaded, there shall be two to five versions of each episode available for different download speeds. Yay.

10.21.2001 (October 21st, 2001 CE):
N-finity here. Okay... my computer just crashed as I was typing this. Let me try to retype my previous update... and hopefully this will all work out. Today marks the arrival of four more N-fans to the Videoland, including Ran. Bet you didn't know Ran likes Captain N. Well, he does and, when I consulted Red, the guy who looks like a Pokemon Trainer, upon who he wanted to have with him if he ever came to Videoland, Ran was amongst them. The person that looks like Bass with Megaman's head and goggles is PineappleEvilHentaiYaoiFangirl (Pineapple for short) and the little guy in pink robes is my Phoenix! I wuv 'im very much! *kissies his Phoenix* Because Team Yellow had been preempted this week for the comics of the past few days revolving around the disappearence of Chris one of her comics has replaced this week's spot for Pika Burger. Two pages of the manga, Captain N: Tales of Videoland, have been added as well. The NES reviews are once again... delayed. I really am lazy...
  • N-Fans: The Series, Episode 77: The Arrival of The New Team
  • Team Yellow: Thanks Go Out To...

    10.20.2001 (October 20th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Well, another short update today and damn it, I'm sorry, Disco. I just noticed that I once again neglected the reviews. *sighs* Well... I have a friend over and we're about to leave for his place. He's going through my dad's records... which regardless of his professed ability to care for them I would like to end quickly. I'll see you all again tomorrow. Enjoy the comic.

    10.19.2001 (October 19th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Okay. I just went over to a friend's house and he didn't make it any easier to figure out what to say tonight. I know that I said that I was going to have the NES reviews up by yesterday... but I don't. I apologize. I have a Doc appointment today, as well. I'll likely be able to get them up tonight. Let us all hope so. Until then!

    10.18.2001 (October 18th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. It's less than 40 hours until Reboot: Daemon Rising begins its play on Cartoon Network. I must say that I am extremely excited about this matter and hopefully I won't be disappointed. As to Mike's slight jitter in the above comic, it is not because of an excess of caffiene. It is because, unfortunately, the resize causes this. In the large version it is not visible. Alas, I am not sure how to correct the error in the smaller version.

    10.17.2001 (October 17th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. I'm glad this week is a short one. If it wasn't, I'd be much more concerned with getting the next set of comics done. This way I have a few more hours before I need to panic. Oh, for my fellow Booters out there... Daemon Rising starts this Friday on Toonami! Check your listings for showtimes but there should be TWO episodes! YAHOO! Time to see the Daemon finally wage war on Mainframe. *double-clicks his insignia* REBOOT!

    10.16.2001 (October 16th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. And thus ends Team Red. I have quite a few NES reviews by Disco Duck to put up but I don't have time to put them up tonight. I shall hopefully have that time for the next update but, if not, I'll get them up on Thursday. Disco, I apologize for not getting them up earlier.

    10.15.2001 (October 15th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. As has been previously mentioned, Chris has left N-Fans: The Series and thus tomorrow is the official end of Team Red. Today's episode, along with tomorrow's, are been done by myself. I hope that you are able to enjoy them despite their larger size. As to the future of N-Fans: The Series... I'm writing as we go along but I have a few ideas running through that will make this story quite interesting to script and compose. Until next update! Sincerely, N-finity

    10.14.2001 (October 14th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Okay, so Chris and I are doing a little better. We've been talking and we agree that his leaving N-Fans: The Series as an author is for the best. With what was planned for tomorrow and Tuesday's episodes before this, though, what is presently planned will work out (hopefully) well. Oh, I should probably upload the log to what happened between Chris and I because I said I would. This isn't, by any means, complete... and it isn't cut so it has a lot of extra crap... but it'll give at least some of an idea. A lot of us knew this was coming... not just myself... or Chris. At any rate, I hope you enjoy the comics for today. Until next update!
  • Tech Support: Episode 4: Evil Decisions Realized
  • Pika Burger: Episode 4: Boredom

    10.13.2001 (October 13th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Well, tonight was just lovely. You may notice that I'm updating a bit late today... it's around 2:00 AM... there's reason for that. Chris Blair, author of Team Red for N-Fans: The Series and I had a breaking tonight. I'll put up logs later so that you can make judgement yourself about the matter. I wish to note, though, that this is not something unexpected. Tensions between he and I have been constantly rising over the past few weeks. I'll put these things up, unless I decide otherwise, later today or with tomorrow's update. This means, I guess, that Team Red (which Chris was planning to put on hiatus) is more permanently at an end after this Tuesday's animated comic that I had planned from what Chris wanted to do. Oh well. Things happen for reasons. Everything will work out in the end. It almost always does.
    In happier news, Professor Hazard's Captain N64 fancomic under the Captain N Sector's Fan Comics has been updated. A new episode, Episode 21, has been added. I hope you enjoy it. This will all work out. Chris's planned hiatus will just now cause a more permanent change to the form of N-Fans: The Series.

    10.12.2001 (October 12th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Lalala, as you can tell from the comic, is feeling a bit down. If you could, it would be very appreciated if you could send an e-mail to her at Just tell her that you hope she's feeling better soon. I'm sure it would really help her a lot. An extra Team Blue will replace Team Yellow for tomorrow. I hope you don't mind.

    10.11.2001 (October 11th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Today has a few jokes that will be more amusing to Zero, a few others, and myself than most of you readers. I apologize for this but I invite you to be converted by Jack Chick and his wonderful Christian propoganda tracts at I highly suggest the Dark Dungeons tract. That ones very funny. No, I'm not trying to conver you heathens out there... I'm not Christian myself... *prepares for conversion attempts and death threats* ...but I find Jack Chick hilarious in a sick way. He's an extremist and just insane in his reasoning. Be prepared to laugh. Zero, thanks for introducing me to the madman. Oh, as to "Smeg"... it comes from the British comedy "Red Dwarf", a lovely little laughable show about the last human, Lister, his highly evolved Cat, Cat, a robot, Kryton, and a hologram of the deceased human RJ Rimmer. Quite hilarious. Check your local listings for show times. It's probably on PBS for you. Oh, at yes... Van's character is a slightly exaggerated version of his self shown to us in #Captain_N... but not by much.

