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In Memoriam - Our Tribute to Webster
Graphic by Lalala

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24 February 2007 CE):
pchan koko. It has come time to pay our respects to webbychan, also known as Captain_N, N-finity, and various other names to us. To me, he was always and will always be webbychan. I remember the first time we met, I had written him something about Captain N, the series. I was desperately seeking episodes for this animated series that had become so important to me in my youth. It was a good memory, a happy memory. I used to watch it every Saturday without fail, and then I caught it on the Family Channel during its brief broadcast there. Unfortunately I had no tapes left of it, which saddened me. But instead of that, I find something even more wonderful. I found a kindred spirit, a soulmate, and we gradually grew closer.

I came into the IRC channel and became a part of the community, which had started not terribly long before. I got to know many people there, I became a large part of the channel myself, and I realized a dream when my own comics became a regular part of the website, a celebrated part of the Sunday update and then, later, Tuesday and Thursday updates of Pchan Mahou Densetsu, perhaps my most beloved work. I opened Youkaimura, my site dealing with the Japanese supernatural, with the help of webbychan and at his encouragement. All these things I would have never realized without him.

We met in-person too, and the first time we met, we both remembered that as the happiest week of our lives. We did so many things that week, and it was a delight from beginning to end. I got very used to him being here. I remember everything about it, and although sometimes the details sleep in my mind, if I think about it they all come into vivid vibrance before my mind's eye. I can still remember his scent, the feeling of him close, and the way it felt to hug him. That has never faded and is likely never to fade. He left his towel with me, which he always travelled with (and yes, he is a Hitchhiker's Guide fan), and I gave him a strange red jade necklace I had found one day at the store and bought because it seemed so out of place. There was only one. And it was so very distinctive. I gave it to him as a talisman. He kept it with him.

We have come so far as a community in the time since I met him. When he was visiting, we had discussed many things about N-Fans: The Series. It was then that the ideas for the Mirror Universe saga began, and we wrote most of that together from my ideas. It was always exciting to see how he developed the ideas I had. I think that's my favorite saga of N-Fans because of the work that we did together. He always loved my Captain N manga.

In any case, it's most important to remember these precious things rather than to dwell on sadness. We mourn not for those departed, but for our own sadness; we know they're happy now, having adventures and resting from the often torturous existence that is life in this world. They are at blessed respite, and here we are, without them physically here, going through our own existences. We are denied the simple grace of a telephone call, an unexpected visit, or a pleasant email. These things are what we miss and what we mourn for. But if we only open our hearts, we can still hear them and still speak to them. They're never far away. I still see him when I sing at karaoke. We sang together when he was here on his visit. I wanted him to come back now that I had found a new karaoke box. He may not have seen it physically, but I know he's been there with me since. I have done a song and sent it in tribute to webbychan. Now I share it with you. My song for webbychan

We may be without webbychan here, but he will never be gone from us. He is never far. He has touched so many lives, and he is always there. I believe in that, and I believe in the love and the memories that I hold dear. He will live on. We will make sure of that. I wuv you, webbychan. I hope you will continue to watch over us all, N-fans and squared. All of you, be well.

The bold tribute listings are links to their tribute work. Just click on the links to view them or download them.

Mavrik's Tribute

He was a good man, friendly and willing to help people better themselves. He will truly be missed. - Raymond

Raymond's Tribute

Nothing Gold Can Stay
By Robert Frost
Nature's first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower
But only for an hour.

So leaf went to leaf
So Eden sank to grief.
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

- from Cass

Cass' Tribute
Cass' Tribute 2

Solar's Tribute

I just read the news on and can't believe what I read. Webster is gone? That's truly a dark hour, after all, I always wanted to talk with him about a lot of things... and now I missed the chance. I missed the chance to say "Thank you for all what you did for us."

I feel so bad... I can't find words. However, one thing is sure:

I will never forget him! - Charly

The Captain was a man who always knew what he wanted and never compromised his morals and his values. When he took something seriously, he treated it that way, and he didn't let anything stop him from doing what he thought was right. He was well-read, well-thought and well-spoken...

It is said that nobody is ever truly gone so long as one remembers the time they have shared with the departed. It is also said that each person in this world affects everything around them, and that each individual action creates ripples of influence. Webster Swenson was a person who created ripples, who influenced the world through every action he took.

There's nothing more I can add except this: So it goes. - Michael

To see the other tributes and memories left by others, please visit the forum thread. Thank you all for giving your tributes. It means so much to us. You are all welcome to join us on IRC or in the forums. We will be continuing the site and the comic in webbychan's stead. We feel it is what he wanted. I hope you will be with us for it.

Be well.

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