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Episode 304: Pchan Koko!!

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06.05.2002 (June 5th, 2002 CE):
PCHAN WA KOKO NI IRU!!!Hello all, it's me, Pchan. Unfortunately this update is not the happiness, as Webbychan's baka father has decided to cut his internet access off for the moment. Yes, that's what he childishly threatens to do everytime Webbychan doesn't live his life as his father would prefer, and I'm quite familiar with that kind of attitude. Just because someone contributed to your birth...hardly means that they should have the right to raise you as they see fit. But anyway, Webbychan will return either later or in a couple of days, and until he does, CAPTAINN.NET will continue to be the best site on the web!! WAI!!! MOOO!!! MOOO!!!! - Central Info - Index