    10.10.2001 (October 10th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Poor Van... so annoying. I wish Zero would thwack him. Ahem. Chris Blair, the author of the Team Red comics, is going to be having some trouble getting online for the next few weeks and thus there may not be any Team Red for a few weeks until he gets back in sync with everything. With this happening, I have a few ideas on what to do in his absence. I will be doing next week's Team Red but for the weeks he is missing after that I may be introducing a new idea on Monday and Tuesday or else string together Teams Red & Blue in some sort. It'll work out, at any rate. Bleh.

    10.09.2001 (October 9th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Well, the AP Calc test went MUCH better than I expected it to. I'm very glad about that. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about this comic. No, not because of how it looks... that's all good and fine. I had to redo the text because Chris hasn't quite gotten the hang of that (but he is trying... I thank him for that) but because it messes up this template so very badly. Bleh. I really must bother to make a differntly sized version that it will work with. I'll put that on my to do list... maybe.

    10.08.2001 (October 8th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. I have an AP Calculus test tomorrow. I don't feel good about it. Hopefully this worryment will be found to be misplaced. I hope so. I'm so stressed and drained today that I don't think I could do it. At any rate, we start off the week with another Team Red. Although this Team isn't humorous, I hope you do find it enjoyable. Bleh.

    10.07.2001 (October 7th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. The second Sunday Special has arrived. Another two pages of Captain N: Tales of Videoland, another Pika Burger, and another Tech Support - as well as an update to Lisa's Logs under N-Fans˛. I hope you enjoy today's update. I need to get to work on a few things... I have some large plans for the future. So much time and so little to do! Wait a minute... strike that, reverse it.
  • Tech Support: Episode 3: Worries
  • Pika Burger: Episode 3: Ryan

    10.06.2001 (October 6th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Yay... lack of continuity persists. *sighs* I'm feeling really lethargic tonight... not down... not depressed... just completely and utterly unwanting to do anything. Perhaps the pep rally today had something to do with it. I wrote a little writing on the pep rally and submitted it to the school paper. I entitled it "It's Okay To Hate". Yes, that link is clickable... you're welcome to read it and send feedback if you want to.

    10.05.2001 (October 5th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Well, I'm working on more spritesheets as of late for future comics. I also have a few ideas running through my head that I need to start getting down. Hopefully you will begin to see the outputs of my efforts within a few weeks. I hope I do, at least.

    10.04.2001 (October 4th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Homecoming coronation was today... yech. I knew five or six of the people in it... none of whom were made into the final King/Queen candidates (five males/females)... and of course they didn't: They weren't jocks. I know that sounds really prejudiced against jocks... but of those whose names I recognized or could see... they were all jocks. Really says something. Oh well, at least I saw that spiffy car crash right after the stupid coronation... or heard, rather. I was a little ahead of it so I heard the pickup crunch into the smaller car. Didn't see what sort of damage happened to the pickup... but the smaller car was quite crunched. It sounded almost exactly like crunching a soda can. I can't help but kinda laugh. The people inside the pickup looked like idiots... but that's a harsh judgement... I won't make it... there are a FEW people in this city that aren't... just not many. No one was hurt.

    10.03.2001 (October 3rd, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Okay, so I went to get soda at midnight... planning to update right after I went to get soda. My bike tire was flat. I am not happy about that. Furthermore, I wrote an essay on Oedipus Rex by Sophocles... it didn't turn out well at all. Bleh. BLEH! Oh well. At any rate, today's update is just another new episode of N-Fans: The Series. Today's ep is a bit more of Disco Duck and Emerald X. Enjoy.

    10.02.2001 (October 2nd, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. I didn't get to sleep until 5:10 AM yesterday. I am, needless to say, very tired as I didn't sleep after school. Gods. And I have a Latin test tomorrow that I haven't had time to study for. Bleh. Not good. Oh well. Time to pack up and try to sleep... hopefully I can.

    10.01.2001 (October 1st, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Okay... I don't commonly use this space to truly bitch... but tonight is the exception. I am angry at Schroe on the server that Bob & George uses. Yes, you'll note that Schroe's name is clickable. Why? Because I can. Because I asked Schroe why she wasted dozens of hours of her time on something as pointless as the #BobandGeorge Chat Stats. When I asked her why she did something so pointless she said that she was - Wait a minute. Here's the log. It isn't complete, as I lost it because I wasn't logging and I only posted most of the comments to the other channel I was in. Le sigh. At any rate, I thought you might enjoy a read of it. I'm a bit angry with Schroe, needless to say. Piddles to her and her rude and impersonable nature.

    At any rate, I hope you enjoy the new comic and also look to Professor Hazard's Captain N64 fancomic for two new strips. May you enjoy them.

    09.30.2001 (September 30th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Today is the first Sunday Special: the N-Fans: The Series equivalent of Sunday comics in a newspaper. This week there are only three different comics, but in future weeks other comics may be added. Not every comic will have a new strip every week... but most will. Some, like Captain N: Game Master (AKA Captain N: Tales of Videoland) may have two or more strips (or, in ToV's case, pages) depending on how hard the author for each comic works. Just in case you're interested, the episode titles are...
  • Tech Support: Episode 2: Sprite Editor
  • Pika Burger: Episode 2: No
    I hope you enjoy this slightly differently organized Sunday style.

    09.29.2001 (September 29th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. I think I put together a bad trio for Team Yellow. Are these three EVER going to get their act together and go after Mark? I mean, Mark has captured Bass and Lisa and these three haven't even started their job. Oh well. At any rate, tomorrow will be the first "Sunday Special". I think you'll like it.

    09.28.2001 (September 28th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Lalala's third Team Yellow comic. Her plots don't flow into eachother... but they're not supposed to. I like 'em. Oh, I added two more of Bass's fancomics to N-Fans˛ yesterday. I didn't mention that. I probably should have. Oh well. Oh, for Sunday I have some GREAT ideas that I'm running through my head for what to do. I hope you like the result.

    09.27.2001 (September 27th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Finally Team Blue arrives on the scene, having finally found the Videoworld in which the Disco Crew has been running amuck. Well, I'm nearly completely well again and I HOPE that all will go well with Lalala's Team Yellow comics. She said that she'd send them to me today... but bleh... she'll get them to me... I trust her. AND I BEST NOT BE PROVEN WRONG! Until tomorrow! *smiles* Buh-bye!

    09.26.2001 (September 26th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. I'm doing MUCH better today, thankfully. Unfortunately, though, I didn't get to animate this comic like I originally intended to. Oh well. At any rate, I've done a bit of updating to Professor Hazard's Captain N64 comic in the Captain N Sector's Fan Comic section. Enjoy.

    09.25.2001 (September 25th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. I have a fever... I am very sick. Chris didn't finish his comic... I'm not happy... I had to rush to get this one done because of it and the fact that I don't feel quite real right now isn't helping... BAD.

    09.24.2001 (September 24th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Chris is supposed to return from the anime convention today... hopefully he will. He sent me the sprited comic... but I had to put text in... I don't know where he wants to go with this for tomorrow... I just don't know! What am I supposed to do? *breaks down and cries, running away*

    09.23.2001 (September 23rd, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Now, some people have complained to me about the subject of this comic. To those of you who have a problem with the thought of eating Pokémon, consider the following. Pokémon are animals, just like cattle, pigs, lambs, and ostriches; the only reason people have a problem with Pokémon being eaten is that they connect with these darling little creatures because of the game. I want you to know that, as Pika Burger continues, there will be episodes dealing with people protesting the eating of Pokémon. Oh, and just for the information: I'm vegetarian myself and personally consider the thought of eating Pokémon no more disturbing than eating cattle. Remember, Farfetch'ds were hunted nearly to extinction because of how wonderful they tasted with certain trimmings. Pokémon are eaten... they are the cattle, pigs, lambs, ostriches, and deer of the Pokémon world. Oh, and yes, I do like Pokémon... at least the original game.

    09.22.2001 (September 22nd, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Lalala did this comic before yesterday's. She did it a little differently... as you can tell. Also, there has been a new fancomic added under N-Fans˛ by Emerald X and Bass.

    09.21.2001 (September 21st, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Today is the first comic of Team Yellow by Lalala. She resized her sprites a bit... (they're VERY small, as you can tell) but overall she did an excellent job. Thank you, Lalala... it helps TONS. Also, Professor Hazard's Captain N64 sprite comic has been added to the Fan Comics section of the Captain N Sector.

    09.20.2001 (September 20th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. A few more pieces of fanart have been added to the Captain N Sector's Fanart Section. Tomorrow's comic is the first Team Yellow Comic and is done by Lalala. I think you'll enjoy it - she's done hers in a different style than I have as well... but she's done a GREAT job of it.

    09.19.2001 (September 19th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. The first episode of Team Blue... and the Team Blue isn't even featured! Hmph! Oh well. I've added some of the most beautiful fanart I have ever seen thanks to KLH(S) and some of the cutest thanks to Phoenix! Oh, for you silly (in a bad way) people out there... you best avoid Phoenix's works... they involve Kevvy and Link being cute together in a way slightly more than friends... but not by much. A piece of fanart by Chris Blair has also been added to the Zelda fanart section. Enjoy!

    09.18.2001 (September 18th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Today is the first episode of N-Fans done by someone other than myself. This episode, done by Chris Blair, is the first of his Team Red comics. They shall be done each Monday and Tuesday. Note that, as Chris is just learning, his style is presently a bit different than mine. Eventually our styles will become closer to eachothers as he becomes more used to doing a webcomic. Tomorrow and Thursday are Team Blue days. I believe you shall find what I have in store for Team Blue & The Disco Crew quite... entertaining.

    09.17.2001 (September 17th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. On September 9th, 1989, Kevin Keene, an ordinary, video-game loving teenager, did what those before him had only dreamed of. He became the game. Now, over tweleve years later, we attempt to fulfill another dream.
    In the past, has provided its videos without permission by DiC Entertainment. Because of sites like and, it had been assumed that DiC Entertainment was not concerned with the online distribution of these files. Unfortunately, that has been proven wrong by a conversation that I had tonight with JersyDvl, the person who had run while it was up. He told me that he had indeed recieved permission from DiC Entertainment to use the videos that he had up on his site.
    Therefore, today, takes down its videos once again. I shall be drafting a letter to DiC Entertainment in hopes of recieving permission to use the videos that have been made in the past as well as those that are, even as I write this, being prepared for hopeful use in the future.
    A dream came true for Kevin Keene. Now it is time for our dream to come true. See you in Videoland.

    09.16.2001 (September 16th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. I hope that all of you who read this comic don't find the ad too annoying. If you do, is the only page on which the ad occurs. Feel free to bookmark this page instead and you shall never have to see the ad again. Also, note the affiliate, Zeldatoons. Zeldatoons sells DivX;) versions of Zelda and Captain N episodes. They are of quite agreeable quality and worth the low cost of $15 for all the episodes that are recieved in return. Finally, if you would like to have a website hosted on, check out the hosting plans available under Hosting. I think that you shall find the prices agreeable.

    09.15.2001 (September 15th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Well, the Nintendo Power Sector is back up. Good. Tomorrow I shall be likely adding hosting plans and an ad for - I'm sorry, JD's making me because I'm hosted by him for free - but also I shall be adding an affiliate. Yes, you heard me right: I'm actually going to be putting a site under the Affiliates column! Woohoo! Okay. At any rate, it's good stuffs... trust me... and the ad will only be on ONE page... not every one... so you needn't worry much.

    09.14.2001 (September 14th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Yes, indeed. Teams Yellow, Blue, and Red... plus Tech Support, of course. I hope Team Yellow turns out to be responsible... something makes me worry a bit about them... but I can't be sure. Oh well. Mark won't be THAT big of problem... at least I don't think so. Oh well. At any rate, I've been scanning Nintendo Power issue covers as well as some NES boxes. I'll hopefully have them up (plus 124 Zelda screenshots that I've been allowed to include in the Zelda Episode Guide) soon.

    09.13.2001 (September 13th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. I'm sure you all can see why I am splitting the N-fans of N-Fans: The Series into three groups - too many N-fans otherwise. I'm also having two other people help me author this comic. Those two people are Chris Blair and Lalala. I think you shall find N-fans more enjoyable because of this decision.

    09.12.2001 (September 12th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Yesterday was a very sad day... I don't want to get into discussion of it. It hurts to continue on. I wish today's episode occurred on a happier day but it does not. My gods...

    09.11.2001 (September 11th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Take note of the new icon in the N-Fans navigational bar. This new icon, N-Fans˛, contains fan comics that have been submitted as well as the first two days of Lisa's Logs: Lisa's mental journal of her time in Videoland. I hope you enjoy this new section. In addition, thanks to Chris Blair for trying something unconventional: He tried to recreate the captain_n account on Tripod as it had been deleted around two weeks ago. He met this with success. In a debate over what to do with it, it was decided that we would (as it would be unfair to use it as a source of a new website) set it up as a jump point to various Captain N websites. This seems the fairest thing to do and thus it was done. Check out the jump point that is The Captain N Nexus.

    09.10.2001 (September 10th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. I'm in negotiations for something very good. Trust me. Enjoy comic!

    09.09.2001 (September 9th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Happy 12th Anniversary Captain N! In celebration, I have put all thirteen Zelda videos back up as well as four episodes of Captain N. Also, four more issues worth of Zelda comics have been added into the Zelda Sector. The Nintendo Power Sector has also been updated, with 35 scans of cards from the Super Power Club. The IRC Sector has had a downloadable client added for those of you who could not get the Java client to work. Also, the NES Sector has had a review or two added. I truly hope that all of you find what I have added for this anniversary acceptable. I hope that most of you are still here in twelve more years. We're not a huge community... but we're dedicated. We're N-fans.

    09.08.2001 (September 8th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. And thus ended Episode I: Voyage Into Videoland. Today is the 12th Anniversary of The Legend of Zelda. I should probably celebrate by putting all the Zelda things I've been working on up today... but I am, instead, going to have a massive update for the 12th Anniversary of Captain N tomorrow, September 9th, 2001 CE. Tomorrow also sets off the beginning of Mission II: N-Teams.

    09.07.2001 (September 7th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Well, tomorrow is the end of Mission I. Amazing, isn't it? It only started about a month ago and already the pilot is about to conclude. Mission II will start on the 9th... HEY! That's the 12th Anniversary of Captain N! Wow! Did I plan this well or what? I rule... yeah... that's it... I RULE! (And I did some work on M2 tonight... I have a few episodes to lay back on if I run out of time to make more.)

    09.06.2001 (September 6th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Okay... I'm just wondering how many of you can tell that I did like the last 15 episodes over a period of like two days... because they obviously are supposed to be read at once... or at least I think they seem to be. Oh well... they're good stuffs, regardless. BTW, everything seems to be back up from the server change. It's a little different for my updating... but not much. I can't wait until Friday... TONS of comic work and site updating awaits. The 12th Anniversary will not be a silent one.

    09.05.2001 (September 5th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Whatever it was that was making my allergies go nuts is subsiding (thankfully) and I've thusly been able to do a bit of work (although its nothing that you'll see only for at least a few more days) and that is very nice for me. Umm... today's episode... yeah. We don't give a damn about Videoland's safety when it means having to get Moore. Like Bob of Bob & George, we would almost rather leave him in Videoland, even if it means irreperable damage. Oh well, eh? Oh, and sorry about the downtime yesterday. Hopefully that's all fixed now. (vs. was having a bit of trouble earlier but I THINK that's sorted out. Not sure. I'll find out.

    09.04.2001 (September 4th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. My allergies are still being a bit nutty and I'm updating almost two hours earlier than normal because I'm going to sleep early. I have school tomorrow, hopefully I won't have to miss it. I hate that - it always means more homework and stress in the end.

    09.03.2001 (September 3rd, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. My allergies have been going wonko as of late. I don't know why... I'm in major suffering, here. Hopefully they'll begin to stop acting up soon... as in within a few days... I hope. I'd definately trade away my sense of smell for a loss of allergies, though... it would be more than fair to me. I've not done nearly as much Mission II as I wanted to this weekend because of my allergies. Hopefully I'll have the time this week to get a few more days ahead. At any rate, today's comic is large. Please forgive the somewhat messy looking appearence of the index... I haven't the patience to fix it right now.

    09.02.2001 (September 2nd, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Okay... what to say? Mission II is over two-thirds completed... and I'm working on Mission II. I've already finished up a few episodes and the plans that have been made for Mission II (if you haven't heard them in #Captain_N or elsewhere) are most excellent. Also, the Video Section will hopefully be going back up within a few days. I've got a few new episodes of Captain N coming in and I want to put them up as soon as possible.

    09.01.2001 (September 1st, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Well, my first week of school is over. I intend to take this weekend to get back ahead of schedule in N-Fans: The Series. I need to finish Episode XXXIV and do about ten episodes of Mission II so that everything there works out. I'm glad I have Monday off. I'm getting tired... I'll probably go to sleep in an hour or two. Tomorrow is a work day, I say.

    08.31.2001 (August 31st, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. A lot of bad things have happened tonight... I won't get into them. I just wish to say that, if you're one of those people that I worry about... that even if I know I can't directly help you... I care about you and I do really worry about you... even if I said that I didn't really. I worry about you... you're my friends.

    08.30.2001 (August 30th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Well, another day has passed. I really must work some more on Mission II... it's getting far too close for me not to work on it some more. In other news, the system at my school for taking attendence failed to work correctly and only twelve of sixteen students were listed in my AP Calculus class. During fourth period they announced that they were stopping the use of the computerized attendence system until they were able to get it fixed. Now, I ask you, why didn't they make sure it worked before school started?

    08.29.2001 (August 29th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Well, I woke up at about 6:15 AM this morning, being ready for school at about 6:50 AM and leaving for school at about 7:30 AM. School started at 7:45 AM... lunch at 10:53... English at 11:32... fire alarm... go outside... fire alarm... fire alarm... damn they need to fix some things in this school. They have a new computerized attendence system. When they tried to show the teachers how to use it last morning, they either couldn't log into the system or else crashed the system in trying. Either way, not a good sign. Since school ended at 2:30 PM I came home, logged on, had 20 minutes of time to myself, and then began my homework. That ended at about 6:00 PM (I was chatting a bit so I wasn't doing it extremely fast) and then began work on questions on Crime & Punishment. It's about nine full pages of notes at 12 pt. Times New Roman single-spaced. Lovely, huh? I finished that 11:30 PM... bath... update... time to sleep, I think. Later!

    08.28.2001 (August 28th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. School went very well yesterday. I didn't get much sleep but I still was able to stay awake and I did find that I liked the teachers that I hadn't had before and the ones that I have had before were quite good as well. Well, I have a LOT of questions to answer tomorrow for Crime & Punishment (the assignment is due Wednedsday) so I best get some sleep tonight so that I can survive tomorrow. Until next update, N-finity.

    08.27.2001 (August 27th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Well, my school starts up again today. I can't say much else. I still have some math to do for AP Calculus. Bleh!

    08.26.2001 (August 26th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. As I ready this update I am a mere 43 pages from the end of Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky. It is a wonderful writing, quite enjoyable, and I have found that it has a tendency to positively affect my writing style. It is doing so quite little now compared to normal but I can still sense its power. If any of you N-fans out there enjoy a good book and a lovely bit of thought and symbolism, I highly recommend it. Good day to you, my friends, read on!

    08.25.2001 (August 25th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Today, we arrive at Castlevania, home to Dracula. Yay. I'm sorry... not full of enthusiasm tonight. Chris Blair is working on something that I greatly look forward to... and Zero has something for me... I'm intrigued as to what. Hmm...

    08.24.2001 (August 24th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Okay, today's episode is the my groups' equivalent to yesterday's comic. I like this one more. Just for those wondering, Popowski was Mark's name before it was changed by his parents when he was somewhere around a month old. Just if you wanted to know or something. At any rate, two sites have joined onto These sites are Chris Blair's GameWorld and Zero's Roll Chan Productions. Both of these sites haven't been checked for broken links... so they may still have them. If they do, they will be worked out soon.

    08.23.2001 (August 23rd, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Lisa gets to kick butt again. I'm sure she appreciates that. Speaking of Moore, he's gone nutzo, spreading libel about me. Bleh. I don't want to get any more into that. In the words of Gutierez: "He tasks me!"

    08.22.2001 (August 22nd, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Okay, someone hacked Mark's site today. I detest the means but I cannot completely against it, especially after reading some correspondence between Mark Moore and Mandi Paugh of the Mega Man Home Page. I wish to now make a public apology, withdrawing any ill-will towards Mandi Paugh that is a result of myself or this website. I am sincerely sorry, Mandi.

    08.21.2001 (August 21th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Yep, another double episode day. This special episode is because of how today I called someone. She didn't want to be in the comic's future episodes, but I don't think that she'll really object to being referred to by first name in this one episode. BTW: That message is actually what the line she's listed by says. Chris found another number listed at the same address as this address, though, so I gave it another chance and dialed number number two and... woah, I was just contacted by the mother of someone I haven't talked to in over a year... probably closer to two years. The daughter of this mother was a bit of a partier... I hope that nothing bad has happened. I'm going to continue writing this as I find out. Well, she's in rehab. Strange at it sounds I'm very happy she is. She needed it. I hope she can stay clean after she gets out... she was a really nice girl... I cared for her a lot when I last knew her. Well, a strangely happy message/occurance to recieve knowledge of. I guess I'll end on that, and that I did get ahold of the person I was calling. Much more pleasant than I expected.

    08.20.2001 (August 20th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. I've added the River City Ransom Mega-Map to the NES Sector. I really need to both putting up all the NES reviews that I've neglected. It's horrid of me that I haven't put them up. Oh, and I added a Disclaimer. I figure that it's about time to I put that back up... newly revamped... as I forgot to after the redesign. Oops. Just for all of you that were confused because I didn't have a disclaimer: No, I do not own Captain N, although N-Fans: The Series, is copywrite me. Yea.

    08.19.2001 (August 19th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Yep, he's still running. And yes, I was actually told that (I think I was, at least) back in '98 or '99... long time before many of you N-fans got here. Regardless, funny. I've been working on a map for River City Ransom. I just have to finish up River City High School and I'll be done. Hopefully you'll like it.

    08.18.2001 (August 18th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. I need to read more and live on the Internet less. I have eight days to read a book and do about 8-10 hours of Calculus stuff that I should have been doing for a month more than I have been (at the very least.) Gods... not good.

    08.17.2001 (August 17th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Argh! I haven't slept before the last update. Perhaps I am a Chocolate verion of the Spoony Bard? I do not know> I wish I had food. I should eat again. Tonight's comic is very appropriate, don't you think? It's all about bunnies and... Okay... so it's not about bunnies... but it is at night... and it looks cool. And I made each frame darker than the previous and I like this episode... it's nice and sleepy-bye!

    08.16.2001 (August 16th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Awww, Lisa and Doccy, sitting in a... Sorry. Well, Lisa, you asked if you'd go "gaa gaa" over Doc's new form... so I made you 'goooo' over him. I hope you appreciate it! In other news, though, a piece of fan art by Chris Blair has been added to the Captain N Sector's fanart section. Enjoy!

    08.15.2001 (August 15th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. The links section has had some more minor work done to it. This doesn't matter much though... look at the comic. Ain't it pretty? Tis truly a horrible night to have a curse. MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

    08.14.2001 (August 14th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. The links section has had some minor work done to it, but the major addition for today is a bit of a parody webcomic by Summer Wallin. Check it out here.

    08.13.2001 (August 13th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. The links section has undergone a major revision, now being split into four sections with the most highly recommneded sites listed by banner or button on the main links page. Also included are banners and buttons for both and N-fans. Please download and put them on your websites. If you do so, I shall gladly link back to you from here.

    08.12.2001 (August 12th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Two more pieces of fanart by Steph Kelly... AKA Lalala have been added to the Captain N Sector fanart section as well three pieces to the Zelda Sector. Enjoy today's N-Fans!

    08.11.2001 (August 11th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. The webcomic is updated (as always) and I'm being lazy today, so I'm not putting up the fanart and NES reviews that have been sent in. I'll do that tomorrow or later this morning. Also, in the Forum, I put up a post in the N-Fans board about how to get into Mission II. Please check it out if you wish to be in the comics after the first thirty-four.

    UPDATE:A new piece of fanart by Steph Kelly has been added to the fanart section - Okay, so I'm not as lazy as I tend to be.

    08.10.2001 (August 10th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. A few other sprite comics were added to the Links section. Bob & George as well as Life of Wily both link back to N-Fans and, so check them both out!

    08.09.2001 (August 9th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. I've done a bit of redesigning for the index so as that one only has to go here to enjoy N-Fans: The Series. Although I need to rework it slightly it, overall, seems to be a better interface for the Index file, anyway.

    08.08.2001 (August 8th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Early yesterday morning Prohosting took down the Captain N Forum. In response to this, a second episode of N-Fans was created specifically for this dastardly doing. Enjoy the double-comic day... they won't be often. In good news, though, a new Forum has been set up on until a board can be made functional on

    08.07.2001 (August 7th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Today's episode of N-Fans: The Series is entitled "The Arrival". In addition to the comic, I have added a few new fanfics to the Captain N sector.

    08.06.2001 (August 6th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Today brings not new fanfics, new videos, nor even a new piece of fanart. Today brings rather something much more entertaining. Today brings a webcomic to - N-Fans: The Series. Five N-fans were selected and another abducted for this grand expirament. I cordially invite you to attend to debut of's N-Fans: The Series, available through the link below. Each day a new comic shall be added, always available from this page. I hope that you may enjoy this new feature as it is for you.

    Read Today's Episode of N-Fans: The Series
    08.05.2001 (August 5th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Thanks to Chris Blair, seven of his fanfiction writings (Season 1 of his "New Adventures of Captain N" series) have been added to the Fanfiction section of the Captain N Sector. I do hope that you find them to be enjoyable. Be advised that tomorrow shall hopefully bring a few more fanfics and, on Tuesday or a few days thereafter, there shall be a surprise in store for visitors.

    08.04.2001 (August 4th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. The videos have been taken down but presses on. Hopefully I shall have them back up within two weeks. Tomorrow there shall be another update adding things to the website instead of removing them like today. I'm sorry that this happened to the videos and I really hope that they are back up soon.

    08.03.2001 (August 3rd, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Two new maps have been added to the new Map section of the NES Sector - one for CV1 and one for the CV2, Jova and all areas east of it. Both of these maps are so-called "Megamaps", as they are contain all, or at least a VERY large portion of a the maps for a video game. Although these maps are not useful to most people, they are quite enjoyable to look at just as they are.

    08.02.2001 (August 2nd, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. A game has been added to the new Captain N section, Games. N-Troid, a ROM hack by Mike J, is a graphically modified version of Metroid, inserting Captain N and Princess Lana in the place of Samus. Right now the game is in very early stages of development but shall soon be further along.

    08.01.2001 (August 1st, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Three reviews have been added to the NES Sector and a new piece of fanart has been added to the Captain N Sector. I also have some bad news - the videos on will be going down in a few days. They should come back up again in a week or two, though. Hopefully they shall be better organized (and have a few new episodes of Captain N added on to them) when they return. I am VERY sorry for this... but it needs to be done. I shall explain why I had to do this when they return but, for now, please download them as they will soon not be here for a bit.

    07.31.2001 (July 31th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. A final new episode of The Legend of Zelda is available under the Legend of Zelda Episode Guide. The episode of The Legend of Zelda is "That Sinking Feeling." This completes the videos for The Legend of Zelda cartoon. I hope you have enjoyed this 13 day event - I have.

    07.30.2001 (July 30th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. A new episode of The Legend of Zelda is available under the Legend of Zelda Episode Guide. Today's Episode of The Legend of Zelda is "A Hitch In The Works."

    07.29.2001 (July 29th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. A new episode of The Legend of Zelda is available under the Legend of Zelda Episode Guide. Today's Episode of The Legend of Zelda is "Stinging A Stinger."

    07.28.2001 (July 28th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. A new episode of The Legend of Zelda is available under the Legend of Zelda Episode Guide. Today's Episode of The Legend of Zelda is "Cold Spells."

    07.27.2001 (July 27th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. A new episode of The Legend of Zelda is available under the Legend of Zelda Episode Guide. Today's Episode of The Legend of Zelda is "The White Knight."

    07.26.2001 (July 26th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. A new episode of The Legend of Zelda is available under the Legend of Zelda Episode Guide. Today's Episode of The Legend of Zelda is "The Moblins Are Revolting."
    The IRC logs have been updated, taking them up through July 25th, 2001. Also, information regarding the bot and other related topics have been updated as well.

    07.25.2001 (July 25th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. A new episode of The Legend of Zelda is available under the Legend of Zelda Episode Guide. Today's Episode of The Legend of Zelda is "Underworld Connections."

    07.24.2001 (July 24th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. A new episode of The Legend of Zelda is available under the Legend of Zelda Episode Guide. Today's Episode of The Legend of Zelda is "The Missing Link."

    07.23.2001 (July 23rd, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. A new episode of The Legend of Zelda is available under the Legend of Zelda Episode Guide. Today's Episode of The Legend of Zelda is "Fairies In The Spring."

    07.22.2001 (July 22nd, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. A new episode of The Legend of Zelda is available under the Zelda Sector. Today's Episode of The Legend of Zelda is "Doppelganger."

    07.21.2001 (July 21th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. A new episode of The Legend of Zelda is available under the Zelda Sector. Today's Episode of The Legend of Zelda is "Kiss N' Tell."

    07.20.2001 (July 20th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. A new episode of The Legend of Zelda is available under the Zelda Sector. Today's Episode of The Legend of Zelda is "Search For The Unicorn."
    A listing of the cast and crew for Captain N has been put under the Television series listings of the Captain N Sector.

    07.19.2001 (July 19th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. For today and the next twelve, a new episode of The Legend of Zelda shall be available under the Zelda Sector until, at the end of this period of thirteen days, all episodes are available for download. Also, as a way to start this thirday day celebration off, all six missing chapters of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past have been uploaded. These comic scans, as they are not mine, were not sized by me and are thusly a bit smaller than mine. (I use 640 a standard width; this person used 419 pixels.) Eventually, though, I shall scan all of the comics myself, allowing the size that is used on this site to be the same for all chapters. Today's Episode

    Today's Episode of The Legend of Zelda is "The Ringer."

    07.18.2001 (July 18th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. A new set of thirty-three icons for Captain N is available under the Themes section.

    07.17.2001 (July 17th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. The new (and unnamed) fanfic continuation has begun. The first episode, "The Tetris Wars", is now available. If you are interested in working on this new continuation, please contact the Webmaster at Until a more rigid schedule is established, fanfics will be released whenever they are finished, although the proposed order of episodes will attempt to be kept. Also, the IRC logs have been updated, adding all the old #Captain_N of DALnet logs that have survived to this date.

    Preview of "The Tetris Wars":
    When the N Team recieves a distress signal from Lyle on Tetris, they immediately jump into action and go off to Tetris to save the day. When they get there, though, they find that the attackers are not who they would have expected and that nothing is quite as it first seems.

          "Tetris is under attack! I don’t have time to explain! Please bring the N Team as quickly as possible! We need your-" Lyle’s voice and image were cut off suddenly. Kevin sighed and turned on the ignition to the Warp Wagon. He set course for the Palace of Power - it looked like there would be no rest for him tonight.

    Read "The Tetris Wars"
    07.15.2001 (July 15th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Added one of Raven's pics to the Captain N Sector Fanart section.

    07.14.2001 (July 14th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Added the scans for Zelda, Chapters 5 & 6, to the Nintendo Power Sector. Scans for Chapter 7-12 shall commence shortly if I don't hear from Kelly. Also, a new sector, the IRC sector, has been created but is not yet activated due to access rights. Although it is accessable from the Sector Menu, there is not anything there yet except a default page.

    07.13.2001 (July 13th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. The IRC chat now is accessable through a Java applet more directly from If you can't get a real IRC client, try it out - perhaps you'll like it.

    07.12.2001 (July 12th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. An IRC chat is to be held nightly on's server. Although no general time is set, you are welcomed to be join the chat. Find out more here

    07.11.2001 (July 11th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. I was able to get the missing five Season 4 episodes from Mark. They are now available under the Fanfic section for the Captain N Sector.

    07.10.2001 (July 10th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Added Mark Moore's continuation of Captain N from the Changes miniseries through the end of Season 6. Five episodes are missing from Season 4, but I shall attempt to retrieve these from wherever they might be hiding.

    07.08.2001 (July 8th, 2001 CE):
    2. N-finity here. With the subdomain created and e5 activated, the NP Sector has had the Zelda comic added through Chapter 4, with up through Chapter 6 scanned. The six remaining chapters will be added as soon as I can clear off about 3 GB off of my hard drive or else when KLH sends me the scans she said that she could try to do.

    1. N-finity here. Added Links and Contact to the Central Info Sector Menu.

    07.07.2001 (July 7th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. As of 11:50 AM CDT (CNNe5) is active. More professional, sleak, functional, and easily navigatable than previous incarnations, e5 exists now.

    07.04.2001 (July 4th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Everything is ready on this end. The end that needs to be readied now is the host's - and both need to still be set up. I've uploaded most of what I can, though, and I'll upload more of it until I leave to go to Devon's tonight. That should be fun to see - he's quite the pyro.

    07.01.2001 (July 1st, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. The NES Sector has been changed over to the CNNe5 format. Other sectors are soon to follow. Attempted date of release: 07.07.01.

    06.29.2001 (June 29th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. The Legend of Zelda, Chapter 1: Hero's Awakening, has been added to the Nintendo Power section. A new chapter shall be added every day or two until it is completed.

    06.26.2001 (June 26th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. With the account unsuspended following the suspension caused by the antics of another subaccount, CNN returns. Right now I'm mostly making sure that everything functions correctly and reorganize some things that I've done during the downtime, but soon more should be up.

    06.21.2001 (June 21st, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Menus are updated to allow Nintendo Power's Super Metroid comic a spot. Eventually more will be added to that section but for now it's just the Super Metroid comics. That's 60 pages (67 if you count the two-page scans that were needed, too) of comics added. Be happy. I was planning to put them up at the rate of a chapter every few days but I'm nice, so I'm doing it all at once.

    06.20.2001 (June 20th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Le sigh. has been taken down for the day due to some idiot at putting ROMs up on the server. Tripod accounts have been created to serve's comics... but until (and if) comes back up, they are near useless.

    06.19.2001 (June 19th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Prohosting has now ALSO taken down the CN Forum! I'm getting REALLY pissed at them right now. I've sent them an e-mail asking what they are doing but I have not recieved a reply yet. If anybody has a suggestion on where the Forum and other things should be hosted please contact me. It would be most helpful of all of you to do this.

    06.18.2001 (June 18th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. The Captain N Comics (along with two other accounts that I use) were magically deleted by Prohosting with no explanation. There is nothing in their Terms of Service forbidding multiple accounts (Yes, I've read it.) so I don't know why they would delete it. I'm reuploading comics as well as preparing more data. Hopefully the new accounts (created by people other than myself) and the old account I'm uploding comics to now won't be deleted.

    06.17.2001 (June 17th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. The Captain N Comics have been moved to another location for storage.

    06.16.2001 (June 16th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. A Link has been added and the Forum has had work done to it, changing its color scheme to a black-purples-blues theme from the standard black-greys-orange.

    06.15.2001 (June 15th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. The Captain N Network's Forum has been changed over to a YaBB board instead of being hosted on Aimoo. JD is also having the 8CA Captain N Forum on ezBoard point to this board in an attempt to centralize Captain N fandom.

    06.14.2001 (June 14th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Added eight more Zelda comics, mostly one pagers. The site is ready for consumption by the general public.

    06.13.2001 (June 13th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Added Disclaimer, reorganized Captain N Fanfics, worked on Forum, and corrected a few errors and oversights.

    06.12.2001 (June 12th, 2001 CE):
    2. N-finity here. The Zelda section has been updated again, with the Character Biography section being worked upon. Five biographies have been added.

    1. N-finity here. "The Perfect Date" has had both a summary and a novelization added to it in the Zelda section. Fanfic descriptions and ratings have also been added in both sections, as the Zelda Fanfic section is now up as well. Finally, a Zelda skin has been added to the Zelda skins section.

    06.11.2001 (June 11th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. A few NES Games were added and the Links section has been updated. Nothing else to report, sir.

    06.10.2001 (June 10th, 2001 CE):
    2. N-finity here. The Zelda Comics section has been updated, adding the Character Biographies and General Information Sections and, just for good measure, added three (well, two but one of the games is known by two completely different names) to the NES Games section.

    1. N-finity here. I added a few images to the NES Hardware section and replaced one or two more. Work will now commence on Zelda sections.

    06.09.2001 (June 8th, 2001 CE):
    2. N-finity here. The NES section has undergone some major work. The History section has been worked on and the Hardware section finally has something in it as well.

    1. N-finity here. The Zelda Episode Guide and Captain N Episode Guide have both had the summaries from the Unofficial Captain N Homepage added to them thanks to the permission of Mark Moore to use information from his site. In other news, there were two hail storms within an hour in Bismarck, North Dakota today. The streets were, quite literally, moving rivers of ice. It was incredible.

    06.08.2001 (June 8th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Kevin's Videoland, a wallpaper, has been added to the new Wallpaper section in Fandom for Captain N. "I believe everything happens for a reason." One of the Ghostbusters

    06.07.2001 (June 7th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. I was able to get some more fanart from Mark. Sixteen new pieces of fan art have, thusly, been added to the Captain N Fan Art section. Easy Update.

    06.06.2001 (June 6th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Nintendo Comics System #7, a completely Zelda NCS, has been uploaded. For those of you who love Zelda, it's under the Zelda Comic Scans, logically.

    06.05.2001 (June 5th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Simon's Backpack has been added to the Televison listings for Captain N. I sent Zabgoth some templates for some work he wanted to do so hopefully, soon, I won't be the only updated. Oh, I added the Zelda Episode Guide, too, if I didn't mention that. Created an Old Updates section for you that want to see what's happened BEFORE today. Enjoy. Oh, I also added a functional counter. Now I can see how many times I've been here. (printed side down)

    06.04.2001 (June 4th, 2001 CE):
    2. N-finity here. I worked on the Episode Guide for Zelda. After talking to Mark Moore for a bit today it sounds like he doesn't mind if I use his summaries - reviews - one-liners for CN and Zelda but I'm going to verify this before I put them up. "Clash Against An Alien Army Intent on Wiping Out All Civilization on Planet H17." - Metal Fighter

    1. N-finity here. My head is in pain, but that is not why I write. I write because the Fanfic section has been finished. Rejoice, People of Earth!

    06.03.2001 (June 3rd, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Work on the Fanfic section has FINALLY commenced. "BOOP BOOP Be-Doop Boop!"

    06.02.2001 (June 2nd, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Kelly Lea Harrismith and I have begun work on a new Captain N novel. We don't wish to release information about it right now but, once we get it further along, we will at least release a bit of teaser information about it. Trust us when I say that, when complete, it will be one of the most impressive Captain N fanfics every written.

    The fanfics section still needs to be completed, but other than that, the Captain N section of CNN is completed. Work will begin on the other sections soon.

    06.01.2001 (June 1st, 2001 CE): 05.32.2001 (May 32nd, 2001 CE):
    3. N-finity here. Well, it's 5:40 PM. I've finished the Episode Guide section for Captain N. I'm not doing the Fanfics section right now, though - I think that I'm too tired to. Well, I'm going to go to sleep in about four or five hours. When I wake up I'll do the Fandom work. For now, I'm going to upload all of this... YEA. NONTOXIC, CONFORMS TO ASTM D-123A

    2. N-finity here. I'm not going to sleep. I've been working on Captain N for 15 hours with only a break for going to get the forementioned two liter bottle of Diet Coke and to do dishes for my dad because he asked it of me and it seemed like a good idea - I needed to do something completely mindless. At any rate, he asked a question of my little brother. "Graham, is it the first of June or the thirty-second of May?" It's the thirty-second of May... that's for damn sure. Oh, CNN Archives finished uploading at approximately 8:00 AM Central time. It's about 8:20 AM now... I'm getting tired... I will preserve... I will go on... I will UPDATE! I actually updated the update right now just to say that I've updated the game section as best I can in the Fan area. Stories are next, then the episode guide... then I continue work on the Captain N/Captain Planet crossover I started writing a few hours ago.

    1. N-finity here. Well, almost all of the Captain N section is done. I have to do the all but one of the episodes that I have any information left for as well as the Stories and Game sections for the Fandom sections. "Why not you? Why not now?" - Diet Coke Two Liter Bottle

    05.31.2001 (May 31th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. I really don't remember much of what I did today. I did a lot... it all bleeds into... "through the courtesy of Fred's two feet."

    05.30.2001 (May 30th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. The basic interface has been finished, as well as the new logo. Menu work has begun, a process that shall lead (eventually) to many more templates. Yea for me! "Captain N Forever, Yeah!" - Mark Moore.

    05.29.2001 (May 30th, 2001 CE):
    N-finity here. Kelly Lea Harrismith and Zabgoth (at large as always) have joined up with me. We're going to bring some life back to CNN and then some. Let the good times roll, fellas, 'cuz CNN's back and booming. Site interface work begun. Decisions are being made. Woohoo! Defender rules!
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